Obama's Trayvon Speech: Massa Trying to Keep the Slaves on the Plantation by Acknowledging Their Pain

by Carl Dix

President Obama’s attempt to diffuse Black rage in the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal is rooted in deception. “The fact is, Barack Obama has played a major role in the further demonization of Black youth.”


Obama's Trayvon Speech: Massa Trying to Keep the Slaves on the Plantation by Acknowledging Their Pain

by Carl Dix

It is a calculated attempt to defuse a volatile political situation.”

President Obama’s July 19th speech is being hailed as a courageous and candid airing of racial disparities in the country. The story line is he is listening to Black people and communicating the experiences of Black men, so the broader society can understand. 

No, the real message of this speech is that people should not lose their faith in the system.  It is a calculated attempt to defuse a volatile political situation the powers-that-be are worried may spin out control. 

I want to focus on two of the speech’s more outrageous deceptions. 

1) “We need to spend some time in thinking about how do we bolster and reinforce our African-American boys…. [a]nd give them the sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them.” 

Bolster our African-American boys my ass! 

Where is the “care” shown when 1 in 9 Black males between the ages of 18 and 29 are now in prison? How are the youth “valued,” when some 600,000, mostly Black and Latino, were brutalized and humiliated each year by stop-and-frisk policies in 2011? 

Where is the care shown in the epidemic of police (and vigilante) shootings of young Black men, scores of murders in the last year alone? 

How does the economy “care” about young Black men when 30 percent of them cannot find jobs and when studies have shown that employers will hire a white applicant with a criminal record over a similarly qualified Black applicant with NO criminal convictions? 

Young Black males are becoming an expendable labor pool.”

This is a capitalist-imperialist economy, where manufacturing jobs have dried up as companies search for the highest profits all over the world. It’s an economy where even entry-level, minimum-wage, white-collar jobs that Black youth might have been getting a decade ago are drying up, as many white workers getting pushed out middle-class jobs can only find work here. 

The cold truth is that young Black males are becoming an expendable labor pool.  From the standpoint of the system: unnecessary, undesirable, not fit for schooling or to contribute to society. 

Tell me about the “care” of the educational system, with its overcrowded, crumbling, underfunded schools in the ghettoes and barrios. What kind of “caring” society is it that has produced a “school-to-prison” pipeline? 1 in 3 Black male students gets suspended from school, often for minor infractions like swearing or with many falling into the clutches of the criminal (in)justice system. 

This capitalist-imperialist system has created a generation of suspects. It’s the generation of Trayvon Martin, of Oscar Grant, and countless others murdered by the police, warehoused into prison, and stigmatized throughout society. 

“Caring” about and “valuing” the youth? The fact is, Barack Obama has played a major role in the further demonization of Black youth. How many times has he given his Father’s Days lectures on responsibility, on not blaming anyone but yourself? Listen to him in 2008: “How many teenagers have we seen hanging around in street corners when they should be sitting in a classroom? How many are sitting in prison when they should be working, or at least looking for a job? How many in this generation are we willing to lose to poverty or violence or addiction?” 

What kind of “caring” society is it that has produced a “school-to-prison” pipeline?”

The people did not create this situation.  Black youth, the people filling the prisons, the people in the gangs weren’t the ones who took the jobs and moved them away. These conditions were caused by the dynamics of capitalist accumulation in its international dimension as well as within the country and by conscious policies of ruling class politicians in line with this.

This system that Barack Obama presides over truly has no future for the masses of Black youth – other than prison, gangs and the drug economy, menial jobs for a few, or becoming a killer for the U.S. military, uniformed thugs for the very capitalist-imperialist system that oppresses them. 

But there IS a future for these youth. It is in the REVOLUTION and the fight for a whole new world that gets beyond these oppressive, enslaving, and perverse relations. 

The people didn’t create this situation, but they can be a crucial part of transforming it through revolution – being part of creating a world where the Trayvon Martins and Rachel Jeantels can truly flourish. 

2) A More Perfect Union  

Obama says: “But we should also have confidence that kids these days, I think, have more sense than we did back then, and certainly more than our parents did or our grandparents did, and that along this long, difficult journey, you know, we’re becoming a more perfect union. Not a perfect union, but a more perfect union.” 

Obama is giving us the myth of the “more perfect union,” when the reality is that this “union” was founded on the twin crimes of genocide against the Native Americans (Indians) and the kidnapping and enslavement of Africans. Slavery was not some unfortunate flaw or defect in the “union” during its early development. It was central to what this “more perfect union” was about—inscribed into the Constitution--and central to the accumulation of great wealth in both the southern and northern US on which the power of America was founded. 

It is this system of capitalism-imperialism that is causing untold misery for the people of the world.”

