Syria Peace Conference: the Obama’s Administration Orwellian Subterfuge

by BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka

It is difficult to call this week’s gathering in Montreux, Switzerland, a “peace conference” on Syria, since the U.S. and its allies are determined to change the regime by force of arms. Washington has forged an “unholy alliance with its “Wahhabi allies from Saudi Arabia and al-Qaeda,” who act as America’s “boots on the ground.”


Syria Peace Conference: the Obama’s Administration Orwellian Subterfuge

by BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka

The most effective fighters are the al-Qaeda linked jihadists armed by the U.S. and the Saudi government.”

There is one thing that the so-called peace conference on Syria is guaranteed to achieve and that is that when the last speech is made and the delegates leave the hall, the grotesque bloodletting and devastation will continue for the people of Syria. Why? Because for the Obama Administration, the diplomatic process was never intended to bring about a peaceful resolution to the war. Its main purpose was always to affect their main strategic objective – the removal of President Bashir al-Assad from power and the disappearance of Syria as an independent state.

Fidelity to this goal continues to drive U.S. policy. U.S. strategists care little about the fact that, in their quest to oust the Syrian President, they have created an unholy alliance between the U.S. and its Wahhabi allies from Saudi Arabia and al-Qaeda as their “boots on the ground.” It is an alliance that ensures that, should the Al-Assad government fall, the Syrian people will either live under totalitarian fundamentalist Wahhabi rule or see their country disappear as a coherent state and into warring factions.

By juxtaposing U.S. rhetoric that expresses concerns for democracy, pluralism and the human rights of the Syrian people with actual U.S. decisions, we see a dramatic illustration of the astonishing hypocrisy of U.S. policies. The Obama Administration understood the scale of human suffering it would unleash in Syria by arming, funding, training and providing political support for the opposition—opposition that it moved from a non-violent protest movement to a violent insurgency, as part of its larger geo-strategic plan for the region.

That is why commitment to regime change, rather than to a peace based on Syrian realities and the needs of the Syrian people, is the price of admission to this week’s conference in Montreux, Switzerland. It is a conference that it would be more accurate to call a ‘war conference’ rather than a ‘peace conference’ due to U.S. Secretary of State Kerry’s insistence on keeping the scope of the agenda confined to the terms of the Geneva I communique, which calls for a political transition in Syria.

Is Syrian’s future already written from the Libyan experience?”

The Syrian National Coalition is a mirage. Its “Free Syrian Army” has no standing and the most effective fighters are the al-Qaeda linked jihadists armed by the U.S. and the Saudi government. They are now the real power brokers on the ground.

For these fighters, Geneva II is an irrelevant sideshow that has no bearing on them and they have rejected the Western-backed Syrian National Coalition. So who does the Syrian National Coalition represent, when the bulk of the fighters have shifted to al-Qaeda and the other more than 1,000 Islamist rebel groups that between them have 100,000 fighters, all united in their commitment to a post-Assad state in which Sharia, or Islamic Law, will be established throughout Syria?

Yet on January 16, Kerry restated the U.S. position on Geneva 2. "It is about establishing a process essential to the formation of a transition government body -- governing body -- with full executive powers established by mutual consent," he told reporters.

The consent of whom? Who assumes power and will a new government represent the aspirations for democracy, civil liberties, workers’ rights, respect for religious and community difference that the “revolution” promised or is Syrian’s future already written from the Libyan experience?

There are now voices inside and outside the Administration saying that the U.S. should abandon the Syrian National Coalition and work instead with the Salafi-Wahhabi fundamentalists who have joined together under the umbrella of the Islamic Front (IF) and are being presented as the “moderate” alternative to the radicalism of al-Qaeda. However, the Syrian people, who have a history of secularism and respect for different religions, have not signed on to a post-Assad society and government ruled by a group that has publically stated its opposition to democracy and intention to establish an Islamic state under Sharia law.

In the end the interests of the Syrian people are of little concern to these policymakers who prioritize U.S. imperialist interests above every other consideration.”

But who cares what the Syrian people want? It does not seem to matter to the U.S. that supporting Salafi-Wahhabi fundamentalism is the antithesis of the justification it gave for supporting the “revolution” against al-Assad. It does not matter because in the end the interests of the Syrian people are of little concern to these policymakers who prioritize U.S. imperialist interests above every other consideration.

In the long annuls of crimes by U.S. and Western imperialism, the slow, protracted destruction of the Syrian state, including the tens of thousands of lives sacrificed, is starting to emerge as one of its most significant crimes. It can be listed with crimes like the Christmas season carpet bombing of North Vietnam in 1972 and the millions murdered in Iraq during the period of sanctions and full-blown military attack.

In this era in which war is peace and wars are fought for “humanitarian purposes,” it is hard for many to get to the truth. But one thing is certain—the humanitarian disaster in Syria that was supposed to be the justification for intervention by the U.S. and its allies will continue unabated for the foreseeable future.

Ajamu Baraka is a human rights activist, organizer and writer. He is an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) in Washington, D.C. and editor and contributing columnist for the Black Agenda Report. Baraka’s latest publications include contributions to two recently published books “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA” and “Claim No Easy Victories: The Legacy of Amilcar Cabral.”


We missed you.  Glad to read

We missed you.  Glad to read your comment.  I liked the artwork you did for Lynne Stewart; saw it on her webpage.

