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Black Agenda Radio December 1, 2023

The history of interventions in Haiti, a discussion on growing opposition to U.S. support of Israel, and the Spirit of Mandela Coalition screens a Mumia Abu Jamal documentary and welcomes the captives home.


Kenya's Blackface Imperialism and the History of Intervention and Occupation in Haiti

Dr. Jemima Pierre participated in a Haitian Studies Association webinar to discuss the history of interventions in Haiti and the impending occupation using an African nation as window dressing for imperialist intentions.


A Discussion on Palestine and Israel on the Revolutionary Blackout Network

Margaret Kimberley appeared on the Revolutionary Black Network with co-hosts Nick and CJ to talk about growing opposition to U.S. support of Israel in this excerpt of their discussion.


Spirit Of Mandela Coalition Screens Mumia Documentary and Welcomes the Captives Home

Two members of the Spirit of Mandela Coalition discuss the work of the Peoples' Senate and their December 16 Mumia Abu Jamal documentary screening and welcome home event.

US Politics

Black Media Misleaders Do the Democrats' Dirty Work

Over a year in advance, the Black Misleadership Class has kicked their efforts to corral Black people into the Democratic party, despite the Dems’ apathy toward Black politics or the concerns of Americans as a whole.


MESSAGE: The Palestine National Liberation Movement AL-FATEH to Africa

Al-Fateh’s communique at the 1969 Festival of Pan-African Culture offered a brilliant analysis of the overlapping histories of European colonialism and white supremacy in Africa and Palestine.

US Politics

$campaign-$election Absurdum Redux?

Absurdum Redux?  

How’s he running for
anything other than
Exercise on Lompoc’s
or Leavenworth’s yard?

Could Boss Tweet apply...

Media and Culture

BAR Book Forum: Alexander Ghedi Weheliye’s Book, “Feenin”

This week’s featured author is Alexander Ghedi Weheliye, Malcolm S. Forbes Professor of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University. His book is Feenin: R&B Music and the Materiality of BlackFem Voices and Technology.


Guyana and Venezuela: The Crisis of Imperialism Currently Unfolding on South America's Caribbean Coast

Despite the reality of US intervention causing inhumane conditions in the region, Venezuela’s push for the annexation of Guyana’s Essequibo region prioritizes its own political objectives, heightening tensions with the US and leaving the Guyanese people without a say in their own fate.


Uncovering Media Misinformation About The Gaza Genocide

The US empire is continuing its psychological warfare campaign by conducting a mass mobilization of resources and waging a propaganda offensive to protect its interests in the Middle East.

African America

The Hidden Toll of Hurricane Katrina on the Mental Health of Black Survivors

Survivors open up about struggles with lingering post-traumatic stress disorder 18 years after the storm

War and Empire

Resistance Regionalizes as Yemeni Navy Seizes Israeli-Linked Vessel

Israel’s continued escalation of its genocidal campaign in Gaza, the operations by the resistance fighters against the IDF, and the growing involvement of the regional resistance movements make a regional war seem possible.


Deadly Diseases Stalk Millions in War-Torn Sudan

Rawia Kamal, a health activist displaced after the paramilitary attacked her home, recounts the travails of being in war-torn Sudan with looming threat of diseases


How Gentrification is Forcing Ghanaians Out of Accra

Rampant development and soaring property prices are causing families to pack up and leave the city.


Black Agenda Radio November 24, 2023

An upcoming conference centered on economic oppression of Black people in the southern United States, the connection between anti-communism and repression of the Black liberation movement, and New York City’s mayor promotes austerity and the carceral state. 


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