Press Conference, Concerned Committee to Respect Prisoner Rights

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Yes, this is right. In fact

Yes, this is right. In fact on all correctional institution all over the world there is always unfair treatment of human rights. Yes, prisoners maybe be perpetrators in different matters, but they still have right to protect and we must be the one to implement those. The fact that they still not held liable enough for such cases untill they are proven guilty, our jail personnel or government themselves trying to betray this rights. A person who is not held to be liable enough becuase of his young age, the government should appel to the court that the under age will be turnover to juvinille institution instead. And one more thing, why not a legislator proposed and promote a bill pertatining to the rights of every prisoners,. It is really unfair to treat prisoners as they were not peopel when they commited a crime and mostly when they are in jail. I will not take aside the scenario that some of the jail officers are too rude, instead of guiding the prisoners they even made them brutal activities.


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