Victory! – for the Non-Resistance


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The More Effective Evil has trounced those Republicans with evil intentions. Folks who never made a single demand of the corporate, war mongering Democrat think they are some kind of victors. “The non-resisters have won a non-victory against an unimpressive enemy,” while Obama plots new atrocities.


Victory! – for the Non-Resistance

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Obama is the more effective austerity president – if the Republicans will just let him work his show.”

Get Away Sandy – God and Obama Will Save Us” read the graffiti, scrawled man-high on a cinderblock wall in the majority Black town of Plainfield, New Jersey. It is an apt articulation of African American politics as we descend into the First Black President’s second term.

Black folks may or may not have a prayer, but they certainly don’t have any earthly influence on the direction of the nation or on a president for whom they gave near-unanimous support, while asking nothing in return.

Wait a minute! I’m hearing echoes of…a familiar voice:

We have learned that Black politicians and activist-poseurs have an infinite capacity to celebrate not having engaged in struggle with Power, and that the Black masses can be made drunk by the prospect of vicariously (through Obama) coming to power.” – Black Agenda Report, “The Obama '08 Phenomenon: What Have We Learned?” November 4, 2008.

As Marx said, history repeats itself, “first as tragedy, then as farce.” Independent Black politics, rooted in the historical African American consensus on social justice, racial equality and peace, definitively collapsed, after a long illness, with the first Obama presidential campaign. The tragedy was compounded, exponentially, by the timing, coinciding with capitalism’s greatest crisis since the Great Depression. The autumn of 2008 was an historical juncture for the nation and the world. Either the people would erect structures to protect themselves from being crushed under the dead weight of a system in terminal decay, or the Lords of Capital would swallow the State whole, and buy themselves some time.

African Americans, the most politically volatile and left-oriented U.S. constituency – a people specifically targeted by Wall Street’s machinations – had an historical role to play. “The man STRUCK,” said Frederick Douglass, “is the man to cry out.” But Black folks had already been struck silly with Obama’Laid.

Despite his background, Obama knew enough about African Americans to pay us no attention and less respect.”

The rulers had, at long last, found our Achilles Heel, the weakest spot in African Americans’ political armor. Our reflexive racial solidarity (actually, an aspect of Black nationalism), which had served us so well, for so long, short-circuited our progressive political instincts. We became fodder for Obama, the slicker-than-Slick-Willie corporate guy with the brown face.

Despite his background, Obama knew enough about African Americans to pay us no attention and less respect. There would be no penalty. Black folks had convinced themselves that Obama needed our protection; it never occurred to most of us that we needed protection from him – not during the primaries, when he praised Ronald Reagan’s reaction to the “excesses” of the Sixties, or when he refused to endorse even a voluntary halt to home foreclosures (while Hillary Clinton and John Edwards endorsed “voluntary” and mandatory moratoriums, respectively); not in the last weeks before his inauguration, when Obama announced that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all “entitlements” would be “on the table” for chopping under his administration.

Instead, a million Black folks gathered on the National Mall for what we at BAR called “The Great Black Hajj of 2009,” a pilgrimage, as if to Mecca, in celebration of Obama’s ascension. There, he proclaimed to the multitudes: “In the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things."

Dutifully, Black folks set aside the last vestiges of their vaunted distrust of Power. Henceforth, African Americans would consider themselves as a Palace Guard – the antithesis of independent political actors. Thus was Obama empowered to become the “More Effective Evil.”

With little resistance on the Left, and virtually none from organized Black America, Obama has worked miracles for the resuscitation of the Lords of Capital and their imperial apparatus – feats that only a Black corporate Democrat could accomplish. After saving George Bush’s bank bailout in October of 2008 (it passed only after candidate Obama’s intervention), Obama undertook the historic mission of placing the U.S. State at the total disposal of finance capital. Under Obama’s watch, the Treasury Department and, especially, the Federal Reserve have funneled at least $16 trillion to Wall Street and its foreign annexes – a sum greater than the national GDP. The “free money” window at the Federal Reserve has become a permanent fixture of the global financial order, permanently blurring the lines between the U.S. state and international finance capital. Obama has embedded the state into the banks, and vice versa, in ways that cannot be undone without causing the system to collapse. In a very real sense, the “good faith and credit” of the United States has become a collective corporate asset of the Lords of Capital – an outcome that fits the classic structural description of fascism. No Republican could have delivered the state apparatus so effectively to the banks – there would have been fierce resistance from within the Democratic base, as well as libertarian Right. But Obama has proven to be the more effective facilitator of the bankers’ state.

