The Road to a New Movement Begins: Black is Back Coalition

black is bacby BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Just two months after the call went out, the revived Movement was off to a spirited start, galvanized by Obama's corporate policies and the “most acute crisis of capitalism in four generations.” As one former Obama supporter told the crowd at Washington's Malcolm X Park, “To have a black person exploiting me just like a white person, that's no easier pain to bear.”

Freedom Rider: Obama and Black Preachers Love Bloomberg

bllomberg and thomasby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
If there is a possibility of Black victory over white power and wealth, Barack Obama will find and eliminate it. “Obama’s behavior has demonstrated not only his eagerness to smack down black politicians, but his love of currying favor with the captains of finance capital.” Michael Bloomberg, New York's billionaire mayor, also brings out the worst in the Black preacher class

Remarks of Cynthia McKinney at the World Conference to Criminalize War

You wouldn't know it from our myopic and entertainment-obsessed US media, but there's a whole peace-loving world out there beyond our borders. Late last month Cynthia McKinney, the former representative from Georgia traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to participate in a conference on the criminalization of war.

Here are some of her remarks at that event.  If you cannot see the video above, click here.

Cashing In, Selling Out: The AARP's Tradition of Betrayal

obama and endorserBy Stephen Lendman

Just before the Obama version of health insurance reform made it to the floor of the House of Representatives, the White House said it was proud to announce it had been endorsed by the AARP. But didn't Obama's predecessor, when he privatized a sizeable chunk  of Medicare back in 2003, proudly made a similar announcement?  So is an AARP endorsement really anything to be proud of?

U.S. Stomps on Honduran Democracy, Militarizes Colombia

honduran soldiersA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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When it comes to Latin America, there is a difference between the Obama and Bush administrations. Bush huffed and puff and blustered while committing aggression against Latin neighbors; Obama smiles and mouths words of peace, and then commits much the same crimes. He is preparing Latin America as the next theater of war.

U.S. Starves Children in Somali War

somali kidsA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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Three years after creating the “worst humanitarian crisis” in Africa by encouraging Ethiopia to invade Somalia, the U.S. now unleashes the food weapon on starving people. “Forty million pounds of American-donated food is sitting in warehouses in Mombasa, Kenya, but U.S. officials won’t allow aid workers to deliver the food to the Somalis that need it.”

Bloomberg and Obama: Perfect Together

perfect togetherA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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President Obama’s preference for white billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg over Black challenger Bill Thompson was clear to all. As it turned out, the mayor’s money barely pulled him through. The mildly more progressive candidate could have won, if Obama hadn’t sided with the Filthy Rich. But then, that’s been the story of his presidency.

Perverted Priorities: Obama, One Year Later

the faceby Paul Street
Barack Obama's presidency was almost scripted by the corporate interests that backed his candidacy. A year after his election, his political trajectory is remarkably consistent with the requirements of late stage capital. “It was and is foolish, childish even, to expect progressive change from a carefully corporate-choreographed bourgeois election in the headquarters of world imperialism.”

If Democrats Don't Pass Health Insurance Reform This Year, What Do We Lose? And What Do We Gain?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

The version of health care reform championed by the White House and Congressional Democrats will force millions to buy crappy insurance from private providers with no interest in health care but plenty of interest in profits. Its pubic option is a cruel hoax that will not take effect till 2013 and even then will leave tens of millions uninsured. Now Democratic leaders in Congress say it might not pass this year anyway. Is that really so bad?

Freedom Rider: Health Care Deceit

liar, liarby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
The health care fiasco has bared the cowardly underbelly of the Democratic Party, which is putty in the hands of President Obama and his co-conspirators in the insurance industry. The public option” has been stripped down to a tiny two percent of the people, while the private insurers get tens of millions of captive, subsidized consumers. The conclusion is inescapable: “Barack Obama and the majority of the Democrats never had any intention of bringing reform to health care.”

