How Privilege Politics Erases Radicals of Color

by Matthew Kovac

Reformists claim they are protecting marginalized populations by supporting Democrats and avoiding real confrontation with Power. But Blacks have historically been in the vanguard of resistance in the U.S., and need no paternalistic “progressives” to do their strategizing for them. The river of resistance flows deep, from Malcolm X and the Black Panther Party to Ferguson.

Africa at the Crossroads: the Fate of the African Union

by Abayomi Azikiwe

History is not as far removed from the crises afflicting Africa today as many people seem to think. Imperialism has fought against the continent’s genuine independence and socialist development over the last five decades. As Nkrumah said, independence was only the prelude to a tougher struggle for the right of Africans to conduct their affairs according to their own aspirations.

Hillary Clinton’s Syria Revenge

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, she would likely have turned the Syrian war into a global conflict within weeks of taking the oath. However, Clinton may yet prevail. “With Donald Trump now dutifully in synch with the War Party, the U.S. has countered the Syrian-Russian-Iranian-Turkish ‘de-escalation’ in Syria with a major escalation: ‘no-go zones.’

Freedom Rider: Endless Propaganda

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The Big Lie works. The Democrat/War Party concocts several howling lies per week, amplifies them endlessly in the corporate media, and then repeats the process the next week with a new batch of lies against targeted states and Donald Trump’s associates. Meanwhile, the Democrats offer absolutely nothing of substance. They want “to get back into power without presenting any policies that the people want to see enacted.”

Karen Spellman and the SNCC Legacy Project –Black Power Chronicle Part II

by BAR Editor and Columnist Dr. Marsha Adebayo

From her vantage point in SNCC, Karen Spellman saw the birth of the modern Black Power Movement. She says “most Black people equated the concept of Black power with Black pride, Black consciousness, self-determination, controlling our own destinies and an end to repression.” Whites and conservative Blacks generally viewed the movement negatively, “as a direct challenge to white authority and the status quo.”

When it Comes to Deportations, Trump Can’t Hold a Candle to Obama

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Both the corporate media and Donald Trump, himself, want you to believe that Trump is the “worst thing ever to happen to undocumented people.” There is no question that Trump aspires to be the Great Deporter, but “Barack Obama is damn near unbeatable when it comes to kicking people out of the country. Trump is not yet even a contender.”

The Cuban Revolution: Still in Motion

by Danny Haiphong

The author’s recent trip to Cuba confirmed his confidence in the power of people to transform their lives. It is also clear that “the US government has not stopped its ceaseless attack on the Cuban Revolution and probably never will as long as the US possesses an imperialist system.” Nevertheless, every Cuban he spoke to “reiterated how the revolution remains non-negotiable.”

Ra Was Right

by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

Some artists write poems and novels.  Others paint and perform.  Some build imaginary worlds you can immerse and lose yourself in.  Some bring messages from the future, prophesying, fortelling the fates of this one.  Our poet recalls one of these...

Never Mind the Real Russia, It’s All about Trump: An Interview with David Swanson

by Ann Garrison

Anti-war activist and author David Swanson told the author that party partisanship fuels the anti-Russian obsession among rank and file Democrats. “If the Democratic Party had made a grand cause of friendship with Russia and disarmament and ending nuclear weapons madness, then liberal supporters of the Democratic Party would be out there saying, ‘Let's be friends with Russia.’"

National Strike in Buenaventura, Afro-Colombia

by Esther Ojulari

Black people in the Choco region of Colombia marked the National day of Afro-Colombian Heritage, May 21st, with massive protests against economic and political violence. The community around the port city of Buenaventura “has been on general strike demanding that the government fulfils basic human rights to water, education, health, culture, land and freedom from racism and violence.”

In the Light of African Liberation Day Imperialist Rats Will Run Away

by Mark P. Fancher

The heroic African guerilla struggles against colonialism are history. The African present is dominated by AFRICOM, the U.S. military octopus with tentacles deep in the militaries of supposedly independent African states. “If Africa’s enemies have retreated like cowardly rats to the safety of their offices and boardrooms, then it’s time for us to drag their deliberations and plans out into the light of day -- African Liberation Day.”

Soft Coups in Latin America: The Cases of Ecuador and Bolivia

by Chicago Alba Solidarity

The U.S. government has manipulated indigenous and environmental organizations for its own, regime-change purposes in Latin America. “The US seeks to overthrow democratically elected presidents through media campaigns of lies and half-truths, inciting social discontent, delegitimizing the government, provoking violence in the streets, economic disruptions and strikes.”

Hail Emmanuel Caesar! The Bankster Macron and Pax Francais in Africa

by Thomas C. Mountain

The blood of millions stains France’s colonialist hands, crimes that dwarf and mock its claims to authorship of “liberty, fraternity and solidarity.” The new bankster-in-charge in Paris is dedicated to wealth accumulation through looting, understanding that “the continued super exploitation of Africa is essential to the maintenance of the French economy.”

Palestinian Prisoners Hunger Strike Enters Day 37

by SAMIODUN, the Palestinian Prisoners Solidarity Network

Completely unnoticed by US corporate media, 1,500 Palestinian political prisoners are engaged in a hunger strike, a literal fast to the death demanding human rights in Israeli prisons and jails.  As with most actions undertaken by prisoners, their tools and options are seriously limited. Most options are in the hands of the authorities, and those of us outside the walls.  They're standing up.  We know where the Congressional Black Caucus stands.  Where are you standing?


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