Obamacare is Doomed by Its Internal Logic

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Republicans had nothing to do with passing Obamacare, and they will not bring the program down. The falsely named Affordable Health Care Act is coming undone on the strength of its own contradictions. It’s not a national health program, at all – “just Obama working a scam for the insurance companies.”

Obamacare is Doomed by Its Internal Logic

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

“Private insurers make money by betting against the health interests of their customers.”

Obamacare is unraveling, not because the administration is particularly incompetent or unlucky, and certainly not as a result of the Republicans’ unrelenting hostility to the Obama health insurance plan. Indeed, ever since the bill’s passage in early 2010, the GOP’s holy war against Obamacare has served to solidify reflexive Democratic support for what has always been a Republican-inspired bill.

The truth is, the Affordable Health Care Act is coming undone because of its own, tortured internal logic. At root, it is a fraud on the public: a scheme to subsidize and more deeply embed a private insurance system that can only make profits by denying sick and vulnerable people health care, and playing different demographics of Americans against each other. As every other industrialized country in the world has already learned, it is impossible to build a genuine, universal healthcare system on a cut-throat capitalist foundation. Private insurers make money by betting against the health interests of their customers. Obama served his corporate masters by conspiring to make tens of millions more Americans into customers of private insurers. He tried to dress up one of the greatest corporate subsidies in history as if it were a solemn national mission, a rebirth of the social compact between the American people. But of course, Obamacare is no such thing; it is a racket to prop up private insurers with public money, while allowing the profiteers to continue to run the show.

It is a fraud on the public.”

You can’t hide a truth that big. The Obamacare website has suffered from terminal complexity because white collar crime is usually quite complex. The web site attempts to reconcile the profit margins and various products of a universe of private insurance corporations, while at the same time pretending to serve the health needs of the people at an affordable cost. Obamacare claims to be in the business of serving both the public and corporate stockholders. But that’s mission impossible. If Obamacare is based on making profits for private corporations – if that is what keeps the system going – then the public’s health care needs will always be an afterthought. And, that will be obvious in the way that the website is organized as a sales platform that matches federal subsidies with corporate products, rather than matching people with the medical resources they need to survive and thrive.

Website complexity and failures aside, Obamacare can never become part of a national social compact, something of which all Americans can be proud. That’s because, by definition, corporate insurance schemes divide people into “winners” and “losers” – although, of course, the big winner is always the corporation. Young, healthy people know they are the fatted calves of the insurance business, and they are avoiding Obamacare like the plague. If this were really a national health care program, like Medicare for All, then most young people would join in the national health care mission. But this is just Obama working a scam for the insurance companies, and young folks know it. Anybody who manages to get access to the web site knows it.

The fatal flaw in Obamacare can’t be fixed. The best thing that could happen would be a quick and total collapse. Large majorities of Americans still support Medicare for All, but Obamacare stands in the way of a real national health plan – just as the Republican right-wingers that invented Obamacare back in 1989 intended.

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The Demise of a System of National Healthcare

Thanks Glen, your piece is right on target. I keep waiting for former Progressive Democrats like Dennis Kucinich to speak out concerning their overt removal from the political scene after they challenged the Obama Administration on it's preferred healthcare policy. Most of us remember the occasion when Kucinich completely reversed his position on healthcare after he was called on the carpet during a brief flight on Air Force One. His continued resistance eventually earned him the redistricting loss of his long held Ohio district and a contentious election against a fellow Democrat in her long held Ohio district.

I do think that we have to acknowledge the fact that Medicare has been under attack by forces on the Right and Left for some time and the current Medicare system is but a shadow of the former program as seniors are forced to enroll in so-called Medicare Advantage Plans that put them under the total control of corporate insurance healthcare providers. My wife and I have been on such a program for almost five years now because the only alternative is signing up for what's left of standard Medicare and being forced to purchase a separate private Supplemental Insurance Policy to cover what corporate lobbyist have coerced politicians in Washington to not provide under standard Medicare. Seniors have been inundated this enrollment season by Advantage Plan Offers from an array of different private providers, more so than ever before. Considering the ongoing efforts to cut Medicare payouts to physicians and various healthcare providers, it's evident that Medicare, as we have known it, is on it's way out leaving seniors as unwilling hostages of the privately run insurance healthcare system !

Obama realities

There seem to be 3 very clear goals with Obamacare.

1. Create a captive customer base for the for profit health care "industry" (their "TARP").

2. New tax revenue as MILLIONS will have to take the penalty over this.

3. Forces all doctors records to be now electronic so the clowns and psychopaths at the DEA/NSA/CIA/FBI have new data to troll.

See any benefits for the citizen here? I think not.

Simple vs Complex

I think the article is right that Obamacare and its complexity is dooming itself.  Hidden behind one curtain are the decisions made by the insurance industry and hidden behind the other curtain is a government bill that is over 2000 pages long.  How can you support something you can't understand.  I believe changes in healthcare should be made in simple, small steps using medicare for those in need.  I believe the young and health would support medicare for all and understand they will benefit in the future for what they pay today.

I heard today there is an insurance company bail out if the plan does work.  Does anyone know if this right?


Today I got an e-mail from Rep Keith Ellison praising ObamaCare.  He had an example of 3 persons he said had been able to successfully sign up for ObamaCare who are now much better off.  What he failed to mention was the reported 146,000 persons in in Minnesota who had their insurance cancelled in October.  So..I guess he has decided to "tow the party line".  Very sad...but not unexpected (unfortunately).

Dialing for Dollars

Given the long known fact that our politicians in Washington have to spend over half their time in office soliciting funding for the next election cycle, can we really be surprised that they have dedicated their efforts to helping those who provide the bulk of the funding for their next campaign ! Think about this the next time you decide to send that $3.00 donation to a political candidate or cause, all your doing is funding the operation of the sucker machine that promotes the false assumption that these people are actually working for you and your family's best interests !