Obama has embedded the state into the banks, and vice versa, in ways that cannot be undone without causing the system to collapse.”

Social Security was untouchable – until Obama laid his hands on it. Beginning with his pre-inauguration pronouncements on entitlements, Obama has been the guiding hand of an austerity offensive that did not exist on Election Day, 2008. Instead, Obama made deficit reduction his own priority, at a time when pundits were saying obituaries over the GOP. (Much as they are, today.) The Black Democrat appointed the Right-weighted Deficit Reduction Commission to promulgate a $4 trillion blueprint for austerity, a formula that matched Republic proposals in 2011. The blueprint would have been the basis for Obama’s cherished Grand Bargain had the GOP not balked at “modest” taxes on the rich – levies that are irrelevant to those who will lose their programs under the axe. Obama is the more effective austerity president – if the Republicans will just let him work his show.

Imperial aggression has never fared better than under the opposition-less Obama. At one point, he was bombing five countries simultaneously, pretty good work for a Nobel Peace Prize winner – or did the prize help empower him to such heights of bellicosity? His ever-evolving “Kill List” includes not only individuals of all nationalities (including our own) but also any country whose government is inconvenient to the United States. With “humanitarian” jargon as his only justification, President Obama has attempted to render international law a dead letter. No nation has any rights that he feels bound to respect. Obama, with his drone armadas and multiplying Special Forces troops, represents a far greater threat to global civilization – which must be rooted in law! – than the failed conquerer George Bush (who actually negotiated the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq). Unlike Bush, Obama has promulgated his own, novel doctrine of war, which declares that wars only exist when sufficient numbers of Americans become casualties. Under this construct, Libya was not a war, and the possibilities for U.S. non-war depredations are endless.

Preventive detention is the crown jewel of Obama’s presidential exceptionalism. Statutory authority to imprison Americans without charge or trial was beyond Bush’s reach, and he knew it. But Obama guided a bill through the Congress with very little Democratic opposition. He is the more effective secret police warden.

Now Obama has won another “mandate,” which he will use to finish the projects he started: wider wars, a more profound government subservience to finance capital, and that “new legal architecture” on national security that he warned about on the Daily Show, a few weeks ago. He looks forward to fulfilling his austerity dreams early in his new term: “I am absolutely confident that we can get what is the equivalent of the grand bargain that essentially I’ve been offering to the Republicans for a very long time.”

The non-resisters have won a non-victory against an unimpressive enemy, while the more effective evil plots new atrocities.

You will note that I have not specifically mentioned Black folks since the beginning of this article; that’s because African Americans have made themselves irrelevant – not just for the second Obama presidency, but possibly deep into the future. “Power concedes nothing without a demand,” and Black folks have failed to demand even elementary respect from this president, much less concrete programs, or peace. Obama isn’t the only one who has noted Black ineffectuality. Until an independent African American politics and political movement can be rebuilt, there is no reason for a president or Congress to pay “the Blacks” any more attention than Obama did.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected].


Austerity Starts Immediately

Excellent piece Glen ! As the Obama celebration continues, a few Progressive pundits have warned about an early attack to start the Austerity drive during the current Lame Duck session of Congress this Fall. A raft of business friendly legislation in the cue along with existing legislation to effectively gut the last of the New Deal programs. The price of all this private money in our political system is coming due early with the current members of Congress paying back their large campaign contributors in various ways and the losers doing what's necessary to sweeten their Resumes to pass through the revolving door and get one of those high paying post government jobs in private business. 

It's all good in the Hood

Absent an unforseen, out-of-the-blue revolutionary spark/epiphany, Black folks are DONE.  Stick a fork in it.

In Bruce Dixon's essay below I allude to a "debate" I had today when I attempted to educate/inform our contract accountant, a middle-age Black woman--about the REAL Obama and his intentions.  The responses I got were nothing short of striking and heart-breaking. I won't bore you with all the details.  (When she left my office you'd think I played the dozens with her Mama by criticizing Obama).

Let me just say that when I asked her--Ms. Sarbanes-Oxley Expert--if she was familiar with the wealth transfer documented in the Federal Reserve Audit, I got a blank stare.

