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The GOP in the Looking Glass: Stop, Thief!

ACORN has nothing to be ashamed of. John McCain cries, "Stop, vote thief" to divert attention from his party's electoral kleptomania.

It's About Time

by Cynthia McKinneycynthia-rosa

Speaking to a Black Panther Party reunion in Atlanta, Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney declared, "I consistently use you as a gauge: if they would do it to the Black Panther Party, then all of America must know that they will, without hesitation, also do it to the rest of us." Innocuous words can have murderous meanings. "What we must never forget is what the U.S. government means when it uses the word "neutralize." Lies can neutralize almost as effectively as guns.  "We get more straight talk from political hip hop than we do from today's journalists charged with informing the people of their voting choices and policy options."

Word to the Wise (Tim Wise, that is)

TimWiseby Shannon Joyce Prince

The author has the greatest respect for Tim
Wise, whom she has quoted with feeling in these pages. But she's got a serious
beef with the acclaimed anti-racism activist's "This is how fascism comes" essay. "There's no
need for me to enumerate all the stereotypical qualities of a fascist that Tim
Wise lists: wearing ‘What Would Jesus Do' bracelets, being a Nascar fan, living
in a small town, drinking Pabst beer, etc." Such type-casting of people is
"hateful and unacceptable - particularly from someone who considers himself
liberal and progressive."

No Dog in this Fight

by P Jeromemccain_fear_poster

at-large agree with a great deal of the progressive agenda, so there's no need
for politicians to constantly run to the right, including Barack Obama. "More than 80 percent of us oppose the war in Iraq,
with the majority wanting immediate withdrawal (not ‘redeployment'). Larger
majorities want an end to government wiretapping, a scaled-back military
budget, and universal health care." It is McCain and Obama who are out of touch
with the public. "Mr. Obama has based his candidacy no less on fear and
militarism than the dreaded Republicans."

Obama’s ‘Race Speech’ as Neoslave Narrative

by Tamara K. Nopper

"The neoslave narrative is the American dream story in which struggle and pain are part of a progressive journey toward ultimate assimilation and socioeconomic success." That the tale Barack Obama tries to weave, but there's nothing original about it. Ms. Nopper examines Obama's "Race Speech" to explicate the neoslave narrative at the heart of it, and discover why "Obama goes out of his way to condemn Black anger." Obama's neoslave fixations are especially obvious regarding Rev. Jeremiah Write. "The pastor is depicted by Obama as the slave who won't psychologically give up the plantation."

America’s False Ideology of White Supremacy

by Seth Sandronsky White Supremacyburning-cross
Islamophobia is but another extension of white American fear and loathing for the Other. “One result has been a sort of silent consent for the torture of prisoners of the war on terror, mainly non-white Muslims.” Past obsessions with Blacks prepare racist minds well for nurturing hatreds of Muslims. “Crucially, this trend of caging and politically weakening the nation’s low-income blacks and Latinos foreshadowed the Bush II administration’s creation of Muslim ‘enemy combatants.’”

CBC Monitor Report Card, October 2008

by Leutisha Stills and the CBC Monitor Teamcbc

US Supreme Court Denies Troy Davis Appeal

by Amnesty International troydavis03
Although there has never been any direct physical evidence tying Troy Anthony Davis to the scene of the murder, and seven of the nine non-police witnesses have recanted their stories, the US Supreme Court yesterday declined to take up the case of Troy Anthony Davis, slated for execution in the alleged murder of a Georgia cop in 1991.  The high court gave no reason why it will not examine the case.  As a result the state of Georgia is expected to set another date to execute what many believe is an innocent man.

Barack Obama, Voter Suppression and the Myth of “Vote Fraud”

by BAR managing editor Bruce Dixonsteal_back_yr_vote
Republicans and their allies in the corporate media are promoting the myth that hordes of foreigners and felons are waiting for election day, to vote on school board contests, library and park district levies, and of course, presidential elections. Secretive, spurious and malicious purges of the voter rolls are removing millions of legitimate voters from the rolls in the prelude to next month's election, and Republicans are manufacturing criminal cases against those who run voter registration drives.  
For their part, Democrats refuse to defend voter registration drives, and take money from the manufacturers of crooked electronic voting machines. Where are Democrats, where is Barack Obama on the issues that affect their voters the most, the question of whether their votes will be counted?

Freedom Rider: If “That One” Wins

FRno parkingby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

All the contradictions of America's white supremacist history converge on November 4, when a society drenched in racism tries to figure out which of its "selves" will pull the lever. Lots of whites seem to be profoundly confused. "A recent poll indicated that many white people, including some who claim to support Obama, continue to hold very negative opinions about black people, often viewing them as ‘violent,' and ‘complaining.'" But Obama solves the problem, since his "refusal to directly address the needs of black people is also appealing to white people."  Other whites are more straightforward. If your car sports an Obama sticker, they won't let you park.

Eshu’s Blues: We Are the People With Boxes On Our Heads

by BAR columnist michael

Racist mob talk is once again heard in the land.
"They were chanting ‘Kill him!' whenever Obama's name was mentioned the
other day at a rally where Governor Palin was speaking." John McCain is
compelled to assure his supporters that Obama is "a good and decent family
man." How liberal of him. Yet Black Obama supporters aren't exactly role models
for the children, either. "With the ascension of the black machine politics of
would-be President Barack Obama, we have achieved in our public polity a
narcissism and cultiness as craven and manipulative as anything that ever came
out of the mouth of a white politician." And that's saying a mouthful.

Somalia: Will It Become Obama’s War?

1437somali-fightersEthiopia seems ready
to quit its nearly two-year occupation of Somalia. But will the U.S., which
instigated the invasion, allow Somalis to rebuild their nation "in ways of
their own choosing?" 

Click the flash player below to hear this Black Agenda Radio commentary

High Noon in Chicago: The Sheriff as Hero


Although homeowners
get most of the sympathy, renters are also victimized by the monsoon of
foreclosures. A big city sheriff distinguishes himself.
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The Presidency for Sale: Small Contributors Waste Their Money

PresidentForSaleProgressives who
believe they are influencing Barack Obama by sending him cash, are neither
influencing the candidate nor helping their causes.

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The Illusion of Post-Racial America

by Aman GillPostRacialSeanBell

"Why does racial conflict no longer generate the
same kind of heat" - the militant response - as 40 years ago? What is it about
the "post-racial" or "post-civil rights" era that causes Blacks to remain
passive in the face of police atrocities like the Sean Bell killing? "The face
of mainstream black activism has moved from a base in communities to big money
and corporate sway," says one veteran activist. Black leadership nowadays is
"chosen by either political forces or corporate forces." The most dramatic
example is Barack Obama, who "rejects the whole Black Power movement."

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