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An Evening to Remember with Black Agenda Report

Friends of Black Agenda Report gathered at New York City’s historic Riverside Church to celebrate the publication’s 7th anniversary on Friday, October 18. The fundraiser, held in cooperation with the Riverside Church Social Justice Ministry, was organized under the theme, “The Black Misleadership Class Versus the Movement and its Legacy.” Black Agenda Radio co-host and veteran Harlem organizer Nellie Bailey emceed the affair.

Panel members included BAR executive editor Glen Ford, managing editor Bruce Dixon, editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley; Marsha Coleman Adebayo, founder of the No FEAR Coalition and BAR editor and columnist; Ajamu Baraka, founder of the U.S. Human Rights Network and BAR editor and columnist; Anthony Montiero, professor of African American Studies, Temple University; Kevin Alexander Gray, veteran political activist and author; and Boyce Watkins, professor of economics at Syracuse University and founder of Your Black World.

BAR poet-in-residence Raymond Nat Turner presented his work, “Help, Help, Mama Harriet, Help!” and Friends of Congo director Maurice Carney detailed U.S. complicity in the genocide that has killed six million Congolese over the past 17 years.

Dr. Cornel West, of the Union Theological Seminary, the featured guest at last year’s BAR anniversary, was unable to attend due to a family emergency.

Pianist Donald Smith and vocalist Tuliva-Donna Cumberbatch delighted the crowd.

Audio was provided by Stan Heller and Economic Uprising


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