Obama Supports the Racial Surveillance That Killed Trayvon

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

In his effort to “put the angry Black genie back in the bottle” following George Zimmerman’s acquittal, President Obama once again claimed to oppose racial profiling. He’s lying. Obama has endorsed the most prolific racial profiler in the country as a potential head of Homeland Security. The president is a bulwark of the system that targets millions of Trayvon Martins.


Obama Supports the Racial Surveillance That Killed Trayvon

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Blacks are hyper-surveilled from damn near cradle to the grave, both within and outside their communities.”

President Obama pretended to cross over to the Black side for a few minutes, last week, in response to near-universal Black rage at George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the stalking and murder of Trayvon Martin. According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, 87 percent of African Americans believe the shooting was unjustified, compared to only one out of three whites. Blacks made their outrage visible in hundreds of demonstrations and vigils across the country, prompting even Obama’s most hardcore apologists to beseech their icon to say something to put the angry Black genie back in the bottle.

Beginning his performance with “Once the jury’s spoken, that’s how our system works,” and an endorsement of the propriety of the trial, Obama half-mumbled 2,100 words designed to indicate that he is aware of “a history of racial disparities in the application of our criminal laws, everything from the death penalty to enforcement of our drug laws” – and then almost immediately washed his hands of the matter with the caveat: “The criminal code and law enforcement is traditionally done at the state and local levels, not at the federal levels.” Stand Your Ground laws are something that might be reexamined “if they are designed in such a way that they may encourage the kinds of altercations and confrontations and tragedies that we saw in the Florida case, rather than diffuse potential altercations.” Mostly, Obama was concerned with reestablishing “trust” in the system. “I think it would be productive for the Justice Department, governors, mayors to work with law enforcement about training at the state and local levels in order to reduce the kind of mistrust in the system that sometimes currently exists.”

The groundswell of furious Black protest forced Obama to recall a time when he used to be Black, too.”

Obama insisted, in closing, that “things are getting better” in America, despite the proliferation of Stand Your Ground laws designed to justify precisely the vigilante murder and acquittal that occasioned his “impromptu” press conference.

The fact is, Trayvon Martin’s death was quite ordinary, as was the impunity granted to Zimmerman – once by cops, the second time by jury. What was extraordinary, was the groundswell of furious Black protest, a response so fierce it forced Obama to recall a time when he used to be Black, too.

His cop-out – that most laws are made at the state level – belies the fact that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are champions of mass incarceration, insulating the federal prison system from austerity, even as he slashes Medicare and Medicaid budgets and the sacred cows of defense and Homeland Security. While state prison populations have declined, overall, mainly due to budget pressures, the federal prison system “continues to grow by about 3 percent a year,” according to Mother Jones. For this administration, mass incarceration is top priority.

Filling up those prison beds with Black and brown bodies requires the maintenance and expansion of a monstrous system of hyper-surveillance – the foundation stone of the Incarceration State. Racial surveillance, transforming whole communities into Constitution-free zones, is the feeder system of the American Gulag. It is the reason that one out of every eight prisoners on planet Earth is an African American, and that one out of three Black American men will wind up with felony records. Study after study has shown that young Blacks use illegal drugs with the same or less frequency than whites, yet Blacks are far more likely to be arrested and incarcerated for drug offenses – due to massive racial surveillance. You find the crime you look for.

For this administration, mass incarceration is top priority.”

When the president told the nation, last week, that “African-American young men are disproportionately involved in the criminal justice system,” he was attempting to frame white fears of Blacks as somehow practical and commonsensical, rather than racist. (Obama denied that racism is “endemic” to the U.S. in his Philadelphia speech on race, in March, 2008.) In the real world of pervasively racist America, Blacks are hyper-surveilled from damn near cradle to the grave, both within and outside their communities. “Involvement” in the criminal justice system is all but inevitable.

Hyper-surveillance places the assumption of guilt on the peoples and communities that are targeted – which, in the U.S., means all Black people (even Barack Obama – “until I was a senator,” he said). Hyper-surveillance – its justification and practice – stripped Trayvon Martin of the presumption of innocence, marking him with a fatal presumption of guilt. Two-thirds of whites still believe his death was justified, despite the clear facts of his innocence. That’s why his death is ordinary – because ordinary white people routinely condone such killings.

