The Obama Legacy, Pt 1 of Many: Top Ten Things Black America Will Have To Show For 8 Years of President Obama

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

When Barack Obama leaves the White House in January 2017, what will black America, his earliest and most consistent supporters, have to show for making his political career possible. We'll have the T-shirts and buttons and posters, the souvenirs. That will be the good news. The bad news is what else we'll have.... and not.

The Obama Legacy, Pt 1: Top Ten Things Black America Will Have To Show For 8 Years of President Obama

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

To hear our black political class tell it, the election of the first black US president was its ultimate achievement to date, a giant step toward fulfillment of a previous generation's insurgent agenda for social transformation. Is that real? Has the career of Barack Hussein Obama really advanced any of the historic goals of the Freedom Movement? Is the question even fair?

With corporate media already speculating about next year's midterm elections, and the presidential contest of 2016, it's entirely appropriate to discuss the president's legacy. And fair is fair --- the black political class doesn't want its meager achievements compared to the agenda of those who fought for our freedom a half century ago, it probably ought to abandon its ceaseless self-promotion as the inheritors of that tradition.

It was the overwhelming black and brown vote, along with the utter, unwavering and uncritical support of African America which made President Obama's career possible. When he leaves office in January 2017, what will be the top ten things we can say black America gained or lost from his two terms in the White House?


We'll still have Obamacare, the cynically misnamed “Affordable Care Act”.

The problem is that Obamacare was written by a health insurance company lobbyist to prolong his employer's parasitic business model, not to make health care available or affordable. A third of the health care dollar goes to advertising, profits, fat executive salaries, lobbying and the paperwork occasioned by thousands of insurers who make more money denying care than providing it, instead of a single payer, like Canada, Medicare, or social security. As Physicians for a National Health Plan point out, Obamacare will not curb medical costs or stem the tide of bankruptcies caused by health care bills. It won't force most employers who now don't offer affordable coverage to offer it in the future, because the administration is allowing employers to write its enforcement regulations, and it will leave millions more, all poor and disproportionately people of color, uncovered altogether.

Worst of all, Obamacare's 2016 effective date reveals it as a promise the administration never intended to keep. Back in 1965, when computers with less power than today's laptops were the size of boxcars, the Johnson administration passed Medicare and put it into effect the same year. That's the real comparison between the achievement of Obamacare and the effective results of a previous generation's struggle.


We'll probably have reductions in social security proposed and enacted by a Democrat, something no Republican could have initiated, that sets the stage for further reductions in benefit by either party.

In the tradition of Democrat Bill Clinton, who did what Republicans tried and failed to do, “ending welfare as we know it” in the 1990s, Barack Obama has promised Wall Street that he would curb “entitlements” the code word for cutting Medicare, Medicaid and social security.

With poverty at record levels, the ending of many defined benefit pension plans and the broken promise of retirement security from 401K plans looming black seniors will still be more dependent on social security than anybody, and the value of real benefits will be declining, if Barack's first negotiating offer to Republicans is any indication of his stance on this issue.


We'll have solidly in place a new tradition of bailing out banksters and speculators, and lots more immunity from prosecution for corporate scofflaws.

The so-called “Bush bailout” was only accomplished when George W. Bush in the last weeks of his presidency, and opposed by Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress called candidate Barack Obama to Washington to persuade reluctant Democrats to vote for it. After failing to pass the first time, Obama swung half the black caucus and enough Democrats overall to secure the passage of the $3 trillion Bush bailout. Once Obama assumed office, the $3 trillion became $16 trillion, with a free pass for the Federal Reserve to shovel more public money at Wall Street at will.

And for corporat lawbreakers, whether you were Goldman Sachs, knowingly peddling worthless securities to pension funds, or Bank of America, which foreclosing and evicting tens of thousands in cases where it couldn't prove actual ownership, a phone, cable or internet provider handing over access to billions of calls and emails, or British Petroleum, murdering its Gulf Coast ecosystems, livelihoods and its own workers, the Obama administration's Justice Department has come up with infinitesimal fines and immunity from prosecution for past and future crimes as the answer.


When Obama leaves office, we'll still have gentrification as the only model of urban economic development.

To be fair, this isn't the exclusive failure of President Obama, it's the failure of vision of the entire black misleadership class, stretching over decades. But as the most powerful actor in the land, the man whose career is the crowning achievement so far of the black political class, Obama absolutely deserves to wear the jacket for leaving things as bad as or worse than the day he assumed office.


The day Barack Obama leaves the White House we'll still have the world's biggest prison state, with three quarters of its inmates black and brown, the insane 40 years War On Drugs, and a black person murdered by police, private security or vigilantes every day or so.

The best the Obama administration and its allies in Congress could do to address the 100 to 1 cocaine to crack penalty disparity was cutting it to 18 to 1 without changing the sentence of a single person already serving unjust time. Hundreds of thousands of black and brown youth are still doing years for mere grams of crack or minute scraps of marijuana. The police and prison state will, as before, remain the nation's preferred means to address poverty, homelessness, mental illness, immigration and many other social, economic and medical conditions.



We'll have US troops in more than thirty African countries enforcing Western land grabs and the corporate neoliberal order, and keeping Africa barefoot, sick, hungry and afraid, but well-armed. And we'll have an even larger overall military budget with more troops and more overseas bases than under George Bush.

