Trayvon and White Madness

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“George Zimmerman is no more provably racist in a U.S. court than most white Americans” – which is why a Justice Department action will get nowhere. Whites consider it “reasonable” to believe in the inherent dangerousness of Black males. “’Not guilty’ is reasonable, when everyone that counts shares the same assumptions as the perpetrator.”


Trayvon and White Madness

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The government would have to prove that Zimmerman was motivated by racial animus.”

When Trayvon Martin was murdered by a “creepy-ass cracker” in February, 2012, an outraged Black America mobilized to force the State of Florida to put the perpetrator on trial. Seventeen months later, in the words of President Obama, “a jury has spoken,” affirming Florida’s original contention that Trayvon’s death was not a criminal act.

The White House also wanted Trayvon to be forgotten. Three weeks after the shooting, speaking through his press secretary, the president declared, “obviously we're not going to wade into a local law-enforcement matter." A few days later, Obama sought to placate Black public opinion with a statement of physical fact: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

In the wake of the acquittal, Obama’s press people have announced he’ll stay out of the case while Attorney General Eric Holder pretends to explore the possibility of pursuing civil rights charges against George Zimmerman. Holder told the sorority sisters of Delta Sigma Theta that Martin’s death was “tragic” and “unnecessary,” but a federal prosecution of Zimmerman is highly unlikely. The government would have to prove that Zimmerman was motivated by racial animus – a fact that is as obvious to Black America as a mob lynching at high noon at Times Square. However, except for the fact that he murdered a teenager, George Zimmerman is no more provably racist in a U.S. court than most white Americans – which is why the Florida cops and prosecutors initially refused to arrest him, why the jury acquitted him, and why the bulk of the corporate media empathized with the defense.

Zimmerman was acting on the same racist assumption that motivates police across the country.”

The white public at-large shares with Zimmerman the belief – a received wisdom, embedded in their worldview – that young Black males are inherently dangerous. From this “fact” flows a reflex of behaviors that, to most whites, are simply commonsensical. If young Black males are inherently dangerous, they must be watched, relentlessly. Black hyper-surveillance is the great intake mechanism for mass Black incarceration. Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watchman, was acting on the same racist assumption that motivates police across the country, which is why the cops in Zimmerman’s trial were more valuable to the defense than to the prosecution. The same goes for the prosecutors and judge, much of whose daily lives are organized around the inherent dangerousness of young Black men.

Naturally, the cops testified that they saw no racial animus in Zimmerman’s actions – just as they would deny that their own hyper-surveillance of Black communities is motivated by animus. The jury, like the vast majority of white Americans, approves of the Black surveillance regime, and of those civilians that also keep an eye out for “crime” – which is synonymous with “Black males.” As juror B37 put it, Zimmerman’s “heart was in the right place” – meaning, she saw Zimmerman’s profiling and pursuit of Trayvon as well-intentioned and civic-minded; clearly, not malicious. Something “just went terribly wrong" – an unfortunate turn of events, but not a crime. The unanimous verdict shows the other jurors also perceived no malice – no racial motivation – by Zimmerman.

In fact, white folks in general do not think it is racist or evidence of malice to believe that Black males are a prima facie threat; it’s just a fact. Therefore, it is “reasonable” that civilians, as well as cops, be prepared to use deadly force in confrontations with Black males.

The white public at-large shares with Zimmerman the belief that young Black males are inherently dangerous.”

The answer to the question: What would a reasonable person do? is essential to American law. Police, prosecutors, judges and jurors base their decisions on their own subjective perception of the state of mind of people who harm or kill, and the reasonableness of their actions. To most white people, it is reasonable to reflexively suspect young Black males of having criminal intent, and reasonable to fear for one’s life in a confrontation with such a person. “Not guilty” is reasonable, when everyone that counts shares the same assumptions as the perpetrator.

Black people cannot fix that. We cannot change white people’s warped perceptions of the world, although, Lord knows, we’ve tried. It has been 45 years since passage of the last major civil rights bill, the Fair Housing Act, yet housing segregation remains general, overwhelmingly due to white people’s decisions in the housing market, based on their racial assumptions. So powerful is the general white racist belief in Black criminality and inferiority, the mere presence of African Americans on or near property devalues the land. This is racism with the practical force of economic law. The same “law” has locked Black unemployment at roughly twice that of whites for more than two generations – an outcome so consistent over time it must be a product of the political culture (racism) rather than the vicissitudes of the marketplace.

The Brown Supreme Court decision is nearly 60 years old, yet school segregation is, in some ways, more entrenched than ever – again, because of white peoples decisions. Not only is school segregation on the rise, but charterization is creating an alternative public-financed system designed primarily for Black and brown kids. In many cities, whites can only be retained in the public schools by offering them the best facilities and programs. School desegregation has largely been abandoned as a lost cause, because of the whites’ “intransigence” – a euphemism for enduring racism: a refusal to share space with Black people.