I think Ray Kelly is one of the best there is.”

And so, in practice, does Obama, despite his press conference theatrics. The president has high praise, and possibly a powerful appointment in store, for Ray Kelly, the New York City Police Commissioner who has overseen and defended over five million stop-and-frisks since 2002, overwhelmingly targeting Black and brown men. Obama is looking for a new head of Homeland Security. “I think Ray Kelly is one of the best there is,” Obama said. Kelly proudly justifies his management of the Mother-of-All-Stop-and-Frisk operations, as intended “to instill fear” in young Blacks and Latinos that they may be patted down by a cop whenever they leave their homes. Kelly also created a massive program to spy on Muslims, not only in New York City but in other localities, and arranged for CIA agents to be embedded in the NYPD to conduct domestic surveillance – which is illegal.

Obama is, of course, well aware of Kelly’s huge contributions to the cause of racial and ethnic hyper-surveillance, and has given his wholehearted endorsement. The First Black President encourages the killing of more Trayvons throughout the “Homeland,” just as he orders so-called “signature” mass murder-by-drone of males of a certain age in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia (along with whatever women and children may be within the missile’s kill zone).

The rage that forced Obama to don his “Black” identity must be channeled into sustained political action – a Movement – that directly confronts the dehumanization and targeting of Black America at its root: the mega-profiling of hyper-surveillance. Otherwise, it's all sound and fury, signifying…not much.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected].


Obama and Surveillance

I agree that Obama's most recent statements on race and his own experiences as a black man does not exonerate him in any way from his reactionary postions on a host of critical social and human rights issues of concern to Africans and Freedom loving people the world over.   He is still Commander in Chief of one of the most vicious and brutal empires in the modern world.

Having said that, and as a long time critic of the President, I must give him some credit for using the platform of the highest office in the land to remind the American Public of the lingering scourage of racism and oppression of Africans in America that has not gone away, as most people would like to think, including a number of Africans in America.  Most people seem not to have heard his speech in its entireity.  I hope you did, not saying that it would have made any differnce in your perspective. 

In speaking candidly of his own experiences as a black man, which I think every black man can relate to, and talking about the conditions of young black boys and whether if Trayvon had been in the same position to stand his ground would the outcome have been different, I think if not a ground  shaking revelation, an important one, nonetheless, for what it was worth.  I think  at least, he placed himself above  the Black misleaders and and so called spokepersons in our community who talk around issues regarding the everyday experiences of black people.

I think his calling on Celebreties and others in the black community to come together and pool some of thier resources in support of  young black men and boys, was a  significant challenge to those of considerable wealth who have run away from the community and are hiding out in their ivory towers.  I doubt they will heed the challenge, as I have not seen any  indication that they have ever had any real interest in associating themselves with our poor black communities.

Obama did, however, fail miseralbly of couse  when one thinks about what he could have said, and should have said all along.

I disagree that he was forced into making the speech.  The demostrations across the nation were loud and angry but weak in terms of numbers, based on the injustice of the verdict itself and following on the heals of the Oscar Grant verdict. You would think there would have been tens of thousands in the streets, but there were not.  Even in the Bay Area, where there is a strong radical tradition, not more than 500 people at any given time came out to protest.  I know, because I was among them.

There have been no indication as far as I can see that a considerable number of black people were prepared to abandon their irrational and misplaced loyalty to the president, regardless of his response to the Trayvon Martin decision. I am convinced that if he had done or said nothing, he would not have lost the support of great numbers of black people.  There is simply no evidence that indicates otherwise.

I have talked with scores of black and white people about this, not only those of a certain political consciouness, but everyday working and poor black people on the bus and on the streets.  Ironcially, not very many were impressed that he spoke on behalf of black people at all, regardless of the weakness or strenght of his speech.  It is as if some of them did not  even want him to say anything on behalf of black people or did not care whether he made any strong comments on the Trayvon Martin case or not, for fear that white people might hate them even more.  Like it or not, this is the menality of a number of black people.  Also, the black so called leaders that had never gone even as far as Obama in talking about the experiences of the everyday working black man and women were lukewarm to his speech, which was actually stronger than anything they had had to say so far, which I admit is not saying much.

