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Freedom Rider: UNAC Brings Power to the People

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The United National Anti-War Coalition, which held a national conference last weekend in Richmond, Virginia, “does not change its organizing principles based on who controls Congress or who sits in the White House Oval Office.” All oppressions are intertwined. “The fight for a living minimum wage and the fight against interventions abroad must therefore be addressed together because they are in fact part of a whole.”

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, and the UK’s Socialist Surge

by Ann Garrison

The resurgence of a more genuinely “left” Labor Party under Jeremy Corbyn has lefty Americans wondering if the magic can be exported. It’s not likely, as long as the Democrats can sucker almost everyone to the left of Citibank. The UK may have a leftist prime minister before the U.S. gets a real left party. New elections could be called late this year, “which raises the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister sooner rather than later.”

Black Agenda Radio for Week of June 19, 2017

Time for a Constitutional Right To Vote

“We need visionary demands,” said Bruce Dixon, speaking at the Black Agenda Report panel at the annual Left Forum conference in New York City. A constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to vote would “invalidate” all the restrictions that disenfranchise so many in the United States. “If it’s not in the Constitution, any sheriff, any mayor, any governor or state legislature, any county official, can make a rule that interferes with your right to vote,” said Dixon. Democrats had “the moral high ground” to pass such an amendment in the 70s and 80s, but instead decided to rely on the U.S. Supreme Court to safeguard voting rights.

Democrats Spread Confusion in Black America

“We need revolutionary change in this country,” said Ajamu Baraka, the veteran human rights activist who ran for vice president on the Green Party ticket and is currently organizing the Black Alliance for Peace. The Democratic Party has been “the main impediment for us developing the kind of radical, oppositional politics and consciousness that we have to build,” said Baraka, an editor and columnist for Black Agenda Report. “Most of our community understand where the Republicans are coming from, but it has been the Democratic Party that has been the source of ideological confusion” in Black America.

The Rulers are in Crisis

The rulers of the U.S. face a “crisis of legitimacy,” said Dr. Anthony Monteiro, the Philadelphia-based Duboisian scholar and frequent contributor to Black Agenda Report. “All of the institutions of governing and ruling the people are being rejected by the people,” said Monteiro. This crisis exists in “all the major centers of global capitalism,” and demands that the left make “strategic decisions about how we move forward.”

Don’t Get Paranoid About Infiltrators

At a Left Forum panel on “Infiltration and Cooptation of the Left,” veteran activist Kevin Zeese, of Popular Resistance, said a “security culture” to identity agents of the state is “useful” to movement organizations. But, “we don’t want to create paranoia.” Zeese advocates a “nothing to hide” approach, based on the fact that “what we are doing is right, we’re on the right side of the issue.” If an organization does become hopeless infiltrated, however, “it’s OK to just leave and start” another one.

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Why Bernie Sanders is an Imperialist Pig

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Leftish Democrats insist they can reform the corporate-run, Russia-obsessed Democratic Party from the inside, but most pay little attention to war. However, “War is not a side issue in the United States; it is the central political issue, on which all the others turn.” Some think Bernie Sanders should run with the Peoples Party. But, “Sanders is a warmonger, not merely by association, but by virtue of his own positions.”

Jeremy Corbyn Wants to Lay the White Man’s Burden Down

by Ann Garrison

There was a time when the sun never set on Britain’s aggressions and thefts around the world. But Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbin rejects that role for his nation. Is that quaint or corny? “Not to the Yemeni families dying of cholera, U.S.-made cruise missiles, British-made cluster bombs, or other Western weapons of mass destruction. Or to Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans, Palestinians, Somalis, North Koreans, Rwandans, Burundians, or Congolese.”

Black Agenda Radio for Week of June 12, 2017

Democrats Don’t Even Pretend to Want Change

“Dumping the Democrats for good is the only way to resist Trump,” said Black Agenda Report editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley, addressing BAR’s panel at the Left Forum, in New York City. “What have they done since Election Day?” Kimberley asked. “They have refused to give even the appearance that they are willing to push for even meager reforms. We have to talk about replacing them and having a true workers party, a true peace party.”