But, the criminal justice system is white supremacy’s playground, where racial hatreds, fears and suspicions are given free rein. One out of eight prison inmates on the planet are African American, proof of the general white urge to purge Blacks from the national landscape. Trayvon Martin fell victim to the extrajudicial component of the Black-erasure machine.

Racism is a form of mental illness, in which the afflicted perceive things that are not there, and are blind to that which is right in front of their eyes.”

White people don’t think they are malicious and racist; rather, they are simply defending themselves (quite reasonably, they believe) from Black evildoing. That whites perceive themselves as under collective attack is evident in the results of a Harvard and Tufts University study, which shows majorities of whites are convinced they are the primary victims of racial discrimination in America. Such mass madness is incomprehensible to sane people, but racism is a form of mental illness, in which the afflicted perceive things that are not there, and are blind to that which is right in front of their eyes.

To live under the sway of such people is a nightmare. Most of African American history has been a struggle to mollify or tame the racist beast, to find a way to coexist with white insanity, possibly to cure it, or to make ourselves powerful and independent enough that the madness cannot harm us too badly. George Zimmerman’s acquittal is so painful to Black America because it signals that our ancient enemy – white supremacy – is alive and raging, virtually impervious to any legal levers we can pull. The feeling of impotence is heightened by the growing realization that the Black president – a man who, in his noxious “Philadelphia” speech, denied that racism had ever been endemic to America – cannot and will not make anyone atone for Trayvon.

We have been in this spot before – or, rather, we have always been in this spot, but have for the last 40 years been urged to imagine that something fundamental had changed among white Americans. Trayvon smacks us awake.

We must organize for self-defense, in every meaning of the term, and create a Black political dynamic – a Movement – that will make our enemies fear the consequences of their actions.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected].



Six months before Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a Whtie man, there was a Black U.S. Army soldier who also refused to give up his seat to a White man in Montgomery, AL.

This Black U.S. Army soldier in his military uniform was pulled off the bus and brutally

beaten to death by a White mob. No one was ever charged in the brutal killing of this U.S. Serviceman. Trayvon Martin has met the same fate , only he was not wearing a Army uniform, no, he was simply walking down the street with an Iced Tea and a bag

of candy, minding his own damn business when he was so brutally killed.


To me, this case is much BIGGER than the Rosa Parks protest and in that protest the Blacks of the city of Montgomery did not, refused to ride the buses for 381 days, costing the White bus company $300,000.


The Whites have no CLUE as to how deep this killing has enraged 42 MILLION

BLACKS...this FIGHT, it aint over.


The Native American Indian has got to be shaking his head at the very Ugly face

of this WHITE man's justice.

You are carrying too much

You are carrying too much hatred in your heart. White man's justice is the same justice which found OJ innocent by a mostly black jury; 9 blacks,1 hispanic, 2 white. No rioting in the streets then. Big jubilant party as people were dancing in the streets. Lets remember 1 thing. Z is hispanic & TN is black. You didn't see the family of Nicole Brown  stirring up a crowd of supporters. The jury reached their verdict based on forensics in the Z case. I agreed with it at the time & I still do. 

False Equivalence

I already predicted this bogus line of argument from many. First of all- All who claim to 'know' [NOT!] that OJ killed Nicole & her {boy}'friend' do NOT in fact know- cause there were NO witnesses NOR video &/or audio tapes- unlike in KILLER-Z's case where there's NO doubt that he gunned-down an unarmed non-criminal Trayvon- HELL he even admits it by bogusly claiming 'self-defense' [aka- SYG]. The only question was would the mainly white-woman [5 ot of 6] jury buy Lying-Ass / Creepy-Ass KILLER-Z's {tall}'tales'.

IMO A much more apt comparison RE OJ's aquittal is Robert Blake's aquittal for murdering his wife Bonnie Blakely. While most white folks were & continue to be upset about OJ's aquittal, their reaction to Robert Blake [whom I'm just as conviced the he really did Kill his wif or had her killed as most white folks are RE: OJ] was / is basically HO-HUM. Hell who even talks about the Robert Blake case any more? Yet most whites wouldn't even rest till they slyly set a trap for OJ which his dumb-ass walked right into & is now doing some serious time- So they've [& you?] got their pay-back!!! 

And what about the lame-stream reimaging of that lying racist thug ex-cop Mark Furhman??! Who should have been investigated & prosecuted for the multiple admissions of criminality [via his badge & a gun] he made on those tapes that way beyond lying about not using the so-called 'N'-word!!!


