The Shameless Vacuity of Susan Rice's Black Boosters


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Africa doesn’t matter, U.S. wars don’t matter, nothing matters to the Black Misleadership Class except the sickly prestige of basking in the (distant) glow of power. Susan Rice’s “Black boosters embrace an abettor of genocide and endless military interventions as one of their own – and indict themselves.”


The Shameless Vacuity of Susan Rice's Black Boosters

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

They have rallied to the defense of a woman who has been mugging an entire continent since her appointment to Bill Clinton national security staff in 1993.”

In their reflexive circling of the wagons around United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, the U.S. Black Misleadership Class reveal a total absence of political or moral values beyond the narrow pursuit of group prestige through proximity to imperial power. Even the dashiki-wearers among them care not a whit for Africa, whose rape and depopulation has been the focus of Rice’s incredibly destructive career. Rice’s intimate involvement in the murder of six million Congolese, her frenzied campaign to bomb and blockade Sudan, her successful instigation of regime change and race war in Libya, and her bloody-handed role in the ongoing torture of Somalia – all this means nothing to the vacuous and fawning class that claims to represent Black America.

Believing their own prestige to be entwined with Rice’s fortunes, her Black boosters embrace an abettor of genocide and endless military interventions as one of their own – and indict themselves.

By any reasonable interpretation,” writes Dr. Avis A. Jones-DeWeever, Executive Director of the National Council of Negro Women, Rice has had “a stellar public service career.” Dr. Jones-DeWeever apparently finds it admirable that Rice has for a decade and a half zealously shielded Rwanda and Uganda, the two main culprits in the Congolese genocide, from censure or sanction at the United Nations and in the court of world opinion. “Bold sisters,” Jones-DeWeever admonishes, urging Black women to sign a petition in support of Rice, “Let this be the day we all say, Not again…Never again…Not on our watch!” Yet, on their “watch” Rice’s clients in the Rwandan and Ugandan armed forces and proxy “rebel” outfits have sown the chaos that has led to the rape of an estimated two million Congolese women.

The broad outlines of racial atrocities by America’s allies and clients in Libya are no longer in dispute.”

Rice is widely credited with convincing President Obama to launch NATO’s eight-month bombing campaign against Libya, in 2011, resulting in a racist pogrom that killed or displaced many tens of thousands of black Libyans and migrant workers – a race war that continues to this very day. For Dr. Jones DeWeever, Rice’s role in this monstrous crime becomes, in language profane in its blandness, “someone who was instrumental in designing the resolution to the protracted Libyan clashes during that nation’s tumultuous period within the Arab Spring.” A Black bourgeois flavor to the banality of evil.

Although the broad outlines of racial atrocities by America’s allies and clients in Libya are no longer in dispute, Rice has remained silent on the issue. DeWeever keeps mum, too, although as an “accomplished scholar, writer, and public speaker“ – and as a person who feels qualified to assess Rice’s “stellar public service career” – one would assume she is at least somewhat familiar with the plight of black Libyans on Rice’s “watch.” We must conclude that she simply doesn’t care; that she deems the systematic murder and depopulation of blacks in Libya as immaterial compared to the need to populate U.S. high places with illustrious Black American faces.

In the same self-centered and fawning vein, incoming Congressional Black Caucus chairperson Rep. Marcia Fudge, of Cleveland, described Rice as “a person who has served this country with distinction,” while offering no assessment of the substance of that service. Surely, Jefferson Davis served the Confederate cause with “distinction,” too. “We will not allow a brilliant public servant’s record to be mugged to cut off her consideration to be secretary of state,” chimed in DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, one of the 12 Black female representatives who rallied to the defense of a woman who has been mugging an entire continent since her appointment to Bill Clinton's national security staff in 1993.

The Institute of the Black World would do better to demand that Rice and the rest of the Obama administration keep their bloody hands off Africa.”

We say hands off Ambassador Susan Rice!” Dr. Ron Daniels’ Institute of the Black World, a proudly Afro-centric organization, would do better to demand that Rice and the rest of the Obama administration keep their bloody hands off Africa. Republicans are hypocrites “ who “have no moral or political authority to stand in judgment of Ambassador Susan Rice!” One can make that argument, but the Institute of the Black World and the rest of us certainly have the right and obligation to stand in judgment of a political operative and ideologue who, according to an article by Michael Hirsch in the Ethiopian Review, cavalierly dismissed the Rwanda/Uganda-sponsored M23 rebel group’s murderous rampages in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “It’s the eastern DRC. If it’s not M23, it’s going to be some other group.” Rice delayed for months publication of a United Nations panel of experts report documenting M23 as a front group for Congo’s neighbors, who have all but annexed the mineral-rich eastern part of the country since invading in 1996, leaving 6 million dead in their wake, half of them below the age of five. Rice and her then boss, Bill Clinton, supplied the money, arms and political cover. As Under Secretary of State for African Affairs, Rice left it up to Washington’s Rwandan and Ugandan puppets to safeguard against genocide. “They know how to deal with that,” Rice is quoted as saying. “The only thing we have to do is look the other way.”

