Remarks of Cynthia McKinney at the World Conference to Criminalize War

You wouldn't know it from our myopic and entertainment-obsessed US media, but there's a whole peace-loving world out there beyond our borders. Late last month Cynthia McKinney, the former representative from Georgia traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to participate in a conference on the criminalization of war.

Here are some of her remarks at that event.  If you cannot see the video above, click here.


would like a transcipt.

Many folks use text because of hearing problems in varying degrees: deaf to partial hearing disabilities.  My dream is tech software when folks do video be attached to everthing to make cc close captioning....and not hear again, "we can't afford to cc close caption", which I got in reply to an email to an human rights group emailing me a video and no transcript or cc.
Addenda: The Guardian has just posted an article on the top L homepage that the number of babies born with birth defects has risen sharply in Fallujah.  War is criminal.  The US government is criminal.  If we don't work to make peace and keep accountability (and get it), we will all be responsible for being complicit.

Please run in 2012

I wish you would run for President in 2012.   

now there's a sister

 Keep talking and raising awareness.  People might start paying attention soon.  When they do, will they act?

This woman should've been the

This woman should've been the president of the United States. Too bad the defense contractor owned corporate media didn't mention here at all during the election.....they sold you Obama because he's good for business. The business is killing and business is good!