PS: You may want to see &/or read these books & movies by police investigator Bill Dear: 'OJ's Guilty- BUT NOT of Murder' & ' the Over-Looked Suspect'

PS-2: KILLER Z's dad is a white ex Virginia magistrate & his [court-clerk] mom & [FL-cop] uncle are from Peru. But you should read this CounterPunch article: 'Why Chicanos Should Support Trayvon Martin' by RODOLFO ACUÑA [@ ]: } 'I reject the argument that George Zimmerman should be supported [by Latino's] because he's Latino. He never identified as a Latino- he obviously identified as white... - On his Myspace page Zimmerman discussed his hatred toward Mexicans, saying why he did not miss his former home in Manassas, Virginia:

"I dont miss driving around scared to hit mexicans walkin on the side of the street, soft ass wanna be thugs messin with peoples cars when they aint around (what are you provin, that you can dent a car when no ones watchin) dont make you a man in my book. Workin 96 hours to get a decent pay check, gettin knifes pulled on you by every mexican you run into!” ... {

So it's apparently KILLER-Z has almost as much disdain for Mexicans as he does for Black 'F-king coons'!!!


PS-3: A more apt comparison RE the KILLER-Z case [than OJ] that most of his supporters [including most women] who loudly proclaim his right to 'stand his ground' w a loaded gun & gun-down an unarmed non-criminal Trayvon, have NOT said a mumbling word about- Is that of a FL Black woman named Marissa Alexander who got 20YRS for NOT even shooting her abusive husband- for whom she even had filed a restraining order against- after ironically the same supervisor, Angela Corey [a FL Repug] over the feckless {non}prosecution of KILLER-Z- rejected Ms Alexander's SYG defense!!! Ms Corey gave her 20YRS for firing a couple of warning shots [which again hit NO-One] in her own HOME!!! So pray-tell what's your opinion about this- Is this really justice or injustice???!!

Yada, yada, yada. You do not

Yada, yada, yada. You do not have a crystal ball. All this talk about Ms Corey  - I am aware of what happened to her. Were they really warning shots or was she just a lousy shot. Your argument has 2 sides as well. You are over playing and over analyzing. I guess you missed the interview between Z's  parents & Ms Walters where the family identified themselves as mixed. Z is not white he is mixed but regardless you are reading too much into the verdict & how it was reached. Let me explain my position. I am not american & black vs white was never an issue where I grew up because there were only a handful of black individuals in the community. I have not lived through racist issues but I can honestly say after watching the trial that there was not enough evidence to convict but rather more than enough to acquit.

take your 'yadas'

and shove 'em up your dumb white ass, you idiot. It's amazingly comical and pathetic that scads & shitloads of whites are still seething over the acquittal of Mr. Simpson. Nixakliel correctly reminds us that no one saw or heard or recorded the crime Mr. Simpson allegedly committed, and no hard/concrete irrefutable evidence was EVER brought forth. But that didn't stop hateful whites & their hateful neoliberal mainstream media from conducting a continual sleazy, vengeful smear campaign against a black person in the ULTRA-rare, if not unique, position of having been acquitted of ALLEGEDLY killing whites. Can someone name another case where a black person was acquitted of killing a white (regardless of whether hard evidence or eyewitnesses existed)?! And are there even any cases where a black cop shot & killed a white?!!

Friends and fans of BAR need to note that n.j. represents many a white gal in this society and illustrates that white gals can be just as ignorant, assholic, & hateful as any white dude----if not more. It irks to no end when I hear negroes (NOT to be confused with black people) include white gals in the struggles of people of color against hate & white terrorism. White gals have always been right up there aiding & abetting white dudes in the systematic physical & mental beat down & oppression of black people, Native americans, & dark latinos: salient examples include that asshole juror B37 & the rest of her gang, the white-gal jury that proudly acquitted L.A. fuzz stacy koon & co. of charges in the RECORDED vicious assault on Rodney King, and the well-known asshole gloria steinem & her ilk who unapologetically denigrated & blasted the innocent young black and latino men framed in the Central Park jogger rape case.



Educated much. Doubtful but

Educated much. Doubtful but probably not your fault. Use your grey matter. If you can't discuss logically than there is no hope for you. Telling me to do this or that is so juvenile that it does beg the following question. Who do you represent? I am not a white gal who represents the gals in this society as you put it. I am my own person & no one, not you & not the poison you are spewing will change that. As you pointed out I am non-american but I have a far better perception of what is happening than you do or think you do.  Give Sharpton a call, he could probably use all the foot soldiers he can get to stir up more & more hatred

Ms Corey was Ms Alexander's Persecutor- DUHH!!!!