Barack Obama gives us the myth of the “more perfect union,” when the reality is that the same system—the capitalist system—that arose with and nourished itself on human slavery has evolved into a worldwide system of exploitation, plunder, and brutal wars for the expansion of empire. It is this system of capitalism-imperialism that is causing untold misery for the people of the world and ravaging the ecology of the planet.

Barack Obama gives us the myth of the “more perfect union,” when the reality is that the oppression of Black people has been built into the very fabric of American society. It is built into the system. The forms of this oppression have changed: from slavery, through Jim Crow segregation and Lynch mob terror, to the new Jim Crow of mass incarceration. 

America has made adjustments in the ways it has oppressed and exploited people, especially when challenged by the struggles of the people. But the fundamental character of the system remains: the defense, the extension, and the reinforcement of exploitation and oppression. 

This is not a “more perfect union.” It is a nightmare and horror that must be swept away by revolution.

Carl Dix is a founding member, and a representative, of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP).



Obams Trayvon Martin Speech


I was shocked by Obam's comments on Trayvon Martin of July 19th.  I said to myself that he finally acknowleged our presence.  For five years he has ignored us or talked down about us. He, Obam has used Black men  as a poster child for what is wrong with Black life in America.  He has repeatly refused to have any programs to specifically help Black Americans. Yet he has a legislative agenda for illegal immigrants.   Has Obam's rejection and scorn for us contributed to  the racial animus directed against Black Americans?

Obam's is a political animal.  His sudden acknowledgement of our pain is a result of him realizing that the train had left the station and he was not on it.

All Black organizations and persons should boycott Florida and avoid spending money in that state.  I know people who have cancelled their travel plans to Florida. Nothing should blunt our boycott of Florida. Prayer vigils?  You can pray right where you are. Lobbying the Florida legislator, those that live in Florida can do that task.  Let us use the leverage that others don't what us to know that we have.





Teddy Tanks reviews

Lobbying the Florida legislator, those that live in Florida can do that task. Let us use the leverage that others don't what us to know that we have. Teddy Tanks reviews

Actions speak louder than words

 Obama's impromptu speech was a shock, especially considering it was only a couple of days after he gave his standard "nation of laws" comment. Remember he used that phrase after the Sean Bell and Oscar Grant verdicts. One can't help but wonder what poll or focus group prompted him to take the stage. Maybe it is the soothing balm needed to calm the anger of his acolytes. Everyone else (with their eyes open) see it for what it is: nothing more than political theatre.

RE: Obama’s Trayvon Speech_Much Rhetoric, No Substance

It’s telling that this is only the 2nd time since Obama’s been POTUS & the 3rd time since he’s been on the national presidential stage that he’s even addressed the race-issue [except for the times he’s made a point of publicly ridiculing Black men for being irresponsible]- twice he’s mentioned it RE Trayvon’s killing [last yr & now] & once RE Rev Wright hype. Of course the Pro KILLER Z FOX Noise crowd will scream he’s playing the so-called ‘race-card’, while the lame-stream MSNBC ‘liberal’ crowd will fawn all over him w baited breath. Some Obama-bots give him undue credit- as he’s so studiously avoided the race issue- until circumstances forces him to address it [FYI: in 2008 & last yr he was campaigning].    

IMO each time Obama’s been disingenuous- particularly when, during the Rev Wright hype, he claimed that the Rev was trapped in the past of a USA that no-longer exists [IE: he pushed the ‘post-racial’ USA myth], & now after a court-room run by a lily-white crowd in a small ‘Good Ole Boys’ town w a racist past in 'Ole Dixie-land' FL [w white women playing key roles]- judged Trayvon GUILTY & let KILLER Z walk Scott-free!

When Obama talks about Black men being followed in stores, white folks locking their car-doors when Black men pass by, or white-women clutching their purses when a brother gets on an elevator- he trivialized the issue while feigning relevance. Those are all acts of personal bigotry- which maybe annoying or even irritating – but generally in the real scheme of things are fairly innocuous. But Obama disingenuously failed to address the issue of Systemic Institutionalized Racism, let alone what he intended to do to address it. In fact he actually hinted that he did NOT intend to address these issues w policy-actions – beyond his hypocritical disingenuous rhetoric!

Case in point- Obama wants NYPD chief Ray Kelly as his new Homeland Security Chief. Kelly aka ChiefStop & Friskhas for over a decade ran the biggest most notorious legalized racial-profiling prog in the US. He’s also presided over & sanctioned some notorious incidents of NYPD cops gunning-down unarmed Blacks w near impunity [IE: Kimani Gray, Ramarley Graham, Sean Bell, Ousmane Zongo, etc]. Kelly & Mike Blomberg even had the gall to say that Blacks & Hispanics [nearly 90% of those Stopped & Frisked] are NOT stopped enough, while insisting that whites [barely 9% of those stopped] are stopped too often [even though the stats show that whites when stopped are at-least twice as likely to be carrying illegal weapons &/or contraband]. - And Kelly’s over-seen the NYPD mass-surveillance of Muslims in NYC & even Newark NJ [= ethnic-profiling] in combo w the CIA [FYI: the CIA legally ain’t even supposed to operate inside of the US]- RE: the phony ‘War on Terror’ [= war on Muslims]. Many of those entrapped in phony FBI rigged terror plots are US Black or African Muslims. A recent article states that out of 500 so-called ‘terror’ plots that the FBI / CIA / DHS has persecuted, only 5 had any real legitimacy [IMO it’s only 2 or 3, the – so-called underwear {non}bomber & Jose’ Padilla don’t count].

