The Latin American Revolution, Part 1 of 4: Venezuela

By Asad Ismi and Kristin Schwartz

The U.S. drive for global empire, to use and allocate all the planet's resources and people for itself, has run unchecked through Africa. It has been stalled by wars and the presence of other powers in south and southwest Asia. Latin America is the only region in the world where U.S. empire has literally been rolled back in the last decade. The once isolated Cuban revolution has been joined by those of Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, which have elected openly socialist governments dedicated to using their national wealth for the benefit of their own people, and fostering a new regime of international cooperation in resource allocation, in banking, in medicine and media to show humanity what a world without U.S. domination can begin to accomplish. In this first half hour installment of their 4 part radio documentary, the Latin American Revolution, Asad Ismi and Kristin Schwartz examine the impact of the Venezuelan revolution, and explain just why Uncle Sam hates Hugo Chavez so much.

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Wanted: A New People’s Vision for Mining and Drilling in Africa

by Mark P. Fancher

Multinational corporations claim that the problem with Africa is corruption. But the most corrupting influence in Africa is the multinational corporation. Africa's mines have enriched everyone but Africans. Yet, “the people are never allowed to even consider the prospect of booting foreign corporations out of Africa altogether.”

September 11 Anti-Racist March a Huge Success in Manhattan

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Thousands Rally Against Racism and Anti-Muslim Bigotry on September 11

Heavy police formations separated defenders of Muslim rights from a much smaller Tea Party demonstration near the former World Trade Center site, in Manhattan. In the final analysis, the overwhelmingly white rally against the “Islamicization of America” is “just your garden variety racism,” said Larry Holmes, of the Bail Out The People Movement. Imadi Ajamo, of the December 12th Movement, one of about 60 speakers at the rally, pointed to the Tea Party’s rich backers. “We need to know who is bringing these right-wing people” into Manhattan. Nearby, the activist group We Are Change held a four-day conference to assess the status of movements for social change. Speakers included former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.


Newark Police Brutality Requires Federal Intervention

The New Jersey Civil Liberties Union submitted a petition to the U.S. Justice Department, demanding a federal takeover of the Newark Police Department. The move is entirely justified “when you look at the numbers of young Black men that are dying in police custody,” said Larry Hamm, of the People’s Organization for Progress.

Blacks Politicos Unprepared for Chicago Mayor’s Departure

Black and progressive politicians in Chicago were caught flat-footed by Mayor Richard Daley’s decision not to seek another term. “We got caught by surprise,” said labor and community activist James Thindwa. “All of us are scrambling.”


BAR senior columnist Margaret Kimberley discusses private Koran-burning and the U.S. military's massive people-burning.

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This 9/11 in Manhattan: A Time to Confront the Racists

This 9/11 in Manhattan: A Time to Confront the Racists

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Not since the massive Klu Klux Klan marches of the 1920s have white nationalists strutted their stuff so proudly. The “media-validated” Tea Partyers are on a roll, and are even getting physical with Black folks in lower Manhattan, where they plan a national rally on 9/11. The anti-racist opposition will also be out in strength, in solidarity with Muslims and, hopefully, to strongly encourage white supremacists to find someplace else to gather.

Freedom Rider: Show Me Your Papers, New York!

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The United States has become an awful caricature of 1940s Hollywood movies on fascism, where “the usual suspects” are made to show their “papers.” Not just along the southern border, but also within 100 miles of the Canadian Great White North, Americans “are now subjected to increasing surveillance from” the Border Patrol, “an agency that should have no jurisdiction over them.”

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Confront the Tea Party in Manhattan on 9/11

Progressives must gather in strength to counter the 9/11 rally in lower Manhattan against what the Tea Party calls the “Islamization of America,” says Bill Doares, of the Emergency Mobilization Against Racism and Anti-Muslim Bigotry. The Tea Party action is “part of a nationwide hate the same forces that are engaged in hate campaigns against immigrants and all people of color.”

Rwanda’s Genocidal Role in Congo

The leaked UN report citing Tutsi-ruled Rwanda for possible genocide against Congolese and Rwandan Hutu has caused a “political crisis” for the Rwandan regime, says Kambale Musavuli, student coordinator of Friends of the Congo. “Political shifts” are apparent in the region, related to competition between the U.S. and China. Up to six million people may have died in the Congo since 1994, including millions in areas controlled by Rwanda and its surrogates.

Legal Challenge to Obama’s “Kill-At-Will” Policy

Civil liberties groups challenge the Obama administration’s claim to have the “right to assassinate anyone, including U.S. citizens, anywhere in the world.” Center for Constitutional Rights attorney Pardis Kebriael says Obama has gone beyond George Bush’s claims to presidential powers in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

Iraqis Will Make Sure Americans Leave Their Country

The Iraqi people will not allow anyone to prevent the exodus of all U.S. forces from their country at the end of next year, predicts Raed Jarrar, an Iraqi-born political consultant. “People wan their country back, and they don’t want foreign troops to interfere in their business.” There should be negotiations, however, on the size of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, “the largest embassy in the history of humankind.”

Foreclosure Study Shows Huge Racial Gap

“Latinos and African Americans in California make up more than half of the state’s foreclosures,” says Ginna Green, co-author of the Center for Responsibility in Lending report, “Dreams Deferred: Impacts and Characteristics of the California Foreclosure Crisis.”

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The Most Visible Mulattoes: Drake and Obama Match Hip-Hop and Politics

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR columnist Jared Ball

Mulattoes are all the rage in some circles, for obvious presidential reasons.  Deep political and social meaning is invested in the proliferation of luminaries of the 'two-worlds" kind - although little in the way of insight seems to emanate from the mixed parentage arena. The opposite is true. The rapper Drake's case, in particular, "is used to deny, deflect, omit or obscure underlying tensions and exploitation more than as a way to explore, challenge or correct them.