Rice’s African American boosters also choose to look the other way. They shame us all.

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Phony Racial Identity Politics Rises Again

After hundreds of years of the Black Prophetic Tradition, of Walter Johnson of the NAACP who documented lynching, of A. Phillip Randolph, W.E.B. DuBoise, Ralph Bunche, the Back Panthers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and a pantheon of committed and principled Black Leaders, look at how we've devolved and retrogressed.

The Black Misleadership support for Rice is just another manifestation of two things:  one, I hate mass murderers unless the murderer is a member of my team, what is called amoral familialism in Latin/South America.  The second, is this race loyalty/identity politics nonsense.  Whatever happened to judging folks by the content of their character or deeds?

Truth of the matter is that Rice has been a greater threat and menance to Black folks on this planet in terms of her African policies and tactics than any GOP member of Congress or the Senate.

All of the antics surrounding her are mindless, meaningless kid's play.  Of course Rice lied about Benghazi but the nitwits in both parties can't see the forests for the trees.  The bigger story is that she lied to conceal the militarization of the State Department and the CIA, and the blowback resulting from the US enlisiting jihadists in Libya as they have in Syria to do the US's dirty work.   

I guess the color of her skin outweighs her silence as Rwanda went into a death spiral. 

IMO Modern Era of Twisted Identity Poly-Tricks Began When-

George Bush Sr picked Uncle Judge Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall on the SCOTUS Court. This cleverly cynical pick put Blacks in a 'dilema' whether to openly criticize Thomas, who was not just a Black GOPer, but a hardcore corp Repug type {house}Negro & liar [yes he lied about some of that stuff that came up vs Anita Hill]. Even Min Farrakhan said things that backed Uncle Judge Thomas as a 'Black' man. IMO the only reason Blacks aren't more hyped up on Thomas is because he's so oviously & blatantly a hard-core Repug who backs every ruling that attacks pro-Black & Brown policies [FYI: Thomas voted FOR Bush Jr's hi-jacking of the 2000 election].

The issue of blind racial identity 'loyalty' emerged again in the OJ case. I witnessed too many Blacks who 'assumed' OJ's innocence, not based on evidence & logic, but as a knee-jerk reaction to whites' presumption of OJ's guilt [note I agreed w the verdict & now also think he was innocent- some 15 yrs hence based on evidence]. And for what? What had OJ [& MJ too] done to curry such unwaivering support from Blacks as a so-called 'Black role-model'??? - Just beause he was a famous ex-football player who became Avis' pitchman? Here's a guy who left his Black wife [who was also his hi-school sweet-heart] in a time of true need & family tragedy- for a 17yr old Nicole Brown- that's really supposed to be an example of a true 'Black role-model'???

IMO When the {white} power elites saw that Blacks tended to have unquestioning 'loyalty' to Black faces in hi-places- coupled w Blacks' unshakable loyalty to the Dimo-crap party, even for a slick-talking southern Dim whose nickname was 'Bubba', they combined those 2 tendencies to come up w Obama, Holder & Ms Rice(s).

Min Farrakhan's [& Amiri Baraka's] dilema reflects Black Folks' dilema RE Obama & Rice. Farrakhan was an early supporter of the 'Obama Candidate' in 2008 [FYI: Farrakhan's & Jesse's homes are in the same area of Chicago- where Obama moved to]- even as Obama publicly made at point of renouncing his support. Farrakhan in fact was an unswerving hyper of Obama until O-bomber & Rice [& Hitlery / Killary] unleashed hell on Libya last yr- resulting in the slaughtering of Khadaffi- who was a long-time friend / ally of Farrakhan & the NOI. So Farrakhan denounces Hitlery / Killary & the NeoCONs- but did he directly denounce O-Bomber & Sue Rice??? Me Thinks NOT! Yet Farrakhan [& Baraka] knows far more about African Affairs than the average Black person, who is focussed so much on day-to-day survival [&/or 'American Idol', basketball & football] than on the US' backed attrocities, in Africa & beyond, on Obama's & Sue Rice's watch.    

Where's Frantz Fanon when you need him?

It takes a considerable period of time and effort to truly get to the "origins" of Black folk's and White folks for that matter, psychoses.  They are myriad, complex and intertwined.  Again my classic examples being folks who consider a Wall St. water carrier, globalist/neo-liberal capitalist to be Socialist vis a vis folks who consider him to be a culmination of Dr. King's dream, the Civil/Voting Rights best case outcome, and the polestar of racial pride and solidarity.

Truth is Obama could give a flip about both denizens of cognitive-dissonance.  Where's Frantz Fanon when you need him?  Truly, it will take someone steeped in psychology and history to tell the story succinctly and with alacrity.  My condensed take is that racism, combined with integration, combined with mass media, combined with materialism and individuality has left Black folk prone to manipulation by symbolism. 