She had the audacity to say, in terms of coming cuts to entitlements, "That most people know he has do so something." I never bothered asking her what "something" was as I could sense the futility of the exchange.  But for her to allege that the average voter, particularly the average African American voter is aware that some cuts to the social safety net were understood and/or implied and/or tacitly accepted is not only a damn lie but speaks to the twisted logic and morality of Obamabots.

All of this dovetails into Mr. Dixon's piece on the absence of any moral integrity/principles of Black Obamabots.  What was also ignomious and telling in our "debate" was when pressed, she said that (ultimately) she would blame any bad policy outcomes on White folks.  Had I not anticipated this sophistry I would have fell out of my chair.  But it was expected versus suprising.

I don't know where to start.  Racism has come home to roost and there is ample blame to lay on hundreds of years of racist-leaning White folks for this cognitive dissonance.  But at some point in time--in a so-called Information Age of Enlightment--its fair to blame Black folks.  Our accountant is front and center an example of the Black Misleadership.

There is no doubt in my mind that the poor, ignorant African American souls who voted for Obama HAVE NO IDEA of the "Grand Bargain" or "Fiscal Cliff's" significance.

But "Hey" its all good in the Hood, because at the end of the day "we won" we showed the crackers once again and stood arm-in arm with out beloved Black President.  At the end of the day the Middle and Upper Class Blacks are no better or worse than the insular GOPers or Tea Party members because they don't give a fuck about the poor and working class.  As long as they can find comfort in and beat their chests about outdoing or upstarting the Republicans, they are more than comfortable with acting like them.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius in America where MORAL RELATIVISM rules the roost.  It's not okay or cool for a White Boy to fuck the average citizen but if a Black President whips his dick out and fucks them raw dog style, it's just fine. (sorry if I offend you politically correct junkies, but frankly you are part of the problem too, shading honesty for feel good bullshit).

Gays and Hispanics will make gains while Blacks become increasingly irrelevant.  You get the government you deserve.

Tough Love and Cognitive Dissonance for All

What Hispanics sort of got amnesia about was the fact that Obama deported more Mexicans than Geo. W. Bush.  As Black folks we know Obama digs tough love. 

In classic Clinton triangulation fashion Obama didn't leave himself exposed to critics from the Right Wing, they certainly couldn't accuse him of being soft on illegal immigration.  I had a conversation this summer with a White Liberal from California who told me that Sens. Boxer and Feinstein and Congress Lady Pelosi are not truly proponents of immigration reform because of the financial backing they receive from large California growers.  He said it's all smoke and mirrors and I believe him.

On the flip side, it looks Hispanics are about to call in their chips.  But in all honesty, I think that whatever reform comes will have more to do with strategic political concerns of BOTH parties than humanitarian considerations or fear of Hispanic backlash.  I believe that ultimately Hispanics will get pimped too, once they become "US Citizens".  They will ultimately get the same lip service and symbolic gains we Blacks get.  But of course in the process of their "come up" Blacks and their political power will diminish.

Some of the other cynical political considerations also have to do with money.  It ain't like Black folks are opening their pocket books for political races.  We're last place in that regard, so the attitude is likely:  they have no where to go, and financially what use are they?

Obama obviously didn't fear any backlash these last 4 years and I would not doubt some level of cynicism on their (Dimocraps) part that says Hispanics don't have any where else (political party) to go to, anymore than Blacks do.Their attitude is likely: I mean what are Hispanics going to do, join the Tea Party???

The GOP can or at least stand to make inroads because of Catholicism, the religious practice of most Hispanics.  And how Catholicism influences their attitudes on abortion. 

I think we have a confluence of factors here, and the gambit is who will corner the Hispanic vote best.  Consequently, Obama (and the Dimocraps) can use immigration reform to further solidify Hispanic gains if indeed reform is rejected by the GOP.  If reform is rejected by the GOP, Feinstein and Boxer and Pelosi keep their donors happy.  As we know, it's always a "win/win" for the Oligarchs.  Hispanics are about to find that out too.

All in all cynical ploys by both parties. Just as it's all good in the Hood, it's all good in the barrios too.

Victory for the Non resistance

Yeah Glen, the second round is upon us.  The second round of black folks being treated like they don't exist from a President who is suppose to share at least part of thier heritage.   I remember when Malcolm x, said. "Lord, no more days like this"  Unfortunately, we are likely to see a lot of days like this in the future, until blacks folks, in any significant numbers, awake from their state of delusion, if ever. 

