AQ-AC and Associated Forces Strike Again!

by Raymond Nat Turner

This is a tale of “Cowardly, cold-blooded killers, the

Worst of the worst, striking again, Killing Americans…”


AQ-AC and Associated Forces Strike Again!

by Raymond Nat Turner


Thunderous blast,

2.1 on the Richter,

Heard fifty miles away

Ripping roofs off, peeling

Walls away, sending shards of glass air-

Borne like shrapnel; its fiery mushroom

Cloud, deadlier than any Condi crowed

Of, leaving scores wounded, stumbling

Through Texas hell, charred, twisted

Rubble, and 35 dead the sin of wages


Cowardly, cold-blooded killers,

*AQ-AC and Associated Forces, the

Worst of the worst, striking again,

Killing Americans…


*AQ-AC, vampire sleeper cell

Drawing American blood, this

Time, not Bangladeshi blood or

Indian blood in Bhopal— killing

Over 20,000…


*AQ-AC, home grown terrorists

Dug in Wall Street caves and cubes,

Behind corporate veil morphing into

Skull and bone emblazoned black flag

With sea of logos and names for war:

Chevron and PG&E in California,

BP and Phillips in Texas and the Gulf,

Shell, Consolidated Coal, Monsanto

Elsewhere, *AQ- AC and Associated

Forces keep killing behind, locked

Doors, welded windows, sham safety

Inspections, wrist-slap fines in mines,

Refineries, factories and sweatshops:


*AQ-AC killed 11 in The Gulf,

*AQ-AC killed 15 in Texas City,

Killed 8 in a fiery San Bruno blast

Killed 50,000 on death panels, poison

Pens and computers that “Just say NO

Killed 45,000 with weaponized “nicotine

Delivery Systems,” AKA cigarettes!


*AQ-AC and Associated Forces keep

Killing with ALEC-written regulations,

Lying lawyers, parroting reporters, bought and

Bossed bagmen, posing as elected officials—

Swimming OSHA, cesspool of deep pockets


Drain the swamp,” “smoke ‘em out,” before AQ-AC and

Associated Forces, home grown terrorists, can kill again …


*AQ-AC stands for Al Qaeda-Amerikkkan Capitalism


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Raymond Nat Turner © 2013 All Rights Reserved