White Supremacy and the Central Park 5

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Although New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has OK’d a $40 million settlement with the Central Park 5, who were wrongfully imprisoned for brutal rape, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg insists the police acted in “good faith.” “In a sane, non-racist society, the fact that five innocent children had been made to confess to a horrible crime that they did not commit would be viewed as a prima facie case of police misconduct.”

White Supremacy and the Central Park 5

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

In America, white supremacy means never having to say you’re sorry, in any meaningful way.”

A settlement will soon be finalized, in New York City, that will award five no longer young Black men $40 million for spending between 7 and 13 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. Twenty-five years ago, the Central Park 5 – Raymond Santana, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Kharey Wise – were almost universally described in the media in animalistic terms. They were a “wolf pack” that had gone “wilding” on a mad rampage of lust and brutality, raping a 28-year-old white jogger and beating her almost to death. The cops – experts at psychological operations against Black teenagers – coerced confessions from the 14, 15 and 16 year olds, and they were convicted in 1990.

Miraculously, in 2002, the real perpetrator, a total stranger to the young men, confessed to having committed the crime all by himself. Forensic science confirmed his guilt, and the convictions were vacated. Having lost that which could never be reclaimed – their youth – the Central Park 5 sued the police and prosecutors for false arrest, malicious prosecution and a racially motivated conspiracy to deprive them of their civil rights. But, official New York was unrepentant. The billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, insisted that the city had violated no one’s rights. The five Black and Hispanic men should just go on with their lives, and be grateful that they were no longer officially branded as brutal rapists. The police had acted in “good faith.”

The war against Blacks is a permanent feature of social control in the United States.”

Only a morally depraved, irredeemable racist would use the term “good faith” to describe the treatment accorded the Central Park 5. In a sane, non-racist society, the fact that five innocent children had been made to confess to a horrible crime that they did not commit would be viewed as a prima facie case of police misconduct. The onus would be on law enforcement to explain how such multiple miscarriages of justice could have happened in the absence of unlawful behavior by the police. But, in America, white supremacy means never having to say you’re sorry, in any meaningful way – and never relinquishing the authority to behave in exactly the same manner the next time it suits your purposes.

Thus, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to accept a $40 million settlement for the unspeakable crimes committed against the Central Park 5 is more controversial, in white society, than Mayor Bloomberg’s abject refusal to atone at all. It’s not that $40 million will break the city’s budget. New York paid out more than $700 million in settlements or awards from lawsuits for negligence, police abuse and property damage in 2012, and expects to pay more than $800 million a year by 2016. But, what they refuse to relinquish is the right to whip up racial hysteria at will, to treat Black children like wolves and other species of wild animals, to scream that Black bucks are running amuk.

The war against Blacks is a permanent feature of social control in the United States. Although the Central Park 5 were exonerated, and will now be monetarily compensated, their ordeal bore ample fruit for the white supremacist state. In the wake of the fictitious “wilding,” Mayors Rudolph Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg were enabled to impose an even harsher, racially selective police state on Black and brown neighborhoods all across the city, ruining countless young lives.

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Good faith.

If torturing confessions out of innocents is good faith, I don't want to know what bad faith might be like.


Central Park 7 or Central Park 5?

Interesting piece.  I notice that it failed to mention the other 2 young men who were arrested for this crime and the man who kept them from being convicted, Atty. Alton Maddox.  Here what he had to say about the Central Park 5 Settlement:

"Opposition to Settlement of "Central Park 5"

I. Mission Statement (1st Amendment)
1. Scottsboro Boys ("Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them")
2. Commemorate Freedom Summer 1964 (50 Years)
a. James E. Chaney
b. Andrew Goodman
c. Michael Schwerner 
3. Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (Fannie Lou Hamer)
4. Organization of Afro-American Unity (Malcolm X)
5. NY Criminal Procedure Law §140.50 ("Stop, question and frisk")
6. Civil Rights Act of 1964
7. Muhammad Ali
8. Twenty-fourth Amendment (U.S. Constitution)
9. "War on Poverty"
10. Noel Peace Prize (Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.)
11. 1964 Rebellions
a. Harlem
b. Bedford-Stuyvesant
c. Chicago
d. Philadelphia
e. Rochester
f. Jersey City
12. Freedom Party (1994)
13. Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls (1994)
14. Southgate and NYC v. UAM and Maddox (1994)

II. Complete Justice (Black's Law Dictionary)
1. Distributive Justice
2. Commutative Justice
3. Preventive Justice
4. Retributive Justice

