Freedom Rider: Biden Blurts Awful Truth

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret KimberleyFRbiden

It's true that Sen. Joe Biden "isn't very bright and he can't stop talking." But Biden's uncontrollable mouth may have alerted us to the Obama-Biden administration's post-election surprise - something so scary, Obama is "gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him...." Whatever's on Biden's agitated little mind, it must be big, real big. "If Big Mouth Joe is already pleading for patience from the faithful we are looking at Bush/Cheney the Sequel." Be afraid. Be very afraid. Apparently, Joe is scared out of his limited supply of wits.

Northcom, Africom and Other Threats

northcom-emblemby Chioma Oruh

The U.S. military constantly expands in size,
budget and mission. Two new U.S. military "commands" have recently been
activated or augmented, with ominous implications for global peace and domestic
civil liberties. Africom now casts a shadow over the last continent for which
the U.S. had no designated "command" structure, and Northcom, with
responsibilities over the domestic U.S., is a nightmare for those who fear
repressive "martial law" in America.

60 Years Ago: The System Is Still the Crisis

Brother Bede Vincent

Six decades ago, the United Nations adopted its
Declaration of Universal Human Rights, a watershed moment in the evolution of
civilization. Today, every carefully delineated human right is under assault by
militarism and corporate barbarism. Bullies rule through their stock exchanges
and other institutions of organized fear and mayhem. Rather than plead with the
powers-that-be for better treatment, follow Malcolm X's admonition: "Human rights are the rights that are recognized by all
nations of this earth... Expand the civil rights struggle to the level of human

Somalia After the Ethiopian Occupation

SomaliSoldierby Abukar Arman

All signs point to Ethiopia soon ending its
nearly two-year occupation of Somalia, a U.S.-instigated aggression that led to
"Africa's worst humanitarian crisis." Once the Ethiopians are gone, the author
believes it is inevitable that Islamist forces will be part of the new order.
"The Islamists have an unmatched record of public service. They operated
schools, hospitals, and for six months before the occupation removed every
checkpoint in Mogadishu and brought a semblance of peace." American fear and
loathing of Islam notwithstanding, the Somali "people will embrace pluralistic,
non-puritanical Islamic governance."    

Support Obama, Vote McKinney? Not a contradiction.


by Amee Chew

"There is not a contradiction between supporting
Obama's victory over McCain, and spreading the word on [Green Party
presidential candidate Cynthia] McKinney." So says the author Amee Chew, who
thinks it's quite alright to "campaign for Obama in key swing states, and pledging
your own vote to McKinney - particularly in Democratic strongholds such as
California, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Oregon,
or Washington, where Obama will win landslides." McKinney and Green veep
candidate Rosa Clemente "represent the future that we want for politics in this

Shannon Prince vs. Tim Wise: Rebuttal and Response

Anti-racist writer and activist Tim Wise
responded to last week's harsh critique fromTimWise Shannon Joyce Prince, a frequent
contributor to BAR. Ms. Prince accused Mr. Wise of "intolerably ugly
hatefulness" in his treatment of "poor and/or religious and/or rural white
people," whom Wise "demonizes" and "stereotypes." Wise, in rebuttal published
on his website, countered: "For Ms. Prince to suggest that rural white folks
are highly nuanced in their recognition of white privilege and the oppression
of people of color is so silly that I hardly know how to respond." Ms. Prince
is back, "to clarify the intents of my piece and the sentiments that motivated

CBC Monitor Report Card: Black Caucus Adrift


by Leutisha Stills, CBC Monitor

Financial meltdowns and election tensions have had a negative effect on CBC Monitor Report Card scores. Under tremendous pressure to "buckle to party discipline and to align with standard bearer Barack Obama," the Congressional Black Caucus performed generally badly, this past grading period. Not one member made a perfect score, and six were rated as "Derelicts." Most dramatic were the two votes on Pelosi-Bush-McCain-Obama Wall Street bailout bills. Obama's intervention doomed the resistance. Ten members topped off the class with B+.