We also have some on the left that avoid talking about those issues in terms of the unique experiences of African people in America.  Instead, they talk about "people of color" and "minorities", and the working class.

I do not believe that many of us on the left, unfortunately, have been in tune with the pulse of the poor and working class black communities, and thier real needs and aspirations, and the lingering psychological impact of oppression and its manisfestations.  I think that is why we have failed to build a mass organization that could capture the imagination of the masses and not just a few of the same people showing up to hear the same old speeches over and over again.

I do not say this to impugn black agenda report or any organization or individuals that continue to provide us with a narrative that is uncensored by the the mainstream media.  I just think we can and must do a better job.  How do we  make it impossible for the Trayvon Martins  to happen again without serious consequences.

Regardless of my observations about Obama's speech, I will never be one of his supporters or support a social and economic system that he represents, which means a hell on earth for millions of people on the planet. 

Your observations are well taken Glen.  This is just one time that i feel  I must give  Obama somewhat of a pass, and it it is a very little one at that.




Shut yo mouth Girl...

No way can Obama do what you suggest.  He too busy murdering colored, dark-skinned, and non-white persons across the globe in the name of truth, justice, democracy, and the American Way.

Dammit,  come on yall:  "It's Change You Can Believe In."  Did yall (not you Bev) stop reading  the godda**n memo?

The difference between so-called Hollywood Leftists and Redneck Christian Conservative pocket books is in the RESULTS.

I'm betting on the redneck Xian anyday of the week over Zero Dark Forty and a host of other

imperialistic liberal bullshitters. 

Obam Supports Racial Survalliance


Mr. Glen Ford is corrct as usal.  I was surprised by Obam's comments on July 19th since he has spent five years ignoring us; talking down about us and using Black men as a poster child of what is wrong in Black life in America.  Obam has repeatly refused to do anything about Black Americans concerns.  Yet he has legislation for illegal immigrants.

I belive that Obam's acknowledgement of our pain resulted from him seeing the train leaving the station and he was not on it.

Has Obam's scorn and indifference to Black America contributed to the racial animus directed at Black Americans?

Many in NYC have wanted Ray Kelly to leave for a long time, we did not want to inflict him on the rest of the nation. Just a litttle background on 'stop and frisk Ray'. After the invasion of Iraq he trained the police in Baghdad. You know what goes on there.  How much of the money squandered in Iraq went to him?   After Aristed was deposed in Haiti, Ray Kelly trained the police in Port AuPrince.  You know what goes on there.  Kelly is not fit to be dog catcher.

I urge all Black Americans  to refrain from stayimg in hotels in Florida or spending any money in that state.  Those that live in Florida are the exception.  Prayer vigils can be held where you live. Residents  of Florida can lobby in Tallihassee.  Nothing should be done to blunt our boycott.  Let us use the leverage that others don't want us to know that we have.



For the hypersurveillance state to really work...

It will require that all be stopped and frisked and at any time.

I used to think that white americans would never tolerate that sort of treatment, but now I am starting to come around to the view that they will.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that a fear of men with boxcutters would lead to the kafkaesque nightmare we are living today, black folk of course to a greater extent, with more oppression coming soon.

Abroad, we inspire fear and loathing thanks to our drone strikes etc- the reality though at home is one day soon a majority of us may feel the same way about our own government.

American Anxiety by James Kuntstler

Posting this may cost me a few friends;  however, I think some of Kunstler's observations are on target.


“The whole world was watching this case to see if everybody can get equal justice, not just certain people,” Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for Mr. Martin’s family, said on Sunday.
 —The New York Times    

     I’m not so sure the whole world was watching. The rest of the world is quite preoccupied with countless other events careening toward criticality — civil war in the Middle East, bankruptcy all over Europe, riots in Brazil, the global bond market, a mystery epidemic in India, etc — and if they are watching, they must be mystified by what they see.

