Africans Are In A Constant State of Resistance


Omali YeshitilaAn Interview with Omali Yeshitela

With the African People’s Socialist Party 5th Congress set for Washington, DC, July 10th-14th, BAR executive editor Glen Ford spoke with the APSP’s chairman, Omali Yeshitela. “Our people are slowly beginning to awaken to the fact that President Obama does not represent us,” said Yeshitela. “The awe of the state has worn off, and desperation is pushing the people.”

More information on the APSP is available at their web site.

Length of interview: 10:48.

A Philadelphia Story: George Washington’s Slaves Slept Here


by Linn Washington, Jr.

presidential slave quartersGeorge Washington not only kept slaves in the first official Executive Mansion in Philadelphia, he “carefully rotated slaves in and out of the residence…to avoid running afoul of the Emancipation Law operative in Pennsylvania after 1780, which barred out-of-state slaveholders from bringing slaves into the state for more than six months' time.” This is one national landmark that won’t be whitewashed.


Dockworkers vs. Israeli Piracy, Rep. Rangel Bows to Tel Aviv, Supreme Court Fuels Terror Witch-Hunt, Prison Rape Deadline Missed

Listen to BA Radio on the Progressive Radio NetworkListen to BA Radio on the Progressive Radio Network

Israel’s Like South Africa…

Dockworkers at the Port of Oakland, California joined with community activists to temporarily halt unloading of cargo from an Israeli vessel. Union official Clarence Thomas said Israel was “just as vulnerable” to concerted worker and consumer protests as was South Africa during the apartheid era.

Rangel Makes Times Spectacle of Himself in Times Square

Harlem Congressman Rangel “in essence, denounced his own constituents” in favor of Israel at a recent Times Square press conference,” says BAR senior columnist Margaret Kimberley. Rangel joined New York politicians demanding that American flotilla activists attacked by Israeli should be investigated before being allowed back in the U.S.

High Court OKs Draconian Terror Law

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Obama administration’s broad interpretation of what constitutes giving “material assistance” to so-called “terror groups.” A Center for Constitutional Rights lawyer says the law amounts to “something very close to guilt by association” and “could have landed President Carter in prison for 15 years” for his peace-seeking missions.

U.S. Justice Department Fails to Come Up with Prison Rape Standards

Attorney General Eric Holder missed a deadline to submit national standards to combat sexual abuse behind bars. One hundred thousand prison inmates are raped every year, according to federal studies.

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Consensus Politics Are No Politics: A US Social Forum Diary

by BAR columnist Jared A. Ball, Ph.D.

There was both déjà vu and surprise at the U.S. Social Forum. Déjà vu, in the feeling of being caught up in a stultifying search for meaningless “consensus politics” with “no clear goals and no clear steps to reach them.” But there was also the excitement of “ideas, criticism, flyers, books, all forms of media in fact, all being passed back and forth, with a hurried fervor.”


A Blacks vs. Tea Party Free-for-All on the Mall?















by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Will established civil rights groups physically confront Glenn Beck’s Tea Party crowd for control of the Washington Mall on August 28? Can the NAACP and labor unions figure out how to hold a March for Jobs in October while pretending that President Obama bears no responsibility for economic woes? No, and Yes. Although there will be no physical fight, jousting with cardboard “cracker” villains like Beck and Rush Limbaugh allows civil rights leaders to appear valiant while avoiding confrontation with real Power in the White House.


Freedom Rider: Americans Have No Rights


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Under Barack Obama, the former professor of constitutional law, Americans’ civil liberties have shrunken drastically – to the point that his administration claims the right to execute its citizens without charge or due process of any recognizable kind. And citizens that leave the country cannot be sure they will be allowed back in. But where is the outrage among Democrats, when Obama out-Bushes Bush? “It seems that Democrats did not in fact feel any affront to Bush policies, only to his party affiliation.”


All Power to the Casinos! Death to the Social Safety Net!


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Global capital is attempting to sound the death knell for European social democracy and its much weaker American cousin, the safety net. Bankers dictate the terms of social and economic policy on both sides of the Atlantic. “Barack Obama is showing his corporate teeth and running hard with the global banking wolf pack.”


Obama’s Iran Diversion: Forget About the Gulf, Jobs

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

If war with Iran is insane, why is Obama acting crazy? “Stepping to the brink of war with Iran only makes a kind of macabre sense if the Obama administration feels in desperate need of a diversion.” The bigger the better, since the diversion must call attention from the goo in the Gulf and the air in people’s wallets.


WBAIX Launches Daily Programming on the Net


by The Editors

More than a year after a new board majority assumed control of WBAI-FM, Pacifica’s New York radio station, the losing side in what they called “the coup” has set up shop on the Internet. Within two months, the “exiles” of WBAIX hope to offer “a 24-7 broadcast grid of programs.”


