The Professional Left Versus The Left of Us

by BAR editor and columnist Jared A. Ball

Those purported liberals and progressives that urge pragmatism and caution in the face of raging imperial warfare and Wall Street’s predations, must not feel their own lives are at stake. “If they did really believe that corporations were leading the planet to doom or that the fascists they are protecting us from are just outside the gates, would they really only respond by a few rallies and a vote for a Democrat?” Blacks and browns are the folks living at Ground Zero.


The Professional Left Versus The Left of Us

by BAR editor and columnist Jared A. Ball

Black, Brown, Indigenous and working people need to abandon the conventions of the professional left and develop our own politics.”

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was partially right when earlier this year he dismissed the “professional left.” There is indeed a professional left, those whose entire careers and claims to fame are based on permanent liberal challenges to power and who arrogantly dismiss as immature, and worse dangerous, those who would push leftward beyond those limits. “Don’t go too far,” they tell us, “vote for us or THEY will get elected and then we’re in real trouble!” But that’s because liberals aren’t in real trouble. They don’t really believe that. If they did really believe that corporations were leading the planet to doom or that the fascists they are protecting us from are just outside the gates would they really only respond by a few rallies and a vote for a Democrat? Then maybe they are as “fucking stupid” as Rahm Emanuel said they are.

But to some the fascism warned of in all those faint allusions to totalitarian horrors already exists and the death camp trains have been running for decades with barely a peep from the professional liberals. Should we care about Obama’s failure to close Guantanamo when he never felt pressure enough to even lie about wanting to shut down the Corrections Corporation of America? Prisons and the racist legislation, hyper-policing, brutality and fraudulent judicial system that keep them filled are among the nation’s biggest businesses. Joblessness and poverty continue to worsen and even the tens of thousands dying from war abroad are more than matched by the deaths in this country resulting from public policies which deny adequate housing, food and health care to millions. When rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are found to be as high in Black communities in the United States as they are in war-torn cities overseas and children tell counter military recruitment workers that they might as well risk death fighting in foreign wars when they get shot at here at home since at least that offers the chance of health care and education who is really interested in more liberal threats of “it could be worse”?

Prisons and the racist legislation, hyper-policing, brutality and fraudulent judicial system that keep them filled are among the nation’s biggest businesses.”

For Marcus Bellamy of the Arizona-based Black Organizing Network and Arizona Green Party this was the point of a series of events that took place this week in Phoenix. For Bellamy and co-organizers Arizona is the national “ground zero, the laboratory for the state testing out just how far it can go in terms of racial oppression.” According to Bellamy all the recent fuss over Senate Bill 1070 itself works to mask that “the migrant community is being used as a mere experiment in methods that can one day be used against the entire population – workplace raids, detention centers, extension of biometric data collection in prisons, the hiring of an armed volunteer force that enforces immigration law (which in any other country would be labeled a paramilitary force), integration of local and national police agencies along with cooperation from the National Guard in the name of ‘border protection,’ and so on may seem like an attack on the stereotypical ‘Mexican’ but will eventually morph into a blanket assault on anyone who defies the status quo.”

So sure, the professional left will undoubtedly tell us of all the small victories achieved in this week’s reversal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and the passage of the Low Power FM Radio Act. And we are soon to hear more from the Black professionals, or “surrogates,” called upon by Obama to explain how Black people will benefit from the new tax bill. But who really cares if imperialism is gay or straight or if we are now to get more liberal/non-profit radio or if Black people will get extensions on unemployment benefits instead of proper jobs with proper wages? Black, Brown, Indigenous and working people need to abandon the conventions of the professional left and develop our own politics even if they be dismissed as immature, impractical and simple fantasy. Professional liberalism is no answer for us.

Several years ago Essence Farmer finally won her case in Arizona allowing her to run a natural hair braiding business without a license since cosmetology school does not teach that skill. This week Black Floridian barbers are being raided and jailed by armed and masked agents for precisely that same licensing issue. “Ground zero” strikes again.