During the Clinton and second Bush administrations, the US bankrolled, trained and supplied the armies of 52 out of 54 African nations to ensure that the continent remained the poorest and most war-torn on earth. Under its first black president, the US has stepped up the game with actual deployments of drones, mercenaries, special forces and other US military units in more than thirty African countries to enforce the neoliberal order in which Africa's wealth is diverted from its people into the economies and overseas bank accounts of the West and a handful of native kleptocrats.

Martin Luther King told us decades ago that the number one purveyor of violence on this planet was the US government. Barack Obama, who many fancifully associate with King, hasn't changed that one iota.


When Obama leaves office, it will be legal and acceptable for US presidents to unilaterally murder with or without announcement of cause anybody, anyplace on the planet within the reach of US drones, special operators and mercenaries.

When Obama assumed office the US was secretly imprisoning and torturing thousands in at least a dozen countries around the world. We are told now that torture and secret jails are used less often now, that the preferred expedient being simple murder via special ops team or drone.


The Obama administration will have closed and privatized more public schools than at any time in US history.

This is already an accomplished fact. Under President Obama, the US Department of Education has extended the authority to certify school systems to private agencies controlled by champions of privatization like the Gates, Walton Family, and Eli Broad Foundations, and allowed the same actors to write its Race To The Top program, which allocates federal education dollars to the school systems that disband, privatize, and hand over their assets to private actors the quickest.


We can cherish the memory of 8 years of watching that pretty brown family in that big White House, along with unprecedented black unemployment, declining real wages, and the most drastic shrinkage of black family wealth since we began tracking and comparing black and white wealth.

Who needs economic progress when millions can take down those old pictures of Martin, and the Kennedy boys, and replace them with the likeness of Barack and Michelle.


After 8 years of Barack Obama, black leadership and black America will have decisively lost and forgotten the habit, the inclination, even the example of standing against unjust and abusive power, and our former reputation around the world as a people of struggle.

The height of the black Freedom Movement was only about 8 or 10 years, but it left an example of what it was to stand for justice and righteousness against bad laws and bad governance that inspired us and the rest of the world. Black youth who will reach maturity in the middle of this decade have no examples of struggle to look up to, only accommodations to power and excuses for inaction and ineffectiveness on every front.


All in all, it's not an inspiring legacy. For Latinos, the Obama era will mark historic broken promises on a path to citizenship for the undocumented, and the largest number of deportations by far of any administration in history. For labor, the biggest single broken promises are the failure to push through laws that would make the organization of unions easier, or the renegotiation of NAFTA. For media activists, there are the broken promises on network neutrality and freedom of the internet.

White America gets its card stamped as officially anti-racist ---- there are black CEOs, black admirals and generals, 40-some blacks in Congress and there's been a black president, after all. When the accounting is done, and Obama leaves the White House, everybody gets something.

Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report, and a state committee member of the Georgia Green Party. He lives and works near Marietta GA and can be contacted at bruce.dixon(at) or via this site's contact page.




Pssst.... I can hear a pin drop....

I'm anxious to see (and of course read AND refute) any Obama Apologists that take exception to this Article.  The rationalizations will be priceless.  I hope they don't boil down to:  "Give me a break, 90+% of Black folks voted for Obama, because guess what?  That's precisely the point of the piece!  Hell, we got the numbers, we can count, the question is, given the dismal and continually eroding conditions, WHY are we content with some symbolic B.S.?

I humbly suggest that BAR OWES itself (and faithful followers to a lesser extent) an article or blog or essay ONE DAY, that gives some sense of the Metrics and Messengers of/for Obama in  2008.  I think a NUMERICAL SENSE of the passionate (and oft times condescending) proponents of Obama in constrast to "us" detractors and supporter of BAR positions would be EXTREMELY REVEALING AND INSTRUCTIVE.  May we please stroll down memory lane?  Ahhh, I yearn for the days of 10 pro-BAR bloggers debating 75 Obama supporters.    

Where are his numbers and defenders on BAR NOW??!!  

I bet you not 5 of them will come here to refute BAR with critical analysis (in constrast to the 45, 60 or 75 in 2008), they can only try to mute the harsh reality with SOME MORE emotional babbling bullsh**t. "Well, you know, he really ain't running stuff."  (No sh**t, then why you expected miracles w/o agitation??) Or, "If only Whitey would let Obama be Obama," (Oh yeah?  Ever really DISSECT his speeches or analyze how he "negotiates" or discern how he "stakes out his positions?"  No, lets  NEVER bothering with READING or really engaging critically and follow the trail of his words, actions, results, and record? Or the other refrain is:  "We all were duped so why you on my a**?"  

It's much easier and comfortable to do this than admit to the realities of the situation.  Better my head explode than recalibrate my thoughts and admit I've been screwed. I mean, while we at it, let's hold on to the Kennedy portrait too, though it turns out he was no Civil Rights giant.  Never let TRUTH get in the way of a good myth, it's always been more powerful than truth anyway, because its MALLEABLE.  (Never understood why it was JFK and not LBJ on the mantle or wall beside MLK?).

