Army Grants ‘Moral Waivers’ for Recruitment

by Paul Street

Faced with declining enlistments, especially among the
Black youth military age pool, the top brass have lowered their standards by
introducing euphemistically named, "moral waivers" for prospective soldiers
with criminal records. The author, a determined foe of the relentless
stigmatization of persons caught up in the U.S. criminal justice system, argues
that the most "antisocial" elements in the nation are those who launched the
illegal Iraq war in the first place: George Bush and his cronies. More defiance of authority in
the military might be a good thing, under the circumstances.

A Domestic Marshall Plan to Transform America’s ‘Dark Ghettos’

wilson_ave_broadway_chicago-300px by Dr. Ron Daniels

Black America must revive the concept of a Domestic Marshall Plan to reverse the deterioration of the nation's ‘dark ghettos' - most immediately, to restore New Orleans' exiled population. Dr. Daniels suggests the campaign be called the Martin Luther King-Malcolm X Community Revitalization Initiative, a mobilization to begin on April 4. The guiding principle behind the campaign must be the idea that oppressed people should exercise the power to control their communities and the conviction that every person in this country is entitled to enjoy certain basic human rights, as articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Racism: The Growth Engine of the American Prison Gulag

by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford

The U.S. prison system is projected to suck up 200,000 additional bodies between now and 2011, half of them African American. The burden of the Gulag, which has grown eightfold since 1970, is unbearable for Black America, whose institutions and dreams have for two generations been ravaged by a public policy of mass Black incarceration. The very existence of the American Gulag - the largest and most pervasive prison system in the history of mankind - presents a clear and present threat to U.S. society at-large, as the Bush men scheme to assassinate the Constitution in their bogus War on Terror. Over the past two decades, an infrastructure of social death has been constructed, that may ultimately become the tomb of American freedoms. It is past time to place a cap on any further expansion of the American Gulag, lest it swallow us all.

Freedom Rider: America the Stupid

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley

The chairman of one of the most powerful committees in
the Texas legislature thinks the sun and planets revolve around the Earth. A
U.S. congressman cites Davy Crockett at the Alamo to justify the Iraq war.
America's collective IQ is fatally undermined by the worship of white
supremacy, religious fundamentalism and capitalism - a core belief in "manifest
destiny" that fuels aggressive wars against other nations and opposes reality,
itself. The problem isn't just the Bush gang and the corporate media: it's the
people, stupid!

Americans Tip Their Hand on Iraq Oil

Black Agenda Radio

by BAR Executive Editor Glen Fordiraq_oil_map355


In a bid to achieve by legalistic trickery that which it could not win through war, the U.S.-crafted Iraq Oil Law is now under consideration by the Iraqi cabinet. The law would vastly advantage multinational oil corporations; devolve contracting authority to regions and sub-regions, thus marginalizing the Iraqi central government; lock Iraq into 35-year exploration and drilling deals; and prohibit Iraq from deciding how much oil it will export. In short, the proposed law would negate the very concept of national sovereignty. However, even if the measure is signed into law, it will be renounced by whoever comes out on top in the current conflict.

Black America's Real Issue With Barack Obama

 by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon
The spurious claim that Black Americans oppose Barack Obama because of his white mother, African father, and Harvard Law degrees is a racist slur against Black Americans by the mainstream news media, designed to trivialize and divert attention from real issues African Americans care about, but which are not addressed by Obama supporters OR their Republican opponents.

“Black Leaders…or Leading Blacks?”

by Leutisha Stills, CBC MonitorTavisAtMic

"Are you empowered by this conversation?" Tavis Smiley asked the thousands drawn to the annual State of the Black Union conference. The crowd roared back in the affirmative, but power - and a plan to use it - was precisely what was missing, this past weekend. The most important lesson learned from the event, was the awesome absence of coherence in a Black politics that is no longer fueled by a mass movement. Tavis, the hugely talented impresario, can't fix that.

Putting Black Faces on Imperial Policies

by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford


As African Americans contemplate the possibility of Barack Obama in the Oval Office, they should consider the ramifications of a Black face at the helm of an unreconstructed imperial policy. During the Secretary of State tenures of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, the face of U.S. aggression and lawlessness in the world, has been Black - a hell of an image to present to the planet! Barack Obama shows no inclination to abandon imperialism as state policy - only to avoid "dumb" wars, while placing U.S.-designated "interests" above international law.

The Fallacy of Racial Superiority

by M. QuinnYoungUSnazi

There are many theories on the origins of white
supremacist beliefs. One fact is clear: whether white racism dates back to the
time of the Greeks or is a much more modern invention, this insidious
belief-system is much more powerfully dangerous than mere prejudice. "To knowingly benefit from a decadent system
predicated on hypothetical racial superiority and do nothing about it," writes
the author, "makes that person part of the problem, not the solution."

