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    by Raymond Nat Turner

    On the “road to slavery, for the third time,” straw-bossed by “a Quisling Black bourgeoisie.”



    by Raymond Nat Turner


    Veering, weaving wildly, running over 

    Glaring white and amber kadrunkas— 

    Thunk-thunk-thunk— skidding off the 

    Bone-paved, blood-slcik, winding road

    Slavery to freedom, for the third time:

    Reaganomics Gulch; Crack Cocaine Cul-de-sac;

    The Titanic this time, slamming into Iceberg

    Slim, sprawled on stoops, porches, bar stools, high

    Beams on crack pipe politics…nodding out 8 years

    On Gitmo, droning, wars, spying, bankster bailouts,

    8 years of *NAS Fathers Day, commencement speeches, 

    8 years of water-boarding with Cristal, 

    Judas Black bourgeoisie debriefing  

    Democratic Party patrons, backseat of a Bentley…


    * N $#@%% Ain’t S*%^


    Raymond Nat Turner can be contacted at


    Raymond Nat Turner © 2014 all Rights Reserved


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