Black Agenda Radio on PRN -- Week of Feb 11, 2013

Obaama's promised homeowners relief hasn't arrived
UNAC: US and France out of Africa!
Bush Policies Still in Effect Under Democrats
The NAACP’s Flawed Image
New Orleans Children Are Guinea Pigs in School Privatization Experiment

Where is the Homeowners Relief You Promised, Obama?
It’s been a year since 49 states and the nation’s biggest banks concluded a $25 billion settlement of the robo-signing scandal, but not enough of the money has actually helped troubled homeowners, according to the Campaign for a Fair Settlement. “Subprime and predatory lending, the ballooning interest rates, unlawful foreclosures and plummeting home values have devastated Black wealth in this country,” said Rashad Robinson, of Color of Change, an 850,000-member Internet-based group. Peggy Mears, of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, told a press conference: “My demand to the President of the United States is that he hone his promise to us, to help homeowners.”

UNAC: “U.S. and France Out of Africa!”
“U.S. military operations in Africa have no moral or legal justification,” said Chris Gavreau, of the United National Anti-War Coalition, UNAC. “Suddenly, under the false pretense of the war on terror, we’ve got troops in 35 countries” under the auspices of the U.S. Africa Command, AFRICOM. “The U.S. is giving intelligence and logistical support to the French attack on Mali. The goal is to have political hegemony in an area rich in minerals and oil.”

France Should Ask for Forgiveness
“Militarizing Africa is not the way forward,” said Bahati Jacques, policy analyst for the Africa Faith and Justice Network. The Washington-based organization is celebrating its 30th anniversary and gearing up for a conference at Notre Dame University, in Indiana, March 1 through 3. “France should go to those they colonized in Africa and humble itself and ask for forgiveness for the humanitarian, political and economic crimes they have committed,” said Bahati.

Bush Policies Still in Effect Under Democrats
“Virtually every single appointment” President Obama “has made dealing with national security and foreign policy…were all strong supporters of the Bush policy and defenders of the neoconservative doctrine of unilateralism and running roughshod over international legal norms,” said Prof. Stephen Zunes, chairman of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of San Francisco. John Kerry’s rise to secretary of state is “part of that broad pattern.”

The NAACP’s Flawed Image
Rev. Edward Pinkney, the former NAACP leader in predominantly Black Benton Harbor, Michigan, led about 100 pickets at the civil rights group’s Image Awards gala, in Los Angeles. “The NAACP is out of touch with the community and a sellout to the corporations,” said Pinkney.
New Orleans Used as Guinea Pig for School Privatization
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, every employee of the New Orleans public schools, from principals to janitors and bus drivers, was fired. “This was a national effort to make New Orleans the charter town and to change urban education for the 21st century – to privatize it,” said Dr. Raynard Sanders, a former principal in the system. Sanders was interviewed on the Internet radio program “New Orleans Wake Up.”

Single Brooklyn Parent Beats NYC at Supreme Court
Sonny Southerland won a U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing him to sue a New York City social worker who took away his children and put them in foster care back in 1997. Southerland plans to keep up the legal offensive. “I have a responsibility to other children who are still suffering, that they are forcing drugs on, that they are using as sex toys in these so-called foster homes,” he said. “There needs to be some real oversight, here.”