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There hasn't been a major Nation wide focus on prison conditions [w some brief exceptions] by either the so-called 'liberal' MSNM News or even so-called 'leftist' media since Attica 4 DECADES Ago. Take Gitmo whom some on the so-called 'Left' are making a fuss [rightfully so] about how detainees are deprived of their rights & even tortured. But the first time I heard of Gitmo was during the Haitian Boat Crisises [IE: 1980s w Popa Doc's reign of terror & Reagan / Bush Sr Gitmotizing those Haitians fleeing the terror; then again in the 1990s when Mr CIA Bush Sr pulled a coup on Pres Aristide & then responded to Haitians fleeing the resulting terror by again Gitmotizing them], but only a few really paid attention then. So now Gitmo has become the very symbol of the US' Fake WAR on TERROR & TORTURE Policy. AND- Speaking of Torture- why has it been so easy for high officials to perpetrate it [w the Bush / Cheney-ites in particular- actually publicly boasting about it]??? Because it has been common practice in the US' Criminal Justice / Prison Industrial Complex. Recently an ex-CPD Police Lt Jon Burge was convicted of perjury for regularly beating & torturing confessions out of Black & Brown prisoners, some who were then eagerly prosecuted & put on death row by none-other than the Current Mayor of Chicago Rich Daley Jr- when he was Cook County States Attorney. Much of this NOTORIOUS affair came to light after it was discovered in the late 1990s early 2000s that- out of 25 prisoners in IL scheduled to be executed- 13 of THEM WERE NOT-GUILTY!!! The situation was so outrageous that Ex- IL Gov George Ryan [a conservative Republican] felt morally compelled to call a moratorium on IL's death penalty. He then went on Oprah's show w some of those exonerated & spoke about how prisoners [usually Black & Brown] were regularly rail-roaded, beaten & TORTURED into confessing to crimes they didn't do -&- how Burge's squad was notorious for this. So finally Burge gets convicted this yr- not of Torture but of perjury- some 25 - 30 yrs after the fact.

Then of course there is the notorious Mark Fuhrman [of the OJ Murder Case infamy & a contributor to FOX Noise], who crudely boasted [on tape] how he regularly planted evidence on & beat-up & threw nigger suspects down flights of stairs w their hands cuffed behind their backs!!! [Note: Most whites folks were/are {understandably} upset that OJ may have gotten away w killing 2 white people- maybe. However by Furhman’s own boasting he’s likely gotten away w killing NUMEROUS {mainly Black & Brown} PEOPLE – see: - But not only have many / most white folks - particularly the so-called 'liberal' MSM media -  shown little outrage when FOX Noise had the GALL to make Fuhrman FOX’s special analyst on crime... Furthermore- The so-called 'liberal' MSM media has been complicit in re-imaging him from a Discredited Notorious Racist Perjuring Thug Cop - to a respectable crime analyst & 'non-fiction' {supposedlycrime writer].

Tactics which are regularly employed by US police / prison officials [IE: extreme solitary isolation, use of cold water & cold temperature conditions, prolonged sleep deprivation, nakedness & sexual humiliation, etc {these techniques can cause extreme distress without leaving tell-tale marks & bruises] are the same tactics used at Gitmo, Abu-Gharaib Iraq, Bahgram Afghan, etc. Thus officials have commonly used these [torture] tactics against Black & Brown inmates in the US’ Criminal Justice Industry / Prison Industrial Complex for DECADES [Note: Since Attica the prison population went from majority white to majority Black & Brown as well as EXPLODED]. But not many [including so-called 'liberals'] screamed to the Hi-Heavens then- SO Of Course Gov't 'officials' have no compunction about using TORTURE on foreign non-European / non-Christian  prisoners of the Gov't's Fake War on Terror, and then Boast about it on so-called 'liberal' MSNM News Outlets


