Endless Profiling

by Glen Ford 
When Americans forsake civil liberties in the name of the fictitious"Global War On Terror", it's not hard to guess whose liberties are thrown under the bus first.
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The Sit-In Movement Was Not Spontaneous

anti-jim_crow01 by Rhone Fraser

To hear some tell it, the Freedom Movement, complete with sit-ins and the rest, was a spontaneous affair.  Not so, says scholar Rhone Fraser.  To overlook the skillful planning and visionary foresight that went into the Movement is not only an insult against our forbears who pulled this off, but renders us unable to learn from their example.  

How Many Votes Were Stolen or Suppressed in 2006? We May Never Know. Unless We Investigate

How Many Votes Were Stolen or Suppressed in 2006?

We May Never Know. Unless We Investigate

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon

"...roughly 3 million Democratic votes in November 2006 appear to have been cast but not counted, or shifted to the Republican column"

You'd barely know it from inside the opaque bubble that is corporate mainstream news, but millions of Americans, going into this November's election, feared that their votes, if they were allowed to cast them at all, might not be counted. The few media mentions of this widespread fear that Republican operatives might somehow hijack the midterm elections vanished utterly in the wake of substantial Democratic victories nationwide.

But a closer look at this November's elections indicates that if they weren't stolen it wasn't because nobody tried.

On election night 2006, attorney Jonathan Simon of Election Defense Alliance monitored the unadjusted National Election Pool data as it came online at CNN. Exit poll data has long been the standard worldwide for ascertaining the integrity of vote counts. But just as in 2004, this November's unadjusted exit poll data showed results very different from both the announced election returns and the "adjusted" poll data released the following day. The unadjusted polling indicates that Democrats nationwide may have won the election not by 7%, but by a whopping 11%. Thus roughly 3 million Democratic votes in November 2006 appear to have been cast but not counted, or shifted to the Republican column.

Gangster Capitalism and the Third Maroon War


  From the Frying Pan Into the Red Mud 

  Maroons, for those unacquainted with the history of the New World, were escaped slaves who took refuge in the roadless countrysides and mountains of the Carribean, Brazil and elsewhere in the Americas, and offered armed resistance to those sent to re-enslave them. 

We are all maroons now, writes the dean of Jamaican journalists, John Maxwell


Electing America's First Black President by Proxy Vote

First Bill Clinton was dubbed "our first black president.  We are told the next contender is Barack Obama.  But when will black people get a say in this?

Electing America's First Black President by Proxy Vote

"Will Black America have a say in electing the first Black President?"

by Marjorie Fields Harris 

Nearly two decades later, the media and in its most subtle fashion, the Democratic Party, are once again discussing the possibilities, nay, the promise, of an African-American man's candidacy for the office of President of the United States. As the nation moves forward in this public discourse, however, a more pertinent question for African-Americans is raised. Will the country elect its first Black President by proxy, on behalf of the Black community? Or, to the point: will Black America have a say in electing the first Black President?

Freedomways Magazine and the Roots of the Fight for Rights

Veteran activist, intellect and writer Jean Carey Bond was a presenter at a recent symposium on James and Esther Jackson, The American Left, and the Origins of the Modern Civil Rights Movement at New York University. Dr. Bond's remarks explored the history of Freedomways and Esther Jackson's role in establishing the groundbreaking magazine.


The Black-Latino Future

by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford

When as many as two million immigrants and their supporters, most of them Latino, turned out for demonstrations against draconian undocumented worker legislation in cities across the nation this spring, everywhere the question was raised: Is this the new civil rights movement? By all appearances, some kind of great awakening had indeed occurred which, if sustained, would transform the participants and, eventually, the society at-large.

The People of Chicago VS Wal-Mart

by Paul Street

Big box retailing giant Wal-Mart has saturated the market in rural and suburban America.  The only ground left for expansion is inner cities like New York and Chicago.  Paul Street recounts the promises and machinations of Wal-Mart and the part local leaders, politicians and community activists have played up till the article's publication in October of 2006.

CBC Fall 2006 Report Card: The Good, Bad & Ugly of the Congressional Black Caucus

by Leutisha Stills

 "This year’s capitulation to corporate power was an even greater retreat from the CBC’s legacy than the debacle of April, 2005."
CBC Fall 2006 Report Card:
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
of the Congressional Black
by Leutisha Stills

Click here view or download the current CBC Monitor report card in .PDF format.

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), which held its annual political-social gala in Washington, September 6 - 9 under the heading "Changing Course, Confronting Crises, Continuing the Legacy, - nevertheless continues as a body to squander its 35-year legacy of progressive legislative action.

Israeli Apartheid

by Bruce A. Dixon

Originally published in Black Commentator on June 20, 2006 

"The ugly and racist realities of Israeli society and life under Israeli occupation are rarely discussed." 

Imagine, if you will, a modern apartheid state with first, second and eleventh class citizens, all required to carry identification specifying their ethnic origin.  First class citizens are obliged to serve in the armed forces, kept on ready reserve status until in their forties, and accorded an impressive array of housing, medical, social security, educational and related benefits denied all others.

Black Caucus Caves to Corporate Power

In response to a flood of cable and phone company propaganda and millions in campaign and charitable donations, two thirds of the Congressional Black Caucus vote to redline broadband deployment in their own communities and kill the relatively open and free internet.  Is it time to re-evaluate the Black Caucus?


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