The Language of Looting

RobberBaronsby Michael Hudson

In order to steal literally everything, the Lords of Finance must render language incapable of describing the crime. "Society's basic grammar of thought, the vocabulary to discuss political and economic topics, is being turned inside-out." The banksters still think they can rule from the center of confusion. "Today's policy is to ‘rescue' these giant bank conglomerates by enabling them to ‘earn' their way out of debt - by selling yet more debt to an already over-indebted U.S. economy. The hope is to re-inflate real estate and other asset prices."

A Congo Journey


Her father taught his students to "value, study and honor their collective history," and his daughter to follow her heart. That legacy took the author on a journey to the Congo, where six million have died without shocking western sensibilities. "I vowed that when I returned home I would talk and write about the Congo in as many public forums as possible. To advocate for the Congolese, I must teach friends, family and others that the deaths of millions is a global issue that cannot be ignored."

by Makeda Crane

Obama Administration and Wall Street Predators Target “Entitlement Reform”

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
When the corporate media, Wall Street predators and their favorite politicians talk of "entitlement reform," they are not referring to their bonuses, or tax breaks, golden parachutes or consulting fees.  They mean to "reform" your Social Security, your Medicaid, your Medicare, all of which they view as "fiscally irresponsible."  When President Obama endorses a bipartisan summit on "fiscal responsibility" it's time to look out.

White Recession, Black Depression


"As the United States delves further into a serious long-term recession, African Americans are facing the challenge of coming from a 7 year silent recession into a depression." During the seven years between 2000 and the official declaration that the U.S. was in recession, "Black employment decreased by 2.4% and saw their incomes decline by 2.9%," while Black family income declined "more steeply than for whites or Latinos." President Obama must take measures that directly confront the problem of income and wealth inequality, as the British are attempting to do.

Boycott and Disinvest in Israel, in Solidarity and Self-Defense

"Black Americans, who have experienced apartheid at home and fought successfully against it in Africa," feel most intensely the need to register their opposition to Israel's version of apartheid. Yet their elected officials cower at the feet of the pro-Israel lobby, which has successfully targeted independent-minded Black officials for defeat. A boycott Israel movement will have to roll over cowardly Black elected officials, but so be it. "If solidarity with Palestinians who suffer the aggressions of a regime as fundamentally racist as apartheid South Africa is not a compelling enough reason - and it surely is - then self-defense against Zionist subversion of domestic Black politics should move us to action."

Eshu’s blues: Ron Sims, Hometown Boy, Makes Good


Our columnist knows a little sump'in about Ron Sims, the Black former executive of King County, Seattle, Washington, who's been nominated to become President Obama's Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. "Sims has long had the consistency of weak oatmeal... a perfect complement to the Oba." Ron Sims and the citizens are in for a rough ride. "Like it or not, Hurricane Katrina was the test forum for a widespread application of a ‘new' Housing and Urban Development policy, which, as that troublesome spirit Russell Means pointed out a few days ago, is nothing more than the treatment that has been dumped on the Indigenous American for centuries." 

Why Imperialism Needs Proxies to Do Its Dirty Work in Africa

AFRICOMcolin powell

Despite resistance from virtually every nation in Africa, the U.S. continues to seek a home for its Africa Command, AFRICOM. The lure of African oil and other resources causes Washington to devise various schemes to dominate the continent - especially the recruitment of proxies to do the Americans' bidding. A central Washington political thrust in Africa revolves around the Darfur region of Sudan, where Colin Powell first charged that genocide was occurring. What the U.S. really wants is regime change in Sudan, and control of its oil resources. "AFRICOM is made to order - provided it can overcome the near unanimous opposition that it faces from Africans the world over."

Who Won the Civil War?


If the Union won the Civil War, and the slaves were truly set free, why was the author persecuted and threatened for complaining about a statue honoring a Confederate General? Furthermore, if the NAACP is a genuine civil rights organization dedicated to the well being and dignity of Black people - especially lifetime members - then why wouldn't the organization side with the author against the racists? And why couldn't he get a defense from the Legal Defense Fund? If the South lost the war, how is it that the United Daughters of the Confederacy drove the author out of town?


