Love and Struggle: The On-Going Scandal of Political Imprisonment

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Dr. Jared Ball
From President Obama on down, powerful forces maintain that the Black Freedom Movement is not only over, but ended in complete success. Yet decades later, scores of veterans of that movement still languish in prison. If we won, how come our bravest are still behind bars? “Despite all the hope to the contrary, there has been no successful completion of a freedom movement in this country.”

The Insanity of the African American Racial ‘Critique’ of Cuba

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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The 60 signatories to a letter denouncing racism in Cuba seem to consider themselves extensions of Barack Obama's State Department. The logic of their action, as articulated by Dr. Ron Walters, is to encourage the United States to “make the Black condition in Cuba 'part of any negotiations on the normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba.'” Then maybe the Cubans can negotiate with the U.S. on behalf of African Americans.

The NAACP House of Shame: Precious and the Big Payback

Monique and Preciousby Ishmael Reed
There is no Black image so foul that the NAACP will not embrace it – for a price. Tyler Perry's money bought much love for “Precious,” the “abhorent,” “repugnant” film. “The NAACP has given the segregated Motion Picture Academy an excuse to perpetrate a cruel joke on the black Americans.”

Defending Haiti

black is back haiti demoby Charo R. Walker
The entire African diaspora owes Haiti much more than simple gratitude for establishing the model of Black resistance to slavery and dehumanization – it owes Haiti a vigorous defense against its oppressors. “We need to let the Haitian people re-gain control, be owners of their own destiny.”

Obama's Georgia Nukes Selectively Penalize Black Communities. Is That Environmental Racism?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixonobamas

Can a black president be guilty of environmental racism? President Obama's new proposed nukes are in one of the poorest areas east of the Mississippi. Burke County Georgia is majority black, the home of existing commercial nuclear reactors and directly across the river from the Savannah River nuclear weapons facility. Its river is the 4th most polluted in the nation, and its residents are suffering a veritable epidemic of unexplained cancers, with no local, federal, public or private funds available to test their air, soil, water or environment for its causes.  But Burke County's residents are neither silent nor powerless.

Smiley vs.Sharpton: A Potemkin Drama

tavis and sharptonby BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Things are getting ugly in Black misleadership circles, as Rev. Al Sharpton attempts to send Tavis Smiley into permanent purgatory for being “notoriously anti the president.” But Smiley won’t go quietly. He’s taking names of those who continue to give Barack Obama a “pass.”

Freedom Rider: Americans Afraid to Fight the Powers That Be

da bullby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
American mythology holds that citizens of the U.S. of A. are fighters, ever ready to defend themselves from tyrants of all kinds. But there's been little evidence of that in the current crisis. “While Greeks and Icelanders register disapproval with the people and institutions who bring them disaster, Americans behave as if they aren’t being mistreated at all.”

Good Riddance Harold Ford…Again

Harold FordA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford
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Harold Ford Jr's latest senatorial hopes have been shot down, but the Black Blue Dog who lied that his own grandmother was white and avowed his “love” for George Bush, can be counted on to ooze up yet again from the corporate swamp.

Diversity Schmifersity: When It Comes to Black Even the Left Ain’t Right

by BAR columnist Jared Ball
Democracy Now! is easily the progressive Left flagship multimedia daily news program.” Yet, when subjected to the same racial diversity test as Meet the Press, the Left alternative news program scores even lower than the corporate product. “ Maybe when it comes to democracy, it's time to ask "when?"

Death at the Bridge in New Orleans

NOLA cops shoot civilians with impunity by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford
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With the statue of limitations due to expire in six months, federal officials have extracted one guilty plea in a New Orleans police slaughter of Black Katrina survivors. The white reign of terror remains largely unpunished. But we must also ask: Why did the city harbor so many racist cops after a quarter century of Black administration?

Looking Beyond Black Mecca and the Failure of the Black Misleadership Class

atlanta's black mayorsby BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Black Mecca is definitely over.  While the black business elite celebrated its own rule in Atlanta for a generation, Georgia climbed to 4th among the states in rates of incarceration, and number one in the number of adults under lock, key, probation, parole and various forms of court and correctional supervision.  As in other cities Atlanta's black business class has overseen the removal of large numbers of African Americans from the central city.  Now that the victory party is finally over, where has the failure of the black business class to address the problems of Black America left us?

U.S. Wages Food War Against Somalia

somali refugeesby BAR executive editor Glen Ford
In Somalia, the United States has reverted to ancient siege tactics to starve the people into submission. The U.S. seeks to prevent food aid from getting to areas controlled by Shabab resistance fighters. However, “if international aid were restricted to areas controlled by the U.S.-backed puppet regime, only a few neighborhoods in Mogadishu, the capital, would be fed.”

Freedom Rider: White American Terrorists

terrorby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
What a difference a white face makes! A pale visage allows a terrorist to escape the label, even when he crashes a plane into a public building for political reasons. The appearance of being a “nice” white girl can get one away with murder. White privilege is the gift that keeps on giving.

Obama Justice Department Joins the Sean Bell Murder Whitewash

sean bell murder protest

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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In an age of pervasive racial profiling and militarized policing, impunity is the order of the day in local law enforcement. When summary execution and casual sadism pass for justice at the street cop level, where is the appeal of last resort? Certainly not the Obama Justice Department.

The Titans of Technology: The Internet, Radio and Our Newton’s Laws

newton's lawsby BAR columnist Jared Ball
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We are constantly told that media fairness and effective access is always just over the horizon, awaiting the maturation of new technology. Yet we never arrive at the technological Promised Land. The internet, for example, will not cure what ails Black-oriented radio. It is quite possible that “the next generation of the internet will be less open than the already less-than-free medium that it is now.”

Another Corporate Bailout: Obama Goes Nuclear

Obama's nuclear night
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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The Obama administration is preparing another huge corporate giveaway – this time to an industry that has been moribund for 30 years. “Nuclear power was all but dead because private capital saw the industry as a bad risk.” But, with Obama's proposed $55 billion in loan guarantees, “Wall Street can prepare to process billions of dollars in new loans, knowing it doesn't stand to lose one cent because the public is taking all the financial risk.”


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