U.S. Citizen Falsely Accused of Rwanda Genocide Rape Crimes

Rwandan wanted posterby keith harmon snow

On June 24, 2010, U.S. agents in Manchester, New Hampshire arrested Rwandan genocide survivor Beatrice Munyenyezi, a Hutu and a U.S. citizen since 2004. Charged with lying on her immigration documents to conceal her alleged major role in genocide in Rwanda, Ms. Munyenyezi is also charged with rape as a war and genocide crime. Meanwhile, a federal prosecutor for the case is known for misconduct, falsification of evidence and perjury. Is it a crime to have a FACEBOOK profile? Is it a crime to use a computer?

Hubert Harrison: Key Link in the Two Great Trends of the Black Liberation Movement


Hubert HarrisonA review by Larry A. Greene

In the first quarter of the 20th century, the major, competing trends of Black American political thought were already in vivid evidence: Black nationalist and socialist tendencies vied with corporate-backed accommodation. In Harlem, an extraordinary St. Croix-born activist-thinker named Hubert Harrison emerged on the scene, described as “more race conscious than [A. Philip] Randolph and more class conscious than [Marcus] Garvey.”

Saving the Congo, Or Not: One Piece At A Time


by Netfa Freeman

The most resource-rich region of Africa also “experiences the least socio-political and economic control over its ‘riches’ than any other part of Africa. Fifty years after nominal independence, the Democratic Republic of Congo – where five million have died in the past decade and a half – remains a victim of “the foreign political and economic machinations that have made peaceful progress in the Congo impossible.”

Black Agenda Radio, June 23, 2010

Black Agenda Radio, June 23, 2010


Locked in a dance of mutual culpability with BP, the Obama administration flounders while the Gulf is slowly murdered. Conveners of the Gulf Emergency Summit vow, "We must not allow the Gulf and oceans to be devastated. Our mission is nothing less than stopping this catastrophe."

Violence Pushes Down Black Test Scores

A new study by sociologist Patrick Sharkey shows Black students’ test scores plummet in the days after a homicide in their neighborhood. Data gathered from the Chicago public schools shows no similar pattern among Latino students.

Chomsky on Haiti

Linguist and activist Noam Chomsky regaled a crowd at New York’s Riverside Church with a generation-by-generation chronicle of United States’ torture of the Haitian people. “In 1990, the Haitians committed a serious crime,” said Chomsky. “There was a free election, and they voted the wrong way.”

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Fascism Enters Through “Terror” Door

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The question is not whether fascists have held power in the United States, but why they have not yet been able to rule as fascists. The question may soon become moot, as the U.S. Supreme Court acts to further “dismantle legal barriers to actual fascist rule” – most recently through its decision on providing “material support” to “terrorists.”

In New York City, “a ‘people's lawyer’ and civil liberties heroine, Lynn Stewart, faces re-sentencing on her conviction of giving material support to her client.”


The US Social Forum Must Become a US Social Movement

by BAR columnist Jared A. Ball, Ph.D.

The U.S. Social Forum is now underway in Detroit, with thousands in attendance. “Black America must work in solidarity with other people’s struggles, as has always been the case,” says the author. “However, in our current moment of malaise in Black ‘leadership’ we also think it necessary to remind this nation’s activists that many of the problems that they seek to address internationally need as much redress domestically.”

Kagan and Obama: Two “Race-Neutral” Peas in a Pod


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

President Obama is showing his own core conservative politics with his choice of Elena Kagan for the U.S. Supreme Court. A New York Times investigation shows “Kagan as a devotee of so-called 'race-neutral' social policies that avoid solutions that directly target racial disparities.” This is not an example of Obama “reaching out” to the Right, but of promoting a lawyer whose views “appear to be identical” to his own. His choice ensures many decades of bad news for Black people.


America Can't Solve Crises Because It's a Company-Owned Town















by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The Great Gusher in the Gulf is a political, not simply an economic and environmental, crisis. “No amount of public disgust at BP has moved Obama to behave as if he is beholden to the majority that elected him – for the simple reason that he is not.”


Freedom Rider: The Death of Black Politics


by BAR editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley

New York Rep. Charles Rangel is among the many Black elected officials that make periodic figurative and actual pilgrimages to Israel, swearing undying loyalty. In a shamelessly groveling performance last week, Rangel took part in a Times Square press conference where he “claimed a bizarre connection between the freedom flotilla and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.”


Black Congress, Critical of Obama, to Convene in D.C. to Set Black Agenda



The Black political party that confronted then-candidate Barack Obama on the campaign trail in August, 2008 with the simple question, “What about the Black community, Mr. Obama?” holds its annual Congress in Washington, next month. African People’s Socialist Party chairman Omali Yeshitela says there is an historic opportunity “for black people everywhere to take back the power to control our own destiny as a people.”



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