Trying to Revive the Bubble Economy: Obama's Awful Financial Recovery Plan


Economist Michael Hudson, one of those who predicted both the dot-com and housing bubbles and how they ended, details how Obama and his economic advisors appear poised, after handing over trillions to bail out big investors, to attempt a reinflation of the bubble at the expense of homeowners and working people.

Private Prisons, Human Trafficking and the American Way of Punishment

BAR1JuvenilesWhere else but in 21st century America do the builders of private prisons bribe judges to sentence juveniles to  their facilities?

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The Old Superpower, She Ain't What She Used To Be

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BAR2SinkingShipThe world is longing to see America, the global schoolyard bully, taken down a peg or three.  In the context of the ongoing financial meltdown, they may not have to wait much longer.

The "Rule of Law" in the Obama Era

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BAR3ObamaEraJPGIn Obama's America, the "rule of law" is nothing that predatory bankers. torturers on the civil service  payroll or the politicians who direct them need fear.

Obama's First Press Conference: Repeating Old Lies, Dodging Old Truths

So how's that "change" thing working out? Are we getting better, or more of the same, and why? In his first press conference, Obama labeled Iran a destabilizing influence in the Middle East because it allegedly sought nuclear weapons, while ignoring the longstanding Israeli nuclear threat to all its neighbors. And the same day, Obama Justice Department lawyers appeared in court to invoke the same defense against investigation of their secret cross-border kidnapping and torture schemes as Bush --- that these widely known activities were "state secrets". Have we heard any of this before?

Reconstructing Black New Orleans: Show Us The Money

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The unavailability of funds to rebuild Black New Orleans while trillions are flung at dishonest and insolvent banks and unjust wars abroad are the clearest proof imaginable  that America's elite intends to  permanently exile hundreds of thousands of African Americans from the Gulf Coast.  It's not a mistake.  It's policy.

Faith Based Obama Expands Corruption of Clergy



The Bush administration flung hundreds of millions of tax dollars at unscrupulous pastors in its effort to build a political patronage machine.  Instead of dismantling this machinery, the Obama administration seems poised to continue this faith-based bribery.
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How Racism Sparked the Financial Crisis

Joe Sims
From who gets loans and credit, to who is deemed worth of "restructuring" or bailouts, to which neighborhoods home buyers are steered to, race has as profound an impact upon real estate, housing, and the fiscal crisis as it does on everything else in this supposedly "post-racial" society.

Freedom Rider: When Will We March Against Obama?

obey"Give Obama a chance." some of his less critical supporters say.  "Do you think you're smarter than Obama?", some of the less polite ones ask.  But those are not the real questions.  The real question is how long it will be before the left wakes up and finds its own voice.  Shut out of Obama's policymaking circles, there are few choices but to speak up.  How long before more of us seek to unambiguously hold the new president and his record accountable?  How long before protesters hit the street?

The World Flees From The American Disease


A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by Glen Ford

Waking up to the fundamental dishonesty of the American banking system, based as it is on fictional assets and fictional wealth, other nations are beginning to take steps to isolate themselves from the worst impact of America's troubles, by withdrawing and forgoing investment here, and rejecting further entanglements with the US.

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Medicare-For-All Will Create 2.6 Million New Jobs, Say CA Nurses

cna_study03by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon
With the inaguration only two or three weeks behind us, pundits and politicians are already urging us to take our eyes off the health care football while they "fix" the economy.  Promises to enact a universal national health care plan, only a few months old, are being forgotten or openly taken back due to supposed "economic necessities".  But an authoritative study by the California Nurses Organization details the economic impact of enacting single payer Medicare-For-All national health care:  2.6 million new jobs, $100 billion annually in the pockets of employees, $317 billion to employers and $44 billion in tax revenues to hard-pressed local governments.  The choice between enacting health care and saving the economy may be a false one.  Fixing health care may be the best medicine for the economy.

Eshu’s blues: “Can you defend yourself?”

by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez

The social disintegration endemic to late capitalism in America reaches new lows in the current meltdown. The purposely de-skilled classes turn on each other, as the "social Darwinist ethos carries the day." A young woman acquaintance of the author is informed that self-defense capability is part of the job description on temporary employment assignments. Folks are snapping.  "There's just something about being treated like expendable products on the shelf that makes a lot of people full-blown batshit crazy in short time." Everybody is going bust. But "Obama thinks he has the money to fight wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan." 


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