     What the Zimmerman trial showed me was a nation stuck in tired narratives about its racial predicament, and confusion about what the predicament even is. It doesn’t help that we stopped even pretending that something called common culture matters or even exists. By common culture I mean shared values and behavioral norms. The “multiculturalism” offered in place of it — at least among so-called progressives — hasn’t worked out too well either. On one side of the street you have Slate podcasters foolishly wringing their hands over “the N-word” while over on the other side Kanye West is making millions shouting “nigga, nigga, nigga.” We pretend to want to have a national conversation about race, but the truth is that it makes us too uncomfortable, so we retreat into platitudes and sentimentality.

      CNN covered the trial and its aftermath relentlessly — I saw a lot of it recovering from a Friday surgery — and the narrative there was a largely sentimental one about “a child” gunned down. Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon repeatedly omitted to mention that the six-foot-tall child was beating the smaller gunman’s head into the pavement in the minutes before he shot. Apparently the jury did notice this part of the story.

     The most uncomfortable part of the botched conversation is about behavior in general and the behavior of young black men in particular. The visible social failure is too gross and its implications are too scary, namely that we have more and more an oppositional culture saturated in violence that will never accommodate itself to any kind of a common culture. At this point that culture of young black men is oppositional to virtually every other group in America, white, Asian, Hispanic, et cetera, and the only response to it from the jittery “others” is a set of excuses for black opposition and failure.

     One excuse is that America’s drug laws have turned young black men into “political prisoners” in the world’s largest prison gulag. I’m sure that our drug laws are stupid and counter-productive, but I’m also sure that most of the young men caught in its web were doing something anti-social besides just holding, using, and selling.

     There are ways of understanding historically how we got to the current situation but they may not offer much consolation. The Civil Rights victories of 1964 and 1965 — the public accommodations act and voting rights act — created tremendous anxiety among African Americans about how they would fit into a desegregated society, so the rise of black separatism at exactly that moment of legislative triumph was not an accident. It offered a segment of the black population the choice of opting out of the new disposition of things. Opting out had consequences, and over several generations since then, the cohort of poorer black Americans has grown only more oppositional, antagonistic, and economically dysfunctional — with the sanction of America’s non-black “diversity” cheerleaders, who remain adamant in their own opposition to the idea of common culture.

     The economic challenges of the long emergency, with its desperate competition for the common resources of daily life — money, food, fuel — are liable to provoke new layers of desperate behavior, and new layers of opposition, antagonism, misunderstanding, tragedy, and failure. Do you argue that there are no “jobs” for young black men and nothing to absorb their energies? Increasingly there will be no “jobs” for anybody, except perhaps in local small scale farming. And these days that probably lacks the appeal of becoming a hip-hop star shouting “nigga, nigga, nigga.”

     What we “learned” from the Trayvon Martin case, so far, is exactly nothing.



Er ok@ whatever that


Er ok

@ whatever that confused mess was about

And Your Point Except to Out Who the True Kunt-hustler Is

This old fart sounds like he's got paid as a legal expert for FOX Noise. Or maybe he was just jacked-up in the head from the drugs he took while in surgery [on his brain maybe].

His claim that Trayvon repeatly bashed KILLER Z's head into the side walk is based primarily own Lying-ass / Creepy-ass / Grown-ass KILLER Z's {tall}'tales'. IMO It's just as likely if not more so that KILLER Z got those 2 small gashes on the back of his head, by slipping on the wet grass & hitting his own damn head on the side-walk while chasing after &/or tussling w Trayvon.

Kunt-hustler says Trayvon was 6 ft- so that KILLER Z was the smaller man [that's true but NOT in the way Kunt-hustler means]- but fails to mention Killer Z out-weighed Trayvon by 50lbs & was trained in MMA fighting. 

So riddle me this Mr Kunt-hustler: If KILLER Z was being knocked almost into unconsciousness, how is it he could recall almost everything Trayvon said to him as Trayvon was allegedly beating his brains-out??? And how Pray-tell could KILLER Z repeatedly scream for help if Trayvon was choking & smothering him???

And Just Why & how was Trayvon's body found about 40 ft from where KILLER Z claims Trayvon first sucker punched him & knocked him to the ground & pounced on him [indicates movement in the general direction of Trayvon's dad house]??? And if Trayvon fell straight back off KILLER Z after he put a bullet thru Trayvon's heart, why in HELL pray-tell was Trayvon head angled toward & his feet angled away from the side-walk???