Maybe they need Iyanla to "Fix their Lives," because I'm beginning to think they have an issue with liking abuse???  Unrequitted love anyone?  How about handing out copies of Ice Berg Slim in lieu of an Iyanla session?

p.s.  I confess to making this request for petty personal as well as objective reasons.  I desire a bit of schadenfruede.  I admit it... I ain't perfect.  I need Iyanla too, though I posit much less than most.  LOL


See_Pres for Everyone{else} Except Black People @

by Rev Kevin Johnson [@,-except-black-people.html?tmpl=component&print=1 ]. He first explains why he was an early Obama supporter in 2007 - 08- Yet over the past 4 yrs has been disappointed by Obama's failure to help his most loyal base & constituency- Black folks [to the tune of 94% of the Black vote], & also that Obama's appointed less Blacks to his cabinet than either Slick Willie [7] & even Bush Jr [4 vs Obama: 1- AG Holder] Some Key Excerpts: }If we objectively look at Obama’s presidency, African-Americans are in a worse position than they were before he became president. At the end of Jan 2009, unemployment for African-Americans was 12.7%. Four years later, the situation is worse, w unemployment now at 13.8%.

To my disappointment, the president has not only failed the Black community, but also has failed to surround himself with qualified African-Americans who could develop policies to help the most disenfranchised.

The president’s agenda appears to be for everyone [else] except Black people—his most loyal constituency.

In 2012, two prominent Philadelphia lawyers convened a meeting between White House senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, and a cross-section of Philadelphia’s African-American leadership. The purpose of the meeting was to candidly discuss the president’s re-election strategy and policies toward African-Americans.

The meeting was initially cordial until I mustered the courage to ask Jarrett a question I have heard repeatedly in the African-American community, “Over the past 4 years, what has President Obama done to help Black people?

After the question was raised, you could hear a pin drop in the room. Ms Jarrett proceeded to fire off the administration's talking points: the passing of Obamacare [Bro Dixon shoots-down this hype in the above article], the increase in PELL grants [what good is that when Blacks' & Browns' admission to college is under full scale attack from all quarters as is public ED via Obama's / Duncan's RTTT {mis}Education {of the Negro} Deform -&- our youth being pumped thru the school to prison pipeline], etc. She concluded her remarks by saying that we should support the president because “we are family” [talk about being patronizing].

When I raised additional questions about persistent high unemployment in the Black community and the lack of appointing an African-American to the United States Supreme Court (a move that could have real and lasting impact on the future of our community), Ms. Jarrett then went for the jugular and said, “The president is the president of all people and not just Black people.” [Compare this to the previous 'we're all family' comment - going from patronizing to out-right contempt! Can you even imagine Obama / Jarrett telling the AIPAC / NeoCON / Likudnik lobby that he's cutting Israel's $3Billion/yr carte-blanche USG aid package by 1/2 or 1/3 or even 1/4- & when they demand an explanation- he / she responding 'Because I'm / he's the US POTUS NOT an Israeli POTUS'!]

Given the president’s poor record in catapulting an economic and empowerment agenda for the African-American community, we must begin asking these questions:

  • Why are we so loyal to a president who is not loyal to us?
  • What is it about our community that we continue to support candidates nationally and locally just because their skin has been “kissed by nature’s sun” [aka the Black mis-leadership class]?
  • And last but not least- Why are we so loyal to a Democratic Party that often ignores us and takes our votes for granted?...  {


Obviously this meeting w Ms Jarrett was NOT about a heart to heart exchange of issues of real concern affecting Blacks in America- that she & her boss, Obama, should have seriously considered. It was about giving Black mis-leaders their marching orders to 'pimp' the Black vote for Obama's re-election- w zero tolerance for any real questions let alone critique! 

I agree

About 18 months ago, our president cued the Tea Party to go after teachers and their unions on several occasions in his public addresses. Concomitantly, Michelle Rhee and company spawned a generation of community college administrators who have more in common with Amon Goeth's philosophy than anything related to Liberal Arts education. They too will be done in by their naive arrogance. I just wonder how much damage they will do in the mean time.

Obama Legacy

I love the graphic at the top of the article that has Obam's head imposed on the body of  Calvin Coolidge.  After all Obam has the Whitest administration since Calvin Coolidge.

What will Black America have to show after Obam?  The same thing the battered wife has to show after watching her abuser walk out the door for the last time.  What  do you have to show after you have surrenedered your principles for the image of a nice Black family in the white house?  As much as I critize Obam the current Congress is criminally complicit with him.  The African American community is also complicit to the degree we do not point out the wrongs that Obam is doing; BlacK Agenda Report and its readers are are the exception.

What are the top ten things Black America will have to show after eight years of Obam? Nothing, nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing.




"What are the top ten things

"What are the top ten things Black America will have to show after eight years of Obam? Nothing, nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing."

True Dat!!!! Black people didn't ask Obama for anything before the 2008 and 2012 elections. So we ain't getting nothing. Maybe a little crumbs. LOL

Obama Gets Free Ride

A lot of great information that many Black people will read and still go out and support this President- no questions asked! We certainly were in a bind in the last two elections. I didn't see how we could support thr other side so as Chomsky said, I just "held my nose and voted" for Obama. That said, it is even more important today, than maybe ever, that we continue to struggle. Coming out and voted every so many years is a trap.

the illusion of is a "trap"

Most   informed  people   I  know admit  Obama   is  a   gatekeeper frontman. They  recruited him,  orchstrated   his  ascendancy  to   the   White  House, while   duping   millions  of   gullible   voters,  especially   blacks,  into  believing   it  was   a   genuine    grassroots   movement.  Yet somehow,  he   is   suppose to  be better   than   the    Republician   gatekeeper   frontmen,  McCain  &  Romney.

