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Reparations Applications

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    by Raymond Nat Turner

    Be needin’ 21st Century

    Socialist solutions


    Reparations Applications

    by Raymond Nat Turner


    No mo’ John de Conquer Root,

    Rabbit foot, black cat dander

    Hopin’ and prayin’ that the

    Emancipation Proclamation

    Kicks in after one

    Hundred and fifty years


    No mo’ symbolic

    Bud-lite solutions—

    Personified by

    The Beer Baron himself,

    His Highness of Hops—

    Be needin’ 21st Century

    Socialist solutions

    Like smart phones with

    Reparations Applications


    Livable-wage work,

    Walking distance from

    Solar-powered homes

    With bamboo floors and

    Rooms for every family

    Member, low-flow shower

    And toilet bathroom for

    Every bedroom,

    Wolf Range, Miele

    Dishwasher, Sub-zero

    Refrigerator-appointed kitchens;

    Free solar electric

    Busses and trains;

    Free education, K-post doc;

    Free cradle to grave health care—

    Insurance companies pre-existing

    Conditions, in museums & history books;

    The Hudson and all rivers are cleaned up—

    Returned to Native American standards…


    Raymond Nat Turner can be contacted at


    Raymond Nat Turner © 2013 All Rights Reserved


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    Like Morrison, an American Poet.

    "K-post doc"- thats a GREAT line,and also "returned to Native American standards". Another classic from NAT TURNER!