Black Labor Vows ‘We Will Not Be Made Expendable'

CBTUlucyOutsidePodiumby BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The global
"Race to the Bottom" is fast erasing Blacks from the ever-shrinking unionized
labor force, an historical crisis that demands an all-out campaign to dismantle
the corporate agenda. Black Labor, which has always seen itself as an extension
of the Black Freedom Movement, gathered in Chicago for a frenzy of activity at
the 36th annual convention of the Coalition of Black Trade
Unionists. Unlike "traditional" tradeCBTU logo unionists, the CBTU understands the need
for a revamping of the Current Order, "which cannot be cured, as it is." Black
folks have already seen the bottom, and will not go back.

Poverty Scavengers

by Danny Glover
and Nicole Lee

The vultures of predatory capital are circling
Africa, buying up the debt of poor nations and winning court awards several
times the price. TransAfrica Forum's Danny Glover and Nicole Lee warn that
these vulture capitalists make a mockery of the rich countries' promises to
forgive African and Latin American debt. As a consequence, "U.S. taxpayer
money, pledged to provided relief and assistance through debt relief, will fall
into the hands of these greedy corporations."

Barack Hussein Obama: The Meteoric Rise of a Race-Neutered Presidential Candidate

by BAR contributing
editor Nathaniel X Turner II


Barack Obama is a double-whammy: a pretender to Black
leadership who refuses to even acknowledge the existence of a "Black America."
With an Audacity of Arrogance, this self-styled "Joshua" claims unearned moral
authority to demand loyalty from African Americans, while avowing that he
himself has no loyalty to any "tribe." Far from representing the fulfillment of
Blacks' historical dreams, Obama's candidacy is anathema to the very concept of
African American self-determination.

Freedom Rider: John Conyers and the Bush Dictatorship

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret KimberleyFRsilhouetteDetCtr

Hardly anyone in the corporate media seemed to notice
when, last month, George Bush gave himself the power to run the government all
by himself in situations of "catastrophic emergency."  It would also be up to Bush to decide just what constitutes such an
emergency - natural disaster, economic dislocation, or even launching of
another of Bush's premeditated wars, who knows? Democratic leadership remained
silent as Bush set the stage for dictatorship-at-will. It's past time for Rep.
John Conyers to put impeachment back "on the table" - before it's too late.

The Black Caucus’ Fatal FOX News Embrace

by Leutisha
Stills, chief congressional correspondent, CBC Monitor


Congressional Black Caucus leadership insists on
continuing its indecent dance with FOX News despite public and internal
opposition to a joint CBC-FOX Democratic presidential debate. With only three
candidates now willing to participate, it is doubtful the accursed event will
occur as planned, in September. However, the Caucus' willingness to partner
with Rupert Murdoch's racist propaganda machine reveals a deep corruption among
the Black misleadership class. If they are willing to tango with FOX News,
they'll have illicit relations with anybody.

"Poor-Washing," the Gates Foundation, and the "Green Revolution" in Africa

by BAR managing Editor Bruce Dixon

Genetically altered crops will rescue Africa from endemic shortfalls in food production, claim corporate foundations that have announced a $150 million "gift" to spark a "Green Revolution" in agriculture on the continent. Of course, U.S.-based agribusiness holds the patents to these wondercrops, and can exercise their proprietary "rights" at will. Are corporate foundations really out to feed the hungry, or are they hypocritical Trojan Horses on a mission to hijack the world's food supply - to create the most complete and ultimate state of dependency.

‘Less Meeting, More Fighting!’: Lessons Learned by Grassroots Katrina and Tsunami Social Activists

TsunamiPraisefulWomanby Bill Quigley

American activists were startled to find that Indians could not comprehend the passivity of the U.S. public to the ejection of Katrina survivors from their home city and state, in the wake of the flood. "If this happened in India, there would be a revolution," said one Indian community organizer. TheTsunamiGirlAndChildNOLA Christmas Tsunami that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives along the coasts of the Indian Ocean did not destroy the people's will to rebuild on land that was their birthright. But "disaster capitalism" has apparently triumphed in the United States, where rights can be washed away with no trace.

Congo and Darfur: Where Anti-Arab Prejudice and Oil Make the Difference

by Roger Howard

CongoBabySome Black bodies are more worthy of attention than others. The three million dead in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where U.S. allies such as Rwanda keep the genocidal pot boiling and multinational corporations field private armies to guard their mineral extraction enterprises, get scant mention in corporate media. But Darfur, where 200,000 Black Sudanese lives have been lost, is cause for crocodile tears among right-wingers and Arab-haters. Genocide sensitivity is, apparently, an acquired, selective taste: it depends on who is doing the killing, and how much oil is in the mix.

Fidel Speaks: The Obscene English Submarine

by Fidel CastroCatroOlderImage

Fidel is alive, and looking forward to breathing a lot
longer. The Cuban leader notes the pathological pride shown by Britain in
allocating $7.5 billion dollars to launch three super-tech submarines to
augment a U.S. war machine that spends more money than all of the rest of the
world, combined. With that expenditure, writes Castro, "75 thousand doctors
could be trained to care for 150 million people." That's
twice the population of Britain, and 13 times the population of Cuba, a tiny
nation that fields more doctors than all of sub-Saharan Africa. Obviously, the
seat of "civilization" is located in the Caribbean, not the British Isles, or
the United States.

