Why We Don't Spend As Much Time Denouncing Republicans As We Do Democrats

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Every now and then attentive listeners and readers ask why we at Black Agenda Report don't spend nearly as much time denouncing racist, misogynist and downright evil Republicans like Romney and Ryan as we do detailing the betrayals and failures of Democrats like our black political class, and its current corporate mascots in city halls, state legislatures, the Congress and the White House.

Why We Don't Spend As Much Time Denouncing Republicans As We Do Democrats

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

We know who and what the Republican party is. Back in the mid 1960s, when Democratic president Lyndon Johnson, under relentless pressure from the Freedom Movement embraced enforcement of the Voting Rights Act in the South, Republicans opened their doors wide to welcome the exodus of white supremacist voters and politicians who'd been Democrats until that time. The modern Republican party re-made itself into the permanent white man's party not just in the South, but across the country, the party whose brands are rancid racism, pretentious piety, monstrous misogyny and shameless warmongering.

When you match Republican brands against those of Democrats, who claim to stand for tolerance on racial and sexual fronts, who cloak their imperial wars in the garb of “humanitarian interventions,” but who agree with Republicans that wealthy corporations do have the right to rule over us, that presidents possess the right to imprison, torture or kill us at a whim, the difference isn't black and white, but it's clear enough. The Republican brand is odious and deeply scary, easily more frightening than that of Democrats.

In today's political ecology, the job of Republicans is to provide political camouflage to right wing Democrats like the last two Democratic presidents Clinton and Obama, by moving still further rightward, even past the boundaries of lunacy. When Bill Clinton was busy passing NAFTA and ending welfare as we knew it, both measures tried and failed at by Bush 1, Newt Gingrich provided covering babble about taking poor children from their homes. While Barack Obama offered to put Medicare and social security on the deficit cutting table and enacted a so-called “Affordable Care Act” first passed as an insurance company bailout by Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in 2004, Republicans threaten the piecemeal repeal of Rove V. Wade and cuts to unemployment compensation.

The fact is that 120% evil Republicans offer the only justification for our support of 100% evil Democrats. And with the dissolution of what used to be the black consensus for equality, civil liberties, full funding for public education, and opposing war spending and corporate privilege, Obama-era Democrats continue to flee rightward toward war, privatization and austerity.

This deformed puzzle is not the political logic of free and responsible people. It's the cramped and twisted reasoning of someone trapped in a box urgently trying to convince himself that it's not really a box, that pragmatic acceptance of the box as the whole of the great and free universe is really all that can be hoped, struggled and strived for. It's not. Only a beaten, cowed and enslaved people can imagine their forbears sacrificed and struggled for them to choose among greater and lesser, but both still monstrous evils.

We at Black Agenda Report spend more time denouncing Democrats because they act like and enable Republicans. We don't spend as much time denouncing the party of white supremacy because Republicans rarely bother to pretend to be anything else. African Americans haven't voted Republican in 50 years. But we're more unemployed than we've been in seventy years, and more imprisoned than we've ever been.

That's what choosing “lesser evils” has earned us. It's time to chuck the fake choice between evil Republicans and slightly less evil Democrats. It's time not just to think, but to climb outside the two-party, lesser-evil box, to breathe the free air and get ready for something new.

For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Bruce Dixon. Find us on the web at www.blackagendareport.com.

Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report, and a member of the state committee of the Georgia Green Party. Contact him at bruce.dixon(at)blackagendareport.com or via this site's contact page.



I am firmly on your side

I listen to you everytime you or Glen are on Mark Thompson's show on Wednesday, the only time now that his show is not Sirius Democrat, but Sirius Left like it is supposed to be.  You took a lot of grief last week for your piece that is similar to Glen's on Fletcher and Davidson's awful defense of a vote for Obama.  I've noticed that people who are defending Obama are beginning to shout a lot and/or call critics "whiners" without debating the issues.  Regular caller Paul likes to shout anyway, but he almost had a stroke as he screamed and called you a whiner.  Mark lost it too and just began shouting at you.

Both you and Glen have great dignity when you are on this show.  You remain relatively calm and try to steer the conversation back on to alternatives to the corrupt system we have.   I applaud both of you for remaining true to your convictions.