Don't Buy the Hype RE Syrian 'Peace' Confab & US-Iran Nuke Deal

Ex NATO Gen Wesley Clark confirmed that in the immediate wake of the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' event the NeoCONs were determined to have 'Regime Change' in at-least 7 Muslim countries: IRAQ, LIBYA, Somalia, Sudan [split in two in 2011 during FUK-US NATO's bombing assault on Libya], Lebanon, SYRIA & IRAN. IMO Unless & until the US [= O-Bomber / Kerry regime] renounce this policy, all this hype about a so-called Syrian 'peace conference' [which the hard-core AL-CIAeda Saudi / GCC linked elements demanded that Iran be locked-out of] & a deal Nuke between the US & Iran- especially absent major roll-backs in the US led embargo of Iran & also absent a clear refusal RE any commitment to be dragged into an war w Iran by the Likudnik / AIPAC / NeoCON cabal, IMO all of this HYPE is a smoke-screen, which the O-Bomber Regime is feigning due to Putin outflanking O-Bomber's & Kerry's attempt to Bomb, bomb, bomb [Iran] Uhm that's SYRIA last Aug - Sept.

The last time the US / NATO / Saudi-GCC led so-called 'Friends of Syria' had a phony peace conference back in Dec 2012 here's what their real agenda was: "Roadmap Drawn-up by Syrian Traitors to Serve Imperialist & GCC Monarchies' - Mon Dec 10, 2012 @ Truthout: } In Syria, it is fighters coming from many Arab countries, elements of al-Qaeda, jihadists from Afghanistan, and Pakistan - well-armed - who kill Syrian civilians and fight against the Syrian army alongside a handful of deserters. So in Doha it was necessary to "unify" the opposition,.. an opposition created completely by France, Qatar [& the Saudis / GCC], and the US in particular, and supported by Turkey... The terms of the "Doha Protocol" contains the following 13 points:

1. Syria should reduce the number of soldiers of the Syrian army to 50,000;

2. Syria will assert its right to sovereignty over the Golan only by political means. Both parties will sign peace agreements under the auspices of the United States and Qatar;

3. Syria must get rid of, under the supervision of the United States, all its chemical and biological weapons and all of its missiles. This operation must be carried out on the land of Jordan;

4. To cancel any claim of sovereignty over Liwa Iskenderun (Alexandretta) and to withdraw in favor of Turkey from some border villages inhabited by Turkmens in "muhafazahs" in Aleppo and Idlib;

5. To expel all members of the Workers Party of Kurdistan, and to hand over those wanted by Turkey. This party should be added to the list of terrorist organizations;

6. To cancel all agreements and contracts signed with Russia and China in the fields of subsurface drilling and armaments;

7. To allow Qatari gas pipeline passage through the Syrian territory toward Turkey and then on to Europe;

8. To allow water pipes to pass through the Syrian territory from the Atatürk Dam to Israel;

9. Qatar and United Arab Emirates pledge to rebuild what has been destroyed by the war in Syria on the condition that their companies have the exclusive access to contracts for reconstruction and for exploitation of Syrian oil and gas;

10. To terminate relations with Iran, Russia and China;

11. To break off relations with Hezbollah and with Palestinian resistance movements;

12. The Syrian regime should be [hard-core] Islamic{ist} and not Alawite;

13. This agreement will come into effect as soon as power is taken by the "Opposition".

Thus each of the sponsors of the "revolt of the Syrian people" has helped themselves according to their own 'interests'. The US [& Israel] by disarming Syria and distancing the nation from its friends; Turkey, by retrieving Syrian villages and modifying the common borders according to its interests; Qatar, by being granted contracts for the "reconstruction" of the country; and Saudi Arabia, by the establishment of an Islamic regime of its devotion. - This is a virtual castration of Syrian sovereignty... Nowhere is there any question of democracy, freedom, human rights, building a new Syria in which the Syrians, whatever their ethnicity, religion and belief, enjoy the same rights. Instead, each of the "sponsors" has first & foremest served their own selfish 'interests'... {


Up Date: Kerry has IMO just drop potential poison pills in these so-called 'peace-talks' for both Iran & Syria. RE: Iran- It seems he at the behest of the Likudnik AIPACer crowd is maneuvering to make a final deal contingent on the Iranians dismantling all or at-least much of its enrichment infrastructure & centrifuges, which Kerry & Obama know this is a non-starter for the Iranians. This demand is enough to kill any final deal which of-course IMO Kerry & Obama must already know [see: 'US “Dismantling” Rhetoric Ignores Iran’s Nuclear Proposals' @ ].

RE: Syria- Kerry's insisting that any peace deal in any is contingent on Assad going [= regime-change], which Assad will only agree to if he fails to win a general election, which Kerry, Obama & the FSA / SNC know Assad would likely win. In fact they used this pre-condition as an excuse to disinvite Iran from these so-called 'peace-talks'. And UN chief Ban Ki Moon has shown he's NOT really an honest broker in this affair [see: ]

IMO these [phony] so-called 'peace-talks' for both Iran & Syria are likely just for show, before the OBomber-Kerry regime go back full-tilt w their & the NeoCON / AIPAC 'regime-change' agenda for both Syria & Iran. It gives them the chance to claim they tried to talk peace, but the Iranians & Assad simply refused to be 'reasonable'.