The on-going, and much over-blown furor over the outcome of the OJ trial by all segments of White society, not just from conservative elements, or from those at the top, serves at yet another cautionary tale for those who regularly advocate in these pages and elsewhere that some of us Black leftists need to stop seeing the world through a "racial prism" or that we go out of our way to "embrace" the white working class, no matter how they tend to behave towards us and our issues. Whatever one's personal feelings about OJ the serial wife beater and perenial racial sell-out, the facts are that most of the "evidence" against him was circumstancial at best, and the prosecuters time-line was totally dubious.The fact that most of White America found (and still finds) the testimony of admitedly racist and corrupt cops such as Mark Furhman more credible than that of any Black person or group of Black people even when they have been enpanelled on a jury says everything one needs to know about where we are as a society in 2010. At least 10,000 lynchings went unpunished in this country. Daily displays of police brutality and impunity against non-whites are also okay. It is only the verdict in OJ trial that these people find morally offensive. Mark Furhman and others like him are only the the jagged tips of the very large and very rotten iceberg we call a justice system. Like any iceberg, the largest and most dangerous portion is the one that lies invisible below the surface.

On Fuhrman's Recent Appearance on Oprah...

It's Ironic that- after Oprah had Ex IL Gov Ryan on her show to talk about why he was morally compelled to declare a moratorium on IL's Death penalty after 13 out 25 inmates schedule for execution were shown to be NOT GUILTY- She recently had the nerve (or was compelled) to have that Notorious Racist ex-Cop Mark Fuhrman- on her show [apparently she also had him on back in 1997] & basically handled him w kid gloves - letting him slide w apologizing for saying the N-Word - like that's really the main reason to be outraged at w what he said on those tapes!!! - NOTE: . Even if you replaced Black [or even Afro-American] for all 42Xs Fuhrman said nigger on those tapes - you should still be almost as outraged at their implications! Plus let's not forget Ms Kathleen Bell's letter & testimony of Fuhrman's VICIOUS hatred of Blacks backed by Ms Natalie Singer's testimony. Thus- including Ms McKinney's testimony & tapes - were 3 unacquainted white women swearing under oath of Fuhrman's intense racial hatred. Then there was the Bro Roderic Hodge's testimony about how Fuhrman & his partner continuously harassed him & how his numerous complaints to the LAPD's IAD were IGNORED [SEE: - Sept 5th {on which ironically Fuhrman takes the 5th - including whether He Planted Evidence in the Case} & Sept 6th]. 

I won't get into all of the problems w the prosecution's case in the OJ trial at this point -BUT- the best theory I've seen, if one assumes OJ DID NOT DO IT, for who may have been the killer & why- is that of Mr William Dear's book & video - 'OJ is Guilty- BUT NOT of Murder' -&- 'The Overlooked Suspect'...  And- I bet it probably never made Oprah's 'Book of the Month Club'.

Don't believe the hype

The real evidence, that was not allowed in court against OJ Simpson was enormous. The number of times OJ Simpson beat and raped Nicole Brown Simpson, the times he held her hostage locked in a closet after beatings, the times he stalked her. The police who refused to arres him after obvious beatings. It is common knowledge - for women - that often there IS nowhere to hide because a wife beater becomes a stalker and will follow you everywhere. He has the cops on his side and the courts. There are not enough shelters to house the women who need them. Nicole Brown Simpson knew her life was ending. Andrea Dworkin writes prolifically about this case in her book 'Life and Death'.

Every day in the United States, men murder three or more women. The large majority of the murderers are husbands, boyfriends and partners.

About the Real Evidence In the OJ Case...

Let me say up-front that it was not my intent to get into the sordid OJ saga... my focus was on that notorious racist Mark Fuhrman & the implications of those tape & testimonies of 3 unacquainted white women [Kathleen Bell, Natalie Singer & Ms McKinney] that Fuhrman was / is a vicious racist thug ex-cop, who is being re-imaged by the so-called liberal MSNM media [IE: Oprah's show] into a respectable crime analyst / writer. I also wanted to show how people like him & ex-CPD Lt Jon Burge have used their police authority [backed by the system] to beat, torture & torment Black & Brown folks for decades [CENTURIES], & how this is all relative to the roll-out of the police-state & the Bush / Cheneyite NeoCons boasting about using TORTURE in the MSNM News. 

