Obama Justice Department Joins the Sean Bell Murder Whitewash

sean bell murder protest

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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In an age of pervasive racial profiling and militarized policing, impunity is the order of the day in local law enforcement. When summary execution and casual sadism pass for justice at the street cop level, where is the appeal of last resort? Certainly not the Obama Justice Department.

The Titans of Technology: The Internet, Radio and Our Newton’s Laws

newton's lawsby BAR columnist Jared Ball
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We are constantly told that media fairness and effective access is always just over the horizon, awaiting the maturation of new technology. Yet we never arrive at the technological Promised Land. The internet, for example, will not cure what ails Black-oriented radio. It is quite possible that “the next generation of the internet will be less open than the already less-than-free medium that it is now.”

Another Corporate Bailout: Obama Goes Nuclear

Obama's nuclear night
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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The Obama administration is preparing another huge corporate giveaway – this time to an industry that has been moribund for 30 years. “Nuclear power was all but dead because private capital saw the industry as a bad risk.” But, with Obama's proposed $55 billion in loan guarantees, “Wall Street can prepare to process billions of dollars in new loans, knowing it doesn't stand to lose one cent because the public is taking all the financial risk.”

What the World Owes Haiti

haitiby John Maxwell
Just as Europe and the United States owe Africa for the fantastic wealth brutally extracted from the labor of her people, the world owes Haiti for destroying “slavery and the slave-trade forever.” Although Haiti is at this moment in dire need of material help, “the US, France and Canada must have the grace to apologize and atone for the heinous crimes they have committed in Haiti.”

Overcoming the Divide and Conquer Strategy — The Economic Elite Vs. The People of the USA

joblessby David DeGraw
The Economic Elite that control our society do so, at least partially, by causing the public to discuss everything except that which relates directly to social control. The public conversation is directed toward issues and subjects that “are secondary to the larger, more fundamental political and economic issues that lead to our wealth being stolen from us, and ultimately, our lives being increasingly dominated by a small few.”

Gentrification, Demolishing the Projects and the Dispersal of Poor Urban Black Communities.

A Black Agenda Interview by Bruce A. Dixon

In urban Black America, stable communities are the exception rather than the rule. It's a fact of black life in the US that our urban communities, especially poorer ones are rarely allowed to exist more than a couple generations. Low and moderate income black communities, especially renters are not valued, either by our black elite or by the larger society. Portrayed in the media as desparate sinkholes of despair they are inevitably slated for gentrification, displacement and dispersal. Communities of public housing residents have been conspicious targets of this model of urban redevelopment.  Last summer, Black Agenda Report talked to USF's Dr. Susan D. Grreenbaum, one of the few scholars studying the outcome of the national policy of demolishing and dispersing public housing communities.  It's a question most scholars and our black elite seldom ask.  For too much of our black business class leadership, gentrification isn't a question of economic justice.  It's just another way to get paid.


Freedom Rider: Tauzin Tossed Under the Bus

Big Pharmaby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
When the Obama White House played “Let's Make a Deal” with the drug industry, former Louisiana congressman Billy Tauzin was Big Pharma's chief negotiator. Tuazin blew the whistle on the White House's under-the-table machinations, to the president's great embarrassment. Now Tauzin's out in the cold, and Obama's health care scheme seems sunk, but Big Pharma is awash in profits.

Obama Would Have Been Jailed Under Patriot Act

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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When it comes to civil and political liberties, the U.S. is a far less free place than it was, a generation ago.” Citizens acting under the slogan “Free Nelson Mandela” would have been prosecuted as criminals under the Patriot Act, as interpreted by both the Bush and Obama administrations.

The U.S. Ain't No “Model”: Defend Haiti in Miami, February 20

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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Haiti's people don't need occupying armies; they “deserve a massive human response to their material needs, and they deserve solidarity in their struggle to regain national self-determination.” Join the Black is Back Coalition this weekend for a National Mobilization in Defense of Haiti. “A free and independent Haiti can only rise under the democratic direction of Haitians, themselves – not under the guns of U.S. neocolonialism.”

