Revolt Against the Europeans


A Black Agenda Radio commentary


by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford

The era of Euro-American domination of the planet is coming to an end. Only the American public seems to be oblivious to this reality. However, five hundred years of white rule over almost the whole of the planet has created lasting scars on the rest of humanity - contradictions that may take generations to resolve. In the meantime, the threat of global conflagration will hover over humanity, since many Euro-Americans cannot imagine a world in which they are not in charge. But there is finally light at the end of this half a millennium-long tunnel: the subjugation of a planet by a people from a small corner of the world.

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Enabling Imus

Richard Muhammad

In a horrific display of racist solidarity,
white mediaIMusRutgers women bb team men have circled their wagons around Don Imus, the career broadcast
bigot who called the Rutgers women's basketball team a bunch of "nappy headed
hos." All is forgiven, because "Imus is us," say his defensemen. And they are
right: Imus is them, irredeemably racist children of white privilege who
believe their casual slandering of other races and genders are of no more
concern than getting drunk at a frat party. The most important element of the
tale is not Imus' putrid outbursts, but the reflexive defense of him by his
co-racists, who have "outed" themselves in the process.

Transforming the Ghettos: A Martin Luther King – Malcolm X Community Revitalization Initiative

by Dr. Ron Daniels

There needs to be a movement, so let's begin one. The
first step is an analysis - followed by action - of the state of apartheid in
the U.S. The catastrophe called Katrina told the story, and we must find the
solution. To do so, we must dig deep into our own history of resistance to
racial and economic exploitation, and summon all our strengths to go once again
into battle. Dr. Daniels lays out the beginnings of a plan that tackles
gentrification - the dispersal of our people - and how the racist juggernaut
can be stopped. Transformation can only come from mobilization. So let's get

Freedom Rider: Harold Ford, Enemy of Black America

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret KimberleyHaroldFordGoodOldBoy

The leopard never changes his spots. Such is the case with
Harold Ford, Jr., the darling of the corporate media and the rightwing of the
Democratic Party, who was rewarded for his fawning dedication to white
supremacy with a corporate-financed appointment as chairman of the Democratic
Leadership Council (DLC). The DLC was created in the mid-Eighties by white
southern Democrats to suppress the growing power of Black voters in the South.
In former Memphis congressman Harold Ford, they have found a champion - the
quintessential enemy of African Americans, in blackface.

Feed The People, Not SUVs


by Fidel Castro

The obviously not-dead Cuban leader stands against conversion of food-land to fuel-land, which would initiate a global regime that "spells nothing other than the internationalization of genocide." With billions of people in need of nutrition, how can the world even consider the transformation of fields of wheat and corn and cane into bio-fuels? President Castro draws the line: NO, the world must feed its people, not SUVs. The alternative, pushed by the Bush regime and its corporate sponsors, is mass death.

Dennis Kucinich: The Invisible Man, the Prohibited Message

A Black Agenda Radio commentary, by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford

The corporate media is lobotomizing the American political dialogue through its boycott of Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich's presidential bid. Alone among the Democratic aspirants, Kucinich opposes U.S. imperial war aims, fights against trade policies that dragoon Americans into a forced march to the bottom of the economic order, and stands for truly universal health care. The result: an enforced silence on Kucinich's campaign and the issues that majorities of Americans agree upon. The corporate news media has imposed a gag order on progressive speech, to suffocate the people.

How the Bush Administration Destabilized the ‘Arc of Instability’

by Tom Engelhardtflame thrower

Chaos is the inevitable result of the U.S. quest to
conquer the world. Nothing else could possibly result. Defeat is also
inevitable, but millions of deaths will be left in the wake. The real "rogue
nation" is the United States, which has under George Bush launched a poorly
planned and criminal assault on human civilization. Tom Engelhardt gives a
blow-by-blow account of the ideology behind the crude aggression that went so
wrong for the perpetrators, but which is, like a snake, coiled to strike once
again. It's in its nature. The imperative to conquest can only be countered by
the fact of defeat.

Fox News Rents the Congressional Black Caucus

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon

Why would the Congressional Black Caucus co-sponsor presidential debates with Fox News?  How much does it really cost to rent the CBC Institute?  What else is for sale?  How much worse than the rest of mainstream media is Fox News?  And what does the CBC-Fox News scandal tell us about present-day corporate funded black leadership?   

Toussaint Louverture: A Free Man

by Laurent DuboisToussaintSculpture

How does a freed man become truly free - fully
emancipated from the master? It's not so simple, even for a gifted leader such
as Toussaint Louverture, the hero who led the Haitian people to the brink of
freedom, but died in a nameless French grave. Scholar Laurent Dubois explores
the limits of freedom, through the life of one of the Haitian nation's icons -
who, according to Dubois, tried to reconcile the plantation system with an
overarching Euro-supremacist culture. His reward was an unknown place of dirt
in the cold recesses of France.