The American Dilemma: Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

Black Agenda Radio, from Glen Ford
MahdiArmyThe U.S. persists in trying to dominate the Persian
Gulf region, while understanding nothing about the peoples who live there.
Constantly playing a game of "Good Muslim, Bad Muslim," the Americans confuse
only themselves. No amount of additional ground forces can cure the profound
ignorance and arrogance the U.S. brings to its imperial mission.

The Hearts of Darkness: How European Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa

Part Four

by Milton Allimadi

SowetoKidsDeadThe U.S. "newspaper of record" has long considered
defamation of Africans a legitimate part of "all the news that's fit to print."
As the whites of South Africa methodically erected the evil system of
apartheid, The New York Times and other American publications cheered
them on, reflecting a near-total identification with the philosophical
underpinnings of racial segregation. "Segregation
is the first definite policy advanced toward the solution of the South African
dilemma," wrote a Times reporter in 1926. Even as political
power later slipped from white hands, American journalists behaved as if "the
welfare and stability of an African country was to be measured by the comfort
level of the Europeans there." For the U.S. press, "civilization" and white
rule were synonymous.

Freedom Rider: Medical Apartheid

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley

TuskegeePatientBlack and brown children continue to be used as medical guinea pigs in the United States - the clearest evidence that white supremacist ideology is alive and well. From the gruesome experiments on Black slaves in the pre-Emancipation South, to the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study, to drug "research" in the present day, American society remains all too willing to treat Black minds and bodies as less than human.

A Blow to Wal-Mart – A Victory for Women


Black Agenda Radio, from Glen Ford

One and a half million female former and current employees of Wal-Mart win the right to pursue their job bias suit. The predatory corporation may be liable for billions of dollars in back wages.


A Blow to Wal-Mart - A Victory for Women


We're sorry, but the audio for this Black Agenda Radio commentary is no longer avaialble.

The Hearts of Darkness: How European Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa

Part  ThreeAfricaKidAmputee1905

by Milton Allimadi

White writers flooded Europe and the United States
with poisonous screeds on the barbarity and soullessness of Africans, preparing
public opinion for the rape of the continent's resources. "Explorers" with little
knowledge of the geography begged Africans for directions to their next
"discovery," then were knighted for bringing the African interior under the
sway of "Christian civilization." But Ethiopia's King Menelik II burst the
European bubble, humiliating the Italians in battle.

Greens: Impeach Bush

ImpeachBushCheneyFunny The national Green Party demands that Democrats
seek impeachment of George Bush and thwart "obvious plans for a war on Iran."
Bush's claims that Iran is behind much of the strife in Iraq should be put in
the context of "the administration's history of misinformation." The Greens
have already called for immediate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. "Now is not the
time for bipartisan compromise and retreat" on impeachment, said party

Former Malaysian Prime Minister: Put Bush, Blair on Trial

Iraqi-wounded-children-con_jpgPresident George Bush and British Prime Minister
Tony Blair are "the killers of children" and should face the judgment
of an international tribunal, said Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, speaking to a War
Crimes Conference and Exhibition, in Kuala Lumpur. The former Malaysian Prime
Minister described "those who resort to wars in furtherance of their ideology
or agenda" as "common criminals" who "should literally be hounded" by the
world's people. Dr. Mahathir's network is exploring a venue for the tribunals,
which should proceed despite the power of the aggressors.

Cynthia McKinney: The World Can't Wait

The former Georgia
congresswoman's address to the Kuala Lumpur Peace
Conference, in Malaysia synthesizes her activist and legislative experiences.
Whatever occurs in the United States, the "world's marginalized, exploited, and
dispossessed are taking center stage" to defy U.S. "imperial domination." In
taking impeachment "off the table," the Democrats show their complicity in the
deepening world crisis - but the rest of the world won't wait. Said McKinney:
"Nothing less than the fate of mankind is at stake."

A Valley of Buzzwords: Obama’s Soulless Book

by Kevin Alexander Gray

 Somebody needs to tell the presidential candidate: his
book "has no soul."  Constantly
sacrificing principle on the altar of ‘shared values,' Obama genuflects to
Ronald Reagan, but seems to have "not a clue" as to the struggles of Sixties
civil rights activists. In sum, The Audacity of Hope serves to comfort
whites, while delivering a negative critique of Black culture.

Measuring and Muffling Dissent - By the Numbers

by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford

Organizers are once again crying foul over the corporate media's undercount of last weekend's massive anti-war rally in Washington, DC. The danger here is not the undercount, which is to be expected from a lying media, but a ‘movement' practice that focuses on Big Events, to the detriment of grassroots organizing. After all, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.


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