Fuck all this bullshit.

I'm gonna keep it real with the sisters here.

We all know that the white male power structure is promoting females because they think women capitulate faster.

As thinking people, we should be promoting Susan Rice as the next Secretary of State, and calling the coronation of John Kerry -- LIBERAL RACISM and SEXISM!

If you're going to use the political post of the presidency for tokenism, we want it all the way!

We want a Black head of the CIA, Black head of the State Dep.(and treasury, the most important because we know they can't to KILL black people with austerity, war, and through biological means).

We know his puppet masters may not like MHP for this. But maybe MHP will support the black female Susan Rice for Secretary of State?

Rome is Burning: The white power structures solution: BLACK FACE POLITICS!

good one!

"Black face politics"- Good one!

Tarpley's Burden

I was hoping to get an uncontested analysis of the coming moves by the Obama administration from Dr. Tarpley but unfortunately he is tethered to the leader of the Texas Red Neck Rabble faction that is a member of the same radio network that provides Dr. Tarpley with a national platform to air his opinions. Dr. Tarpley is right on concerning an immediate action by the Obama Administration to decimate the last remaining social programs of the New Deal. Over the past couple of days he's been joined by several outspoken progressives that also see an open attack on these programs during the current Lame Duck Session of Congress. As Glen implied, none of us can afford to fall victim to the jubilation of Obama's re-election and ignore the immediate possibility of Congress issuing a legislative death blow to these important programs. Social Security is the soundest of these programs and has no effect on the deficit as it is financed exclusively through payroll taxes. The program is scheduled to encounter a short fall in twenty years based on the current state of the job market in this country, quite simply there aren’t too many of these problems that couldn’t be resolved in large part by establishing a living wage job market with full employment. Dr. Tarpley has repeatedly called for the government to nationalize the Federal Reserve and require that they issue, in place of the Quantitative Easing to bail out private banks, several Billion Dollar low interest one hundred year infrastructure bonds to go to the states for the creation and upgrading of targeted infrastructure that will aid in the re-industrialization of America. The jobs that this will create would provide the catalyst for a complete recovery over a relatively short period of time. 

Yes, Alex was quite rude.

Alex claims to be above the left right paradigm as he calls it, but as we came closer to the election, he got weak kneed and provided total cover for Romney against Obama.  Alex made a few good points. Tarpley does have a tendency towards arrogance, but in the main he was right; you can't start a mass movement on the issue of aspartame,and the TSA. The mass movement has to be founded on breaking up the banks, and making them eat the debt. The banks serve no  useful purpose as presently constituted. Was it a coincidence that not one question was asked during the debates about the fed, and how we got into this mess in the first place?

Begging your pardon, not rude...a piece of shit

I used to check out Infowars like I checked out Black Listed New or Raw Story.  But recently I visited Infowars and this ass-sucking Zionist had a story about Blacks rioting if Obama lost.

Excuse me and anyone's sensibilities but... NIGGA PLEASE!

Blacks ain't gonna riot about shit but maybe some White cops going overboard on some poor Black suspect.  They won't riot about Black on Black crime... but let a cracker get outta hand.

When I saw that bullshit.. I knew Alex Jones was a fucking CIA plant.  He totally discredited himself.  Blacks were not going to riot at a Mittens win anymore than they did with a Bush II stolen election.  Hell, might miss an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta if they hit the streets.

@Richtown, shit ain't that complicated my dear friend

You aint gone git Nurse Kratchit (ph) in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, but you will get "Nurse Ann" who will sing you lullabies while she smothers you with a pillow, a nice feather one, none of that cheap cotton like the ones I used to have... good ol MISS. cotton.

Obama is scheduled to give a speech this Friday to ally Wall St. concerns.  It will be coded, but trust me, you won't need a Rosetta Stone to figure shit out.

Its about shared sacrifice my friend, po motherfuckers and working class motherfuckers sharing the pain... feel me??? But look at the upside.  You MIGHT have enough money to buy a bootleg copy of Lincoln and Argo. 

"Oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty .... get the picture?

While you wallowing in shit and pain,  struggling to pay your celly bill, or heat if times are really tough.. Hollywood never sleeps, and they are there to remind you that despite rations of guvmint cheese, you are sooooo fucking fortunate to breath USA air.

