Political Prisoners in America

by Stephen Lendman

Besides race – but inextricably linked to it – the existence of political prisoners is among the biggest taboos in American life. "The United States is very, very concerned when its citizens begin to raise questions in these international forums, because (America) still prefers to posture itself, including the Obama administration, as the leader of the free world and that they don't have any human rights violations, and they certainly don't have any political prisoners.”

Make Jesse Jackson, Ben Jealous and Big Labor Own Up to Their Words


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Established Black and labor leaders are compelled by the spiraling economy to at least pretend to make demands on the First Black President. However, “the Obama administration has no intention of supporting a direct government jobs creation program, the only measure that could begin to counter Wall Street’s decade’s-long jobs destruction policies.” The political crunch is coming.

Freedom Rider: Public Theft and the End of Empire

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

If it feels like this economic roller coaster ride is stuck on down, you’re right. At the same historical moment that the public sector is put on a starvation diet, the demands of the military reach record levels. “The height of brute force brings with it the nadir of support for human needs.”

Social Movement: Obama’Laid and the Internet

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR columnist Jared A. Ball, Ph.D.

The recent Netroots Nation conference shows that Obama'Laid is easily dispensed in digital form, inebriating millions. What does it matter if 25 percent of Twitter users are Black, when “by 2012 75 percent of the country will have only one Internet service provider offering high-speed broadband Internet?” Clearly, the revolution will not be Twitterized. A real mass movement is needed.

Black Mass Incarceration, Unemployment, Unjust Wars, Corporate School Reform, Rampant Privatizations Are All “Off The Table” at CBC's Annual Legislative Conference

For a generation, the CBC's Annual Legislative Conference, popularly known as “CBC Week” has billed itself the penultimate gathering of Black America's political elite, its best and brightest and most forward thinking minds brought together for our collective advancement. If that's anywhere close to the truth, then why are there no workshop sessions on black mass incarceration or the unjust wars in Africa and the Middle East which are massively unpopular in black communities? Why no sessions on how to stop privatizations, or defend public libraries, public schools, public transit or the public sector?

Paul Kagame: America's Genocidaire in Central Africa

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Precisely like his predecessor, President Obama empowers a pro-western Murder Inc. in Black Africa, a roster that includes the most vicious mass murderers and assassins on the continent. One of them, Rwanda's Paul Kagame, who is culpable in the death of millions in Congo, recently held an election in which he got 93 percent of the vote. But you won't hear any complaints from the White House.

Wyclef Jean Godsend for U.S., France; NYPD Top Cop is “Rogue”; Cynthia McKinney Bikes for Peace; Blacks Get Little News Coverage

Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network

Wyclef Jean Godsend for U.S., France; NYPD Top Cop is “Rogue”; Cynthia McKinney Bikes for Peace; Blacks Get Little News Coverage

by Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford

Wyclef Jean’s “Divisive” Role in Haiti

Should we take entertainer Wyclef Jean’s candidacy for the Haitian presidency serious? “In normal times, in a country that was functioning normally,” said community activist and radio host Roger Le Duc, “it would be a joke.” But with the state that Haiti is in today, Jean’s role could be to “divide the popular masses” to the advantage of American, French and Canadian overseers.

Blacks Not Newsworthy

Roosevelt Offered the New Deal, Obama Launches the Old Deal

Laughing Obama

by michael hureaux perez

Since Barack Obama has clearly reneged on any new dispensation for Black and working people in America, we may soon see him pitching an Old Deal as the Best Deal. Need affordable housing? “Please know that if a barn was good enough for Secretariat, it’s good enough for you. You’re an American.”

President Obama Meets African Youth Leaders

Haitians cremate Monsanto effigy

by C. Uzondu

President Obama appears to be avoiding any real discussion of the biggest challenges facing Africa. At a White House forum for young African leaders, there was nothing on the agenda about AFRICOM, climate change, or international economic justice. With the U.S. rapidly militarizing much of the region, “Africans inhabiting the richest continent will necessarily become terrorists whenever they resist US corporate-state plunder.”