You response indicates that you feel Ms Corey's [who supervised KILLER Z's feckless prosecution] Persecution of Ms Alexander by rejecting her SYG defense & giving this young mother 20YRS in jail- in an incident where her attacker husband was NOT even shot [let alone killed - unlike what KILLER Z did to an unarmed / non-criminal Trayvon]- that as a white [?non-American?] woman- is just Fine & Dandy w you!!! Enough Said!!!

PS: I don't need nor use 'chrystal balls' [what ever the HELL that's supposed to mean]- I'm just refuse to walk thru life w my 'Eyes Wide Shut'!!!

PS-2: Maybe you should read this article RE the KILLER Z case- also @ CounterPunch: 'Justice or Just Us- I May Be White, But I’m Not Stupid' [@ ]: }'The vigilante murder of young Trayvon Martin and his legal lynching in the courtroom is producing a valuable conversation about racism that is probing deep into the very heart of our country.

Hopefully, it all will lead to an honest and frank examination among white people.

So far, the intense discussions unfolding on virtually every media outlet expose the baseless racist argument as pathetically shallow and empty, none more so than the charge that Trayvon Martin was responsible for his own death.

This preposterous allegation belongs in the dustbin of history along with defense of America’s ugly legacy of slavery and segregation.

Right-wing commentators deny race was a factor in George Zimmerman’s killing of Trayvon Martin. WTF? Trayvon was absolutely targeted because of his color. That is what originally aroused the biased fears of Zimmerman. Can any reasonably thoughtful person deny this?

I may be white, but I’m not [thatSTUPID!..' {

My wanting someone to be

My wanting someone to be blamed for this death does not make it right so yes I do sympathize with TM's family. But I can tell you 1 thing for sure.  I would not let the likes of Sharpton or anyone else stir the pot. No  demo. I would instead do what I can to have laws changed or modified

If Most KILLER Z Backers Don't See Him as 'Honorary' White Why-

Then Do so many whites Loudly support him while demonizing Trayvon as a 'pot-head thug'??? And why then did his lawyer see the need to stack the jury w so many white-women [5 out 6 w 1 Latina- note also the Judge & supervisory prosecutor were white-women]- w ZERO [= 0] Blacks??? Unless KILLER Z was basically seen as an ['honorary]' white! Why not 3 Latinos, 3 Blacks & ZERO [= 0] whites -or- even 2 Latinos, 2 Blacks & 2 whites???        

Excellent rebuttal

Excellent rebuttal Nixakliel

OJ my ass. 

Even if we could name 1000 "OJ" type "acquittals" we'd still be owed 500 years worth of justice by white america and white everywhere else.  

No right thinking black should allow themself to be drawn into a victimization pissing contest with a cracker or cracker lover. 

fuck em

If you seek to rationalize, minimalize and justify the murder of a black child then We aint got nuttin to say to you other than 

go fuck yourself.


We must learn how to fight and then fight white supremacy to the bitter end. 



The President's Comments

Two articles in The Black Agenda Report have now called to attention President Obama's comments regarding the Zimmerman verdict. That helps me out, because I also questioned his comments.

My first thoughts were that the president's comments, that we are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken, seemed highly reactionary. I instantly tried to see if I could even imagine George W. Bush making such comments. I don't think even Bush would have made such comments, but then again I estimate that might be because Bush would not be able to get away it; if Bush had still been president somehow and said such things, it only would have inspired more people into the streets to protest.

President Obama's comments after the verdict seemed especially strange fresh after his meeting with Nelson Mandela. For example, whereas Obama was telling Americans to follow the laws and go back to sleep, had Mandela not defied South African apartheid laws, South Africa would be under much heavier racial segregation than it is today. For that matter, had Rosa Parks and a host of others not committed acts of civil disobedience in the name of civil rights, Obama might not even be president today. Not all laws or societies are just, and the law and system that acquitted Zimmerman is very arguably unjust. Civil disobedience is an appropriate response.

President Obama's initial comments about the Martin case, where he drew attention to skin color, sounded to me like they came from someone trying hard to understand what it is like to be black, rather than from someone who is black. President Obama is literally black when it comes to the way we think of skin color in America, but culturally, he just is not quite there. Shooting dead an unarmed kid who was trying to defend himself is an injustice. The issue is not that the president has the same skin color, and so it could have happened to him too. The issue is that it is an injustice, and it happens frequently to Black people in the United States. It seems strange that the president did not explain himself in a more intelligible way.

It has always seemed to me that the reason why white Democrats voted for Obama was not because they finally came around to trusting a black person. Instead, I think they finally found in Obama a black person who came around to thier way of thinking, who they could use. President Obama is a guy who wont threaten their place atop the societal hierarchy, who wont threaten the unjust system, and who will continue corporatist policies that segregate through economics, meanwhile making white Democrats look good and creating the illusion that he is someone we can trust and that everything is fine.



