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You’ve got a friend…

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    by Raymond Nat Turner

    Drone Man “tagged” you in a note

    He wants you to get out the vote

    Like tubes down a “detainee” throat


    You’ve got a friend…

    by Raymond Nat Turner


    Hawkishly watching your “activity log”

    Like shadows of the groundhog

    Or barks of a German Police dog


    Eying your “posts” and “news feed”

    Ogling ads and messages you read

    Protecting freedoms: wars for greed


    Drone Man wants to be your “friend”

    Like” the trillions his wars spend

    Like” his wars until they end…


    Comment” after clicking “like”

    Post” your dislikes and your “likes”

    Like” his new signature strikes!


    Drone Man “tagged” you in a note

    He wants you to get out the vote

    Like tubes down a “detainee” throat


    Drone Man asks, “What’s on your mind?”

    To put you in his Gitmo bind—

    He’ll say, “Update your status”

    As he keeps comin’ at us



    Raymond Nat Turner can be contacted at


    Raymond Nat Turner © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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