My Wise Country Cousin on Unca Jim

by Raymond Nat Turner

Black South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn is angry about the NSA mass spying revelations – but not at the government. Clyburn thinks it’s all a conspiracy to “embarrass” the First Black President.Baysicklee, he jus’ anotha white house hoe…”

My Wise Country Cousin on Unca Jim

by Raymond Nat Turner

Now, jus’ ‘bout ebry time I hear dat ol’ clown,

Mah bullshit-detectur battreez run down…

Glad you axe me’bout Unca Jim, ‘fo mah grits

‘Cause de man make mah stommick go in fits!


Ohhh, Unca Jim Clyburn, he gimme heartburn

Lawd, dat Negro, he make mah stommick turn

He jus lak ol’ Steben in de movie, Jango—

Baysicklee, he jus’ anotha white house hoe…


Mah gut tell me Negroz lak him canint be trusted

Cuz dey morull compuzez is gilded an’ busted,

Sumpin’ lak Long Dong, an’ de Uppity Blakz,

Dey ‘bout getting’ paid ande sub-contrakz

Look lak dat de partee-line dat dey all toe—

Unca Jim, Al, Cory, Fas Mouf—Malbow!

Neber mine, de peeples babies is dyin’…

Dese Negroz co-signin’ spyin’ an’ lyin’—

Bet Dem Negroz eben grew a lynchin’ tree,

Wit broun Big Brotha & de Holder Cumpunee?


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