Critiquing Min. Louis Farrakhan on Tavis Smiley's “All Stars”: Dr. Jared Ball VS Dedrick Muhammad

more of the all starsA Black Agenda Radio Discussion

Dedrick Muhammed, our friend and colleague and Dr. Jared Ball explored their differences over the performance of Min. Louis Farrakhan on Tavis Smiley's “Black Agenda” – no relation to us – CSPAN show. Does the NOI, and did Min. Farrakhan espouse a fundamentally conservative and individualist economic and political agenda?  Does he  embrace the decrepit shibboleth of salvation through the might of a trillion dollars in Black Buying Power?


Obama Democrats VS Tea Party Republicans: A Fake Fight Over Fake Health Care Reform

which stakeholders?by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

There are real fights and there are fake fights, engineered to distract attention away from the real deal. The shouting match between Obama's Dems and the Tea party Repubs is one of those fake fights. The health care legislation passed by the Obama Democrats is incomparably worse than anything they could have passed right after the presidential election, and significantly worse than anything Democrats could have passed at midyear 2009. The president and his minions have delayed as long as possible to guarantee the worst, not the best bill for patients, and the best deal possible for Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Medicine.


Obama: Inside Man for the Greatest Heist in History

mr insideby BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Black America and “progressives” lurched into self-imposed irrelevancy at precisely the time that finance capital was swallowing the American state whole. Barack Obama is the Great Facilitator of Wall Street's desperate effort to loot itself out of oblivion. Disaster is certain if we remain without a movement that confronts both the banksters and Obama.

Freedom Rider: Pornography of Suffering

congoby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
The American mentality seems hopelessly rooted in the gutter, keenly attuned to tales of rape and bestiality but supremely indifferent to the elementary facts of life and history. The current genocide in Congo is as little known as that country’s previous holocaust, at the hands of the Belgians, more than a century ago.

Immigrants Should Be Careful What They Wish For From Obama

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR Executive Editor  Glen Ford

Tens of thousands of mainly Latino demonstrators demanded immediate action on immigration reform from President Obama, last weekend. But Obama supports a “bipartisan” bill that would vastly increase raids and arrests. Unfortunately, “as with every other issue, when Barack Obama stands for an expanded police state, most of the American Left sits down and shuts up."

Tavis Smiley’s Annual Black “Radical” All-Star Game

by BAR editor and columnist Jared A. Ball, Ph.D.

Event Meister extraordinaire Tavis Smiley gathered his hand-picked Black All Stars for a “Black Agenda” conference, in Chicago, over the weekend. The usual suspects were in attendance, shining and rhyming luminously and voluminously. President Obama’s stock had fallen, but “blind adherence” to the Democratic Party still reigned near-supreme.

R.I.P ACORN: The Revolution Will Not Be Subsidized

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
The armory of the Left, such as it was, has been greatly diminished with the demise of ACORN, the nationwide grassroots organization. It couldn’t have come at a worse time, “with Black and progressive forces at their weakest state in at least two generations.”

Insanity: Cuban Exile Proposes That U.S. Negotiate on Behalf of Cuban Blacks

Cuban exile Carlos Moore has convinced a number of African American luminaries that the U.S. government should negotiate with Cuba over the status and treatment of the island nation's Black population, as part of talks to normalize relations between the two nations. It is, therefore, only fair that Cuba be empowered to negotiate with Washington on behalf of Blacks in the United States, says Glen Ford (Video courtesy of, Don DeBar

Amiri Baraka on Carlos Moore: Five Decades in the Garbage Can of History

Poet, activist and esteemed elder Amiri Baraka was one of those who showed up in Harlem last month to greet a delegation of Cuban visitors.  He took the occasion to express profound reservations about the letter and petition circulated by Carlos Moore and signed by a number of prominent American blacks who, given Moore's fifty year career as an anti-Cuba  stooge, really should have known better. (Video courtesy of, Don DeBar.)

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Ashaki Binta on Charges of Racism in Cuba

The record of Cuba since that country's 1959 reolution on race and racism, both at home and on the world stage is one the US should envy, not deprecate, says Ashaki Binta of the Black Left Unity Coalition.  It was Cuban intervention that played a major role in ending the apartheid regime in South Africa.  Cuba, with about the population of Illinois, has more doctors on the ground providing care in Haiti than the U.S.  Cuban blacks live longer than American blacks and have better health indicators all around.  When it comes to denunciations of other countries for supposed racism, Uncle Sam is in a poor position to point out anybody's faults.