Encounters with Colonel Khadafi and the Green Book

khadaffiby BAR executive editor Glen Ford
An American delegation of activists and journalists travel to Libya for a World Conference of Green Book Supporters, and an audience with Colonel Mouammar Khadafi. “What possible use could a political work linked in western minds to the struggles of robed Bedouins have for inhabitants of the wealthy, hi-wired North?” Plenty, it turns out. “'Direct democracy,' as the Green Book describes it, is of more than passing interest to citizens of the Belly of the Beast, where corporations have the legal rights of persons and money is deemed constitutionally entitled to all the 'free' speech it can buy.”

The Limits of Anti-Racism

by Adolph Reed

What does it mean these days to be “anti-racist” and to struggle against racism these days when a black family is in the White House? Unlike today's anti-racist activists, the historic Freedom Movement had clear, if limited goals like the establishment of voting rights or the abolition of Jim Crow laws. What does it mean to be an “anti-racist” when America seems perfectly able to integrate its ruling circles at the same time preserving enormous wealth, health, education and incarceration disparities between the bulk of its white and nonwhite populations?


Obama Hustles the Public for Greedy Private Insurers

snake oil?A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

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It appears that President Obama will soon achieve his health care triumph – and an unmitigated disaster for the public. “Both Clinton and Obama planned to shanghai the vast bulk of the public as captive consumers of the insurance cartel,” but only Obama could have pulled it off. He  is bringing into existence a privatized health care system that will be “nearly impossible to dismantle absent a general political upheaval in the United States.”


Black US Public Wants Peace, But Black US President Wages War

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The historical African American desire for peace clashes with the warlike policies of the first Black president. Something's got to give – and in the end the Black anti-war tradition will make itself dramatically felt. Let's start the process with the Black Is Back rally in Washington, November 7.

Hillary Clinton: A Very Ugly American

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Having forced Pakistan to launch a civil war to protect American interests, the U.S. dispatches Hillary Clinton to rub salt in Pakistani wounds. The Anti-Diplomat lectures the locals on tax collection and helping the poor while her government daily violates the country's sovereignty. “Americans believe they are the only nation that deserves to have a sense of dignity – and so they relentlessly strip away the dignity of others.”

Eshu’s blues: Obamania one year after: a confession

more hopeby BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
Confession may or not be good for the soul, but at some point it becomes unavoidable when one takes stock of what one's vote has wrought. The author admits to the sin of having placed excessive trust in former mentors and gurus among the Obamites. Now he sees the fruits of his misspent ballot: “Even though there’s a black man in the White House, the white man’s burden must still be shouldered.”

Feminism’s Freedom Fighter? On Feminism, Atheism and Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hutchinsonby Sikivu Hutchinson
A Somali woman gains fame in Europe for denouncing Islam. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, atheist, feminist, and author has secured a “plum position at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute” while “morphing into a champion of Israel.” In the process, she has reinforced western demonization of Muslim society and whitewashed the West's “own anti-democratic traditions and human rights transgressions.”

Harry Reid, Democratic Leaders and the White House Still Faking the Funk on Universal Health Care

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

This week the Senate's Harry Reid announced the consolidation of the Senate Democratic caucus version of health care reform. How central the “public option” is or is not depends on who you ask, as do precisely how many people it would be offered to and on what terms. What is clear is that it remains a Massachusetts-style bailout plan to subsidize private insurers, rather than one providing universal care at affordable rates. Meanwhile the gap between the actual public option and the imaginary ones sold by progressive Democrats is growing. How long it can be concealed, and what will happen when it is revealed are anybody's guess.

Banksters Rob States and Cities Too

crooksby Margaret Kimberley

The $17 trillion dollar transfer from federal coffers to the pockets of Wall Street banksters didn't happen in a vacuum. The same bipartisan cast of players have had their wolvish way with sheepish state and local governments for a long time now. They have honed their expertise at extracting piles of cash from cities, counties, towns and states in return for little or nothing, while the absence of news coverage hides a golden age of corporate financial corruption.  It's not just federal any more, if it ever was....



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