Obama's   power  as  President   is  illusionary.  Corporate  America & AIPAC  OWNS   Obama;  he's  answerable  to   them  not  the   voters and   the  last   thing  they  want   is   "change." Ditto  for  the   house  and   senate  as  well.

I  haven't  voted for  a   democrat  or  republician,  at  the   Presidential    level   in   twenty  years.  During  this   period,  i've  come  to   believe  that 3rd   Parties  are  a   dead  end  because  the  gatekeepers  control  ballot  access, media exposure  &  3rd  Party   leaders will  sell out   for  the   right   price.

Democrats,  Republicians  &  their   gatekeeper   masters comprise  a   legal   crime  syndicate.Voting  only   gives  legitimacy   to   this   corrupt   system.


A couple months after I voted for Obama and he won the White House I found myself wondering "Why was this so easy?", after considering his opponents (in BOTH races!). It seemd like a setup to me; that Obama was the equivalent of a "grand slam" for the power elite: Black, Democrat and charismatic; someone who could push their agenda without attracting much flack from anybody.


What would happen if a White male Republican had expanded the war into Africa (notice how the anti-war protestors seemed to disappear after Obama’s election?), given trillions MORE to Big Banking, authorized Americans be killed ANYWHERE on earth, unlimited wiretapping and electronic eavesdrop on EVERYBODY, pushed for the privatization of schools and prisons, is now calling for cuts in Social Security and so on? With hardly a peep out of anybody (save Smiley and West and look at the hell they're catching).


I disagree with you on the voting issue however. I think the vote is our most potent weapon in this war but we have to form a united front for it to be effective. Right now they (the power elite) have us in a “divide and conquer” (Dem vs Rep, Left vs Right, Liberal vs Conservative, Black vs White, etc.) state and we can't accomplish anything by fighting amongst ourselves. We're fighting over name tags while they're laughing at us and raking in the money!


Let's agree to disagree

"I disagree with you on the voting issue however. I think the vote is our most potent weapon in this war but we have to form a united front for it to be effective."

If voting is our most potent weapon then we truly are screwed even worse than I imagined.  I think other than local elections, voting is meaningless.  In fact I argue that if 50% of the population refused to engage in national elections, we might just send a message about taking our democracy back, otherwise we are just co-signing the fraud.  We could see some real changes if we showed the world that the US of A had NO MORAL AUTHORITYwhen it comes to elections and voting, we might regain some semblance of democracy.

It would be VISUALLY POWERFUL if all of the folks like myself who refuse to vote in national elections assembled in one place (w/n our city or locale) to show solidarity against a crooked system.  

Voting on the state and federal levels are absolute wastes of time because the candidates are controlled by the 1 percenters.  If you compare national sentiment as manifested in polling on criticial issues of import to persons from both parties, you will see a huge disconnect with public policy.  Not even a majority of GOPers want Social Security or Medicaid tampered with, there is similar commonality on a bevy of other issues.

Like I said, "let's call a spade is a spade."  People can talk all they want about an undemocratic EMF in Detroit, but is it Kevin Orr and the EMF concept any less undemocratic than what we deal with on the Congressional and Senatorial fronts?   Who amongst registered Democratic voters "voted" on the Right Wing policies we encounter daily?

When was the last time your Congressperson or Senator voted for something you supported?  And even if there was an instance, was it 1 out of 10 or 2 out of 30?  Cause I bet you the odds damn sure aint 5 out of 10, let alone 17 out of 20.

The time, energy, organizational skills, money and resources spent on the useless voting process could be much better spent on other matters like community organizing or building  cooperatives or chartering a credit union or building some other useful local institution(s).  In the past 38 or so years I was eligible to vote I probably voted 8 times.  And in the future I don't expect to vote at all on national offices, I refuse to be part of the jerk-circle.

And as far as those who died or shed blood so I could vote?  Well, cry me a river, unfortunately we done f**ked up that legacy and it is what it is.


Yes.  Voting IS worthless unless in local elections and they are suspect.  Our local reps treat us with unbelieveable arrogance. They are simply: bullies.  I am going to write a letter to the paper about the local jerks.

Gathering as non-voters is a really good idea.  Maybe Glen, Margaret and Bruce can lead the charge with this website.

I wd be glad to volunteer in my town, even tho it is in Alabama.  I believe plenty will do it.  Solidarity, on at least one thing would help. MAYBE!  Doubt it, tho!


Keith1818... Makes me wanna Holler..

Keith, even you can lead it.  It doesn't matter who and I think you are as qualified as anyone.  I am sitting in the local arena when it goes down, be it Cobo in the "D" or the "Omni" in ATL or the local auditorium in middle America.  

I feel as impotent as anyone White, Black, Brown, Red or Purple given the present set of circumstances.

But I believe this in my heart (and I don't have a FB page) that in this EPOCH OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND VISUAL MESSAGING the visual imagery/sight of NONVOTERS-- "let's call ourselves the US REFUSNIKS if you will-- gathering in one place on the eve of a national election TO SHOW THE WORLD, we are mad as hell and we ain't taking it no more, MAY be revolutionary.  And MAY put some skid's on the US's PHONY moral authority, which is rooted in the LIE   of participatory democracy as well as the lie of HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION, the second based on the aforementioned PREDICATE LIE of the former. 