Obama’s ‘Race Speech’ as Neoslave Narrative

by Tamara K. Nopper

"The neoslave narrative is the American dream story in which struggle and pain are part of a progressive journey toward ultimate assimilation and socioeconomic success." That the tale Barack Obama tries to weave, but there's nothing original about it. Ms. Nopper examines Obama's "Race Speech" to explicate the neoslave narrative at the heart of it, and discover why "Obama goes out of his way to condemn Black anger." Obama's neoslave fixations are especially obvious regarding Rev. Jeremiah Write. "The pastor is depicted by Obama as the slave who won't psychologically give up the plantation."

Eshu’s Blues: charter schools and the rest of us

by michael hureaux

John McCain and Barack Obama "share the same market nostrums for education reform, from charter schools to merit pay to the test mania of No Child Left Behind," but have no inkling of the meaning of comprehensive education. An educator himself, the author advocates that teachers "work to build a new, independent leadership of labor to take charge of this comprehensive public education question and every other question of any societal importance." One thing he's sure of: "When the human need factor is addressed, academic achievement is vastly improved."

It's About Time

by Cynthia McKinneycynthia-rosa

Speaking to a Black Panther Party reunion in Atlanta, Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney declared, "I consistently use you as a gauge: if they would do it to the Black Panther Party, then all of America must know that they will, without hesitation, also do it to the rest of us." Innocuous words can have murderous meanings. "What we must never forget is what the U.S. government means when it uses the word "neutralize." Lies can neutralize almost as effectively as guns.  "We get more straight talk from political hip hop than we do from today's journalists charged with informing the people of their voting choices and policy options."

America’s False Ideology of White Supremacy

by Seth Sandronsky White Supremacyburning-cross
Islamophobia is but another extension of white American fear and loathing for the Other. “One result has been a sort of silent consent for the torture of prisoners of the war on terror, mainly non-white Muslims.” Past obsessions with Blacks prepare racist minds well for nurturing hatreds of Muslims. “Crucially, this trend of caging and politically weakening the nation’s low-income blacks and Latinos foreshadowed the Bush II administration’s creation of Muslim ‘enemy combatants.’”

Freedom Rider: Right Wing Obama Love

FRobama progressby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Barack Obama's charms seem to work even on the least promising prospects. "Right wingers who openly follow the doctrine of America's right to empire and conquest are now endorsing Obama." William Buckley's son, Christopher, has been won over by Obama, causing Buckley to be excommunicated from the Church of the Hard Right. Christopher Hitchens, the former radical who has learned to love the war on terror, has found a warm place in his heart for Michelle's husband. It must be those things Obama says so alluringly, like, I'm going to have a foreign policy like Ronald Reagan's.

No Dog in this Fight

by P Jeromemccain_fear_poster

at-large agree with a great deal of the progressive agenda, so there's no need
for politicians to constantly run to the right, including Barack Obama. "More than 80 percent of us oppose the war in Iraq,
with the majority wanting immediate withdrawal (not ‘redeployment'). Larger
majorities want an end to government wiretapping, a scaled-back military
budget, and universal health care." It is McCain and Obama who are out of touch
with the public. "Mr. Obama has based his candidacy no less on fear and
militarism than the dreaded Republicans."

Word to the Wise (Tim Wise, that is)

TimWiseby Shannon Joyce Prince

The author has the greatest respect for Tim
Wise, whom she has quoted with feeling in these pages. But she's got a serious
beef with the acclaimed anti-racism activist's "This is how fascism comes" essay. "There's no
need for me to enumerate all the stereotypical qualities of a fascist that Tim
Wise lists: wearing ‘What Would Jesus Do' bracelets, being a Nascar fan, living
in a small town, drinking Pabst beer, etc." Such type-casting of people is
"hateful and unacceptable - particularly from someone who considers himself
liberal and progressive."

Bankers Use Crisis to Strengthen Oligarchy


The Bush regime is
throwing billions in public money at big banks so they can devour little banks.
The result will be more institutions that are "too big to fail" - and dangers
to all of society.
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Obama and Powell are Quite Compatible

PowellAtUNColin Powel
understands Barack Obama. Powell was once himself the "breath of fresh air"
that would soften attitudes toward America by his very presence. Then he showed
his true colors.
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