Margaret Kimberley, BAR Executive Editor and Senior Columnist
17 Apr 2024
Socialist China is a powerful economic and diplomatic rival to the United States. Its success must be studied so that liberation may be possible and…
The Editors, Black Agenda Review
17 Apr 2024
The eyewitness testimonies of Germany’s brutal attempted extermination of the Herero and Namaqua people remind us that genocide is the norm of…
​​​​​​​ Ajamu Baraka, BAR editor and columnist
17 Apr 2024
Ajamu Baraka delivered this speech at the opening of the 2024 United National Antiwar Coalition Conference.
Ann Garrison, BAR Contributing Editor
17 Apr 2024
The U.S. kept the U.N. from sending in troops to stop the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.
17 Apr 2024
The "transitional council" in Haiti is another part of the plan to maintain the dominance of imperialist forces over the island. This process is…
Gus Griffin
17 Apr 2024
O.J. Simpson's acquittal in one of the most infamous murder trials of the 20th century was celebrated as a symbolic win for the Black community…
Essam Elkorghli
17 Apr 2024
The Axis of Resistance is shining a light on the reactionary regimes in the region who remain active and willing agents of imperialism.
Nada Wanni
17 Apr 2024
Ending the war in Sudan will require real Sudanese dialogue to carve out a new political course. The people must be wary of a manufactured process,…
Socialist Movement of Workers of the Dominican Republic
17 Apr 2024
The reactionary government of the Dominican Republic has continued to pursue its racist policies against Haiti, deporting Haitians while exploiting…
Sharon Black
10 Apr 2024
The deaths of the six Latino immigrant workers in the Baltimore bridge collapse encapsulates the injustice inherent in the U.S. capitalist system.
Penny Hess
03 Apr 2024
Three members of the Uhuru Movement were recently indicted on charges related to operating as "unregistered foreign agents." This attack has huge…
Abayomi Azikiwe
03 Apr 2024
After months of social unrest, the youngest leader in the West African state’s history will take office pledging a progressive program.