White Chechens Open New Vistas of Repression in America

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The Chechens are coming – and they're white! Like other pale-skinned immigrant groups, they appear to be flourishing. Only in America could lightly armed youngsters “represent a threat so awesomely dreadful as to spread fear up and down the great megalopolis stretching from Boston to Washington.”


White Chechens Open New Vistas of Repression in America

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The whole nation has been set up for a new round of domestic repression.”

The United States of America has collapsed into a phantasmagoria – an inverted world conjured up by imperial minds to fool the home population of the planet’s only superpower into believing they are under siege by virtually everyone else on Earth. The formula has worked too well, rendering the society so brittle, so anxious and afraid, it resembles a madhouse in a fortress that is trying to turn itself into a prison.

Once again, white America (and lots of assimilated non-whites) shows it has absolutely no capacity for introspection – only for projecting its own insanities on others. The New York Times for Sunday, April 21st, speculated that the suspects in the Boston bombing were motivated by “echoes” of “plots from the past” in their ancestral Chechnya, in the Caucasus region of Russia – but, in reality, the scenario was purely 21st century Americana. Where else could two young men with small arms and improvised explosives – if the charges are true – represent a threat so awesomely dreadful as to spread fear up and down the great megalopolis stretching from Boston to Washington?

If the two young Chechens were set up by the U.S. government, as their mother says, they are not the only ones. The whole nation has been set up for a new round of domestic repression. It has already begun, with the stripping down of Miranda warnings for persons arrested by police and the lockdown of whole sections of greater Boston, where the authorities treated white neighborhoods as if…well, as if they were Black.

In our post-911 world, we might expect that the events in Boston would lead to drone strikes or invasions of other countries to avenge American “honor.” But Chechnya is a part of the Russian Federation, which retains its nuclear arsenal, so that won’t do. Besides, it turns out the FBI was in much closer touch with the older brother than any Russian officials – so, maybe the Russians ought to be the ones asking the questions. These were, after all, American citizens.

Some have blonde or red hair.”

We hear a lot of talk about naming the surviving brother as an “enemy combatant,” but – a combatant for whom? For Allah? You can’t launch airstrikes against God. The Americans have to be careful about trying to tie their prisoner to the Chechen Islamist fighters who have made such a name for themselves around the world, since many of them are allied with the same gunmen the U.S. has financed and armed in Libya and Syria. In the end, there seems to be no enemy for Washington to punish – except American society, itself.

In this regard, the Chechen brothers’ ethnicity opens new vistas of domestic repression. Many Chechens are white – I mean, really white. Wikipedia describes them as “exhibiting traits typical of European and Caucasian peoples.” Some have “blonde or red hair,” with blue eyes and “typically pale skin.”

Does this mean that white people will lose their immunity from being arbitrarily accosted by Homeland Security? That would certainly be a sea change in American life. But, in the enemy-filled phantasmagoria that the United States has become, anything is possible.

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I'm accepting nominations for the MacArthur Genius Award

I had this ephiphany the other day while channel surfing.  I can save the US Taxpayer tens of billions even trillions in military spending and the costs of the alphabet security agencies over night.

It's not a typical morsel in my reality TV diet, but I happened by the network program "Cheaters" the other day and it struck me that if we had "Cheaters" investigators on the trail of the alleged bombers we'd a nip the incident in the bud.  I mean talk about effective usage of surveillance, tracking devices and thermal imagery, hell they put the CIA, DIA and FBI to shame, Navy Seals ain't got sh**t on "Cheaters" investigatory arm.

If we can get the wife or girlfriend (or husband/boyfriend) of every suspected terrorist to believe their mate is trying to get some strange on the side, with the crack team at "Cheaters" we could thwart all terrorist activity, because they surveil a damn sight better than the national security state.  My plan is to send a Mati Hari to every terrorist suspect and alert their mate to alert "Cheaters."  National security issues solved on the cheap.

I appreciate all nominations.  And I promise to spend ALL of the $$ on myself.  Thanks.

p.s.  I wonder if those boys were carrying pounds of weed or kilos of coke, if they'd been busted?  

CIA = Criminal Interests Abroad

Bloomberg News isn't known for reporting conspiracy theories, so check this out and share this with your "the government can do no wrong" friends:


Man robs banks for CIA

The strange case of the Target worker, six banks and a sugar daddy.

In the end, Torres would be freed on bail with the support of the arresting detective. None of the attempted robbers, nor Villegas, would be formally charged. The case against Torres would be dropped without explanation.

Sibel Edmonds has a theory worth considering.  She believes that when the Mother passionately claims the government (or FBI) visited her home several times and talks about how her son was "managed," it's very possible the Mother did not make any distinctions between CIA, DIA and/or FBI because in most countries there is only one intelligence agency.

