The War on White Supremacy

by Solomon Comissiong

White supremacy is a killer of plague-like dimensions, “responsible for well over 100 million deaths” of Africans and Native Americans, alone. For centuries, white supremacists have waged war on the non-white world. “In 2008 they selected their newest weapon – Barack Obama.”


The War on White Supremacy

by Solomon Comissiong

An ideological ‘war on White Supremacy’ would do humanity immense favors.”

Much has been said about the so-called “war on terror,” primarily due to the effectiveness of the relentless US propaganda machine. This cleaver ploy allows United States imperialism to wage war anywhere it wishes – so long as “they” say “terrorism” exists. It matters little that the greatest global manufacturer and purveyor of terror is the United States government itself. The evil cretins that created the “war on terror” scheme also crafted their own rules to justify their destructive actions. These actions have undoubtedly taken well over one million lives, as well as destroyed many more families. Their wretched mantra is, “terror must be destroyed anywhere it exists in world.” They have repeated this tune so many times the systematically dumbed down US populous has bought into it, hook, line, and sinker. Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels would be proud. Like the lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction being in Iraq, the US government rarely has to show the US populous any evidence that what they are saying is actually true.

Despite the ill-intentioned “war on terror,” there is one ideological war that would be well served, if aggressively launched. An ideological “war on White Supremacy” would do humanity immense favors, especially the people of color who are terrorized by it, every day of their lives. White Supremacy is a most nefarious ideology, created by white people for white people. White Supremacy rears its hideous head throughout the globe and has been responsible for well over 100 million deaths (i.e., African Holocaust, Native American Holocaust). However, White Supremacy not only kills bodies, it destroys minds. It is the programming to believe that white people, their various cultures, and their mores are inherently better than all other people and their respective cultures – period. People are taught, from a very young age, to worship some of them most devilish white people the world has ever known, simply because they are white. This is a vastly under-taught aspect of White Supremacy.

White Supremacy not only kills bodies, it destroys minds.”

White Supremacy is often limited to being described as some toothless hillbilly or muscle bound and hairless white male with a Swastika etched in to his hollow, yet hate filled, head.  This is merely one minor aspect of White Supremacy. White Supremacy, in its essence, is much, much more pervasive than the physical form we are programmed to sometimes see in human flesh. White Supremacy is most effective in its ideological form. Everything else is a destructive manifestation of that ideology.

 White Supremacy bores destructive holes into the impressionable minds of children. White children are subconsciously programmed to falsely believe that they are the champions of humanity and that their contributions to the world vastly overshadow that of people of color. White Supremacy blinds them to myriad truths detailing the origins of sciences, medicine, democracy and philosophy came out of African, not Europe. This assembly-line type of programming sets in motion the next wave of future white adults mentally equipped carry out the crimes of their mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. It robs these white children of humanity without them ever realizing they are being developed to see the world in a most limiting and destructive way. Without progressive social intervention many white youth are bound to develop similar socially destructive ways as their elders.

White children are subconsciously programmed to falsely believe that they are the champions of humanity and that their contributions to the world vastly overshadow that of people of color.”

Children of color, on the other hand, are systematically programmed to, not only see white people as better than themselves, but to also extol white people who carried out crimes against humanity against people of color. Within the white settler colony, otherwise known as the United States, children of color are force-fed heaping platefuls of White Supremacy. It is a most psychologically unhealthy meal. They are taught to call slave masters their “Founding Fathers,” men who would have worked them to death had these children been anywhere within the vicinity of these devilish human beings. The likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Andrew Jackson all held enslaved Africans against their will. George Washington and Andrew Jackson were also notorious for their assaults on Indigenous people from North America. It is very telling of how sadistic “American” society is, that it would impose these kinds of men upon the minds of children, especially children of color. This is exactly what white supremacist societies do – they force children of color to assimilate. Those aforementioned men, when cited within classrooms and homes, should be held as examples of what not to do. A humane society would do this. The US is far from being a humane society.

The US is a society that routinely abuses and destroys the lives of people of color. African/black and Indigenous/Latino/brown communities are systematically targeted by way of this white supremacist and institutionally racist war that is being waged upon them. Mass incarceration, the Prison Industry Complex, and Police Brutality are all very much lethal aspects of White Supremacy. In a society that rewards European genocidal monsters, like Christopher Columbus, it makes painful sense that the US would be a place that harvests oppression much like farmers do fruits and vegetables.  The US is riddled with a legacy of “strange fruit.”

Police brutality is a most deleterious aspect of White Supremacy and Institutional Racism. This is why police brutality disproportionately impact people of color. Thanks to the work of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement we know that in 2012 a black person was murdered by “law enforcement” at least every 36 hours. The white supremacist corporate media did nothing to expose this story. And why would they – they are who they are because of White Supremacy. A revolution to end White Supremacy truly will not be televised – at least not on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or the like.

Children of color are force-fed heaping platefuls of White Supremacy.”

The so-called entertainment industry is replete with white supremacist images, messages, and is controlled by White Supremacy and Institutional Racism. This is why the only images shown of Hip Hop Culture, within the corporate media’s usurped airwaves, are that of the most virulently racist and stereotypical images of people of color. These are the acceptable versions of blackness they feel comfortable showing. Again, it matters little that Hip Hop is a culture largely created by African/black youth. The white supremacist power structure that controls the media, that makes destructive images popular while suppressing revolutionary ones, is no different than the white people who stole North America from Indigenous people. Once in control of a resource they are hell-bent on suppressing any semblance of resistance or justice. 

