Obama: As Warlike as Bush, and Just as Lonely

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Most of the planet recoils from President Obama’s plans to smash the Syrian state – as do a majority of Americans. “The First Black U.S. President now finds himself more alone in the world than George Bush, and with even less support at home.”


Obama: As Warlike as Bush, and Just as Lonely

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

U.S. imperialism has no option but to bang its military fist on the table to reset the global game board.”

With obscene imperial arrogance, President Obama proclaimed that the “world” – not he – has drawn a bloody “red line” in Syria. “I didn’t set a red line,” said Obama, at a stop in Sweden on his way to a Group of 20 nations meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia. “The world set a red line.”

That’s news to the rest of the planet, including most of the Group of 20 and the meeting’s host, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who described Obama’s claims that Syria used sarin gas against civilians in rebel-held areas as “completely ridiculous.” “It does not fit any logic,” said Putin, since Syrian President Assad’s forces “have the so-called rebels surrounded and are finishing them off.”

It’s news to China, which will surely join Russia in vetoing any Security Council motion to provide legal cover for Obama’s aggression. And it’s news to the usually compliant UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who this week reaffirmed that “the Security Council has primary responsibility for international peace and security" and “the use of force is lawful only when in exercise of self-defense in accordance with article 51 of the United Nations Charter and or when the Security Council approves such action.”

It’s news to Great Britain, America’s temporarily wayward poodle, whose parliament rejected any military entanglement in Obama’s red line. As esteemed political analyst William Blum points out, 64 percent of the people of France oppose their government’s planned participation Obama’s Battle of the Red Line.

Apparently, a young and impressionable Obama took the 1985 USA for Africa song “We are the World” too literally, and believes that all one need do is sing or shout the words to make it so.

64 percent of the people of France oppose their government’s planned participation Obama’s Battle of the Red Line.”

A new Reuters poll shows 56 percent of the American public oppose U.S. intervention in Syria, with only 19 percent backing Obama. The First Black U.S. President, who was hired (by corporate sponsors, and later elected) to put a new face on U.S. imperial policy after his predecessor’s defeat and international isolation over Iraq, now finds himself more alone in the world than George Bush, and with even less support at home.

Nevertheless, Obama will doubtless press forward with his aggression, for the same reason that Bush defied world opinion and a vibrant domestic anti-war movement, ten years ago. U.S. imperialism has no option but to bang its military fist on the table to reset the global game board, just as it attempted – and ultimately failed – to do in Iraq in 2003, and as a unified NATO temporarily accomplished, after a 7-month bombing campaign, in Libya in 2011.

Obama’s Syria crisis is another chapter in the Euro-American response to the so-called “Arab Spring” that threatened to upset western dominance in the center of global energy extraction – the end game for global capitalism as we know it. Within a week of Mubarak’s fall from power in Egypt, the U.S. State Department informed the press corps that Washington prefers monarchs to autocrats in the Middle East – a very loud signal that the U.S. had suddenly become far more dependent on the royal thieves of the Persian Gulf, the only Arab forces in the region on which the U.S. could depend. Peering into the abyss of sustained popular agitation in the Arab world, the U.S. and its European and royal Arabian allies attempted to leap ahead of the curve of events with a massive display of NATO force against Libya and a mobilization of jihadists in the region, mustered mainly by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The goal was to transform the character of the Arab Spring into a battle against secular socialist regimes in Tripoli and Damascus, along with a general Sunni jihad against heretical Shiites of one sect or another. The mission was to remove those states whose very existence threatened the monarchies while at the same time diverting the masses’ energies into sectarianism. (All of which is fine with Israel, whose strategy since its founding has been to foster chaos and division in the Arab world.)

Both sides in Egypt’s divided society now accuse the other of being allied with Enemy Number One: the U.S.”

Libya fell with the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi (Hillary Clinton: “We came, we saw, he died"), but the Assad government in Syria has held on for almost three years, and was prevailing in its battle against the U.S./Saudi/Qatari-backed jihadists. The 2011 game plan was coming undone. This summer in Egypt, where the West’s nightmare of eviction from the entire Mideast began two and a half years ago, the military seized total power and went on a killing spree against the Muslim Brotherhood, exponentially complicating the U.S. regional jihadist strategy. General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s government, which is carrying out a ghastly pogrom against its own Islamists, opposes the U.S. strike against Syria and tells its followers that the U.S. might turn against the Egyptian military regime, next. (This, despite massive infusions of cash from the Arab monarchs to the military government.) Both sides in Egypt’s divided society now accuse the other of being allied with Enemy Number One: the U.S. The crisis that Washington hoped to get ahead of, with the attack on Libya, had metastasized. Egypt was wholly unmanageable, and Syria was defeating Washington’s jihadists.