If President Romney would select a Simpson/Bowles committee over Congress' objections to come up with a plan to dismember Social Security and Medicare, there would be huge protests uniting whites, blacks, hispanics, old, and young.  It would be, I would hope, like we did when Nixon won.  But President Obama will begin the dismantling of the Great Society and New Deal and people like Fletcher, Davidson, Solomon, Thompson, Vanden Heuvel, et. all will wring their hands and tell us that we have to work harder in 2016.

Hey, fellow cows, run the other way. Don't go down that chute. Jump the fence and go rogue.  Live free or die as they used to say.  Join a local Occupy.

Theres no limit to republican insanity.

"even past the boudaries of lunacy" Well said,thats my analysis as well. After all of my years of swearing I wouldnt vote for Obama, the republicans have in fact moved so far to the right that they are scaring even me, weakening even my resolve. They're insane. They've lost touch with reality.I've never seen anything like it. Hopefully I will stand my ground. Obama disgusts me, he's a traitor, and I despise the gymnasitcs required to make him look like the genius they claim he is.


Until all, or at least, most of us who see through the interchangeable party system have the strength of our convictions to consistently seek out and support and to vote for candidates from third and fourth parties,  our drive to neuter the two main political parties, and to replace them with parties which answer to the needs of people outside of the 1% will remain stalled. I don't think that any of the Republicans are any more scary than President Obama, or Mr. Bloomberg or many of the so-called Blue Dogs are. If  Mr. Aiken was to somehow overcome his statements about rape induced pregnancy, and rejoin the Republican mainstream as a serious player, President Obama wouldn't hesitate interact with him and cut deals, which hurt those in his alleged base.  With "friends" like these, our Republican "foes" never have to actually win elections or hold offices in order to have someone in place who imposes their agendas.

Dilemmas and gobbledygook



a situation requiring a choice between  undesirable alternatives.

Fact is that the next President of the country will be either Romney or Obama.  I will vote for the abominable Obama because his Supreme Court appointees will be more moderate and because his domestic and foreign policy will be less odious.  We must make choices when they are in front of us.

When the writers and readers of BAR obstinately repeat the falsehood that there are no differences between Obama and Romney, I am reminded of the pro-lifers who insist there is no difference between a fetus and a baby, or the imbeciles that claim the disabled are just “differently-abled”.  This is Gobbledygook.

Jumping into the rapids may be no fun.  But it just may offer a better chance of survival than staying on the bank and being eaten by the bear.

So You Agree w Fletcher's Convoluted Reasons for Backing Obama

Einstein's definition of Insanity- To keep on following the same ole tired assed script over & over & over again & expecting a better result.

Black [alleged] 'progressive' Bill Fletcher writes a piece to progressives saying that Obama's record for the past 4 yrs ain't the point that's why we should vote for him. Rather it's all about those crazy. He then write's this as if it's some new type of 'revelation'- when in fact I've been hearing this same lame-ass excuse to keep voting for Dims no matter how much they fail to stand up for the folks that faithfully vote for them- literally for decades! [even when Dims control both Houses of Congress & the White-House]! The gate-keeper's on the so-called 'left' & 'right', always try to keep their ranks in line w & entrapped in the 2 party corporate duopoly box- by appealing to FEAR &/or folk's worst instincts &/or tricknology.

FYI: I can name at-least 5 options progressives have/had to voting for corp Dim Obama or corp Repug Romney: earlier folks could have chosen Ron Paul, now they can still vote for Rocky Anderson or the Green Party's Jill Stein, or they can write in a preferred choice or they can sit-out voting in the presidential race [not necessarily their own state, county, & city/town races]- which after all is NOT determined directly by the people's vote any-way- but rather by the electorial college vote [FYI: In 2000 Al Gore 'officially' got at-least 550,000 more votes than Bush Jr, but the electorial college plus 5 justices of the Supreme Court put Bush in the White-House anyway.].

IMO the only way out of this poly-trickal corp duopoly trap - is not to limit our thinking to corp Dims vs Corp Repugs - which IMO ain't nothing but the poly-trickal version of the ole 'Good' cop / 'Bad' cop routine.   IMO: When people insist that 'realistically' there's no 'better' option to Romney/Ryan than Obama & Joe [foot in the mouth 'Clean Negro'] Biden- what they really mean is that there no SURER [bet] 'Option' to the Repugs than the Dims & vice-versa. Meaning they're thinking in terms analogous to winning bets & sports contests- rather than movements for real change that can truly be believed in & voting based on a conviction of principles.


