A Comeback for Chattel Slavery? Remarkable Revelations from a Top Obama Aide

by Geraldine Winstanley, AN political writer
Hot off the presses: slavery is about to stage a return engagement, by presidential decree. “This and the president’s repeated visits to Africa have helped him develop a sense of slavery’s rich contribution to the development of what he calls ‘this magical place the United States.'”

Dr. King’s Televised Challenge to Obama: Tavis Smiley's Anti-War MLK

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Since the onset of the Obama phenomenon, Dr. Martin Luther King’s birth and death days have been “polluted” by false and ahistorical comparisons between Obama and MLK. The two men represent opposite political poles: one, a radical opponent of imperial war and concentrated economic power, the other, an ally of Wall Street and commander-in-chief of “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” In focusing on King, the man of peace, Tavis Smiley’s PBS special corrects a history that has been distorted, sometimes beyond recognition – not the least by the revisionist and poseur in the White House.

Shirley Franklin and the Digital Divide: Fronting For Telecoms At TheRoot.Com

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

A March 30 article at The Root lauded former Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin for her alleged efforts to bridge the digital divide. But why did its author Kris Broughton fail to ask the former mayor and current corporate operative any informed questions? Why did he fail to mention that the Alliance For Digital Equality is a known PR front group for the powerful telecom industry?  And what else did he forget to tell us?

Freedom Rider: Obama’s CIA

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
Global public opinion has been called the “second superpower” – second only to the United States in capacity to shape world events. But the premiere intelligence agency of the reigning state superpower routinely manipulates world opinion to suit U.S. purposes. The CIA distorts global realities in furtherance of President Obama’s war aims in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Cultural Genocide: The Drums Fall Silent in Chocolate City

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Jared A. Ball, Ph.D.

Culture is the expression of collective personhood. The culture of Africa's descendants in the U.S. has been demonized, belittled and viewed as a threat ever since the days when slavemasters banned use of the drum. With the wholesale gentrification of urban America, a new wave of cultural ethnic cleansing is underway, as inner city entertainment venues are being closed, and owners of remaining night spots collude to squeeze original artists with substantial and established audiences out of commercial viability. Like coffee, some are too black, too strong.

Dr. Peniel Joseph Peddles Slick Marketing Constructs As “Black History”

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Carter G. Woodson once declared that Harvard had ruined more black minds than bad whiskey. While there might be some dispute about Woodson's numbers, there is no doubt that the tradition still continues. Among Harvard's latest victims to rise to prominence is Dr. Peniel Joseph, whose establishment-friendly narrative of black history legitimizes Barack Obama and similar black politicians as “unforeseen consequences,” and perhaps lineal descendants of the mid 20th century Freedom and Black Power Movements. In truth, they are no more “descendants” of these indigenous popular movements than lung or colon cancers are “descendants” of the people who contract them.


NYC Spends Tens of Millions to Illegally Humiliate Prisoners

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR Executive EditorGlen Ford
Degradation of captives is central to the culture of the American criminal justice system. The City of New York spares no expense to allow jail guards to routinely violate inmates’ rights and court orders through illegal strip searches – a “pattern and practice” that has cost taxpayers at least $81 million.

Mob Rules: Tea Party’s High Noon

by Sikivu Hutchinson

The unfortunately undead lurch out of America’s racial horror houses to reclaim the land for the White Man. Corporate media and the GOP confer respectability to the Old Confederacy’s second coming (did it ever leave?). “The freshly evangelized macho racist right has ensured that its charge of a socialist government expansion is now viewed as a ‘reasonable’ critique.”

BAMN: By Any Means Necessary. An Interview with Detroit's Shanta Driver on April 10 March and Rally Against Obama School Privatization Agenda

A Black Agenda Radio Interview by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford

One of the Obama administration's clear, if unstated objectives, is to demolish public education in the U.S., and replace it with privatized, often militarized charter schools that put the “free market” and wealthy corporations rather than parents, teachers and communities in charge of education. Converting entire cities to charter schools pits every parent against every other parent in “competitiion” for the limited number of spots in what are supposed to be the best schools, and eliminates the neighborhood school as an anchor point for cooperation and social cohesion. So neighborhood public schools across the nation are being starved of resources to ensure that they can be labeled “failing” and their facilities handed over to charter schools, condominium developers, or whatever the “free market” will bear.