And how just how could Trayvon see KILLER Z's concealed weapon which was most likely carried behind KILLER Z right-hip & underneath his jacket, especially w KILLER Z 'Lying' [damn right he's lying] on his back & Trayvon sitting on his chest. 


The rest of Kunt-hustler's statement is a racial-profiling excuse for KILLER Z gunning down an unarmed / non-criminal Trayvon- even after most KILLER ZMan's fans swear he did NOT use this same racial-profiling pretzel logic when he gunned Trayvon down [= double-talk]. Notice Kunt-hustler did NOT argue the facts which I laid out, or that KILLER Z had a history of assault against a cop & his ex girl-friend, or that KILLER Z has been caught in several LIES & altered his story several times. So Kunt-hustler starts talking about the gangsta rap cultural images being pushed out to Black youth- but not a word about who's really behind hyping & popularizing this negative music & stereotype images... 


Another demonstration of Nixaklielan incoherence

Nixaklielian: "Style of writing which employs a torrent of semi-incoherent verbiage unencumbered by proper punctuation or paragraphing, peppered with words and phrases that are arbitrarily written in capitals or highlighted, puerile portmanteaus, clichés, and warped paraphrases of concepts the writer does not fully understand."

And, I would add, ad hominem rather than ad res arguments, puerile puns to insult the objects of his rabid attacks, and the citing of "facts" without attribution of sources.

Much of what happened that night is disputed.  However, if prosecution hadn't been inept, Zimmerman should have been convicted of at least manslaughter.

Here is a partial list of established "facts".


Seem's You've Taken My Critique of Kunt-hustler's Statement

Supporting KILLER Z while Judging Trayvon GUILTY-

Just a  Bit TOO Personal, UHM What's up w that??? And what's your point in posting Kunt-hustler's statement really??? 


PS: To show just how disingenuous Kunt-hustler is, he ranted on about Kanye's use of 'Nigger / Nigga', but ain't said a mumbling word about Holly-weird 'liberal' San Quentin on the QT making at-least 4 films as an excuse to riddle his dialogue w 'nigger'- which when Blacks & others complained he & his [white] Holly-weird 'liberal' defenders said they were being too PC & hyper-sensitive, & that QT was just 'keepin it real'. White 'Liberal' Holly-weird has rewarded QT's 'nigger' laced dialogue films w several Academy Award nominations & a few Oscars- plus $100s million$$$!

So why is it that Kunt-hustler rants on about Kanye & gansta-rappers, yet the old fart-hypocrite ain't said a mumbling word about the likes of QT & Holly-weird??? Now is that clear enough for ya??!!

But at-least we agree that the prosecution was inept [IMO likely by design]!

Political Correctness is Liberal Hegemonic Mind Control

Do you all know UNDERSTAND why I abhor P.C. bullshit?  I'm gaining converts thanks to the post by Dosamuno.  Two thumbs up for candor and for spurring HONEST DIALOGUE, none of this PC bullshit.  

The visible social failure is too gross and its implications are too scary, namely that we have more and more an oppositional culture saturated in violence that will never accommodate itself to any kind of a common culture. At this point that culture of young black men is oppositional to virtually every other group in America, white, Asian, Hispanic, et cetera, and the only response to it from the jittery “others” is a set of excuses for black opposition and failure.

First of all I for one find your candor utterly refreshing and informative.  Thanks for distinguishing rain from piss on my head.  Second, I will address my agreements and disagreements over time.

First let me end begain dialogue by saying your assertion that  Black folks issues are rooted in oppostional cultural posturing is flat out wrong, fairly facile to boot.  Black folks suffer from a longing to ASSIMLATE into an alien culture, other ethnic groups have rebutted that.

The IRREFUTABLE evidence is (1) Not only have English Only local,state, and federal initiatives FAILED, (2) Bi-lingual (meaning Spanish) language promotions has SUCCEEDED.

Viva la Mexico!

Dosamuno, the success of other than non-Black minority groups was not due to being ASSIMILATIONIST, it is due to being OPPOSITIONAL.  But you don't understand nor grasp this, because like Z-Man you take for granted IN YOUR OWN ASSIMILATION, what is normative. 