This shows how hypocritical Obama’s Trayvon speech is- that a few days before giving it he picks Ray Kelly to head DHS w fawning praise. So what’s Kelly going to do as Obama’s DHS chief, roll-out ‘Stop & Frisk’ across the US of KILLER Z???

Plus Obama ain’t got the moral authority to judge KILLER Z, after he droned to bits another 16 yr old US born teenager [the Al-Walaki boy] cause ‘He should have had a more responsible father.’ IMO that’s worse than what KILLER Z did to Trayvon- at-least Trayvon had a fighting chance, which the Al-Walaki boy never even knew what hit him, & his family had NO body to even bury!


What Obama did not say- while head-faking everyone w stories of he himself having been followed in stores, & white-women clutching their purses when he used to get on elevators:

That His & AG Holder’s DoJ would seek to roll-back or even eliminate ‘Stop & Frisk’ across the US.

Their DoJ would investigate any cases where official US cops gun-down unarmed, non-criminal &/or non-violent individuals- if the local courts refuse to prosecute or convict – In such cases the DoJ would seek to bring civil-rights violations charges [ala the Rodney King case] against those involved including even against their particular police-depts- if need be.

Their DoJ would seek to freeze, over-turn or at-least review & rewrite all SYG laws in the US of KILLER Z

Their DoJ & DEA would seek to de-criminalize simple possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Their DoJ & DEA would seek to equalize the penalties for crack vs powered cocaine [going from {100 - 1} disparity to {20 – 1} ain’t good enough].

Their DoJ & DEA would seek to roll back the phony Wars on Crime & Drugs [mainly pot – which has targeted mainly Black & Brown Communities]- & take a more health & sociological based approach to drug addiction- rather a more penal / criminal approach.

Nor did Obama even call to task the stupitainment industry [TV, movie, music, radio, video-games, etc] for popularizing & projecting the stereotyped image of young Black & Brown men as thugs, gang-bangers, etc. The music industry's made a cynically calculated conscious choice [for BIG $$$] to hype gangsta rap / hip-hop over more positive rap & hip-hop.  


PS- RE: Calls for Blacks to just 'accept' the verdict & 'forgive' ['We're a nation of laws & the jury has spoken.' - Obama]- What Obama & those pushing this seemingly innocuous BS CRAP - are really saying is that Blacks should just bend-over touch their toes without complaint nor action, & just take being gunned down every 28hrs by cops & even cop wanna-bes [IE: KILLER Z] w near impunity- even when unarmed & NOT committing a crime!!! That's simply a non-starter!!!

Something else Obama Didn't Say- Why Blacks are so Pissed RE

That white-woman Judge & Jury [& head prosecutor for that matter] letting KILLER Z walk Scott-free by judging Trayvon GUILTY: 

That jury of White females said this man [KILLER Z] did nothing wrong! ... You’re telling me that Michael Vick went to prison for two years because some dogs were killed on his property and he wasn’t even there, but this man can shoot Sybrina Fulton’s and Tracy Martin’s child in the heart and leave his body lying in the rain while people stand around and look at it?” [see Final Call article 'No Justice No Peace No Value for Black Life'  @ www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_100570.shtml ]

Ms Marissa Alexander [a Black woman in SYG FL] can fire a warning shot in the air to stop her attacker [for which she had filed a restraining order against]- does NOT even shoot the guy- yet gets 20yrs, but KILLER Z can stalk after & start a confrontation w [after being told NOT to by 9-11 dispatch] & then gun-down an unarmed non-criminal Trayvon trying to return to his dad’s house from going to the store, & a white-woman judge & jury [& prosecutor for that matter] decide KILLER Z did absolutely nothing wrong??? 


The reality of those statements says 2 things in the so-called 'post-racial' [NOT!] USA in the age of Obama: 1} With only 33% of whites saying that KILLER Z's gunning down of Trayvon was wrong while the majority of whites agree that KILLER Z should walk Scott-Free- Seemingly many / most whites value dogs' lives more than they do young Black men's lives! -2} SYG laws ain't for Blacks to ward off their [white?] attackers- they are to allow even un-official cop wanna-bes [IE: KILLER Z] to gun down even unarmed non-criminal Blacks w near impunity!  

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