Fox Is At It Again: George Bush Is On ‘American Idol’

by Rev. Reynard N. Blake, Jr.

BlakeSanjayFront Culture is a weapon. In the American Idol show,
we see corporate media wielding a huge sword in the service of - AmericanBlakeBushDunce
dumbness. Apparently that's the state of mind that the ruling class prefers the
lower classes to inhabit. Our deep-thinking contributor, Rev. Dr. Blake, sees
through the façade of the Idol menagerie. At the base of the pit of Sanjaya
Malakar's totally unearned stardom, Rev. Blake divines the equally unearned
ascension of George W. Bush to the U.S. presidency. Same process, same idiocy.

Wasted People: Environmental Racism, a 20-Year Saga

by Dr. Robert D. Bullard

Back in 1987, the environmental racism movement
won its first significant victory. Twenty years later, a cadre of Black and
progressive scientists are calibrating the methodical harm that has been done
to Black communities by a society that treats people of color as wasted human
flesh. The Bush administration has done everything in its power to silence this
growing environmental-racism resistance, cutting off funding to programs that
could uncover crimes against whole communities perched on the cusp of disaster
- chemical death.

Freedom Rider: Torture

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret KimberleyTortureDogsMan

The American show trials are showing the world
the American ass. Nobody believes the volumes of confessions by Guantanamo and
other CIA prisons confessions - the equivalent of street cops clearing every
case in the book by piling on convictions of plea-bargainers. Having been
forced by world opinion to show at least some vestige of respect for
international law, the U.S. now makes a sham of the modalities of justice.
Terrorists do exist, but they must be convicted by due process - not the end
result of torture.

Imperial Sunset?

by Aijaz AhmadImperialFallujahGuardFront

The sun is clearly setting on the American
Empire - but that doesn't mean the would-be world rulers are going to give up
easily. Although packing more arms than the rest of the planet, combined, the
U.S. economic and political situation is in a dramatic spiral that cannot be
reversed. Iraq, which was to have been the stepping stone to total global U.S.
hegemony, has become the graveyard of American imperial dreams. Globalization,
which U.S. corporations believed would inevitably ensure their supremacy, has
turned on the master, creating new polarities of power.

Some of Dr. King's People Never Did Get There

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Some of Dr. King’s People Never Did Get There

by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford 

“The crisis of mass incarceration and no employment has shattered every institutional connection with which the old order might communicate with the younger base among the masses in black communities.”

Banks Steal Black Children’s Futures

A Black Agenda Radio commentary

by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford

BARadioFrontSouthBronxMural The institutional banking practice of racist home mortgage interest gouging guarantees that successive generations of African Americans will lag further behind their white peers in wealth accumulation. Predatory lending ruins the life-chances of even the progeny of Blacks earning more than $150,000 a year, seven of ten of whom pay high interest rates on their homes, compared to only ten percent of whites in the same income bracket. The Black middle class is largely devoid of equity to finance the upward mobility of their children.

Banks Steal Black Children's Futures

We're sorry but the audio of this BA Radio Commentary is no longer available.

A Black Agenda Radio commentary

Heroes and Hypocrites: Black Caucus Shattered on Iraq

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce A. Dixon

More than two-thirds of the Congressional Black Caucus signed on as members of the Out of Iraq Caucus, but when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic corporate cohorts turned up the fire, all but four melted into the mass of hypocrisy that joined the U.S. war machine while pretending to resist it. The heroes are mostly heroines: Reps. Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Diane Watson, and the only man in the bunch, John Lewis. The collapse of the CBC is not a morality play, but the story of a power play. The lesson: the CBC will not stand up to Power, and is a politically spent force as presently constituted. The same must be said of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, only four of whose non-Black members stuck by their guns.

Race is at the Heart of the Gonzalez Scandal

A Black Agenda Radio commentary

GonzalezWorshipsBushby BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic
Leader Harry Reid take great pains to paper over the racial aspects of the
scandal surrounding Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. A number of the eight
U.S. Attorneys summarily dismissed by the Bush administration were fired for
failing "to demonstrate sufficient enthusiasm for Black and Latino voter
suppression." So intent are
Democratic leaders on avoiding being perceived as "the party of Blacks and
Latinos," they become near-complicit in hiding the true nature of crimes - very
undependable allies, indeed.

The Black Seminole Revolt: A Website Documents the Most Successful U.S. Slave Rebellion

by Amy Sturgis

JohnHorseFive years after Nat Turner's slave revolt was
crushed in Virginia, Blacks allied with Florida Seminoles mounted a largely
successful resistance to massive assaults by the United States Army. In years
of struggle alongside the legendary Osceola and other chiefs, the Black
Seminoles laid waste to Florida's sugar plantations and tied down a significant
portion of the U.S. standing Army. Ultimately, former slave John Horse led his
people to freedom in Mexico. J.B. Bird, of the University of Texas, documents
the saga in a compelling interactive website - a feast for all concerned with a
part of history that is seldom told.


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