Not so fast my friend! Shit's complicated.

Michigan has TWO EM laws on the books, Public Act (PA) 4 and the earlier EM law PA 72.

PA72 is the fall back plan. 

Attorney General Bill Schuette has indicated PA 72 will be back on the books, though his opinion could be challenged in courts by opponents to the law. Legislators may also choose to draft a new public act to address the duties of emergency managers 

For the record, as a new "Detroiter" I have a more nuanced view of EM laws.  Let me just say that by now everyone should realize I'm a ICONOCLAST, sometimes a contrarian just to fuck with people but even thing there's a message to my madness.  I don't fall into singular, distinct ideological camps.  I "seek power by my ability to define reality."

Let me give you a preview of my thoughts.  No question EM laws can be "racist" or undemocratic or foils for privitization,  or tools for White idelogues to rob Black folks blind. (like the EM that sold the Pontiac Dome for pennies) But on the flip side, when the Black Misleadership Class has fucked over the populace or when Unions (which I generally support) are on steriods. EM laws can be a useful, if not necessary tool. 

Put it in this perspective.  As a good father I adore my kids tremendously, love them more than life itself, but if I get laid off from my job, then I can't give them the same Xmas allowance that I gave them in good times. Unions don't understand nor give a shit about this, in Detroit anyway.

Its more complicated than sound bites.  And truly and honestly this is what we must get our heads around.  Black Misleadership has run Detroit into the ground, and no doubt Detroits challenges have been aided and abetted by some of the most blatant institutional racism I've ever seen in my life: low ball property appraisals, high-ass property insurance costs, fucked up property assessment matrices, high-ass automobile insurance costs. 

But notwithstanding all of that:  You can't give these Negroes a blank check because the Misleadership class will rob and steal and use the union clout to sit on their asses and not deliver basic municipal services and otherwise do the populace harm..and blame it on Whitey while they are behind the scenes scheming with Whitey....FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL AGGRANDIZEMENT.

Let me pose this question to make my point:  "How do yall think Kwame Kilpatrick is surviving quite comfortably in Dallas, TX?  It ain't from niggaz contributing to the "Free Kwame Fund," its from his rich White benefactors with whom he schemed to fuck Black masses.... all the while drumming up its Whitey who's fucking us sentiments.

As I've said many times, racism is a double-edged sword.  No doubt it fucks persons of color, but it fucks up Whites too with the end result is that false conflict is cultivated versus shared destinies.

I'm sorry, it is what it is.  And this conflunce of double fucking is why the average Black person ain't gotta chance.

If your child was hooked on drugs, would you give them a bigger Xmas allowance?

point well taken

But the vote down is a step in the right direction. Dave Bing was actually crying over parts of EM laws being struck down.

Kinda sort of

The average Nigga in Detroit thinks Dave is in cahoots with Gov. Snyder.  An observation of his relationship with the fucked up Detroit City Council is case in point.  The majority of them thinks he's a Trojan Horse.  What's complicated is that the majority of THEM are worthless.. and to a is Dave.

On the real...

I think, in typical Black Misleadership fashion, he's playing both sides of the fence.

Let me just say, in a serious tone.. because I know a lot of folks that I jest about serious shit too much.  Look, I assure you of two things, one, I don't take myself too seriously and two, more often than I care:  I laugh to keep from crying.

I post at BAR for cathartic effect more than anything.

The City Council and the majority of Detroiters consider Bing an abject sellout, a stealth mayor.  I don't necessarily agree, like I said, shit's nuanced.

The average black person in detroit is correct

The average black person in detroit is correct to look at the root cause of the problem and think Bing is ran by something greater.

At the end of the day, the Black misleadership class ultimately has to answer to the NATO oligarchy/illuminati.

Yes, the EM law IS RACIST. That's why they send in Black EM's to put on appearances?

One of your best articles.

The oligarches just ran a beautiful game of good cop bad cop and are still running it. Romney asks too much, even more than he really wants to see if  he can get away with it. Obama comes back with a counter offer which is really what the right wanted in the first place. Obama gives them what they want no one is mad, theres no public outcry and they walk away quite happy. I couldnt bring my self to vote for the Butcher of Libya, but I must admit, I am enjoying watching the republicans throw their little fit.