You don't have to be Margaret Mead or Boaz or Fanon to know that language CONVEYS CULTURE...which in turn will convey normative behaviors.  

Tell me this, who do you think Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, T.I., Pharell, Beyonce, and others feel beholden to?  It's not that they should but they are?  

IMO I cannot help (in terms of self-help) to reflect on the Failure of the Hughes Family and Robert Johnson to dictate BLACK CULTURAL NORMATIVE BEHAVIORS, how they seemingly capituated to a anti-positive role model for struggling Blacks.  is contrasted by White Media:  Liberal or Conservative or Centrist--to use the same propaganda that begets a criminal mindset into one that begets something other than Benjamin Bennekers.

The problem with Black folks, FIRST AND FOREMOST, is that we give a damn about those who care nothing for us.  It ain't personal mind you, it's what you alluded to:  survival.

Let me back up for minute and say 1A is the wasted capital and resources Blacks spend begging and pleading for ASSIMILATING into a foreign culture and world. It ain't being OPPOSITIONAL my friend it's being ASSIMILATIONIST because none of the "other" minority cultures, racial/ethnic groups you mentioned HAVE ASSIMIATED.  

This (your) premise of being oppositional belies fact and theory.  MY Premise that being oppositional means HOLDING on to what makes your family and community structures more likely than not to stay intact, crushes your theory that Blacks are somehow "Rebels w/o a cause."  Hell no, our problem is that we kill ourselves to be and act White.   No offense to anyone..

Blacks would be 50X better off if we cared about ourselves as much as Asians, Mexicans, Jews, Hispanics care about themselves.  When was the last time one of the ethnic, racial or cultural groups you cited protested or Marched on Washington?  

What other ethnic, racial, cultural, sectarian groups remember while Black follks fail to is that you on protest about NOT ASSIMILATING or assimilating under a punitive regime.

How about those comments my friend as an antidote to winning popularity contests???

But let me be clear, it ain't about race or ethnicity in the final analysis it is about holding on to tradtional culture norms that allow nuance, creativity and accountability to flourish rather than die as "some foreign body" trying to plant yourself to the host.

I thank you for ILLUMINATING what some folks criticized me for bringing up: some called it a "Red Herring."

Ain't no MoFos on this planet gone give us respect where they believe, rightly or wrongly, none is due.

The remedy is simple,  follow the Asians, Hasidic Jews, Hmong, Sikhs, Mexicans, Hispanics, Latinos, "Polacks" you name it....model, which is about self actualization and self-determination.  Progressives and Liberals will say that one is being "too Black" or to militant, or "funders" being skeptic.  Fuck the funders. there's $500 thousand wasted in the casinos and in scratch offs in 30 days each month in the Black community. If we harness this capital the funders, politicos,and general suck-a**es can kiss our collective a**es. 

We don't need their steering committee bullshit. What we need is self-determination, unbought and unsold (as Hosea Williams fraudulently claimed).  

Dosamuno.. you opened a can of worms, in a few years I predict if we do us, we'll have the Latinos and Hispanics speaking Ebonics.  I'll be reading that shiggity on AA and Delta.  LOL


What the...?

Why do you find certain of Kunstler's observations on target?  The ones you posted are a muddle mess of nonsense.  

About the case itself, TM was 5-11 and 158 lbs while GZ, at the time, was 5-7 and 204.  So TN was taller than GZ but significantly lighter than him.  Also GZ was training in MMA and was 28 years old at the time.  This absurd notion that he was a creampuff being beaten by a "gansta thug" is idiocy. 

More importantly and stunningly he ignores everything before and after that part of the killing.  Namely, that GZ followed TM, who ran or "skipped" (heh) away from him, first by car then on foot before GZ, in his own words, confronted him and that TM's first reaction to GZ was to ask him a simple and reasonable question - "why are you following me"?   Yeah, that was a real gangsta, gangsta, move y'all!   Also, afterwards that GZ continually lied about almost everything about the event (punched in the face 25-30 times!!!, "you're going to die tonight", "you got me" and on and on and on) should have alerted a supposedly astute observer like Kunstler to what actually happened.