John F. Kennedy shunned MLK for 2 reasons (and perhaps several others).  Kennedy needed the Southern Vote to win relection (raw politics).  And indeed, Nixon catapulted this reality into a decades long trend:  i.e..  The Southern Strategy.  Second, MLK refused to "stay in his lane." When he became HOLISTIC (and g/God-breathed) and intertwined concerns of domestic oppression with international oppression....and how the US of A wasted  federal fiscal resources to invest in the military complex versus alleviating the sufferings of the human condition at home, he signed is death warrant.  And if you listen to him he KNEW it... Martin knew he was going to die for speaking truth to power.

But here's the LIBERATING part:  In the words of one of my most admirable  White Progressive Bloggers Joe Bageant, "No one gets outta here alive."  (R.I.P. Joe).

Keith.  If all of us fair-minded, people-caring folks in this world spent just 20% of our time, planning, resources (cash and in-kind) on just a few achievable and relatively modest symbolic and practical issues, if might make a slight difference versus spending a similar amount of time and resources on voting for those whom are destined to either screw or betray us. I am  speaking in terms of a STATUS QUO that either serves up CAPITULATION to the powers-that-be or devolves into SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT.  


Obama's 2004 Senate win was a setup

His    original   Republician  opponent   Jack   Ryan  withdrew due  to   a   sex  scandal.  The   gatekeepers  recruited  Alan  Keyes as  a  replacement.  With   Keyes  as  an  opponent,  Obama  was   essentiallly   give   his federal   Senate   seat.

Obama 2004 Senate Race a Setup Beyond What You've Indicated

I've talk about this subject before here @ BAR.

Obama's from my home town, so I heard of him before his apparent  sudden burst [out of no-where] onto the public national stage in 2004. The first thing that seemed odd / peculiar was that the first & thus far only Black woman US senator from IL, Carol Mosely Braun [1992 - 1998], who had a good chance to regain her senate seat, instead chose to run in the Dim's 2004 primaries for POTUS- for which she had absolutely NO chance! [How many  even remember her 2004 run in the Dim's POTUS primaries?]! This was particularly odd since in the early to mid 2000s the IL Repug party was in quite a bit of disarray. YET- This did conveniently set the stage for Obama to run for US senator from IL without having to go up against a Black woman Dim ex-senator [Ms Braun]. Thus Obama wins the IL Dims primary race for US senator. PS: Ironically Obama backed Rahmbo over Ms Braun in Chicago's 2011 mayoral race, where Rahmbo trounced her as Chi-town's Blacks went overwhelmingly w Rahmbo based on Obama's endorsement.

The second odd / peculiar thing that happened in IL's 2004 race for US senator was, as you've alluded to, how IL Repug Jack Ryan's candidacy blew-up in his face- due the embarrassing, yet personal / private & non-criminal / non-nefarious, circumstances of his divorce from actress Jeri Ryan. How is it that the sealed [by mutual agreement of both Jack & Jeri] divorce records in Hollywood, were ordered unsealed by request of Chicago's news outlets & papers- which IMO the power elites knew full well that this info, though showing NO hint of criminal scandal [IE: wife-abuse, etc], was personally embarrassing enough to effectively torpedo Repug Jack Ryan's senate race??? End Result- The door to the US senate was swung wide open for the 'Obama Candidate' [what happened in this case was basically unprecedented]. As Ryan's replacement- Alan Keyes' bid was essentially a damn joke. Keyes, who's also 'Black', was NOT even from IL, thus the heads of IL's Repug party [which sank even further into disarray after the Ryan fiasco] FAILED to even support him. 

Obviously the 'Obama Candidate' used his US senate seat as a spring board to the Oval Office! As Beverly indicates- Just how in HELL did John McCain pick such an obvious nit-wit like Sarah's [ailin] Palin for his running-mate??! Also of interest is the fact that Obama's first degree [1983] is in political science from Columbia U- specializing in foreign affairs- & wrote his thesis on the USSR. At same time Zig-Zag Brzezinski, a known expert on foreign affairs especially RE: Russia / the USSR, was a tenured Prof of Columbia U's political science dept. So who shows up as  the 'Obama Candidate's' top foreign policy wonk during Obama's 2008 bid for POTUS- None other than Ole Zig-Zag!!!

PS- FYI: Also interesting is that when Obama graduated from Columbia U, he worked a yr or so for a firm that reportedly had ties to the CIA [IE: a CIA front]. 

PS2: Let not forget Obama's white momma was related to several US Pres IE: Bush Jr & Sr [& Cheney], LBJ, FDR, James Madison  as well as Robert E Lee & the late UK PM Winston Churchill!

When we act, we create our own reality


Do we not ALSO RECALL, that Israel Firster and Democratic Traitor, Senator Joe Lieberman, was the "natural and obvious" selection as McCain's running mate?  With those two you had the Independent Voter's "Dream Team."  Two White Men who defied their respective Parties "orthodoxy" ideal attractions for THE SAME INDEPENDENT VOTERS Obama focused on in 08 and with whom he continues to curry favor.

