Fronting for Paramilitaries: Holder, Chaquita and Colombia

AUC_paramilitariesMurilloHolderby Mario A. Murillo

Chiquita Brands was among the U.S. corporations that
funded Colombia's rightwing death squads, organized under the umbrella of the
United Self-Defense Groups. Known by its acronym, the AUC has butchered
thousands of leftists, peasants and shantytown residents in service of
Colombia's cocaine-connected aristocracy and foreign businesses. Eric Holder,
the soon-to-be U.S. Attorney General, defended Chiquita's relationship with the
death squads, as a corporate attorney. "Holder's appointment should sound alarm
bells, especially when it comes to bringing corporate criminals to justice."

Freedom Rider: Eric Holder and Marc Rich

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret KimberleyFRHolder

If you're a billionaire crook in the United States, flight from prosecution is easy. But what does a rich fugitive do if he wants to come back home? He hires an expensive law firm, and begins to lobby for a pardon. That's the route Marc Rich took when indicted for tax evasion, which brought him to the attention of Eric Holder, then Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton. Rich also spread his money around Israel, seeking endorsements of his pardon. Rich "will probably die as a fugitive," but he's still fabulously wealthy, and Eric Holder's reputation was tarnished.

American Decline Will Be Worse Than U.S. Intelligence Agencies Fear

CIAsinking_ship"American intelligence agencies project that the
United States will lose its position of world dominance by the year 2025." They
don't know the half of it. Loss of dominance means the end of U.S. imperialism,
the only thing that stands between the United States and the Great Unraveling.
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Will Somalia Become Obama’s War?

SomalisoldiersAmerica's joint
venture with Ethiopia to invade and occupy Somalia "was not so much an American
attempt at regime change, as a cruel conspiracy to plunge Somalia back into the
warlord-induced chaos that had reigned since 1991." Barack Obama will have to
decide "whether or not to continue George Bush's war."
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Rev. Pinkney – and God – Versus Racism in Michigan

Pinkney_blueThe incarceration of
activist Black Rev. Edward Pinkney "marks the first time in modern history that a
preacher has been imprisoned for predicting what God might do."  At the heart of the story is the Whirlpool
Corporation's overlordship of Benton Harbor, Michigan, a 92 percent African American town.
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What Happy Thanksgiving?

headdressby Netfa Freeman

Black Americans should be among the last to celebrate
Thanksgiving, a mythology that seeks to absolve white settlers of their
intentional eradication of Native Americans. "African descendants in the US
aren't primarily responsible for the theft of land or the genocide of
indigenous people.  But to insinuate that what happened and is still
happening to indigenous Americans is a relic of the past makes one an
accomplice." Thanksgiving encourages notions of American exceptionalism. "At
the height of the Anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa, Americans had the
audacity to claim a higher moral ground than the apartheid government."

The End of American Thanksgivings: A Cause for Universal Rejoicing

by BAR executive editor
Glen Ford

"Thanksgiving is not just a twisted fable, and
the mythology it nurtures is itself inherently evil." The holiday is rooted in
the massacre of hundreds of Pequot Indians, and has been used to justify
America's history of genocide, slavery and scores of wars against weaker
peoples. "The Mayflower's cultural heirs are programmed to find glory in their
own depravity and savagery in their most helpless victims, who can only redeem
themselves by accepting the inherent goodness of white Americans."

Obama Sells Out America's Youth and Defenders of Civil Liberties with Eric Holder

by Richard SearcySearcy

Corporate media focus on Eric Holder's role in the
effort to pardon billionaire fugitive Marc Rich: basically, a wealthy man's
game. But the author reminds us that, as a U.S. Justice Department official for
Washington, DC, Holder was "an extreme drug warrior who believes that harsher
and longer sentences should be enacted for minor crimes such as marijuana use
and prostitution." Barack Obama's choice for U.S. Attorney General is "bad news
for America's youth."