You nailed it, Glen . . .

"The White House also wanted Trayvon to be forgotten."

Heard the "press conference" earlier today, which was made before a near-empty press briefing room, according to the POTUS Channel on XM Radio.

My question is:

What are the chances that the black community will consider joining with (true) liberals--not the Dem Party so-called "progressives"--to form a viable third party?

I hope that this tragedy will provide an opening for this to finally happen.




White Man no Zimmerman fan

Im a white man and Im as disgusted by this miscarriage of Justice as anyone except Trayvon Martins Mother and Father . Zimmerman isnt speaking for me and either are his goofy lawyers....but then again neither does fox news or shaun hannity etc.,etc.,No one in my white familly agrees with the zimmerman aquital...Im very sad about the verdict but i was waiting for it - this is Semiole county, the same a-holes who declined to even arrest or charge zimmerman and his gun and homicide fantasies until pressured from outside to do so - so the prosecution deliberately blew this case because prosecutors are gods who dont like pressure from outside and they refuse to be told what to do by mere mortals - even when the law, ethics and thier job description requires it (or perhaps especially then)..Lets not forget that nothing will change, there will never be peace or justice until those who should be developing  and nurturing a class conscience , do so. The oligarchs aka the man aka our masters  have a very highly developed  class consciousness.  believe it.

Thank you.

Glad to know a white man who recognizes racism when he sees it. It's everywhere and is a huge part of why "America Has Failed."  

IMO How the NAACP Should Honor Trayvon & his Parents

The NAACP is pushing for Obama & AG Holder's DoJ to continue investigating & potentially bring a Federal case against KILLER Z. IMO they're likely barking up the wrong tree, because among other things this is likely going nowhere- AG Holder basically said as much using smooth coded language. 

IMO: The NAACP should push Obama & Holder's DoJ to fight to put a freeze on / strike down- or least a DoJ review & rewrite of ALL US so-called 'SYG'  laws- not just FL's. 

The NAACP should aid Trayvon's parents to bring a wrongful death suit against KILLER Z- footing the bill if it also does not succeed.

The NAACP should spearhead the appeals to overturn the unjust convictions & imprisonments of Ms Marissa Alexander & Mr Trevor Dooley- whose SYG defenses were rejected by FL's courts even though they were obviously far more justified than KILLER Z's bogus claims as his excuse to gun-down Trayvon. 

And The NAACP needs to push to avoid a KILLER Z walks repeat- in the case of another FL white-guy, Michael Dunn, gunning-down yet another unarmed / non-criminal 17 yr old Black teen, Jordan Davis, because of 'loud music' at a FL gas-station stop- at the end of last yr!   

Django Unchained, not so much

Much more often than not African Americans have Django chained upside down and at the mercy of the white Candyland neighborhood watchers. What's left out of the scene is the sugary sweet raisin in the sun, Stephen, coming to the dangling Django's rescue. Obama is far more like Stephen than he is like Django; ultimately, he doesn't help his dangling brother because of his 500 year plight, but because

<blockquote>Django would have died too quickly if he had been castrated. Stephen, wanting Django to suffer, has arranged to sell him to a mining company as a slave, where Django will spend the rest of his days.[IMDB]</blockquote>

In the movie [SPOILER ALERT], Sugarland is destroyed and Django is unchained. But reality has been somewhat different.

African Americans are the most followed of all god's creatures on this earth. The young Trayvon, young as he was, would have already inherited the surveillance-conscious fury of his race, rear view mirror squarely in his head, making his confrontation with Z-man all the more tragic, since it was so predictable. Stand Your Ground is another form--maybe even the template--for Obama's disposition matrix (i.e., personality database) thinking. The situation just needed an overzealous, yet 'legal' neighborhood watchman to perform according to form and function.

Appealing to Obama's blackness--as his handlers are insisting he do--is wrong and clangs, because Obama is no longer black; he's political. He no more gives a fuck about African Americans than Dick "Darkside" Cheney cared about all those Twin Tower desperados vaulting, like flying buttresses of disillusion, from the upper stories of the sterile, but heavily insured cathedrals of ever-corruptible Das Kapital.

If Z-man's act was a hate crime, then white America should be locked up and key-tossed, because...

Obama won't face reality of systemic racism in America

Appealing to Obama's blackness--as his handlers are insisting he do--is wrong and clangs, because Obama is no longer black; he's political.

Obama is mostly "black" in an opportunistic sense, when he needs votes. He refuses to address the systemic racism that infests the American judicial system because he's afraid of alienating whites. So we get softball efforts to identify with Trayvon along the lines of could have been my kid... and that could have been me.

According to Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, 120 unarmed African Americans were killed by police, security guards and self-appointed vigilantes in 2012. That's the low estimate. Their report rightly points out that "... the killings are systemic – meaning they are embedded in institutional racism and national oppression."

