Treble Army - DiscObama

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Watched it twice: once with stopping/pauses at each art

I watched the video twice, with pauses/stop for each art, second viewing.  I am fascinated with the equal weight given to Israel lobby as to corporations for running the U.S. - an exaggeration. Some of it is "tail wagging the dog" in re U.S. "taking orders from Israel".(1)

  I only take issue with using Hebrew style letters for two Jews' names on Wall Street, of two big corporations, as subtle Jew baiting and exaggeration of Wall Street = Jews.  I think the video is powerful, funny and serious, and often great.  I have mixed feelings, as an (atheist) Jew, at seeing a Star of David on a chain around Obama's neck.  So my criticism of that cartoon would be as I already stated as for the other art I noted. 

My history of comments on BAR will serve as background.  My art shows my opposition to U.S. and Israeli governments policies towards Palestinians and Gaza, going back many years. I will continue to suggest Constantine's Sword by James Carroll, 2001 re Christians and views of Jews, including basis of stereotype of Jews and exaggerated control of money.

My art protesting drones began Jan. 26, 2009, the Monday after Obama sent some dropping missiles, the same week as his inauguration as President.   My art protesting police violence began with a sign, "Equal Justice for All from the Top on Down" in 1996(2) and specifically, art protesting the killing of Amadou Diallo began in Feb. 2000 and has continued for many years.  I base my information on Killed by NYPD Since Amadou Diallo by the Oct.22 Coalition, one of the founders is Carl Dix.   

(1) Mumia Abu-Jamal, in one of his commentaries, said it was "the tail wagging the dog" when someone claimed Israel ruled U.S. foreign policy.

(2)Equal Justice for All sign is in my art ongoing up to present and can be seen on my art webpages.