Cynical politicians like President Obama love the prevailing logic of "the lesser of two evils" school of politics which dominates so much of the thinking of progressives and of those even further on the left. When it comes to interacting with members of their "base", one can be as rude, selfish and ruthless as one wants, just as long as people in their base remain convinced that the alternative is even more rude, selfish, and ruthless. The message such votes deliver to politicians such as the President is that they NEVER have to do ANYTHING for those in their so-called base in order to be elected and re-elected until either the end of time, or term limits forces them out of office. What is the long term plan to bring genuine change or improvement to the system for those whose lives and well-being actually depend on such changes from those who advocate and have been advocating "the lesser of two evils" approach to politics, voting and governance for decades and decades?  


The West spend decades, (rightfully) condemning the Communists for committing people to insane asylums for criticizing their governments. I guess that our leadership finally changed its collective mind, and decided that it's a good idea after all. 

Peasehead:reminds me that NYPD had whistleblower

Your comment reminds me that the NYPD had a whistleblower "committed" to a NYC psychiatric hospital less than two years ago- a NYPD officer told about police quotas, I think it was, that he was whistleblowing about.   He got out after some many days....and went to media.


When those in power and police agencies use the mental health system as a weapon to suppress and to intimidate their critics, one has to wonder whom it is that really needs help? Wouldn't it be nice if those entities spent more of their energy helping the many people actually need treatment and don't have access to it, instead of perverting the system to achieve their  ignoble ends? 

If our society knew how to treat people with mental

illnesses, physiology (different wiring), "retarded".  It would be great if our society treated people with mental illness with respect and kindness: that includes doctors as well as general society. Esmin Green. Our society does not know how to treat people with most mental illness.  There is much fear and loathing of "different"  as everyone reading this knows.  Yes, who defines who is "different"?  Our society plays with euphemisms while practicing nastiness, name calling...  Esmin Green

   I had a good friend who  died recently in a "lockup" for old people with mental illness, his whole last 15 years of life were out of an update of  Dickens.  I met him years after his onset of manic depression at age 38.  He was "sweet talked" into volunteering for a drug trial/experiment in a respectable hospital and he never returned to his regular state of controlled chronic illness.  And we could go on at length (but I will not) about the police "dealing" with people with mental illness -- shooting, tasering people they are frightened of who are not dangerous. Or ignoring - google the name Esmin Green.

I plan to write in Barbara Lee's name for President.

No more "lesser evil" for me.  Was thinking today of how little we have known about candidates before the election cycles - except Obama, who was well covered on BAR.  (I admit to having voted for Obama.in the general election, having voted for Kucinich in the 2008 Dem Primary.)  There are no heroes, just some teachers and regular folks  organizing all year round for change (sometimes overlap in both groups)...Yes, my job as old person is to state the obvious.

Opening White's Eyes

My first post here after reading and listening for about a week.

I am a 53 year old white man living in Kentucky, one of the most "veiled racist" states in the US. I was a printer until 20+ years ago I was replaced by copiers and digital print. I've never made over 30K a year, and that was in the early 90s, just before the bottom fell out of my profession.

I saw Glen Ford on Democracy Now last week, and knew that I had found an honest assessment of the situation in which we now find ourselves. I wish I had heard Glen before last week. I wish I had heard his views and commentaries before the 2008 election. This president has disappointed me greatly. His eagerness to compromise with Republicans and the corporate dogs on so many things has made me nostalgic for the Reagan days. I have always described myself as a Kennedy Democrat simply because in my generation they were the best example I had during my lifetime, even if they were dead before I was twelve years old. But this president is not, in any way, a Kennedy Democrat.

I will stay in the background and lurk awhile before I post again. I have a LOT to learn. I will say this; although some see this as a "black thing", I see it as a "poor and disenfranchised thing". Like Brother Ford, I will hold my nose and vote for Obama in this election, for the sole reason that not to do so could possibly let the worst of the evils to prevail. But I am well on board for the 3rd party solution come 2016 - if I make it until then. I usually sign my posts...

Peace ☮