Sharpton, Jealous and Morial Make Small Talk at the Big House

 Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The three civil rights leaders attempted a tricky maneuver with last week's visit to the White House.  How could they appear to pressure President Obama to finally act on Depression-level Black unemployment, while making no such demand? It was a fool's errand, for which they were well suited.


How Did Corporate America, Black America, And Left America All End Up On The Same Side?

By BAR executive editor Glen Ford

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Glen Ford notes that more than $23 trillion dollars has been steered to the financial sector since the Wall Street Meltdown, far exceeding the total value of everything produced and consumed in the entire US economy in any year.  Most of this largesse has been bestowed upon the banksters not under Bush, but under Obama.  For the ruling class, the Obama craze came along just in time to divert real opposition to their continued wars and their swallowing of the American state, whole.

The Israeli State And Its Zionist Project Have Failed, Explains Ali Abunimah

The Zionist project, the Israeli mission of occupation, ethnic cleansing, expropriation and colonial resettlement of Arab Palestine is untenable, and cannot succeed even in the short run.  Just as in apartheid South Africa, Israel's native subcontractors cannot keep the natives in order, forcing that apartheid state to endlessly escalate the violence against the nation's indigenous population.  Nobody can predict the future, Abunimah reminds us, but the darkest and bloodiest deeds of racist South Africa occurred when its imminent fall could not be admitted by its leaders.

How President Obama Has Shut Down Black Political Demands and Neutralized the American Left

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

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We hear all the time that the Obama campaign and presidency mark the triumph of savvy black political power.  The truth however, explained BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford, is that the rise of Barack Obama has checkmated historic black demands for justice at home and peace abroad, and neutralized the broader American left. Ford spoke at the New England Anti-War Conference in Boston, January 30.

U.S. Brags Haiti Response is a “Model” While More Than a Million Remain Homeless

Tent city in Haitiby Bill Quigley
U.S. officials are full of themselves, hawking their military expeditionary mission to Haiti as the future of humanitarian crisis response. Meanwhile, Partners in Health director Dr. Louise Ivers reports “’there is more and more misery’ in Port au Prince as fears of typhoid and dysentery haunt the camps as the rainy season looms.”

Under the Pretense of Haiti Disaster Relief, U.S. Running a Military Occupation

haitians fenced inby Arun Gupta
The United States has seized on the Haitian earthquake crisis, not only to establish a full-blown military occupation but to vastly expand its neoliberal economic restructuring of the country. “It’s clear that the Shock Doctrine is alive and well in Haiti.”

Who Demonizes Eritrea and Why?

by Mohamed Hassan
Eritrea is among the targets of the U.S. imperial offensive in the Horn of Africa. Under American pressure, the United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions on Red Sea coast nation, claiming Eritrea aids fighters resisting the U.S.-backed puppet regime in Somalia. Washington’s goal is “to control the Middle East and access by Africa to the Indian Ocean.”

Black America Loses Gamble in Electing First Black President

by Phillip Jackson
Black America mistakenly traded the future of its young black men for a black president.” African Americans’ hopes and dreams and great expectations that Barack Obama would address the forces that are forcing Black males out of work and into jail, came to naught. “Over and over, the black community has reached out for help from this first black president, and over and over, he has said, ‘No!’"

America After the Quiet Coup

piggy banksterby Edward L. Palmer, Robert N. Rhodes and Alice J.
There has been a quiet coup in the US in which a financial oligarchy has gained hegemony over the government structure.” That seizure of power has resulted in devastation for Black America, where “48% of the children of middle class Black Americans border on poverty.” Among the general public, “70% of last year’s college graduates in the US did not receive job offers.”

U.S. Attempts to Erase Haitian Nationhood

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
The world’s sole superpower behaves as if Haitian sovereignty no longer exists. Notions of legality are wholly absent in America’s occupation of Haiti, where the U.S. poses as the internationally recognized authority. Washington arrogantly improvises the terms of the Haitian “protectorate.”

Freedom Rider: Obama’s Murder Inc.

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
When the president can coldly order the extrajudicial killing of American citizens, the rule of law ceases to exist. Yet only Rep. Dennis Kucinich has categorically challenged President Obama's claim to be legal judge, jury and executioner. “We have a 'gangsta' presidency and a Congress that isn’t any better.”


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