Of Bigots and Broken Records: Reflections on the Psychopathology of Racist Thinking

by Tim WiseRacistsKlanSkinheads

The mind of the racist is an intricate web of
delusions, in which white majorities are always under siege, preyed upon by
dark hordes intent on destruction. Anti-racist activist Tim Wise explores the
tortuous mental pathways that lead millions of whites to conclude they are
victims - and turn tragedies like the Virginia Tech murders into calls for
racial revenge and redemption. Despite all the data to the contrary, a
significant body of white opinion insists that Black-on-white crime is
down-played by the media - an absurdity that is designed to justify the reality
of racial oppression.

Freedom Rider: Savage Christians

FRFalwellbinLadinby BAR editor and senior
columnist Margaret Kimberley

It seems the corporate media can sanitize and
white-wash even the most putrid bigot. Evangelist hit-man Jerry Falwell's
career as a racist propagandist was excised from the record, following his
death last week. The man who called the Civil Rights Act a "civil wrong" and
preached that African Americans were the cursed descendants of Ham, is
resurrected as a benign theologian. The pattern fits nicely with the national
practice of demonizing all things non-Christian (or Judeo-Christian),
while sanctifying the unspeakable crimes of Bible-holders.

Black Leadership: Unable or Willing to Address Black Mass Incarceration

by BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon

America’s undeclared but universal policies of racially selective policing, prosecution and mass incarceration of its Black citizens have imposed unprecedented strains on the social and economic viability of Black families and communities – of the entire African American polity. This malevolent social policy demands a political response from Black leadership, just as Jim Crow and lynching did in our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ day. Why is the current crop of Black leaders unable to rise to the crisis of this generation – the fact of racially selective mass incarceration? And if they did, what would such a response look like?

Letter to Black America on Palestinian Rights

PalestineSoldierThreatensWomenMarch and Rally Set for June 10

Twenty-two African American notables have issued on
open letter demanding that Blacks break the silence "on the injustices faced by
the Palestinian people resulting from the Israeli occupation." This "40 year
travesty ofPalestineCornellWest justice" - the post-1967 seizure of control over Arab lands in
Palestine - has continued "in open defiance of international law and
overwhelming international condemnation." African Americans have historically
defended the rights of the Palestinian people, and must do so again, despite
the pro-Israel lobby's massive efforts to shut down legitimate discussion

Benton Harbor on the Brink: Michigan Town Still Boiling

BentonHarborPinkneyMarchingby Kari Lydersen

The mostly African American town of Benton Harbor,
Michigan, a Black island in a hostile sea, is under siege by moneyed interests
seeking to claim the small city's most valuable asset: lakefront property.
Until recently, the region's white-powers-that-be cared nothing for Benton
Harbor, where median income is less than half of neighboring, mostly white St.
Joseph, just a river away. But as the Black townsfolk organized themselves in
recent years against police abuse, and for local empowerment, Big Money
simultaneously took note of potential lucrative recreational investments in
Benton Harbor. Black folks are in the way - and the fight is on!

Sonia On My Mind

SoniaSmileScarfby Askia Muhammad

Veteran journalist and man-of-words-and-images
Askia Muhammad muses on the impact of poetess Sonia Sanchez, "This Call and
Respond Voice of reasonable Black Magic." The author invites us on his
Sanchez-scored journey through the portals of Black Liberation straining to
manifest itself. He takes us back - way back, as Jimmy Castor would say
- to "a time when Black folks were, more loudly than ever before demanding from
White America something that had never been demanded before: a new way of
thinking America. Independence, separation, reparations. Black Power."

Letter to Black America on Palestinian Rights

March and Rally Set for June 10PalestineSoldierThreatensWomen

Twenty-two African American notables have issued
on open letter demanding that Blacks break the silence "on the injustices faced
by the Palestinian people resultingPalestineCornellWest from the Israeli occupation." This "40 year
travesty of justice" - the post-1967 seizure of control over Arab lands in
Palestine - has continued "in open defiance of international law and
overwhelming international condemnation." African Americans have historically defended the rights of the Palestinian people, and must do so again, despite
the pro-Israel lobby's massive efforts to shut down legitimate discussion.

Obama and the Hunger for a Black President

PrezHungerObamaPointsby Rudolph

Black "leadership" shrinks from its task,
avoiding at all costs the consequences of true leadership: "poverty,
imprisonment, flight, assassination." 
As a class, these businessmen,
educators, politicians, and other professionals flee from conflict with the
institutional racism that is the central fact of American history and
contemporary life. Rather than condone the self-serving "political
machinations" of BlackPrezHungerBlacAgenda Democrats whose fealty to the party yields no results
for the masses, the author urges African Americans to withhold their vote from
presidential elections and "take a new path, create a new rhetoric, support
more radical politics...until our liberation is achieved."

Freedom Rider: ‘Gangster Government’

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

So bent on destroying the Constitution are the
Bush men, they tried to force a gravely ill member of their own gang to sign
documents to continue illegal spying on Americans. Hospitalized former attorney
general John Ashcroft discovered what Mafiosi have long known: gangsters will
sacrifice their own "Made Men" to get what they want. The capo in charge
of squeezing a signature out of a near-comatose Ashcroft was Alberto Gonzalez -
who later proved he could match any Old School gangster in failing to recall
events in testimony before congressional committees. Impeachment, YES! -
RICO-style, with indictments all around.


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