Shhhhh.... you're giving away "State Secrets" Lol

You need to stop describing the game... lest we put a drone on your ass... LOL

CNN had some bullshit on tonight... motherfuckers lack any concious. Ms. Regan, the pretty-ass brunette married to a Wall St. investment banker had a panel on talking about the inequities of the Electoral College. She was giving the Losers a platform to explain their loss.  Of course nothing to do with narrow-mindedness and xenephobia.  The reasons are more technical of course.

Bitch, where were you when Gore mathematically defeated Bush via popular vote???

Hmmm. wonder how many Niggas majoring on history got a Wall St. job.  I went to Duke and majored in history and religion.. ain't no Wall St. motherfuckers come a knocking at my door.  I guess I lost out because of Affirmative Action. LOL 

Regan began her career working at Goldman Sachs in emerging debt markets covering Latin America, and at the hedge fund, D.E. Shaw & Co.[citation needed] Regan has said she never intended to have a career in either finance or news — instead, she grew up believing she would pursue a career in opera .

EC: Pursuing a career in opera???  Bitch, you ain't Pavarotti, what's up with your career choice?  Oh, I get it, rich bitch career path.  Phillips Exeter Academy.. not P.S. 40???

Wiki: She and her husband, an investment banker, were married in 2001. They live in New York with their three children. 

Hmmmm... wonder who this ho was voting for.. do you???



obama got more black votes in 2012! an improvement since 2008!

"The Case of the Missing White Voters"

By Sean Trende - November 8, 2012


In the 2008 final exit polls (unavailable online), the electorate was 75 percent white, 12.2 percent African-American, 8.4 percent Latino, with 4.5 percent distributed to other ethnicities. We’ll have to wait for this year’s absolute final exit polls to come in to know the exact estimate of the composition this time, but right now it appears to be pegged at about 72 percent white, 13 percent black, 10 percent Latino and 5 percent “other.”

Obviously, this surge in the non-white vote is troubling to Republicans, who are increasingly almost as reliant upon the white vote to win as Democrats are on the non-white vote. With the white vote decreasing as a share of the electorate over time, it becomes harder and harder for Republicans to prevail.

With this base line, and armed with the exit-poll data, we can get a pretty good estimate of how many whites, blacks, and Latinos cast ballots in both 2008 and 2012.

Assuming the 72/13/10/5 percentage split described above for 2012, that would equate to about 91.6 million votes cast by whites, 16.6 million by blacks, 12.7 million by Latinos, with the balance of 6.3 million votes spread among other groups.

Compare this with 2008, when the numbers were 98.6 million whites, 16.3 million blacks, 11 million Latinos, and 5.9 million from other groups.

In other words, if our underlying assumption -- that there are 7 million votes outstanding -- is correct, then the African-American vote only increased by about 300,000 votes, or 0.2 percent, from 2008 to 2012. The Latino vote increased by a healthier 1.7 million votes, while the “other” category increased by about 470,000 votes.

This is nothing to sneeze at, but in terms of the effect on the electorate, it is dwarfed by the decline in the number of whites. Again, if our assumption about the total number of votes cast is correct, almost 7 million fewer whites voted in 2012 than in 2008.

I've Seen Reports Obama Credits Hispanics as Key to his Victory

Indeed Obama got 2/3s - 3/4s of the Hispanics vote- because the Repugs' rhethoric & policies have been so blatantly anti-Hispanic [though Obama's quietly deported 2Xs as many Hispanic immigrants in 4yrs as Bush Jr did in 8yrs].

But not once has the Black Folks' 'Pres' acknowledged that Blacks are his most faithful supporters at 93% - 95% of the Black vote. Yet Blacks really think Obama's gonna treat us better than he did for his first 4 yrs as the 1st Black POTUS??? 

Kevin Alexander quotes Malcolm X that: 'We Put Him FIRST & He Puts Us LAST'.


I've   been   reading BAR for   years and   really   enjoy  it. And   I  occassionally  make  donations.

I  frequently   tell   friends  to   visit   BAR   for  a   different  political  perspective,  especially    concerning   Obama.

BAR  is  unlikely  to   grow if   the   discourse is   reduced   to  "niggas,  motherfuckers,  bitch" (even  if   she's  white).

I'm  no  prude and   profanity   has  its   place;  but   would    you   feel  comfortable  reccomending BAR to   your  mother, sister or   18  year   old    niece  when   the   discourse   has   been   reduced   to   this  level?