The Democrats: Death by De-Branding

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The Democrats are panicked, with many congresspersons fleeing from identification with their party. The disarray is the inevitable blowback of Obama's ceaseless campaign to divorce Democrats from their longtime branding as the party of working people. The spiral began with Obama's championing of bank bailouts, beginning with the autumn 2008 meltdown. The public saw that, "when the crunch came, the bankers were relatively more influential among Democrats than Republicans."

No One To Speak For Black Rights On The Internet

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Black luminaries like Tom Joyner, allied with huge media corporations, preach that Big Business interests and those of Black folks coincide - that there is no need for Internet neutrality. Glenn Beck, Tom Joyner and the NAACP's Ben Jealous talk the same garbage, for corporate rewards. If the Internet is the future, then the future is bleak for African Americans, whose digital "lines of defense are virtually nonexistent."


The Existential Crisis of U.S. Capitalism

The Existential Crisis of U.S. Capitalism

Corporate media, which never warned that capitalism was in crisis before the financial meltdown, now insists that the system is simply in a down period, and will at some point return to stability. But the crisis became inevitable precisely because “the most predatory, parasitic and criminal elements of Wall Street and bank capital became dominant over the economy and the government.” With these same elements still firmly in charge, how can the future be anything but chaotic?

On Progressive “Red-Baiting”

by Tamara K. Nopper

Red-baiting is by no means the sole preserve of the Right. Leftists of various stripes sometimes resort to red-baiting to distinguish themselves from those whose politics are even less compatible with prevailing opinion. Red-baiting is also a weapon to “shut down inquiry or interrogation of their political positions by using labels that are unpopular among a general public trained to...demonize and criminalize stances that are too oppositional.”

What's More Important For Black Leadership? Turning Off Fox News? Or Stopping the President's Cat Food Commission?

While black political leaders and activists focus on turning off Fox News, and clownish disputes with Tea Partyers and the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, are they missing something more important? Can any good come from a Democratic president reaching across the aisle to team up with Republicans for a bipartisan “fiscal reform” that targets “entitlements,” meaning Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security? Is the silence of black leadership on the president's Cat Food Commission still more evidence of their irrelevance?

Rwanda Crisis Could Expose U.S. Role in Congo Genocide

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Left writers have been reporting for years that U.S. allies Rwanda and Uganda bear primary responsibility for the deaths of as many as six million Congolese. Now a leaked United Nations report has confirmed that Rwanda’s crimes in Congo may rise to the level of genocide, since President Paul Kagame’s forces killed Hutu elderly, children and women without regard to nationality. Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s “mentors and funders in the U.S. government…must be held equally accountable.”

Freedom Rider: Prison Rape, America’s Torture

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Americans look with horror at places like Congo where rape is a tool of warfare, yet are apt to make light of appalling levels of sexual abuse in U.S. prisons and jails. “In 2008 and 2009, 88,500 adults held in jails and prisons reported being sexually assaulted” – and this does not count endemic rape in juvenile detention centers. Yet Attorney General Eric Holder is dragging his feet on complying with the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

U.S. Prison Gulag vs. Global Human Rights

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

In a whitewash of monumental proportions, the Obama administration refused to acknowledge vast racial disparities at every stage of the U.S. criminal justice system. "In sheer numbers, the American prison gulag dwarfs that of every other nation, and its racial composition is irrefutable proof that the American state functions as the principal enforcer of the color bar in U.S. society."


Reclaiming the Dream and Brand Obama

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR columnist Jared Ball

A stroll through Al Sharpton's recent MLK-themed demonstration, in Washington,DC, was anything but a walk down memory lane. Gone were theprincipled voices of yesterday. "None were there to challengeObama, whose presidency has so far been an absolute reversal of anyof King's most pronounced political concerns; an end to poverty, warand capitalism as an unchecked economic system."


New Orleans Black Activists Denounce Obama and Shame Misleadership Class

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

When it comes to making President Obama accountable for his own wars, his own corporate pandering, his own trillion-dollar bank bailouts, the Black misleadership class becomes mute. But poor people's activists in New Orleans had no problem denouncing the president's housing policies, which ensure that "fat cats like Warren Buffett and huge private banking institutions will inherit the nation's public housing properties."


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U.S. Rwandan Ally is “Greatest Mass Killer on the Face of the Earth, Today”

Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda and one of Washington’s top allies in Africa, “is the greatest mass killer on the face of the earth, today, says Edwin S. Herman, co-author of The Politics of Genocide. Millions have died in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo since Rwanda Uganda, and close another U.S. ally, invaded the country in the mid-Nineties. According to Herman, a UN report showed the area of Congo occupied by Rwandan forces experienced three and a half million excess deaths – a genocide by any measurement. Yet Kagame “is a western hero.”


Mtangulizi Sanyika, of New Orleans’ African American Leadership Project, assesses the state of the city five years after the deluge, and a newly developed Economic Security Index shows Americans face growing employment instability, says Yale University’s Jacob Hacker.

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First Black Labor Union Marks Milestone And The Redbaiting Of Leftists

by Jean Damu

Lots of the “heroes” of Black history made their own deals with the devil. A. Philip Randolph, famed Black union organizer and credited with proposing the 1963 March on Washington, collaborated in vicious red-baiting of Black radicals. Philips and his aide, Bayard Rustin, fought the good fight for civil rights and jobs, but “beyond the borders and shores of America Phillips and Randolph were virulent defenders of colonialism and capitalism.”


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