Political Elite Use Russia-Baiting to “Medicate” U.S. “Crisis of Governance”

The U.S. is engulfed in a “crisis of governance” that has been “intentionally misunderstood” by the corporate media and the political elite, said Danny Haiphong, a contributing political analyst at BAR. Anti-Russian hysteria has been whipped up “to medicate political consciousness.” “They don’t want to discuss how Russia has absolutely nothing to do with the millions of incarcerated people in the U.S., or the fact that it is the U.S. monopoly capitalist economy, not the emerging capitalist economy of Russia, which has automated many of the jobs and siphoned much of the wealth that once belonged to a privileged sector of U.S. workers,” said Haiphong. “This system has run its course. War is all the system has left.”

The Ugly Americans

According to Dahoud Andre, the radio host and Haitian community activist who spoke at the BAR panel, Haitians wonder, “What’s the difference between Trump and the Democrats?” “From the perspective of our country, from the time we became independent we have been equally attacked by Democrats and Republicans. And, sometimes it is very difficult for us to understand the notion of ‘progressive Americans,’” said Andre. Solidarity is sorely needed. “It’s one struggle, whether its in Haiti, in Africa, in the Middle East, Asia, and also over here.”

A Real Left Would Demand Peace

“If you are resisting Russian collusion with Trump, then what you are resisting is a fantasy,” BAR executive editor Glen Ford told the opening plenary of the Left Forum. “And, if you are simply resisting Trump, the idiot in the White House, then you are simply a tool of a Democratic Party strategy.” Ford said the nation needs a rejuvenated anti-war movement, “or else we are defenseless against this kind of strategy on the part of the Democrats, who pretend that they are an alternative to the fascist-sounding and definitely virulently white nationalist forces in the Republican Party, but are themselves intent upon a war policy that can mean the extinction of the human race.”

Next week on Black Agenda Radio: Left Forum presentations by BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon, BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka, the 2016 Green Party vice-presidential candidate, and Duboisian scholar Dr. Anthony Monteiro.

Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network is hosted by Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey. A new edition of the program airs every Monday at 11:00am ET on PRN. Length: one hour.

Dumb Donald Thinks He’s Pulled the Plug on ISIS and Al-Qaida (and the CIA?)

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Donald Trump appears to think he’s convinced the Saudis “to reject jihadist terror and to punish Qatar for its support of ISIS and al-Qaida.” Trump is not very bright. The Gulf kings and emirs back jihadist terror for self-preservation, and the U.S. supports al-Qaida because it has no other options in the region. “If the jihadists are defeated in Syria, they will vent their most intense fury on their former sugar daddies in the Gulf.”

Ditch Both War Parties: Anti-War Coalition Maps Independent Course to Peace

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The Democrats claim their warmongering is justified by a manufactured Russian threat, while Donald Trump wants to turn the U.S. war machine on China and Iran. For those that want peace, the destination is Richmond, Virginia, where the United National Anti-War Coalition will hold a national conference independent of the two parties of war. This year’s conference will boast "the largest Black presence in UNAC’s history.”

Manufactured Hysteria Over Russia Requires 24/7 Upkeep

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The ruling class and its media are most vengeful against Donald Trump, not based on issues of justice and equality, but because he showed that middle America was “nowhere near as gung-ho for endless war” as had been assumed. This triggered an existential crisis for the U.S. imperialism. If Trump’s people were not the war constituency, then who was? The hate-Russia machine roared into frenzied action.

Hillary Clinton’s Syria Revenge

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, she would likely have turned the Syrian war into a global conflict within weeks of taking the oath. However, Clinton may yet prevail. “With Donald Trump now dutifully in synch with the War Party, the U.S. has countered the Syrian-Russian-Iranian-Turkish ‘de-escalation’ in Syria with a major escalation: ‘no-go zones.’