White Supremacy is a social disease that infects entire societies, person-by-person, community-by-community and nation-by-nation. It is a plague that has only gotten stronger and more deceptive throughout its existence, which spans over several hundred years. If the US was a sincere and justice oriented nation it would wage an all out war on the ideology of White Supremacy – aimed at destroying all vestiges of a most deadly and disproportionate white power structure. The US’s ongoing existence as a white settler nation precludes it from waging a noble war on White Supremacy. White Supremacy and Institutional Racism largely fuel this country’s lifeblood. The US’s wars are ultimately justified by White Supremacy and capitalism. Historically these wars have been waged for white men by white men. However, with the growing number of people of color within the United States, the white power structure has adapted to the times. In 2008 they selected their newest weapon – Barack Obama – a brown-faced man willing to wage white supremacist/capitalist/imperialist wars for the white power structure he ultimately serves. This, unfortunately, has worked like a lucky charm, thus converting legions of black people (who previously opposed Euro-America’s imperialist wars) into cheerleaders for the same reprehensible wars, simply because the face of Euro-American white supremacy is now a brown one.

The US’s wars are ultimately justified by White Supremacy and capitalism.”

The struggle to end White Supremacy is one that must continue and grow even stronger – countless youth of color simply depend on it. Resistance to white supremacist ideology is paramount. If you believe in humanity (regardless of the color of your skin) you must join in this resistance. White Supremacy is a most deadly social malady. It has given birth to Apartheid, Jim Crow, mass murder, chattel slavery – the list literally goes on and on.

People of color must resist White Supremacy in every way they can. We must organize ourselves to combat it – teaching our youth to recognize it is an important first step. People of color must collectively resist White Supremacy, and good intentioned white people must play their own critical roles within this struggle. It is the obligation of any good intentioned white person to go in to white communities and organize an end to the social disease there. After all, White Supremacy emanates from white communities. It is frequently birthed from ignorance and hatred, among several social maladies and complexes.

White people, it is your responsibility to put an end to White Supremacy in your communities just as it is the responsibility of men to bury Male Supremacy and sexual/physical abuse of women. White Supremacy is killing masses of people (physically and mentally). When will we all decide to wage a war on this pervasive social illness/ideology, and put and end to it? Humanity depends on our collective commitment to end it before it metastasizes and puts and end to us all.

Solomon Comissiong is an educator, community activist, author, and the host of the Your World News media collective ( Mr. Comissiong is also a founding member of the Pan-African collective for Advocacy & Action. Solomon is the author of A Hip Hop Activist Speaks Out on Social Issues. He can be reached at: [email protected]




"It (white supremacy) is the programming to believe that white people, their various cultures, and their mores are inherently better than all other people and their respective cultures – period"

This is the best statement in the article. Great job Solomon! This is a wonderful article to use as a teaching tool and it expresses one of the essential aspects of the white supremacist ideology and system.


Black Racist Agenda Report

This is the most ignorant racist rant I ever heard. I'm a 58 y.o. white man and know my own people. For me to tell a black man I know his race better than he does would label me a retard by him. In 58 years every white person I ever met had no openion about race nor have I ever met a white suppremist who claimed they were.


White children are subconsciously programmed to falsely believe that they are the champions of humanity and that their contributions to the world vastly overshadow that of people of color.”

This is written by a true retard who hae ZERO understanding of white people. I have NEVER met a white person to teach their children this load of BS.


Plus in might interest the African american people to know that you have been brainwashed by the synagogue of Satan Revelation 2:9 Those who claim to be Jews who are not. Esiehower, Kissenger, Rothchilds, Roskerfellers etc etc who run our government, all of hollywood, the news and write our history books which say the white man enslaved the blacks. The first slaves coming to america, barbadoes and other parts of the world were white NOT black and ALL of the slave ships had Jewish names on the ships, Jewish owners of the ships and Jewish captains and crews. THE CARGO WAS WHITE FIRST black second. The word slave is a slavonic word and means white people. White women have brought very high prices for several thousand years as sex slaves to arabs who still buy black slaves in 2014 AD.

Why is there arab nations for arabs, asian nations for asians, mexico for mexicans etc etc but white nations for EVERYONE! Every white nation and ONLY white nations are being flooded with other races and not allowed their own nation as the other races are. And why is every white nation being blasted by the Jewish owned media to race mix the white people out of existance? And why does all the Jewish owned media promote hate of white people all over the world?

95% of the world Christians are white is why. Jesus said we would be hated above all others and if not for his return there would be none left alive. Why do Jews hate  white Christians more than arabs who always threaten to wipe Israel off the map? So-called Jews have followed white people for several thousand years like leaches and have mixed just enough with our seed to pass as white and is how they have taken over every white christian nation on earth.

Another form of genocide is race mixing strongly promoted in every white nation and ONLY white nations. We are told if we don't race mix we are racist.

Jewish shows like Jerry Springer, Muary Povish and others have brainwash all the ZOMBIES watching TV about race mixing but you will NEVER see a Jew promote race mixing amoung Jews.

The ZOMBIES watch and white are brainwashed and say "look we are white and mix with blacks, see we are not racist!" and the black men all over the country laugh like ZOMBIES saying "yeh homeboy we be giv'n those little white girls a heart attack, they be thinking they be having a baby" and ani't no peckerwood gonna do a MF'n thang. All this evilness promoted by the Jews. Jews and even infultrated the NAACP. The big message is white people deserve to be raped murdered and genocide. White genocide is promoted all over youtube but where is genocide of any other race promoted on youtube???

All you think you knew to be true has been a lie spoonfed to you by Jews the khazars who say they are Jews but are of the synagog of Satan. Revelation 2:9


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