This looks like a classic case of the Left hand keeping the truth away from the Right hand.  How many times have we seen this on episode of "Law and Order?"  You can indeed get away with murder, literally and figuratively, in the National Security State.

Yes, sounds and smells like a setup to me.  Poor rubes probably thought they were doing what the government wanted them to do, and/or perhaps those Craft Security agents swapped out the kids (phony) bombs for real ones.  (wonder what was in THEIR backpacks???) Stay tuned boys and girls, the plot thickens.





We live in an Orwellian era of “group think. The Government shouts “ terrorism”  - the people respond “terrorism”. The Government says, “ We have a suspect” – media  documents “They have a suspect”. The Government names a suspect – the people hear the name. The police confirm that a  person has been arrested – CNN reports that a person has been arrested. The people, some internet activists,  expose a different version of events and CNN and the Government suddenly change the narrative.  But, there is more, much more, to this entire Boston bombing operation – for an operation it is, but not the kind that CNN or any of the mainstream media has been reporting.

The irony of the global  situation  concerning “terrorism” is that it is the government of the United States of America  ( at least a faction of it ) that has gone rogue, but simultaneously is  claiming  to be  hunting down terrorists. One can decide for one’s self by considering the facts and ascertaining what is or is not a  truthful narrative:-



My analysis of the Boston  bombings follows:-

Considering the arrest of Tamerlan Tsarnaev


  1.       One brother, in the video is told  to come out of the  car and strip naked.
  2.       He is taken into custody naked and arrested.
  3.       Next, we hear of a shoot out and that he is shot dead.

We have A and B on the video – so by what credible process can we ever arrive at “C”?

So without conjecture.


A. There are two(2) brothers - and these have been the focal point of attention as the mass media has been reminding us ever since the Boston bombing.

B. We remove one brother from the equation (i.e. since he is arrested - in custody - no longer a threat). So - we get to:-


C. That leaves one (1) brother we know to have been shot ( under what circumstances we have yet to ascertain - but he is shot and is  in a serious condition). So, we can all reason that what we saw on the video footage was footage of the one that was killed - not the one shot and placed in a serious  condition.


Surely, if a man is already in custody and alive - then when  he  is shot –  under what circumstances can such a shooting and killing  of a man who already had stripped naked be justified homicide?


Simple question.



The facts versus the case presented to the  public

At this point, I can but comment as follows:-
1. The person being arrested in the video does look like Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
2. If the arrest was related to a different and unconnected incident – then that “different incident” would still have coincided with the very period of the bombing, and since Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a suspect, it would be an odd arrest that would have arrested Tamerlan Tsarnaev then but not  pertaining to the bombing but another incident.
3. Surely, the journalist is clearly there in the video speaking directly to his eye witness account of events that pertain directly to the post-bombing search for suspects.
4. The video appeared on CNN and seems to be projecting to the public the arrest of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS8CAUFFSMU – the next video mentions CNN retracting the earlier information announcing that a suspect was arrested:-
The retraction would be consistent with an attempt to find a new narrative once independent observers started posting youtube videos that either directly challenged and/or questioned the official mainstream media’s version.
And here is another mainstream media video of someone ( Tsarnaev ?) on his stomach lying flat on the roadway. Can we now begin to piece the original dead Tsarnaev together and link to the man subsequently ( Tsarnaev ?) lying flat and come up with a credible narrative to make the official sequence of events ever fit logically together?:-

Where is the solid case so far built out of the public information that has been disseminated about the brothers?

Is there an alternate credible narrative about the Boston bombings?

Can a government, willfully lie, fabricate evidence, and stage a “false flag” event?

Yes it can if we consider the following video and the photographs of the events surrounding the Boston bombings:-


Has this type of strategy ever been used or been deployed by the government of America before? Yes  it has been:-


The foregoing declassified document just about says it all, if proof is required of the  capacity of government to deceive the citizenry.

The global cum domestic dimensions of the Boston bombings

An entire nation was duped by the WMD line sold, before no less an august body, than the United Nations. Fabrications, lies, deceptions and statecraft manipulation at the highest levels was the order of the day  - ably assisted by Colin Powell and others at the highest levels of the United States government. Those are concrete facts about events that recently took place, which led to the illegal invasion of Iraq, followed by a million plus Iraqis dead in consequence ( and still counting) and several Americans dead and maimed – in the service of what – an oil war? Hans Blix, the Chief UN weapons inspector’s  book* on this whole, sad and bloodthirsty set of events is probably the most, convincing account I have come across of how events unfolded internationally at the time.

  •          Name of book: “Disarming Iraq”.

That backdrop to say this. The misdeeds of the state and its ability to lie, concoct and cover-up is not to be doubted nor debased, by simply focusing on a view that may be posted or published which tries to make a point about the truth behind the events, but fails to do so in a reasoned, consistently logical or credible way. That fact in and of itself does not negate the need to question, analyse and then draw reasonable conclusions.