Beverly I'm feeling you completely because I remember telling one of my died-in-the-wool White Democratic co-workers that, all things considered, if TWO "MODERATE" RETHUGS ARE COMPETING--Obama vs. Mitt--than the White Guy should win. (and indeed the article I cited on Black/White comparative voter turnout substantiates my/our thesis.  The "Necks" didn't turn out, too busy trying to suppress the Black vote I suppose?  No message that connected too.

There was absolutely no logic in McCain selecting Palin as his running mate.  None, zippo, nada, but it was part of the "con."  And ultimately who "won?"  Damn sure ain't Democratic voters per se.  Looks like McCain, Lieberman, Lindsey Graham and the other Israel Firster Diane Feinstein are calling the shots anyway... as unchecked militarism, Fascism, and dishonest foreign policy holds sway. 

The lesson for Black folks is that POSITION AND TITLE don't mean sh**t, consequently voting don't mean sh**t.  If critical thinkers know the Prez Position is a Pawn, then how do you EVER PROJECT POWER from that roost?  MLK had to put a foot in JFK's a**,  in comparison, Obama puts a foot in Black America's a**.  (It's the stuff of movies).

Power translates into the ability to IMPLEMENT your agenda, and its the only thing that counts.  Black Voting Rights by all accounts remain in tact despite the Necks Voter ID shenanigans and assortment of tricks and the US Supreme Court signaling that the Voting Rights Act is superfluous.  Problem is we ain't got sh**t to show for our unbridled enthusiasm to vote.

Seems like most folks "solution" is to try harder, while MINE (and some kindred spirits) is to not give a good g**damn.  Without the prevailing mythology, the system fails.

Personally, I seek power by my ability to define reality, I find liberation in knowledge of self.  I share my strength with all who need it.

p.s.  Most folks response to the "reality" reminds me of a statement many attribute to Karl Rove; it's very prescient despite what you think of Rove.

The source of the term is a quotation in an October 17, 2004, The New York Times Magazine article by writer Ron Suskind, quoting an unnamed aide to George W. Bush (later attributed to Karl Rove[1]):

The aide said that guys like me were "in what we call the reality-based community," which he defined as people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality." ... "That's not the way the world really works anymore," he continued. "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."[2]

p.s.s.  If the Fascist Koch Bros. gain control of a major media outlet.  How do you say: "game, set, match?"  "While you are studying that reality..... we'll act again, creating new realities....,0,4766912.story


Koch brothers want to make your newspaper their megaphone

Here's a list I've compiled- I'm working on a more comprehensive

As an errand boy for Wall St and the MIC I agree that Obama is trying his best and is accomplishing quite a bit. Is it okay to call this the Hopey-Changey version of incremental Blue Team fascism? Not much different than the Red Team fascists if you look at the records.

Here are some of the other achievements from the Democrats during Obama's "Lesser Evilism Reign of Terror Traveling Road Show."

Here are some facts though the list is not exhaustive by any means and it's only recent history:

Obama used an Executive Order to create a Cat Food Commission stacked with anti-Social Security / Social Program corporatists.

Obama's White House was opposed to bringing back Glass Steagall.

*WARS fully funded and EXPANDING- see AFRICOM.

*Trillion Dollars given to friends and campaign contributors on Wall Street.

*Military Spending INCREASED.

*Trillion+Dollars given to the Health Insurance Industry.

*Kill the possibility for a REAL “Public Option” or REAL Universal
Health Care for at least another generation, and begin the “Entitlement
Reform” defunding of Medicare (-$500 Billion).

*Block ANY re-regulation of BIG BANKS and Credit Cards.

*Protect the Bush War Criminals and Torturers from JUSTICE.

*Expanded Drone Assasinations.

*Reinforce the worst Police State provisions of the Patriot Act.

*Expanding government surveillance.

*EFCA (Employee Free Choice Act) killed in the crib

Free Trade Job Off-shoring.

Supports De-regulation (see: Clinton & Death of Glass-Steagal)

NDAA / Expansion of Government Power.

Bernanke, Geithner. Holder.

Monsanto @ FDA.

Linking Social Security to the Deficit via the Payroll Tax “Holiday”

Coordinated the crackdown on Occupy via Obama’s Homeland Security.

Attacks Whistleblowers, a-la Bradley Manning & WikiLeaks.

Shielded BP for its Gulf Disaster

Pushes through the Trans Pacific Partnership

Obama Promotes Surge in State Terror

Obama Expands Military Involvement in Africa

Obama education plan boosts privatization, victimizes teachers

Obama Puts Pesticide Pusher in Charge of Agricultural Trade Relations.

Obama indefinitely imprisons detainees without charges


-- embraces militarism, imperial wars, and lawlessness like his predecessor;

-- keeps looting the federal Treasury for Wall Street;

-- targets whistleblowers, dissenters, Muslims, Latino immigrants,
environmental and animal rights activists, and lawyers who defend them;

-- illegally spies on Americans as aggressively as George Bush;

-- backs so-called reform that will ration care and enrich insurers, the drug cartel, and large hospital chains;

Obama's promotes the Militarization of Mexico

Obama supports the Permanent War Budget

As a senator, Obama's voting record told all, that he supports power,
not progressive change, but few took the trouble to check it:

-- he backed Homeland Security funding that, like the Patriot Act, violates constitutional rights by centralizing militarized law enforcement under the executive;

-- he voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act in July 2005 and did again as president;


Despite earlier and current rhetoric, Obama supports permanent wars
and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan with no withdrawal timetables;

--advocated adding 100,000 combat troops to the military at a time America has no enemies;

-- opposed an amendment capping credit card interest rates at 30% and still does; and

-- backed George Bush's "No Child Left Behind" scheme to destroy public education and now has his own.