That anybody would believe a minor who was minding his own business,  talking on the phone to a girlfriend on the way home from doing a minor errand  who ran away from an armed adult stranger who persued him by car and then on foot suddenly turned into "Black Dynamite", all while still on the phone with the girlfriend!, and beat the armed adult almost to death is ridiculous.  That's not even including the armed adult's documented history of violence, bad behavior like, for example, assualting a cop, DV, hurting a woman while a bouncer, racially bullying a coworker, molesting his cousin, and amazingly, while in jail awaiting trial!!!!!, conducting a scheme to perpetrate a fraud on the court and the tax payers of the state of Fla.

That Kunstler ignored all that, or is ignorant of it, is telling.  That he ignored all that and put the emphasis on TM and used that as a jumping off point for his racialist musings is even moreso.  Ever notice how often a supposdely "honest conversation" about race from some quarters, even after a situation like this,  quickly devolves into a "What's wrong with niggas" lecture?

Okay so where is he getting his "common culture" bs from?  Not the history of this country.   It's must be from his imagined USA.   And his "oppositional culture" of young black men which, he doesn't describe other than Kayne nigga, nigga, nigga stuff, being in conflict with apparently all other cultures, is stupid.   Firstly, if anything, youth culture is pretty commodified across racial groups and, more importantly, those other cultures aren't unified or the same.  What kind of social observer thinks Whites, Latinos and Asians all share a "culture" and that black youth, in general!, are in opposition to it?  

Secondly, that he thinks the root of this "oppositional culture" comes from the Nationalist/Separarist  strain that started!!! in the Civil Rights era almost leaves me speechless.  For the sake of argument, I'll assume he means the usual bogeymen, the Panthers, NOI, Malcolm X, etc.   Of course he doesn't know that it began long before then with folks like Marcus Garvey, Booker T, etc and still continues today and has been part and parcel of the Black struggle.

I love how he pooh poohs the disparate impact of the Drug War with a wave of his privileged hand into an "excuse" and goes on to state - " I’m sure that our drug laws are stupid and counter-productive, but I’m also sure that most of the young men caught in its web were doing something anti-social besides just holding, using, and selling."  What!!!!!!?  He's sure of that, huh?  Well the reality is that most of them are in jail for non-violent drug offenses.  I guess he didn't read the column here that pointed out that in 1965 2/3 of the prison population was white and by 1991 that flipped.   Boy, whites must have magically gotten their culture together quick-fast-in-a-hurry while blacks just went all nigga, nigga, nigga.  That must have been it.  Of course.

In the end Kunstler seems to be what I suspected he was, a racial beneficiary of the PostWWII economic boom who's wailing against the coming dying of the White...err, I mean dying of that life.  He should stick to that and his fantasy of being a gentleman farmer and stay far away from this subject.  


RE KILLER Z Sexually Molesting his Cousin for YRS

This is a report that the Pro KILLER Z FOX Noise crowd & even the lame-stream media quickly squashed. CNN & MSNBC even did a brief report about KILLER Z having called Trayvon a 'F-ing COON' as he stalked after him- but they would NOT touch this. When the cops quizzed some of KILLER Z family members & friends about him, it came out that one cousin had said some very 'controversial' shit about KILLER Z. So it turns out she accused KILLER Z of sexually molesting her for YRS, starting even before she reached puberty!!! So ain't it ironic that Trayvon & Ms Jeantel pegged KILLER Z as likely a child-molester, just before KILLER Z stalked-after, assaulted & then gunned Trayvon down!!! 

Nix, it's even worse than that....

Actually, the cousin came forward on her own a few days after the killing and BEFORE it became a national story.  She contacted SPD and told them that she was told what GZ did and she wanted to let them know that GZ was a bad person and that his mother and father were racists.   She even followed up, again on her own, with SPD after a few days and later told them the story about the long running molestation. 

Yes, it's incredibly ironic that TM and RJ pegged GZ correctly as a likely child molestor while he incorrectly pegged TM as a thug.  Ironic and sad.