Tryvon Martin's parents were in Detroit this week... and last night they found 4 Blacks dead inside a house.  Just another week in the "D."  Look, I get that law enforcement all too often has racist and repressive tendencies, and too many White citizens too, but guess what: I always have and will think the same of the President of the United States.  I thought it was his or her job to advance "Western Civilization" which is code for you know who.  The President is the top cop on the planet., the President racially profiles more than New York cops or Maricopa County deputies.  That was always my interpretation of history.  Did I miss something?

So we just throw out 400 years of history, history stops and turns on a dime?  I mean how intellectual is that?  Particularly, given the documented cases of malefesance and criminality on the part of past lower echelon Black elected officials.  Obviously it's reasonable to think that some of us might not do right.   You know them by now, hint, hint.. The Black Misleadership Class Members.  Wow, no one told me the Black President ripped through the space/time continum?!

Justin Raimondo summed it up best when he referred to the 911 Incident as ushering us into "Bizarro World." 

Six Billion dollars spent to elect 1 or the other puppet?  And we don't know who runs this country?  I mean, how much critical thinking does one need? How many B-rated detectives say follow the $?  Why would you throw your lot behind a figurehead?  Because we learned since the 60s that's all Presidents are.

I've sadly come to the conclusion that if Satan returned to earth wearing a dashiki or Afro-puffs, talking a good game and manifesting the accoutrements of "success,"  Black folks would defend Satan to the death.  "See, White folks just don't like Satan cause he Black and successful, that just the way they is."   Funny how the White Marxists and Socialists critiquing the Obamas and Rices of the World all of a sudden morph into Republicans because they knocking a Black face.  I suppose one could counter, if only some Whites folks on the other side of the spectrum didn't validate the psychoses of their Black Obama cult followers....well yall figure it out, I aint Franz.

I couldn't find Fanon, but this is a start

Schizophrenics, Psychopaths Holding America Hostage Wednesday, 05 December 2012 00:00
Written by 

By Dr Brian Moench, Truthout | Op-Ed 

"The greatest threat to the United States will never be al Qaeda, Russia, China or Iran. It will be our failure to wrest control of public policy from the inmates of our own insane asylum," says Brian Moench. 

UN Sanctions for Kagame/Museveni for Backing M23 Terrorist

Record vs Retoric

If anyone has any doubts about Susan Rice’s character and abilities as they relate to her being pushed for the position of Secretary of State.  Take a listen to Larry Wilkerson’s impression of her and her skills here.

Then there is Kambale Musavuli’s opinion of her and her record.  He gives an item by item history of Mrs. Rice’s actions and inactions that resulted in millions of deaths and a host of war crimes committed by the American proxies Rwanda and Uganda.

Lets be real clear on this matter Mrs. Rice is a ambitious bureaucrat pushing any policy that promotes and protects Amerikkkan hegemony on the African continent no matter how many African lives it costs.  That can’t be good for Africa at all.

LOL Please help us all

S Murph

We're not talking about the Nobel Peace Prize. (Or are we?)

Uh, let’s see, there’s been in my lifetime, George Marshall, Dean Acheson, John Foster Dulles, Herman Goering, Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig,--was “Ziggy” Brzezinski Secretary of State?-- George P. Shultz, James Baker, Madeline Albright, Menachem Begin, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Uncle Ben’s Rice, and  Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Maybe I’ve left somebody out.

Comrades, are you trying to say that Susan Rice isn’t a worthy candidate to join this list of clowns, liars, miscreants, mountebanks, and assassins?

Black Agenda Report's "Vacuity"

Black Agenda Report spend most of its time handwaving to the readers here by shifting the attention to such ambiguous entities as the "Black Misleadership Class" or to "Obama" or to "Susan Rice".  Essentially what BAR is doing is shifting your focus, angst and anger to the flunkies rather than get you to focus on the real problem and the real culprets.  This is because BAR is not really that far apart from the very "Black Misleadership Class" that they piously complain about.  This rhetorical tactic is used to make you believe they are "on your side" but if they are distorting the truth or worst -- misleading you with partial truth -- on needs to look for new source of information.

Gilad Atzmon most recent article Jewish Anti-Zionism is a Myth cuts to the chase.  He writes the following:

This Jewish ethnic activist does provide us with an insight into the level of deceit that is, unfortunately, inherent to Jewish left politics.

The same is true about Black politics.  It is a myth. Black politics is controlled by Jews.  Susan Rice receives her biggest acolaydes and support from Jews. The Blacks who support Rice are either caught up in identity politics (controlled by Jews) or in the pockets of Jews.  ALL of American politics, her economy and culture is controlled by Jews. THIS IS THE   FACT BAR irresponsibly avoids telling her reader.

No.  Glen Ford with rather break bread with the agents of the Jewish Leftist like Medea Benjamin who sabatoged the Green Party in 2004, than get together with say a White Nationalist, like those at The Ugly Truth, who truly informs their listeners about the Jewish supremacist onslught.

What does this make BAR other than a Black MISLEADER.