Race and Redemption: The Shirley Sherrod Debacle

Haitians cremate Monsanto effigy

by Dr. Ron Daniels

Often ignored in discussion of the Shirley Sherrod affair, was the question of whether Sherrod was actually obligated to give assistance to a white farmer in danger of eviction. After all, Sherrod’s not-for-profit job was specifically to help Black farmers. “Had she simply stopped at making a referral (as she initially did) that would have been above and beyond the call of duty under the circumstance – but she chose to do more.”

"Mongrel”: Historically, and from Obama’s Mouth

BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Barack Obama behaves as if he has no historical or cultural knowledge of “the nation over which he presides.” The president’s labeling of African Americans as “mongrels” reveals an astounding and fundamental disrespect for Black Americans as a distinct people. As an epithet, “mongrel” is an even “more powerfully shaped political charge than the ubiquitous ‘nigger!’”

Freedom Rider: White Citizenship

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

After all is said and done, what much of the so-called Tea Party wants is a return to America as a White Man’s Country. There are a few obstacles in their way, including the U.S. Constitution, but that’s not insurmountable. “On a daily basis pundits and politicians rear their ugly heads to say that the children born of undocumented persons should no longer be given American citizenship.”

Shirley Sherrod “Sacrificed”; NAACP “Snookered”; Peace Activists Gather; Rep. Rangel Besieged – Black Agenda Radio on PRN, the Progressive Radio Network.

prn montage Aug 4, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Fallout

The Obama administration and the NAACP wound up shooting themselves in the feet when they falsely accused longtime Black rural activist and Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod of anti-white racism. NAACP President Ben Jealous claims he was “snookered” by the Right. But BAR's Dr. Jared Ball says the incident reveals the fundamental weaknesses of "liberalism."

Anti-War Movement Rising

In Albany, New York, 700 participants in the National Peace Conference, demanded an end to all U.S. military, economic and diplomatic aid to Israel ... The immigrant rights movement is “one of the most dynamic movements in this country, today,” said Teresa Gutierrez, of the International Action Center. Attacks emanating from the White House to Wall Street “amount to a war against immigrant workers.”

BAR’s Glen Ford, speaking as part of the Black is Back Coalition, told the conference that “breaking the Obama spell is the must-do task” for the Black Left. “President Obama’s very presence in the White House is a narcotic, a hallucinogen, that causes the traditional base of the Democratic Party to lose contact with reality.”

Rangel Twisting in Ethical Wind

Rep. Charles Rangel’s problems with the House Ethics Committee “frankly don’t mean much to this district,” says BAR columnist Margaret Kimberley, one of Rangel’s Harlem constituents. Rangel’s 40 years of seniority have not translated to “jobs for people or places for people to live,” and it is “sad for him to be going out this way.”

Beware of Invisible Negroes!

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Jared A. Ball, Ph.D.

Black people are no longer newsworthy. That's the result of a Pew study, which found "stories defined as significantly focused on Black Americans accounted for only 1.9% of all news coverage." And a majority of that coverage was of the Henry Louis Gates run-in with a Cambridge cop. The lesson: "A defeated people need no coverage."

Rep. Maxine Waters and the Upside Down Morality of Congress

Rep. Maxine Waters

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Wall Street reversed its fortunes by seizing total control of the U.S. state and its treasure. No greater conflict of interest can be imagined than that which exists between bought-off Democratic and Republican office holders and corporations that are deemed "too big to fail." Yet "they're trying to burn" Black Congresswoman Maxine Waters "for the crime of giving the little guy an opportunity to plead his own case."

Bishop, Clyburn, Scott, Butterfield, Green & Davis: The CBC's Six Eunuchs of War

Haitians cremate Monsanto effigy

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Three-quarters of the Congressional Black Caucus voted to deny the warmonger in the White House funds for his aggressions. Although Obama got his "blood money," the pro-war faction in the Black Caucus numbers only six members. "So let's call out their names, and drench them in shame and contempt."

War Crime Whistleblower in Obama’s Sights, War Criminals Not


The Obama administration is even more fixated on secrecy than its Republican predecessor, whose crimes go unpunished and in many case, repeated. The continuity of the two war-making regimes is obvious. As it turns out, there are only so many ways to run “the world’s greatest killing machine” – and they are all mass murderous.


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