Kweli Nzito
21 Mar 2018
“White settlers were convinced that the lands they appropriated in the ‘dark continent’ and other lands were theirs by right.”
Jaime A Alves
21 Mar 2018
“Brazil`s terrocratic regime continues producing black dead bodies in astonishing scales without disturbing the normalcy of everyday po
Raymond Nat Turner , BAR poet-in-residence
14 Mar 2018
There are lands of bluebirds and fountains— where everyone in their minds is forever free… Turning away, shuttering high-beams:
Tatyana Hopkins
21 Mar 2018
“The Young Lords saw the Black Panthers trying to get justice for Black people, and they knew they needed to do the same thing.”
Sven Beckert
21 Mar 2018
“We must develop a new appreciation for the centrality of slavery, in the United States and elsewhere, in the
Ellen Brown
21 Mar 2018
“Postal banking can be profitable through economies of scale and the elimination of profit-taking middlemen, as postal banks globally h