Did a Racist Coup in a Northern Louisiana Town Overthrow its Black Mayor and Police Chief?

waterproof lousianaby Jordan Flaherty
Waterproof, Louisiana, and the region around it may be majority Black, but White Power is determined to prevail by any means necessary. White parish officials replaced the town’s African American mayor and arrested the Black police chief for kidnapping when he placed a lawbreaker under arrest. “They are determined to let you know you have a place and if you don't jump when they say jump you are in trouble.”

Critiquing Min. Louis Farrakhan on Tavis Smiley's “All Stars”: Dr. Jared Ball VS Dedrick Muhammad

more of the all starsA Black Agenda Radio Discussion

Dedrick Muhammed, our friend and colleague and Dr. Jared Ball explored their differences over the performance of Min. Louis Farrakhan on Tavis Smiley's “Black Agenda” – no relation to us – CSPAN show. Does the NOI, and did Min. Farrakhan espouse a fundamentally conservative and individualist economic and political agenda?  Does he  embrace the decrepit shibboleth of salvation through the might of a trillion dollars in Black Buying Power?


Obama Democrats VS Tea Party Republicans: A Fake Fight Over Fake Health Care Reform

which stakeholders?by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

There are real fights and there are fake fights, engineered to distract attention away from the real deal. The shouting match between Obama's Dems and the Tea party Repubs is one of those fake fights. The health care legislation passed by the Obama Democrats is incomparably worse than anything they could have passed right after the presidential election, and significantly worse than anything Democrats could have passed at midyear 2009. The president and his minions have delayed as long as possible to guarantee the worst, not the best bill for patients, and the best deal possible for Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Medicine.


Obama: Inside Man for the Greatest Heist in History

mr insideby BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Black America and “progressives” lurched into self-imposed irrelevancy at precisely the time that finance capital was swallowing the American state whole. Barack Obama is the Great Facilitator of Wall Street's desperate effort to loot itself out of oblivion. Disaster is certain if we remain without a movement that confronts both the banksters and Obama.

Freedom Rider: Pornography of Suffering

congoby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
The American mentality seems hopelessly rooted in the gutter, keenly attuned to tales of rape and bestiality but supremely indifferent to the elementary facts of life and history. The current genocide in Congo is as little known as that country’s previous holocaust, at the hands of the Belgians, more than a century ago.

Immigrants Should Be Careful What They Wish For From Obama

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR Executive Editor  Glen Ford

Tens of thousands of mainly Latino demonstrators demanded immediate action on immigration reform from President Obama, last weekend. But Obama supports a “bipartisan” bill that would vastly increase raids and arrests. Unfortunately, “as with every other issue, when Barack Obama stands for an expanded police state, most of the American Left sits down and shuts up."

Tavis Smiley’s Annual Black “Radical” All-Star Game

by BAR editor and columnist Jared A. Ball, Ph.D.

Event Meister extraordinaire Tavis Smiley gathered his hand-picked Black All Stars for a “Black Agenda” conference, in Chicago, over the weekend. The usual suspects were in attendance, shining and rhyming luminously and voluminously. President Obama’s stock had fallen, but “blind adherence” to the Democratic Party still reigned near-supreme.

R.I.P ACORN: The Revolution Will Not Be Subsidized

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
The armory of the Left, such as it was, has been greatly diminished with the demise of ACORN, the nationwide grassroots organization. It couldn’t have come at a worse time, “with Black and progressive forces at their weakest state in at least two generations.”

Insanity: Cuban Exile Proposes That U.S. Negotiate on Behalf of Cuban Blacks

Cuban exile Carlos Moore has convinced a number of African American luminaries that the U.S. government should negotiate with Cuba over the status and treatment of the island nation's Black population, as part of talks to normalize relations between the two nations. It is, therefore, only fair that Cuba be empowered to negotiate with Washington on behalf of Blacks in the United States, says Glen Ford (Video courtesy of www.WBAIX.org, Don DeBar


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