IMO Likely the 2nd Biggest Cover-up In this Case Besides-

KILLER Z lying his ass off on just how he gunned Trayvon down & them hushing up that he mumbled 'F-ing Coons' under his breath as he stalked after Trayvon even when 9-11 dispatch told his creepy-ass NOT to- is just why the discredited Sanford DA & ex police-chief over-ruled the judgment that KILLER Z be charged w voluntary man-slaughter, after they both took the very unusual step of coming to the crime-scene of an supposedly 'routine self-defense' shooting, on a Rainy / Chilly SUNDAY Night. IMO odds are that they 'consulted' w KILLER Z's ex judge dad & maybe even his FL cop uncle first. I would NOT be a bit surprised if GZ's dad &/or uncle even came to the crime-scene themselves. 

IMO the prosecution was likely deliberately feckless. They should have never let KILLER Z's lawyers stack that jury w 5 out 6 white women & NO BLACKS- a clear indicator they were going to dance all around the race issue. Rachel Jeantel's attny said the prosecution failed to even prepare her for cross-exam [they should have never let KILLER Z's lawyer ask her why she didn't go to Trayvon's funeral- which had nothing to do w the facts of the case]. They should have had her herself offer the explanation for the reason she had a friend help her write that letter to Trayvon's mom, being that she doesn't read & write cursive [IE: The prosecutors should have known KILLER Z's attny would play that one to the bust- so it would have been better that she put it out there to preempt & neutralize them]. The prosecution in fact did several things that actually helped KILLER Z's case- like calling several key witnesses [especially John Goode & that cop that said he believed KILLER Z] that backed KILLER Z's story while failing to call Mary Kutchner- a strong white-woman witness against KILLER Z . They ironically only called Ms Kutchner's Hispanic room-mate {so why NOT both of them} who used an interpreter [in fact it seems most of the prosecution's witnesses that impeached KILLER Z's bogus claims of self-defense needed interpreters]. Apparently they failed to take the jury to the crime-scene so they could see that the distance from where KILLER Z claims Trayvon sucker-punched & pounced on him & the spot where he actually gunned Trayvon down is NO small discrepancy- Let alone the scenario that KILLER Z describes RE how he pulled his pistol from underneath his right hip & shot Trayvon straight thru his heart is Damn Near Impossible!  Then they even failed to properly explain to the jury why a man-slaughter conviction would have been suitable.  

IMO it's obvious that the Sanford DA [& cops] never wanted to even arrest & charge KILLER Z in the first place- only doing so because Obama's & AG Holder's DoJ threatened to take-up the case. So they charged KILLER Z [after 45 days] so they would NOT loose jurisdiction [= control] to the DoJ & then effectively sabotaged this case!

Calling Tim Wise!

Upon further thought, what's really interesting about Kunstler's "common culture" argument is his implict expression of white priviledge.  It's fascinating to see a sociological trend in action.  Namely, the expansion of "Whiteness" from an explicitly racial concept to a more cultural one. What else would explain the absurd mish mash of Whites, Latinos and Asians into a common culture?  As if Japanese, Chinese, Thais, Indians, Cambodians, etc, share a culture simply because they're Asian.   As if Dominicans, Mexicans, Brasilians, Columbians, etc. are all the same.    And that all those diverse folks share a culture with US Whites.  Yeah......

In the past, the concept of Whiteness has expanded to include Irish and Italians and whatnot and now that, in a racial sense, Whiteness is in decline here, the concept of whiteness is now expanding to a cultural one.  I notice this a few years ago when conservatives started pushing the notion that "hard work" and "valuing education" and blah, blah, etc. was a mainstream value (aka white) though all the casual evidence refutes that as Americans are generally getting dumber and fatter by the second. 

Apparently this is the supposed common culture that Kunstler is claiming that black youth are in opposition to though he doesn't explicitly state or describe it except to stereotype black youth as gangstas and offer a silly historical reason for that "oppostion".   In any event,  those newbies, unless they're suitably exotic, better be lighter than not.  So Chinese, Japanese, Koreans yes, Filipinos maybe at best and the Latinos better come from Univision central casting. lol. 



Trayvon Martin

Good god! Only 1 in 3 whites thougth the shooting was unjustified. That is really depressing.


potential head of Homeland Security. The president is a bulwark of the system that targets millions of Trayvon Martins.ning