Thus, the transparent frame-up of Assad, with direct U.S. participation. It was a panicky move, with the fate of the Empire at stake. Mistakes in execution were surely made, and will come to light – which is why U.S. intelligence agencies hedge their accusations against Assad, leaving room to construct alternative scenarios as the original fable falls apart under the weight of facts and logic.

Obama may well get permission from the U.S. Congress to smash the Syrian state. The president reserves the right to launch the attack, unilaterally, and will not be punished if he does so. It is quite possible that Assad will soon be dead, and Al-Nusra jihadists will be cutting off heads in what’s left of central Damascus. But one thing is certain: the U.S. has no long term allies among the Arab people – certainly not the jihadists, who will also turn on their royal paymasters at the first opportunity. The game board cannot be reset – not for long – and, at some point in the not too distant future, the U.S. will be ejected from much of the Arab world.

Obama lays down his red line because – as in 2011 – he has no other options. It has been a twisted “Arab Spring” – but, for U.S. imperialism, it is winter in Arabia.

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Your words were prophecy

You told us that Obama would be the more effective evil. Its very clear now. Obama brings the democratic support that given a Republican president would not be forthcoming, and cobbled together with the warmongerin republicans any war he concieves against third world people will be rubber stamped. Obama is literallty worse than Romeny.

I'd love to actually hear Eric Dyson support Obama on this one.

Finally someone is telling the Truth.

I wanted to pull my balding hair out at watching the mainstream media. This man just told Congress and the world he will "hear their voices", to judge if he could attack Syria or not, and told the media and us he will do it no matter what they decide. He told us he was going to break the law and commit the Supreme Crime, since Kerry had to know what the Nuremburg Trials came after, since he referenced Robert Jackson, in his appeal to the Senate.

The media made hardly a whisper, and then narrowed the debate into 'how much can we destroy, or how little'. Even hearing Madea Benjamin felt stale. In a massive security state like America, do you really think she would be allowed at any Washington event unless she was a threat? The boldness is just astounding..



The Young F

Oh How I loath The Young Frankenstein (Obama) as he created his  monster from whole cloth. We no longer have to imagine what "fifty shades" of lying looks like. Where nary a mad politican goes no where without his own crazy assistant. Thus enter John Kerry , who compared Assad to Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein , is pictured around a small table with his wife Teresa Heinz(The ketchup lady from South Africa) and the Assads in 2009. We had the Old Frankkenstien who was George Bush the Dimner with his trusted assisant Dick Cheney and their monster. Now we have the young version of Frankenstein an Igor as they created their of version of this so-called moster. Yes they are trying to keep this monster alive in all of our nighmares . We observe The Young Frankestein at the G-20 meeting with the villager learders. He is trying to convince them that the monster that he Ignor has created is real and alive  and he need their help to detroy it.

Thank you...

Glen, I so appreciate your knowledge and guidance.  This "old head" relies on your commentary immensely.  It shores up my learning and intensifies my resolve to carry on the real work our people need for self-determination.  I'm but a drop in the bucket, trust me, I know.  But I believe that drop resonates, and ripples outward.  To everyone at BAR, thanks for supporting my drop with your knowledge.  I'm really so damned proud to have happened upon you all...  

we gotta strong statement from rangel


If a resolution to authorize military force fails to pass in the House, it will likely be due to an odd pairing of conservative and libertarian Republicans and liberal Democrats, including Congressional Black Caucus members. When asked if his constituents had any appetite for a war with Syria, Rangel replied bluntly. "In answer to your question: Hell no."

Damn. That's one hell of an accurate analysis.

I hope you don't mind if I link to this on FDL, for that is exactly what I intend to do. 

"...for U.S. imperialism, it is winter in Arabia." 

I'll even steal that for the title. With credit due, of course. Superb, cogent reasoning that displays a rare understanding of the Arab world in America, not to mention American imperial interests. Thank you very much.  


Excellent comments Glen, but we would be missing the main point if we leave the influence of Israel out of all of this.  As a side note, Israel has played a large role in some of the West's disastrous policies toward Africa.