Obama supported:

-- medical providers in wrongful injury cases;

-- the right of mining companies to strip mine everywhere, including on government lands;

-- the Bush administration's 2005 Energy Policy Act in spite of critical
campaign rhetoric; it was secretly drafted and provides billions in industry subsidies;

-- vastly expanded nuclear power; lax industry regulation; billions
in subsidies, and numerous other benefits to promote a dangerous

-- repressive immigration legislation targeting Latinos, including
militarized borders, police state raids, roundups, imprisonments, and

20,000 Airstrikes in the President's First Term Cause Death and Destruction From Iraq to Somalia.

Signed the NDAA into law - making it legal to assassinate Americans w/o charge or trial.

Initiated, and personally oversees a 'Secret Kill List'.

Waged war on Libya without congressional approval.

Started a covert, drone war in Yemen.

Escalated the proxy war in Somalia.

Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan.

Maintained a presence in Iraq even after "ending" the war.

Sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan.

Secretly deployed US special forces to 75 countries.

Sold $30 billion of weapons to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia.

Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia.

Opened a military base in Chile.

Signed the Patriot Act extension into law.

Deported a modern-record 1.5 million immigrants.

Continued Bush's rendition program.

Obama sends U.S. troops to Niger to set up drone base

Obama OKs $50 million to assist France in Mali

Warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, Indefinite detention without charge or trial, Targeted killings of suspects by drone, without any pretense of due process (even if they are US citizens), I could go on all day. These are not opinions these are ordinary facts- if it smells like fascism...

"A Call to Arms"

Righteous Quote of the Day: "We have to form a united front for it to be effective?"

True Dat, but the f/u questions are:  "What is "it" and how united is "united?"  And for me especially and thirdly, "What are we being effective at?"  Because if its POLITICS AS USUAL, we might as well  play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun.

Would somebody please help me, pretty please, help me explain that energies need to go into ALTERNATIVE SYSTEMS, not the existing one.  Indeed, the levels of DISCONNECT are utterly fascinating if not frustrating.  Black folks and poorer folks that are non-Black operate in a system that does EVERY DAMN THING in their power to disenfranchise them.  The creativity of Right Wingers and their financial backers to staunch Minority and Progressive-Oriented voters exercise of that so-called "right" SHOULD BE MATCHED by the energy of the affected parties to tell the Red Necks and Hypocrites:  "Go F**k yourselves.  Have your Lily White, Fascist System because you'll go to your graves (and our's) fighting for it.

Because what's relevant is that despite all of the resources, organization, money and will-power the affected parties spend to overcome the suppression, THEY AINT GOT SHIT TO SHOW FOR IT!!!

WITHDRAW these A**holes MORAL AUTHORITY AND PRETENSE of a Demoracy in the US of A, let alone expose the utter hypocrisy of these A***holes spreading it abroad.

Because even when you (we/us) overcome the attacks on Democracy directed against us, we are left with "horror of horrors" no F***king Democracy.  Your vote and your will don't mean jack sh**t.  Don't feel bad, don't mean jack shit for White Progressives either, but they do have more clout than you.

But here's what's equally fascinating if not disturbing.  The Detroit Free Press/News had a story today that documented that (federal level) Black Voter turnout is now higher than White Voter turnout.  ( I will try to find the link, but hell some of yall can do some work too and find it, this is a collective effort after all) So, despite White suppression efforts (Right Wing Whites that is) Blacks are turning out to vote in higher numbers than Whites.  (No doubt attributable to Obama).  

(As Huggy Low Down would say: "Who Knew???")

So here's the finale, check this logic out:  The "Necks" working OT to thwart and frustrate Black Voter turnout are not only failing, but they are apparently expending too much energy to vote they damn self.  Thus higher collective Black voter turnout than White according to RECENT stats.  (God works in mysterious ways, doesn't She?)

But the "Necks" have a fail-safe or fall back position, you must appreciate it in order to appreciate your "voting rights."  Despite all the Black voter enthusiasm and turnout, the "Neck" agenda prevails over the Progressive one, period point blank.  

Is it brilliant strategy, OR the signs of DYSTOPIA???  I dunno, yall tell me.... because apparently my sh**t is out in left field???

p.s.  If it makes yall Negroes feel any better, White Progressives (or other ethnicities for that matter) ain't got a sh**t load to show for 8 years of Obama they damn self.  Misery loves company.

Never mind....

I found the shiggity for yall, the voter turnout link that is.  I mean no one expects yall "47 percenter, public-education types" to do the damn research afterall, let alone exercise some old school critical thinking schools.  LOL:


WASHINGTON (AP) - America's blacks voted at a higher rate than other minority groups in 2012 and by most measures surpassed the white turnout for the first time, reflecting a deeply polarized presidential election in which blacks strongly supported Barack Obama while many whites stayed home.

Had people voted last November at the same rates they did in 2004, when black turnout was below its current historic levels, Republican Mitt Romney would have won narrowly,according to an analysis conducted for The Associated Press.