Mr constitutional lawyer... community organizer... agent-of-change... has backpeddled on so many issues it's hard to keep track - similar deal when it comes to getting serious on issues of racism and alienation in America.

I've been thinking a lot

I've been thinking a lot about how the backdrop for the interaction between Zimmerman (multi-ethnic, and, I believe, self-described as Latino or Hispanic) and Martin, African American, may be informed by Zimmerman's identity of trying to be approved of by white folks in their gated community. With the backdrop of white privilege guiding their interaction, might we see Zimmerman's zeal to keep people in the community 'safe' a function of his own ambiguous ethnic identity--never quite white enough? (I am not expressing sympathy here; just trying to understand the racial nuances at play.) One of the (white) witnesses described Zimmerman as being extremely concerned about 'helping' her feel 'safe.' (The anonymous juror who appeared on Anderson Cooper's program experienced him similarly.) As I understand it, the gated community is about 50% white, 25% Latino, and 25% African American. Being the zealous neighborhood watch captain could be a strategy to define himself as 'whitely' as possible in that context. Seems like his father and uncle have pursued similar strategies in LE. No doubt Martin understood this racial hierarchy intuitively & keenly even though he had no idea who this man was who was pursuing him and who eventually killed him.

The George Zimmerman Case and Verdict

This case has always troubled me from the start and the not guilty verdict just reinforced what all of us know, there is no justice for minorities and the poor in the my way or the highway USA. We all know what happened that night. It wasn't a case of "Stand Your Ground" or "Self Defense". It was a case of an armed man chasing a 17 yr old kid on the way home from the store who had nothing to defend himself with from a man who shot him dead! Go to and you will see most likely what happened that night. No BS! The person who put together this web site based upon the evidence from this case contradicts GZ's story of "Self Defense". Make sure you go through the entire Web site and please pass it on as I've done, so when you are confronted with GZ's bs, you can refute it with facts and tell them to go to this Web site.  One of the things on the site they don't talk about is how he got the injury to the tip of his nose and to the back of his head. I believe the injury to the tip of his nose was caused by his gun's trigger or by the handle as he was chasing TM down and the head injuries by him banging the gun against his head. And, what about the flashlight? He says in one of the videos it was not working, but he never mentioned it while he was talking to the non emergency dispatcher. Did anyone ever check to see if his flashlight was working or not. I believe his flashlight was working that night and he spotted TM hiding as he was talking to the dispatcher. I believe he spotted TM toward the end of the dispatcher call when he agrees to meet the police at his truck/mailbox, but just a few seconds later, he seems agitated and tells the dispatcher to have the police call him so he can tell them where he is. The web site makes a note of his agitation too in their video section. Please do yourself a favor and go to the Web site-

I have emailed the web site address to Benjamin Crump who is the lawyer for TM's family, medai outlets, on blogs and more importantly, the Department of Justice who are deciding whether to file or not to file a federal civil rights case against GZ. The DOJ email is [email protected]. They can't say they don't have the information. I wish I had found the site before the trial started instead of after the trial. Hopefully, it will not be for not and I hope blackagendareport will do a story on the web site's evidence too.

Based on the Crime-Scene Lay-out That Also was My Conclusion-

That the crime scene moved at-least 30 - 40 ft from where KILLER Z first confronted Trayvon. And that KILLLER Z shot Trayvon from several feet away- while either Trayvon was backing away -or- even w Trayvon on the ground & KILLER Z standing over him. 

As far as those 2 small gashes to the back of KILLER head- He likely slipped on the wet grass while either running after Trayvon or slipped while tussling w Trayvon & thus hit his own damn head on the sidewalk. 

RE KILLER Z's Nose- I don't know for sure, but Trayvon may have punched him hard 1X after KILLER Z went for his gun & then Trayvon tried in vain to get away from KILLER Z.  

only two minutes

It's still staggering to me that Martin was dead only two minutes after Rachel J. heard the phone go dead. He had told her that he was close to his dad's place. I wonder if Zimmerman walked around the outside edge of the park and then Martin turned around, not wanting him to know where he lived? Gd, he must have been terrified. RIP TM. ♥

This pretty much sums it all

This pretty much sums it all up:


"The white public at-large shares with Zimmerman the belief – a received wisdom, embedded in their worldview – that young Black males are inherently dangerous. From this “fact” flows a reflex of behaviors that, to most whites, are simply commonsensical. If young Black males are inherently dangerous, they must be watched, relentlessly. Black hyper-surveillance is the great intake mechanism for mass Black incarceration. Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watchman, was acting on the same racist assumption that motivates police across the country, which is why the cops in Zimmerman’s trial were more valuable to the defense than to the prosecution. The same goes for the prosecutors and judge, much of whose daily lives are organized around the inherent dangerousness of young Black men."