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Ayesha Fleary For Black Is Back Coalition: The President's Wars Are Not "Our" Wars

Just because the president has a pretty brown face, a beautiful African American wife, and adorable black children doesn't make his wars the cause of Black America, Ayesha Fleary told attendees at an anti-war rally across the street from the White House last weekend.
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Failing Children By the Numbers

in the classroomby Paul A. Moore
Florida’s public school teachers, like their counterparts around the country, were not prepared to defend themselves or their students from the cruel assaults of the testers. “They all went to school before punishment and psychological battering became official government education policy.” The state punishes its children “by fear and public humiliation.”

The Rwanda Hit List: Revisionism, Denial, and the Genocide Conspiracy

Kivuby keith harmon snow
U.S. and European governments and Zionists deploy the charge of “genocide” in Rwanda to advance imperial and Israeli interests in Africa, and to make heroes out of America's most deadly mercenaries on the continent, Rwanda's Tutsi minority military dictatorship. The regime has put out a Hit List on its critics, including the author.

What Really Happened In Rwanda

rwandan victimsby Christian Davenport and Allan C. Stam

Does the simple story of Hutu on Tutsi genocide popularized by the movie Hotel Rwanda really tell us all we need to know about the Rwandan genocide? The cautionary tale of the Rwandan genocide is trotted out regularly to justify the militarization of US policy toward Africa. The US currently provides arms, military training and military aid to more than 50 of the 54 African nations. Rwanda's 100,000 man army in a country of only 11 million make it the most militarized countries on earth next to Israel and Rwandans now serve as US puppet troops elsewhere in the region. The following article, reprinted from McCune-Miller magazine outlines the findings of two US scholars who visited Rwanda several times over a decade of research to ask what really happened in Rwanda. Disturbingly, their answers don't match up with the Hutu – Tutsi genocide story US policymakers find so useful.

Obama Inc. Triumphs: Kucinich Folds His Hand on Health Care

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Dennis KucinichA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

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Kucinich had been given an offer that he felt he could not refuse.The Obama administration has finished the job it started in January, 2009: crush the progressive wing of the Democratic Party to clear the way for corporate governance. Rep. Dennis Kucinich's was the last Left opposition to Obama's toxic health care legislation. “Once Obama's private insurers' bailout bill is in place, it will be almost impossible to dismantle in the foreseeable future.”

What Happens When the U.S. Chamber of Commerce "Trains" Black Elected Officials?

The hard right US Chamber of Commerce is among the principal lobbying and propaganda tentacles of America's corporate ruling class. Among much else, it emphatically denies the existence of man-made climate change and is enthusiastically in favor of privatizing almost everything from education to social security to roads and public transit. Thousands have graduated from its lavishly funded “leadership programs”, including an unknown number of black elected officials. How do the Chamber's leadership grads behave in office? Take a look at suburban Atlanta's Clayton County, where two Chamber of Commerce grads serve on the county's five member board.

The Multiracial Sheep IS the White Supremacist Fox

by Jared A. Ball, Ph.D.

A government and society that is ever ready to restrict the freedoms of Black folks now offers “freedom” from Blackness. This census and social “opt-out” for the progeny of interracial couples allows them to hope to be considered “as something entirely separate, different and apart from” what Curtis Mayfield called the “dark deep well.” The Black “baggage” can be left behind.


Half the Congressional Black Caucus Votes For More Afghan War

the CBC today

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A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The advent of America's first Black president has resulted in Black congresspeople voting for wars that their constituents overwhelmingly oppose, which could lead to the conclusion that Obama is “a morally corrupting influence on some Black lawmakers.” More than half the Congressional Black Caucus sided with Obama – and war – last week. Three-fourths of all House Democrats did the same. George Bush should be green with envy.

Freedom Rider: Israel Is Boss

bibi and hillaryby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
Corporate media pretend U.S.-Israeli relations are in “crisis,” just as they have many times in the past. It’s all a charade, a play for national and international audiences. In real crises, relationships are called into question. But there has never been any question about who is in charge of this “partnership”: Israel. And don’t you dare forget it.


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