Census data and exit polling show that whites and blacks will remain the two largest racial groups of eligible voters for the next decade. Last year's heavy black turnout came despite concerns about the effect of new voter-identification laws on minority voting, outweighed by the desire to re-elect the first black president.

p.s.  "Oh Beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of graaaaiiiinnnn, for purple mountains majesty....

You get the drill?  Revisit why the NAACP is IRRELEVANT.  Voting Rights/ Civil Rights... like the powers that be give a f**k other than getting you to co-sign they bullsh**t.  Busting your ass and resources to overcome the racists, BUT TO NO AVAIL.  That's some sad sack shiggity.  But hell, yall love playing within the rules, so I'm pi**ing in the wind.  Oh, oh, I forgot one more sacred cow, Affirmative Action, that shiggity's been working wonders for the past decade and Pres. Obama's EEOC Board has been steadfast.  "he, he, he."

More on the subject of cognitive dissonance

and the meaninglessness of voting on a national level.

Nancy Pelosi was the keynote speaker this past Sunday at the NAACP Banquet in the "D."

She took a proverbial swipe at the EMF.  But here's what's fascinating.

I had the pleasure last year of converating with a White Liberal from California--Palo Alto, and he was authentic by my measure.   We talked at length about the racism and segregation between Palo and E. Palo.   As I sought his insight on immigration reform, he advised me that Feinstein, Pelosi and Boxer are amongst the biggest STEALTH OPPONENTS OF IMMIGRATION REFORM in the country, they had no interest in it at all.

The "why" is as simple as a California avocado, or garlic from Gilroy:  The aforementioned politicos are financed by agri-business and the mono-culturalists.  Period point blank.  Accordingly their words about immigration reform are but empty platitudes and sloganeering.

Refresh my memroy, was not Pelosi Speaker of the House and Feinstein a Senior member of the Senate when Obama was elected in 08?  Do we really believe there has been a seascape change in GOP political philsophy in 4 years on immigration reform, OR do we believe that a more PRO-AG, MONOCULTURE, work-restrictive, IMMIGRATION REFORM package has been agreed to by the Oligarchs of both Parties, the 1 Percenters?

Funny how there was this warp closure on Immigration Reform between the parties, but an ocean of difference remains (and is growing ever wider) on Affirmative Action and social safety net concerns?  

I suppose Newsweek and USA today will explain it all.  

Inquirng minds want to know?  Are you one?

p.s.  I damn near forgot, in demonstration of her liberal bona fides, didn't Pelosi  shield Bush and the Telcoms from mass domestic spying?  It's only fitting then she should be guest speaker at the NAACP FREEDOM FUND BANQUET in the "D" would you agree?  

Dismantling the public sector

You left out dismantling black progress in the public sector - perhaps one of the clearest points of progress under Clinton years, creating a more solidified black middle class - by shrinking federal government to drown in a bathtub, while cutting benefits to make sure states whacked their payrolls too. Once the sequester has done its damage to the public sector through mandator downsizing, look for that heralded new achievement - black unemployment will no longer track as its normal 2x white folks - it'll be up to 2.5x or 3x. Obama has bent the curve again! If only he knew up from down!

BTW - it does get tiring to hear how Clinton's welfare reform caused all the modern problems, with no mention how Bush came in with "reform 2.0" with the clearest intention to punish the poor and make sure "welfare-to-work" meant "sink-or-swim-but-better-just-sink". Republicans are pretty tricky with their marketing - Clinton gets all the blame for Bush welfare changes, Democrats who futily voted for inspectors/authorization for response if no cooperation are more responsible for Gulf War 2.0 than the neocons who designed the war, the CIA-SecOfState who lied, or the president who ignored the progress the UN Arms Inspector announced.

Obama even went so far as to make Bush's Iraq withdrawal plan his own, while taking on his Afghanistan War and crashed economy and Gitmo/Bagram detention centers with nary a complaint - nay, "don't look back, look forward" - even Jesus never took on so many sins from one single sinner, was never so forgiving. Maybe Obama can be Pope when this is all over.

President Obama is a huge

President Obama is a huge disappointment.  He has continued the ills of the Bush administration always with an added phrasing of not wanting to but, signing the bill anyway.  If ones does not want to, then one should not.  I did not vote for him in 2012.

African Americans were looking for a relief from America's White male rule and ruin.  We ended up voting in another White male.  We were looking for the kindness of Dr. King.  We were looking for anti-war stance of Dr. King.  We were looking for the peace stance of Dr. King. Too many brown people of the world are being killed by the gang called NATO all to pirate natural resources.

Gitmo and it Dark Ages injustice is still open.  Discriminatory drug laws are still on the books.  The huge divide between the rich and poor remains. We are wasting monies in Iraq and Afghanistan while closing schools here in America,  Americans continue to work for the slaves wages called minimum.  Our education system which prepares minority youth, especially males, for prison continues. We do not have health care.  We have a mandate to give to the profits of the financial industry's insurance companies to the detriment of our health care.

The only hope is the appointment of a new Pope that is not from the west and does not think like the cold hearted White males that have destroyed the world and made such a beautiful event as life so miserable for so many.

In short I agree with ten above.

I tought that Obamacare is a

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When you read this article you get a sense of despair. This administration is making a lot of mistakes the exact same way as previous administrations.