Great commentary article.

Zimmerman Trial

Let's get real here , read the trial transcripts and learn the truth, Martin cold cocked Zimmerman and then jumped on top of him and continued to hit him. even Rachel Jeantel in subsequent interviews admitted Martin threw the 1st punch and ass-whooped Zimmerman. In Florida here there have been many Blacks who have used the Stand-Your-Ground law and rightly so, it is a law that all law abiding citizens can use to protect themselves with, in life you can either choose to be the bug or the windshield.

That's Crap & You're a KILLER Z Fan Troll

KILLER Z claims that Trayvon sucker punched But he's a Lying-ass / Creepy-ass KILLER!!! 

Ms Jeantel's statement says the exact opposite of what you claim.- so you're a Lying KILLER ZMan Fan!!! 

Yeah Blacks like Ms Marissa Alexander & Mr Trevor Dooley tried to use FL SYG self-defense. In those cases it was rejected & the both got serious time, for Ms Alexander when she didn't even shoot her attacker husband in her own home!!!  

SO go back to your FOX Noise / FIXED News [KKK] world of pro- KILLER Z propaganda!!! The Fact that you've never been here @ BAR before & picked the name commie-obammy tells me all I need to know that you're a KKK FOX Noise type mis-info troll!!!

@commie obammy What you are

@commie obammy

What you are saying is the truth. Just ignore those who are themselves racist & full of venom. I swear one of them will blow a gasket.


Again I will repeat. Agreeing

Again I will repeat. Agreeing with a verdict does not make someone racist as you implied. That is as convoluted as saying that black people who agreed with the verdict are racist against their own race. The conclusions you have reached with such fury are shallow at best. Unfortunately you can not see the forest for the trees. My husband & I were big supporters of Pres elect Obama at the time. Do you have a name for that? Forget Beverly. You don't need her to have your own opinion or to fight your battles.

Norman. Aren't u really a boy?

U are as white as the driven snow.  I do not know any blacks that are on the side of George.  None.  Well, except, the black sold-out sycophants.

Ooooooh.  U should have been born black and condemned to a crummy life of kissing the rings of the elite whites and bowing down to kiss their feet.

You claim to be a BIG Obama Supporter - Whup-Dee F-ing Doo

[I, like most Here @ BAR, am NOT]- Yet you immediatedly agree w a FOX Noise mis-info [= lying] troll calling themself Commie-Obammy - a common slander put out by racist KKK FOX Noise Tea-Bagger types [Uhm- you know the ones that go around carring signs depicting Obama, Michelle & even their 2 girls as a family of monkeys - claiming he's not even American]- along w calling Obama 'the Food-Stamp Pres'! But maybe you don't see that as a racist slander either! 

Enough Said!!!

PS: Pray Tell - Just How the HELL Could you be a big supporter for Obama's election if you're not even American???

Use your grey matter. If you

Use your grey matter. If you are a national, you can vote. I went to meetings and such with my american hubby. Let me educate you for a few seconds. You don't have to vote to be a supporter. Anyone can support through handing out flyers, donating, buying pins & speaking with others to encourage support. I don't agree with Fox & I don't watch that station either. Take off your narrow blinders & realize that there are many blacks among my friends who disagree among themselves. Again you are making an assumption as to my race. Dangerous to assume anything. Regardless what I see as racist is what I see, not what people tell me I should see. Do you get the difference? My best friend is from Georgia, now residing in NY and he is not white. Hmmmmm So what is he?  He is a kind, fun loving individual with a no nonsense attitude about BS. That is what I see because that is what I choose to see. 

Oh come on now. You can do

Oh come on now. You can do better than that. I already told you that I am not American so what am I? How important is it in the scheme of things? Who I am is far more important than what I am. It suffices to say that while you hem & haw on trivial matters & waste time & energy, you actually miss a very important opportunity to build bridges across what appears to be an ever widening divide. 

CO and NJ - Let's Talk About The Evidence...

@commie obammy and @Norma Jean, You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to the facts. If you truly want to argue the case then you should do it based upon the evidence that was collected by the Sanford, Fl. police department. As you know, all of this evidence was released to the public, yes? So, lets take a look at the evidence and then, once you go over all of the evidence which I have, come back here and present your rebuttal with evidence to support GZ's not guilty verdict which you two believe to be the right verdict. Remember, I am talking about the evidence... The evidence that I present to the both of you that contradicts your position can be viewed at Make sure you go through all of the evidence and make sure you watch the videos too.


Before I comment, please name your source. I understand that the jury had access to all the evidence. In passing jury #29 said while she believed Z was guilty, there was not enough evidence to support that.

