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None Dare Call It Genocide

by John MaxwellHaitiSlumWater

The depth of American culpability for Haiti's
misery is immeasurable. At every stage in the first Black republic's history,
the U.S. has attempted to snuff out not just the spirit of the people, but the
people themselves. In the current era of occupation by American surrogates,
Haitians are denied the elemental necessities of life, such as food and potable
water. Because the Americans and French willed it so, Haitians "would have to
forget that they were human beings deserving of rights and respect; they would
still be dipping water from gutters and puddles.

Zimbabwe and the Question of Imperialism: A Discussion

mugabeWebDemocracy Now!

The Americans and British rage against Zimbabwe
leader Robert Mugabe,TsvangiraiGrim who ran solo, uncontested, in Friday's elections. Two
Black intellectuals of the Left, professors Gerald Horne and Horace Campbell,
debate the current crisis in Zimbabwe. Prof. Horne: "Why is it that Zimbabwe
gets so much focus and attention on this side of the Atlantic when the leader
of Cameron named himself President for life and it barely registers a blip?"
Prof Campbell: "Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF started out like they were Lumumba in
the Congo. They ended up like Mubutu...killing hundreds, tens of thousands of

In Memoriml: “Another Pyrrhic Victory for White Supremacy”


by the late Dr. Alvin Wyman


The Black Agenda Report team's great friend and
associate editor Dr. Alvin Wyman Walker died on April 28 of this year, leaving
us without his deep insights into both psychology and politics. His unique take
on the pathology of U.S. racism and imperialism and the Iraq invasion remains
timely and valuable.

The Black Stake, and All Our Stakes, in the Media Justice Movement, Part 1 of 2

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon

Mass media determine public consciousness. But in the US, where mass media are owned and operated almost entirely by and in the interest of a greedy and irresponsible corporate elite, who keep the issues of control and governance of the internet, cable, broadcast and other media off the table. Potential growth of the media justice movement into an arm of a broad and popular social movement is a clear and imminent threat to the nation's bipartisan elite. And it's the only hope for many millions of Americans currently unable to speak with or hear their own voices, or to realize their own power.

Freedom Rider: Obama Comes Out

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Barack Obama is coming out of the corporate closet, so to speak - in an unseemly rush! Having finally made his nomination inevitable, the Democratic standard bearer-to-be is going public with what was also inevitable: a full unveiling of his pro-business, pro-imperial, don't-give-a-damn about Black folks policies. Yet Obama's free pass remains in effect in Black America, where he "is held to no standard at all." With nearly five months of campaigning to go, Blacks and progressives are surely in for many more bitter disappointments. "Obama has gotten away with making a 180 degree turn because he is now the only Democratic game in town."

Obama Charges Rightward, Five CBCers Earn Bush Loyalty Points

by Leutisha Stills, CBC

Five Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members
revealed themselves as abject servants of George Bush's wars, by approving the
biggest Iraq and Afghanistan expenditures to date. Eleven members later joined
Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in shameful surrender to Bush's secret,
warrantless spying on American citizens. However, 70 percent of the Black
Caucus stood firm for civil liberties. Meanwhile, Barack Obama has lent his
"brand" and voice to a radio commercial supporting a rightwing white Georgia
congressman facing a progressive Black challenger - in a primary election in
which 70 percent of the voters are Black!

Lords of Capital Versus The Planet

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen FordBARburningOilField

Seven years of Bush-Cheney governance has
resulted in a seven-fold increase in oil prices, as "speculators" - actually,
the Lords of Finance Capital that rule the U.S. imperium - pursue the last
ounce of unearned profit. The Bush gang's "unceasing wars and threats of war in
oil producing regions" have made oil "futures" as volatile and terrifying as
the future prospects of a planet in the grip of warmongers and mad profiteers.
The U.S. Congress plays at seeking out the cheaters in the Great Energy Game,
while making the situation "much worse by pressing for a naval blockade of
Iran" - an act of war that is like playing Russian Roulette with the world

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News Flash: Obama Tells Lies

by Paul Street

The author has kept a scrupulous record of untruths, half-truths and evolving reconstructions of truth from Barack Obama's mouth, over the years - and there's always a fresh supply to chronicle. It's hard - truly hard - to woo Black and progressive voters while plotting a wholly different agenda with captains of industry and finance and military expansionists. However, Obama's many transgressions against truth don't set him apart. "The American narrow-spectrum corporate-crafted presidential election extravaganza is not about truth-telling - it's about corporate-managed deception."

