Always “Nigger Season”

by Rev. Reynard N. Blake, Jr.

It’s 44 days for a killer to be arrested

It’s a damn “knock, knock” joke

Glib to black death

It’s white expectations of black violence

It’s Fox News jumping with glee


Always “Nigger Season”

by Rev. Reynard N. Blake, Jr.


What is “Nigger Season?”

It’s George Zimmerman walking free

It’s all-white juries

When Skittles and iced tea become weapons

It’s a “justice system”

That’s soooo proficient

Putting black people in jail

And, can’t get justice for one

It’s 44 days for a killer to be arrested

It’s a damn “knock, knock” joke

Glib to black death

It’s white expectations of black violence

It’s Fox News jumping with glee

It’s their analysis being justified

It’s “Stop and Frisk” being justified

It’s colleges and universities fiending for black athletes

But dismantling affirmative action

Killing voting rights


Here’s what kills rednecks

Specifically, Republicans and Conservatives

This is what they think:

“A nigger president”


That president

Wanting a “bromance”

Having a schoolboy crush on Republicans

Acting like one

Wanting to do their bidding

He kills for them

With them

Drones and all

Brown-skinned folks run

Soon to be turned on to Americans

Spy on them, too


AND they STILL think he’s a nigger

(Like their boy, Clarence Thomas)

Conservatives and the GOP

Making his girls political fodder

Sanctioning one of their fellow “Crackers”

Talking about Michelle’s butt

It’s that same Cracker having fantasies

Of days of yore

Dreaming of being a slave owner

Or, a ship’s captain

Seeking the “good ol’ days”

Having his way with nigger bitches

Enhancing his proficiency with the lash

Bible on his right hip

(Analyzing it wickedly)

Gun on his left hip

Mastering the use of shackles

Aroused at thoughts

Wiping Native Americans and Africans

Whipping Native Americans and Africans

Christianizing Native Americans and Africans

(By dehumanizing them)

Off the face of the earth

Sensenbrenner feeling good about those fantasies

GOP couldn’t even feign to disavow him

But then, why should they?

If the hood fits WEAR IT!




Some 2520s

Thinking, but not saying “nigger”

Prejudging black people

Associating them with the worst

Expecting them to be:

“The Chuckle People”

Joking and singing on TV and movies

And in the office

Or, acting like orifices

Or, expecting them to go to the “Big House”

And, I’m not writing about the U of M football field

Although for some that’s pleasing

“Run that ball, nigger!”

(“Look at that nigger run!”)

“Jump over that hurdle, nigger!”

“Slam that ball, nigger!”

“All the day long, nigger!”

“All the live-long day, nigger!”


Then, when those “niggers” are off the field

Or, the dance floor

Some 2520s think:

“Serve me quick, nigger!”

“I’ll pay you less nigger!”

“I’m Paula Deen, nigger!”

“This is Dixie, nigger!”

“Rather, this is America, nigger!”

“You’re just monkeys, nigger!”

(“What’s a ‘honky,’ nigger?”)

(“Why do you niggers say, ‘My nigger?’”)

“You just steal, nigger!”

“You’re hard to believe, nigger!”

“Even when you academically achieve, nigger!”

“You’re still OJ, nigger!”

“Not always OK, nigger!”

“I’m going to follow you in this store, nigger!”

“Even if you can pay for something, nigger!”

“You’ve got to have bad credit, nigger!”

“Killing Trayvon’s OK, nigger!”

(“Zimmerman’s my hero, nigger!”)

“Keep wearin’ a hoodie, nigger!”

“I’ll drop a cap in you, nigger!”

“I won’t even go to jail, nigger!”

(“Cause I can get better lawyers, nigger!”)

(“That’s why I don’t go to jail on drug charges, nigger!”)

“Be gone, nigger!”

“Get out my way, nigger!”

“Know your place, nigger!”

“They’re called ghettos, nigger!”

“Or, called barrios, nigger!”

“Or, reservations, nigger!”

“All of you look the same, anyway!”

“I’m always right, nigger!”

“Because I’m white, nigger!”


So, brothers and sisters of all hues

Of all races

Considering the events of the day

Any day

In America

Or, globally

How should I feel?

What should I believe?

Based on the evidence

Based on my experience

Based on what I see:

Without rhyme or reason



Reverend Reynard N. Blake, Jr., M. S. is an ordained Baptist minister living in East Lansing, Michigan with his wife Karen Kelly-Blake, Ph.D., a medical researcher and instructor at Michigan State University (MSU). He earned his Master of Science degrees in Community Development and Urban Studies from MSU and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the College of Charleston (SC). He has co-authored several articles on faith-based community development and is also a poet and hip-hop cultural analyst whose work have appeared on Black Commentator, Michigan Family Review,, the Online Journal of Urban Youth Culture and Black Agenda Report. He is putting on the final touches on a book of political parody and poetry; no publisher yet.  He can be reached at [email protected].