I watched the trial in its entirety but I will say this. If Z had no marks on him, I would have supported a guilty 2nd degree verdict but that was not the case.

I want to thank you for not attacking me personally and allowing me to express an opinion 


Interesting theory but I am

Interesting theory but I am sure it will not be well received by the black community. It is only through education that things can begin to change from 1 generation to another. So many single women raising kids alone caz fathers of many of these children have no jobs nor a great desire to overcome adversities. Have to break that cycle. If money were no issue what would that change today for many black individuals? It all begins in the homes. Educated parents bring up children with a different mind set. Priorities are discussed. Good education begets good paying jobs whether this takes the form of college or trade school. Women must understand that they are in control of their own bodies & birth control is essential if they wish to pursue their dreams. The young must be encouraged to aim higher & not settle for the life their parents had. Our friend is a man of color  and a urologist who came from a poor background but had a mom who valued education & did what she could  to help her 5 kids achieve their dreams. By doing so they may have avoided a life of crime & street gangs. As parents we should want more for our kids; a good life that is not always a struggle.

HUMM Don't You know a Spammer &/or Racist Troll when You See One

Two reasons why Blacks are so pissed that - that white-woman Judge & Jury [& head prosecutor for that matter] let KILLER Z walk Scott-free while judging Trayvon GUILTY: 

That jury of White females said this man [KILLER Zdid nothing wrong! ... You’re telling me that Michael Vick went to prison for two years because some dogs were killed on his property and he wasn’t even there, but this man can shoot Sybrina Fulton’s and Tracy Martin’s child in the heart and leave his body lying in the rain while people stand around and look at it?” [see Final Call article 'No Justice, No Peace, No Value for Black Life'  @ ]

Ms Marissa Alexander [a Black woman in SYG FL] fires a warning shot in the air to stop her attacker [for which she had filed a restraining order against]- does NOT even shoot the guy- YET GETS 20YRS, but KILLER Z can stalk after & start a confrontation w [after being told NOT to by 9-11 dispatch] & then gun-down an unarmed non-criminal Trayvon trying to return to his dad’s house from going to the store, & a white-woman judge & jury [& prosecutor for that matter- including you] decide KILLER Z did absolutely nothing wrong??? 


The reality of those 2 statements says 2 things in the so-called  'post-racial' [NOT!] USA in the age of Obama: 1} With only 33% of whites saying that KILLER Z's gunning down of Trayvon was wrong - while the majority of whites agree that KILLER Z should walk Scott-Free- Seemingly many / most whites value dogs' lives more than they do young Black men's lives! -2} SYG laws ain't for Blacks to ward off their [white?] attackers- they are to allow even un-official cop wanna-bes [IE: KILLER Z] to gun down even unarmed non-criminal Blacks w near impunity!  

Whites vs blacks

That is all you can say. All white acquits Z and mostly all blacks acquit OJ. What does this mean? Only your problem? Firstly I am not a troll but I do speak my mind. You keep harping on 1 thing only - a young man was killed. You disregard the evidence which the jury had in order to reach a non-guilty verdict. Self interpretation is not wise when you know little about the law in Florida. 


Trayvon and White Madness

When the verdict was handed down I was not surprise because we have been shot, whipped, hanged, burned, tortured, and stabbed to death by whites(Europeans) in the United States for centuries.  They have been doing this with impunity with the blessing of the so called American law.  Remember white peoples(European) law not African law.  Once we as a people understand this we will not be surprise about whats going in the so called legal system.

In Frederic Bastiat book(the law) he states,"Thus it is easy to understand how law, instead of checking injustice, becomes the invincible weapon of injustice.  It is easy to understand why the law is used by the legislator to destroy in varying degrees among the rest of the people, their personal independence by slavery, their liberty by oppression, and their property by plunder.  This is done for the benefit of the person who makes the law, and in propotion to the power that he holds."

In our case the law is enforced by using the power of the gun.   We must remember when the Constitution was being drafted we were considered 3/5 of a human being for tax purposes.  Even before the constitution we had no rights.  In the Dredscott Decision of 1857(Dreadscott V. Sanford) it was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court, "That African Americans, whether slave or free, could not be American citizens and therefore had no standing to sue in federal court,"  The United States of America was for the Europeans and that's the facts.

When the Europeans gained control of this country we the Africans of the diaspora and indigenous Africans from day one are still in bondage, physically and mentally. We live in a illusion created by the powers to be, which is Wall Street and the European banking empire.  Everything that goes on here and abroad is economically and politically motivated by the European banking system.

Check out these dates 1871, 1913, 1933, and 1940.  Corpoate America has been taking over by an organized crime syndicate and we are the ponds in a globel chess game. Hotep!