The new official narrative about the Boston bombings is that the brothers were “self-radicalised”. Since they happen to be of Chechen descent and also were of the Muslim religion, this further  fits into the “war on terror” narrative that Muslims are the enemy, thus justifying   more over- expenditures by the military-industrial complex.

So, I suspect that now the “war on terrorism” mind-set will increasingly be projected from a 9/11 original position of justifying global warfare, into a “post Boston bombing mind-set” justifying the reduction of civil liberties domestically in the US on the basis of fighting and constraining domestic terrorism.

Courtenay Barnett


Critical Thinking is Subversive: R U an Enemy Combatant?

A truly excellent exercise of critical thinking and analysis.  But here's the rub, UNFORTUNATELY, more people will DISLIKE you for it than APPRECIATE you for it.

Share it with your office mates and church folks if you doubt me.

Remember, the truth is both subversive and unsettling.  It's sorta like telling the hard-core religious that life exists outside our universe.  Rather than appreciating the fact that you just might be speaking to the Omnipotence of "their" God (or anybody's God), they view the "wisdom and insight" as an insult and affront.  It's also akin to criticizing Obama.  Rather than discerning Obama's Right Wing tendencies, they deem "you" a Republican, closeted or otherwise. "Why you downing the Brother?"  Been there done that to I bet?

How dare you move me from my little box, my comfort zone!

To weigh in on your analysis.  If we all recall part of the MSM "debate" or better put, CONJECTURE during the "search" for the "suspects," (found in the comments of more than one "terrorist" expert on the Liberal MSNBC or CNN) was that Al Qaeda had supposedly come out with a "new playbook" promoting unitary, "lone-wolf" operations in contrast to their normal use of "cells." operating w/n a hierarchical structure. This ties into the "self-radicalized" meme you adroitly highlight, which is designed to give the National Security State apparatus and organs even greater power, particularly on the domestic front.  The logic of the National Security State becomes thusly, "We need greater domestic surveillance (spying) and martial law powers."  "Because the CIA has done such a good job of surveiling internationally (NOT!) but our current laws "prohibit" them operating domestically (what a laugher) therefore, so we don't "blur the lines," we need to step up the FBI's toolkit."

Never mind that one or both of the boys went to Russia TWICE (so how much "self-help" was their), or that the Mother said the FBI (or who knows which alphabet agency?) WARNED HER that the older boy, in particular, was going rogue.

And NEVER mind the probability that the FBI was doing their normal, BLUNDERING thing, while the CIA was doing their normal NEFARIOUS thing.  Aficionados of "Law and Order" know what I'm talking about.  Remember when the the prosecutor and cops finally finger the culprit and the CIA moves in and squashes the prosecution for National Security reasons or invoke Diplomatic Immunity?."  (See,  the CIA recruits kid bankrobber article I link here elsewhere).

We've ALL seen the episode once or twice, with the caveat.  "These events are not real but may reflect current events." (or something to that effect)

Stay tuned T.V.  and movie fans!!!  And keep repeating, "It's only a movie,"or a horrible episode of Law and Order, their producers are much better.  At least they keep the audience guessing.  The FBI and CIA should have hired them, would have been fair play for all the info THEY gave to the OSCAR winners.  Probably could have done a barter, "all for one and one for all."  

Keeping thinking the way you are, and we might just put a drone on you a***, we just need to figure out first, are you an enemy combatant or a domestic terrorist, or sh**t is there any difference? LOL

p.s.  One more thought, the MSM feed us-- 24/7-- a  MULTITUDE of UNDOCUMENTED stories laced with conjecture and alternate and multiple theories; I submit it is actually PART AND PARCEL of the orchestration of the DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN.  Hard to find consensus in the midst of this "confusion" isn't it?  

The Plot Thickens


Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss told Channel 2 Action News late Tuesday afternoon that a law enforcement agency may have had information in advance of the Boston bombings that wasn’t properly shared.

“There now appears that may have been some evidence that was obtained by one of the law enforcement agencies that did not get shared in a way that it could have been. If that turns out to be the case, then we have to determine whether or not that would have made a difference,” Chambliss said.


WASHINGTON -- Russian authorities alerted the US government not once but ``multiple’’ times over their concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev -- including a second time nearly a year after he was first interviewed by FBI agents in Boston -- raising new questions about whether the FBI should have focused more attention on the suspected Boston Marathon bomber, according to US senators briefed on the probe Tuesday.


Glenn Greenwald: Boston manhunt infused with political messages

Indeed! The Boston Plot Thickens Even More...