A Flood of Bigotry

WiseFloodSceneby Tim Wise

In the United States, mass human tragedy almost
instantly becomes overlaid with massive abuse of the victims, if they
are Black - a double tragedy. Racists like Rush Limbaugh attempt to contrast
the "supposedly good and decent" white people of the flooded upper Mississippi
River basin with the "presumably evil, lazy and violent folks of New Orleans,
who we are told, did nothing but foment criminality" when disaster struck their
city. Limbaugh's belief - shared by millions who would never speak publicly -
is that whites are by nature more self-sufficient than Blacks. But the figures
show that flood-struck Iowans, for example, are at least as dependent on
welfare and government subsidy as their darker counterparts in pre-Katrina New

Mortgage Crisis Hurts Black, Latino Economic Progress

by James ParksAFLCIOstateOfDream

"A huge portion of the wealth built up by the
growing African American and Latino middle classes" may become undone by the
U.S. mortgage lending crisis. Federal bailouts may or may not restore the
health of the predatory institutions that created the implosion of the mortgage
system, but the devastation of neighborhoods continues to unfold, with no end in
sight.  "As one house after another in a
neighborhood goes vacant, squatters move in, crime and the likelihood of fires
spike, local stores and businesses close." So deep is the communal wound, there
is cause to despair of the racial wealth gap ever closing in the United States.

US in Military Misstep Over African Oil

BARAfricaOilPipesby Antonia Juhasz

Methodically and without fanfare, the United
States spreads its military tentacles across the length and breadth of Africa.
Although imperialism needs no excuses to expand its dominion, the lure of huge
untapped oil reserves gives urgency to the massive U.S. military penetration of
the continent. "Under the rubric of the Global War on Terror, the Bush
administration has implemented the greatest realignment of US forces since the
end of the Cold War." As the Americans endeavor to turn the entire globe into
an energy battlefield, "the impact in Africa will likely be the same as in
Iraq: perpetual occupation, instability, and growing anti-Americanism."

I Hate Being Jackie Robinson


by Kemet Mawakana (aka “The Seven-Foot Poet”)

There is a special burden that goes with being "the first", or "the only", or "one of the few" black faces in a workplace, school or professional situation.  Jackie Robinson was neither the first nor the last to bear this load.  The Seven Foot Poet speaks to those who bear this load.

Only In America


by Kemit Mawakana (aka “The Seven-Foot Poet”)
In today's America, where we are about to, or perhaps already have "transcended race", what does too black, too militant, too uncompromising look like.  The Seven Foot Poet explores this question.

Obama Insults Half a Race

by BAR executive editor Glen FordFatherDayObamaCrowd

The Black man who wants to be president spends Father's Day at church in loud and general denunciation of Black males. For added insult, he describes them as "boys." Barack Obama's primary audience isn't the conservative Black Pentecostal congregation, but "white social conservatives in a race where these voters may be up for grabs," says the New York Times. In America, even the "Black" corporate candidate runs against Black people. How did such madness come to pass in 2008? Blame the Black "progressive" misleaders who failed to challenge Obama when they had the chance. Now it's too late, and African Americans are reduced to objects of derision.

Freedom Rider: 35 Crimes

FRKucinichCloseupSmileby BAR editor and senior columnist
Margaret Kimberley

As George W. Bush's second term comes to an end, we
are compelled to face the fact that "the worst outrages of the Bush regime
could have been stopped with sustained opposition." The reminder comes from
Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who last week submitted a 35-count bill of
impeachment against the Texas criminal, thus giving Democratic leadership -
including Barack Obama - yet another chance to show their spinelessness and
sweep it off the table. "Bush will leave office after having completed the
destruction of what little was left of democracy and his successors will know
that they too can get away with anything they want."

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