African Americans, Peace and the Plight of Palestinians

by Cynthia McKinneyMcKinneyPIX

The former congresswoman and Green Party
presidential candidate charges that "Israel's lockdown of Gaza is keeping food,
fuel, and medicine from civilians." But that's just the most recent atrocity in
a human rights catastrophe that began 60 years ago, in Palestine, the same year
that birthed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration is
prime evidence that a civilized world is possible, but "Palestine is the place
that the Universal Declaration forgot."

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Holding Obama Accountable, Part 2 of a Series – Single Payer Health Care and the Auto Industry

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon
In the second installment of this series, we examine the connection between the auto industry's crisis and single payer health care.  Should the auto industry get a Wall Street style blank check bailout?  Or is this the ideal time to make US auto and other industrial jobs globally competitive by enacting the kind of single payer health care system every other wealthy industrial nation on the planet uses?  Is this the first chance for the new president and his party to make good on their promises to protect US jobs, to deliver health care and be the "change" tens of millions voted for?  Will they take it?  Can we make them? 

President Obama and the Prospects for Israeli-Palestinian Peace: An Analysis

by Ali Abunimah

The optimism and symbolic significance of the election of the US's first black president are keenly felt in the Middle East. But undoing the damage several US administrations have done over a generation, and particularly that done by the Bush-Cheney regime will be a tall order. Is the new administration up to it? Palestinian activist Ali Abunimah assesses the possible impact of the Obama administration on the Israeli-Palestinian situation.


Freedom Rider: Obama and Lieberman: Two of a Kind

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Why did Barack Obama save Joe Lieberman from being stripped of his top committee chairmanship? The short answer is, the two men "are equally cynical." The most rightwing Democrat in the Senate actively campaigned for McCain/Palin, "believes in America's war of terror, and in the ‘special relationship' with Israel." But Lieberman, with his vast financial connections, early on helped Obama "amass the biggest campaign treasury of all time." Maybe Lieberman "wanted to make sure that the confident black man didn't forget who was boss."

Odetta: A Legend for the Ages

by Norman (Otis) Richmond
The famed singer-activist Odetta was hospitalized over the weekend, suffering from kidney failure. Mr. Richmond, writing from Toronto, is a longtime student of revolutionary culture. He attended a performance by the 77-year-old icon, last month.

Eshu’s blues: Field days for gumbo ya ya

by BAR columnist michael hureaux

When a Black teenager accidentally shoots his best friend, it is "all just one more weekend, one of those lunatic moments when one young Black man kills another young Black man, and once all the usual sociological theorizing rolls by, no one really knows why, except that it happened, and it's to be expected, somehow."  The author, who was both boys' teacher, wonders "how the dividing line between play and the reality of what a firearm is became blurred." For too many urban adolescents, "an acquaintance with firearms becomes as casual as the presence of the television remote."

Jamaica for Sale

Tourism is Jamaica's biggest source of foreign exchange, but tourist dollar madness threatens to destroy the country. "The hotels are closing down turtle nesting sites and hotel excrement and spoil are killing our reefs at an increasing pace." While the government entertains all manner of schemes to lure tourists and separate them from their money, the nation's "rivers, streams and beaches are polluted by wastes of all kinds." The tourist industry workforce live in deplorable conditions, because there is "no social development to match the commercial development."

Lawless Capital, Rushing to Armageddon

The rule of law has been cast aside in the mad frenzy to loot the wealth of a nation before George Bush leaves office. "Wall Street has succeeded in establishing a kind of privatized martial law economic regime," in which trillions of dollars are secretly transferred to unnamed corporations.

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Buccaneers In Somali Waters – But They’re Not Somalis

SomalipiratesThere is, indeed, piracy in the waters of Somalia, most of it perpetrated by foreign vessels that steal $300 million in fish per year. With no government to protect their national rights, Somali sailors find other ways to make a living. "Think of us like a coast guard."

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Katrina Suit is Institutional Racism Lesson For Obama

Institutional racism is "the mechanism by which the present and future are shaped by racist practices of the past." New Orleans African Americans seeking to rebuild their lives found that government pays more to replace white people's homes, than Blacks. Obama, take note.



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