There are apparently multiple early reports & videos of the older Tsarnaev brother, Tamerlan, being captured alive, uninjured &  stripped naked. If this proves to be true, then how the hell did he end-up dead battered from head to toe in an alleged shoot-out w the cops [FYI: other reports say the 2 Tsarnaev brothers had nothing to do w the reported 7-11 robbery which supposedly led to their shoot-out w the cops - see www.globalresearch.ca/the-boston-bombing-web-of-lies/5332981 -&- www.globalresearch.ca/boston-suspect-tamerlan-tsarnaev-alive-and-uninjured-when-taken-into-custody-now-he-is-dead/5333118 ]??? Since the Hi-jacked 2000 election, the 9-11 'New Pearl Habor' Event & Anthrax Attacks, & Iraq Attack based on Saddam's phantom WMDs & phony Al-CIAeda links to 9-11... - the power Elites & their lame-stream media have become out-right / blatantly Orwellian. It's like they expect us to just pretend that the video(s) showing Tamerlan being captured & alive & uninjured never actually happened [down the memory black-hole = US of Amnesia / Alzheimer's]!!!

Then Dzhokhar is caught w a serious wound to his throat [which I heard damaged his vocal-cords]- yet they claim he's made a full confession. So just how did he manage that? Did he sit up in his hospital bed in serious [or even critical] condition & write [or type] out a manifesto confession ala Chris Dorner??? IMO All this rhetoric about not Maranda-rizing him is a bit of a distraction. Both he & his older brother were said to be bright college students, so I'm sure Dzhokhar knows full well his rights to remain silent & to an attny- especially after being interrogated several times previously by the FBI / Feds!  

ALSO: I wondered why the initial pics of the Tsarnaev brothers walking thru the Boston Marathon crowd w baseball caps & backpacks, were being hyped by the FEDS as 'persons of interest'- because how many 100s of young white dudes wearing baseball caps &/or backpacks were at Boston's marathon??? Then their mom, dad & aunt let the 'cat out of the bag' that the FEDs had been keyed in on the Tsarnaev brothers for at-least the last 2 yrs!!! AND- Reportedly they had a bomb drill in Boston just prior to the marathon, & also bomb-sniffing dogs & security personnel at both the start & finish lines- before & during the race. Thus my gut tells me there's some BS in this game!

To be serious about the issues surrounding the Boston bombings

To be serious about this, with reporting like this:-

" Reports in the US have claimed the teenager suffered a self-inflicted throat injury during a shoot-out and subsequent stand-off with police.

According to US officials he has said that his brother, Tamerlan, 26, who died in gunfight with police, recruited him to take part in the attacks only recently."




“WASHINGTON -- Russian authorities alerted the US government not once but ``multiple’’ times over their concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev -- including a second time nearly a year after he was first interviewed by FBI agents in Boston -- raising new questions about whether the FBI should have focused more attention on the suspected Boston Marathon bomber, according to US senators briefed on the probe Tuesday.”

Well,  if Tamerlan Tsarnaev is the person who Russian intelligence repeatedly warned US intelligence about –  then why would not Russian intelligence, in its own best interest, have acted and arrested or questioned or detained, when Tamerlan Tsarnaev returned for 6 months under their jurisdiction? Makes a lot of sense – doesn’t it.

So, what then about the shoot-out version of events?

I am hearing a worn and discredited narrative from MSM,

The kinds of questions that interest me:-

1. Were swabs taken from the back of both hands of the brothers to verify that guns had been fired by one or both of them?

2. Since we have the videos to show submission and arrests - especially with regard to the brother who was told to strip naked - since he comes out of the vehicle and is told to take off his underwear - then is arrested. I would have to be told:-

A. Where was he located when he was shooting at the police?

B. When, in the circumstances shown on the video, did he have time to pull a gun and shoot at the police? If he had been shooting at the police before, did he just escaped, then the police tracked him down then told him to strip and take off his underwear, just after he escaped from the prior shoot out? When and where did he shoot at the police?

C. If he was shooting, as claimed, then how does that narrative square with the official narrative. for - if he  was shooting from the car then the car would have been riddled with bullet holes once the police fired back in full force at the car? Surely, no shoot out took place when he came out stripped and naked – so, again,  when did this alleged shoot-out take place?

3. If they did kill a campus police officer, that again is full reason why swabs should have been taken, because on average the gun shot residue can remain and be traced for up to 3 days and becomes remains vital evidence if the weapon(s) is/are not retrived.

For these and other reasons, related both to the police narrative and the evidentiary discrepancies - this is the type of case a law worth his salt  would have a good day with before a jury.


Radio news this A.M.:Congressmembers angry at Judge for reading

the young Chichen-American suspect his Miranda Rights in the hospital.  One of the Kafka-esque interrogators at the bedside of the "accused" was furious and said the judge interrupted (after 16plus hours of questioning, I think is delay) and no doubt, the judge will face some kind of hassle for following the law.  There are still some brave and honest judges and a few lawyers, left.