John Parker
18 May 2022
John Parker is the Socialist Unity Party candidate for U.S. Senate in California on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket. Parker is on a fact-finding…
Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor
18 May 2022
This week’s featured author is Nick Nesbitt. Nesbitt is Professor of French and Italian at Princeton University. His book is The Price of Slavery:…
Black Alliance For Peace
18 May 2022
The failure of the U.S. to respect the sovereignty of nations in the region and its decision to exclude states from the Summit disqualifies it from…
Safiya Charles
18 May 2022
Farming is a stressful occupation. Black farmers face the additional burdens of racism, debt, and displacement.
Bahman Azad
18 May 2022
Corporate media and the US state depict Cuba as an isolated and friendless country. In fact, it is the site of many international gatheringsm where…
Kim Ives
18 May 2022
The judge presiding over the trial of an accused killer of Haitian president Jovenel Moise granted the DOJ request to classify certain evidence. The…
Ali Abunimah
18 May 2022
The city of Berlin, Germany banned pro-Palestinian protests on May 15, Nakba Day. But solidarity with Palestine could not be stopped.
Brian Mier
17 May 2022
The first impeachment process against a city councilor in the 329-year history of Curitiba – the Brazilian city that most cherishes its “European…
Peter Hogart
17 May 2022
Military coups are a CIA tool used to control the Global South and ensure U.S. hegemony in many parts of the world.
Danny Haiphong and Margaret Kimberley
05 May 2022
Erica Caines, Editor of Hood Communist and Coordinating Committee Member for the Black Alliance for Peace, joins the stream to discuss the New…
Eugene Puryear
03 May 2022
Should we really blame NATO for the Ukraine war? The answer to that question is, "Yes!" Blame for the conflict in Ukraine can be laid at the doorstep…
New Frame
03 May 2022
Previously in South Africa, millions of people were mobilised in the hope of a better future on May Day. Now, amid mass unemployment and the collapse…