Or, follow the money?

(Great article, as ever, Mr. Ford!)

While I agree with your point, in this case the phrase, "follow the money" might be more appropriate:

Just the facts, ma'am

At least Colin "Americal" Powell held up a piece of hardware store pipe and claimed it had something to do with "weapons-of-mass-destruction" --- Drone Master Obama can't even do that, instead he has John Forbes Kerry, scion of the multi-billion dollar Heiz fortune, simply tell us it must be the Assad government?????


Now, while I despise all dictatorial governments, and certainly those of Iran and Syria, a far better argument could be made for going into Saudi Arabia, traditionally, the worst human rights violator in the Middle East, where they routinely lop off people's heads for lunchtime entertainment!


Also, recall that it was "officially" 15 Saudis involved in the hijackings on 9/11/01 (while the other four held forged passports, it was inferred they were Yemenis, but they could have easily been Saudis as well).


So we the sheeple, are once again spewed with this "weapons-of-mass-destruction" without any proof, and the very first time that happened. Gen. Clapper was a member of the Bush-fabricated-WMD-intel team, (the same Gen. Clapper who wrote the report for the Pentagon promoting the privatization of all US intel agencies), and now Gen. Clapper is Obama's Director of National Intelligence --- what a confluence of connecting events, huh?


John Kerry and his wife didn't think Assad was such an onerous dood, when they had dinner and partied hardy with him and his wife back in 2009:




yet, John Forbes Kerry, scion of the multi-billion dollar Heinz fortune (and the dood who went back to Boston and warned them to avoid any "gay issues" so as not to endanger their electability; that very same dood who once described American jobs offshorers as "Benedict Arnolds" until his advisors warned him such talk might affect his net worth!) is telling us "the truth" without any proof backing him up.


Do we believe what the American-backed Syrian/al Qaeda rebels, who routinely kill Syrian Christian innocents, had nothing to do with that gas attack, and believe what they tell John Forbes Kerry, or do we refuse to act like sheeple?


Yes, Charlie Rose (long-time member of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission:




) did a controlled interview with Assad, such being the "freedom of the press" in Amerika today, and CNN has managed to point out, at least once, that to date no actual proof has been offered as to who was behind the gas attacks, Americans are simply being shown video, over and over again, of gassed victims (not even knowing whether they were Syrian Christians, Iraqi refugees, or Palestinian refugees, the two latter groups having grown over the past few years in Syria, thanks in part to other illegal actions of the American government)!


To repeat, those Middle Eastern countries which did not originally sign on to the WTO's Financial Services Agreement, allowing the bankers (like the vampires) in, were Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria (now Iraq and Libya are onboard, 'natch!); one must logically suspect after the any attack on Syria, they too will be onboard.


Another country which still isn't onboard, not having signed that FSA, is Brazil:





Good work!

Interesting, informative, and grimly amusing comments. 

Americans don't have much of a historical memory, do they?  Are we at war with Eurasia or Eastasia?

Rogue Nation

Thank you for this article, Glen.  I couldn't agree with you more.  Below is the e-mail I've sent to my senators and to my congressman.


The United States has used atomic weapons in Japan, napalm and agent orange in Vietnam, and depleted uranium in Iraq.

It has leveled with bombs dozens of countries that have done nothing to the U.S., including Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Panama.  Iraq (twice), Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Libya.

If a country could be labeled “psychopathic”, the U.S. would meet all necessary criteria.

Do not let our deranged president bomb Syria.  Stop him.  Stop the Pentagon from killing people all over the world.  Stop our secret police from harassing and imprisoning peace activists, animal rights activists, opponent of GMOs or nuclear power, journalists, or any other peaceful opponent of the government.

The U.S. government lacks the moral authority to criticize or castigate other countries for using brutal tactics in warfare.



(My name)


Some of you are really confused

How is Iran a dictatorial country? Didn't you see Ahmedinejad leave office for another elected official? Syria might be dictatorial but that is not the point.  Every country has some legitimacy.  Legitimacy does not only come from the ballot box or innocuous freedoms that don't change anything that matters to the real rulers of the land.  America votes but does it appear like the U.S government is any less dictatorial.  It even spies on its own people; breaks its own constitution yet some think it has some high moral ground.  It is far more of a bully than the most dictatorial government on the planet.