You'll get no argument from me whether OJ slapped Nicole around at least once [probably several times]- that's on the record. Nor will I argue that he didn't followed her around sometimes -the infamous 9-11 tape makes that clear. BUT- even though he kicked her door in & screamed & made a fuss on that tape- he didn't touch her then. But I didn't just hear the tape - I listened to what he was fussing & cussing at her about - which was conveniently glossed over... He said Nicole brought some 'trick' by the house & gave them a 'blow-job' In The Front Room while HIS KIDS WHERE THERE, & that she was hanging out w some unsavory folk [IE: Faye Resnick] & even let them hang out at the house where his kids lived- who were JUNKIES & involved PROSTITUTION [that didn't get into evidence]. Also glossed over was the true nature of her relationship w her 'Friend' Ron Goldman. AND- Speaking of his kids being home- No-One will ever convince me that OJ Planned in Advance to Murder Nicole [w a knife] just before leaving town- KNOWING FULL WELL THAT HIS / THEIR YOUNG KIDS WOULD BE THERE!!! 

And speaking of evidence that didn't get in - like the jury wasn't allowed to hear all 41Xs Fuhrman said NIGGER on those tapes or how he talked about rousting, choke-holding & beating niggers mercilessly; falsifying police reports; giving false testimony in court; faking [IE: planting] evidence; Extra Judicial Execution [IE: MURDER]; etc, etc, etc. Nor was the jury allowed to hear that he pleaded the 5th for giving false testimony to them in the OJ case - including whether he planted evidence in the case [like that glove that he 'found' on OJ's property - which by the way Didn't FIT OJ]. Then there was the Bro Roderic Hodge was testified that Fuhrman said 'I told you I would get you NIGGER' when Fuhrman arrested him. But what the jury was not allowed to hear was how Fuhrman & his partner harassed this Brother continuously or how his numerous complaints to the LAPD-IAD were IGNORED -OR- Even HOW ,upon Fuhrman arresting him, he put the cuffs on to tight & jerked on them w force to inflict pain as he shoved in the Brother into the squad-car [since we're talking about all the evidence that didn't get in]. -BUT- The so-called 'liberal' MSNM media [IE: Oprah] just wants to make it all about Fuhrman lying about saying the N-Word. This racist criminal thug w a badge & gun, should have been thoroughly investigated & indicted - but that too was a can of worms that they just glossed over

A word to all women libbers who rail on & on about OJ but then want to give a pass to Fuhrman- Fuhrman was part of a brotherhood of the LAPD - dedicated to eliminating [or at least limiting] women police officers from/in the ranks- especially those reaching detective &/or Officer rank. And Ms Natalie Singer said he called her a BITCH [because his racial hatred was so offensive she didn't even want him in the apartment she shared w her roommate that his partner was dating at the time] - & they were just passing acquaintances [ain't no telling what he called her after her, Ms Bell's & Ms McKinney's testimony proved him to be a LYING RACIST]. He's definitely a traditional Good Ole Boy 'keep niggers & women in their place' kind of white guy.

Some people got amnesia and can't or refuse to connect the dots


Let me break shit down for the doubters plain and simple:

O.J. was tried by a "jury of his peers," a rare feat in today's criminal justice system.  Unfortunately for the heirs of Chief Gates, the Black communities had been terrorized by the thugs in the LAPD department, false arrests, planting drugs, rigging up charges, robbing dope dealers and all that shit you see on the big screen movies about cop corruption.

Given the cesspool of criminality by the LAPD, was it a stretch for the jury pool selected for O.J.'s trial to believe that Fuhrmann planted evidence when they had either seen, heard, experienced or shared anectodal evidence of police corruption run amok? 

I know history don't mean shit to some of yall, but regardless of your hostility to it, it does matter.  It's call "context" folks.

If your police force is a known terrorist organization and criminal enterprise in your community and you are selected to serve on the jury in a criminal trial and the evidence looks suspicious... or protocols are not followed... I mean, wtf????  Duh.