III. Necessary Parties (FRCP 17)
1. State of New York
2. City of New York
3. New York State Governor Mario Cuomo (color of law)
a. George Pataki
b. Eliot Spitzer
c. David A. Paterson
d. Andrew M. Cuomo
4. New York City Mayor Ed Koch (Estate) (color of law)
a. David N. Dinkins
b. Rudolph W. Giuliani
c. Michael R. Bloomberg
d. Bill de Blasio
5. New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams (color of law)
a. G. Oliver Koppell
b. Dennis C. Vacco
c. Eliot L. Spitzer
d. Andrew M. Cuomo
e. Eric Schneiderman
6. Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau (color of law)
a. Cyrus Vance, Jr.
7. New York Police Department 
8. Donald Trump (pendent jurisdiction)
9. Justice Thomas Gallagher
10. Alton Maddox
11. Colin Moore
12. Robert Burns (Estate)
13. Joseph Mack
14. Steven Lopez
15. "John Doe" (Arraignment)
16. Linda Fairstein
17. Scott Stringer
a. Alan G. Hevesi
b. William C. Thompson
c. John Liu
18. United African Movement
19. Parents and Guardians of the "Central Park 7"

IV. Class Action (FRCP 23)
1. Scores of "John Does"
2. Notice and Opportunity to be Heard
3. Myriad Causes of Action

V. People's Attorney General (14th Amendment)
The closest term that describes my pro bono activities over the past forty years has been "private attorney general." Although this term appears in Black's Law Dictionary, Sis. Utrice Leid has noted that I should be referred to as "people's attorney general." Sis. Leid is a wordsmith. Who am I to argue with her?

Given the condition of our people and the teachings of Charles Hamilton Houston, the architect of ending the "separate but equal" doctrine, I verily believe that any attorney who represents Blacks or Latinos, consistent with the attorney's oath, is a "social parasite" if he or she engages in the private practice of law. 

When the state and federal governments default in their constitutional obligations, Black and Latino lawyers must step up to the plate as a people's attorney general and not as a private attorney. No Black or Latino lawyer can enjoy the luxury of being an "ambulance chaser."

Therefore, the state of New York and the city of New York must establish a joint trust fund to ensure that only persons aggrieved by public entity can be given access to a trust fund. New York has a despicable record in defaulting on its constitutional obligations.

After People v. Sharpton, Tawana Brawley and "Central Park 7," I had depleted all of my resources to maintain the office of people's attorney general. "Tawana Brawley" is still alive. These were extremely, costly cases. People v. Sharpton started in March 1990 and ended in July 1990. It was also a pro bono trial.

At a minimum, a people's attorney general has to have access to a conveniently-located office, access to legal literature including a law library and, last but not least, competent, office personnel. Otherwise, you will certainly be cited for violating federal and state court rules.

Although I lack the sufficient resources to give competent and zealous counsel as required by the Code of Professional Responsibility and the U.S. Constitution, someone has to step up to the plate and "speak truth to power" on behalf of the voiceless, the oppressed and the down-trodden.

Since May 21, 1990, I have been the victim of state-sponsored defamation which is a continuing wrong. Propaganda is the first stage of warfare. According to Steven Biko, "the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor are the minds of the oppressed." New York is at war with any competent and zealous attorney who operates on behalf of Blacks and Latinos.

The Black and Latino selected officials who pretend to represent us are mere titleholders. On the other hand, Blacks and Latinos are entitled to political representation by officeholders. Titleholder is a legal rule while officeholder is a legal concept. Whites enjoy political representation by officeholders. Blacks suffer a lack of representation by titleholders.

All of the "unjust laws" that led to the arrest and prosecution of the "Central Park 7" are still on the books and available for the next frame-up. Black and Latino titleholders have refused to take the first step to eradicate these "unjust laws." They are guilty of denying to Blacks and Latinos effective, political representation.

There must be a grand jury investigation and a grand jury report under Article 190 of the NY Criminal Procedure Law. A settlement should mean a "confession of judgment" or probable cause. This is an admission of guilt and it should open the door to a criminal investigation and criminal indictments. The grand jury report should allow for legislative recommendations in an emergency, legislative session.

I will be resuming the practice of law, with or without resources, at the next court appearance of the "Central Park 5" in Manhattan Federal Court. I have never been disciplined by any competent, disciplinary committee in the United States. Instead, New York started the chain of state-sponsored defamation against me. It has continued in Georgia and Pennsylvania coupled with the federal judiciary.

VI. Freedom Party (1st Amendment).
I have requested the Freedom Party to open its doors on Monday, June 30, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. (Sharp!) and to keep the doors open continuously until further notice. The Truth Commission will start its work also on Monday morning. This commission will let the truth speak for itself ("res ipsa loquitor").

Freedom Summer 1964 was an extremely busy period. Our people will honor our revered ancestors in 2014 by duplicating their work. It is also a gubernatorial year in New York. President Thomas Jefferson, the architect of the Declaration of Independence , said it best: "The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance."

He was not talking to enslaved Africans. He was talking to whites. No one has to be a rocket scientist to know that "Black sheep" require a full-time shepherd especially since "Judas goats" are masquerading as "leading Blacks” and "social parasites" are masquerading as "social engineers." Auditors can detect lies on financial statements. 

VII. Continuing Legal Education (1st Amendment)
Our struggle will begin with HELP. Malcolm X said it best. There must be "education before legislation." The purpose of the "Central Park 5" is simply to get "hush money." Justice on the other hand, requires four, complete, complete, enumerated steps. These steps are absent in the settlement of the ' Central Park 5.' "


What does the BAR or any of you readers think?