Obama Fronts for White Supremacy with Boycott of Durban Conference on Racism


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durbanA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The injustices of the current world order are derived from those of the old order - which was based on white supremacy. The language of Euro-American hegemony has become more refined but, with the advent of the Barack Obama presidency, it has taken only two months to demonstrate that white supremacy - and its peculiar Zionist offshoot - has no difficulty exercising its power and privilege through the agency of a Black executive." The Durban II conference on racism has been eviscerated by the Black man at the helm of the racist superpower.

Obama Fronts for White Supremacy with Boycott of Durban II

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

“It has taken only two months to demonstrate that white supremacy – and its peculiar Zionist offshoot – has no difficulty exercising its power and privilege through the agency of a Black executive.”

For many on the Left, it was an article of faith that the election of Barack Obama would change the paradigm of United States and international politics – that the conversation would be fundamentally altered when a Black man became leader of the sole superpower on Earth. How anyone could believe that one man’s melanin could undo or even significantly alter an imperial edifice erected over centuries at the cost of hundreds of millions of lives and the extinction of whole peoples – is beyond me. But wishful thinking and silly assumptions are washed away by events and the passing of time. In Barack Obama’s case, it has taken only two months to demonstrate that white supremacy – and its peculiar Zionist offshoot – has no difficulty exercising its power and privilege through the agency of a Black executive.

President Obama has shown us – and very early in his term – that he is just as determined as his white predecessors in the Oval Office to maintain the global order created by the conquistadors, colonizers, and genocidal maniacs of Europe and North America. Obama threatens that the U.S. will boycott the second international gathering on racism since the turn of the millennium, scheduled for late April in Switzerland. The conference is informally called “Durban II” in reference to the first such gathering on racism, in Durban, South Africa, in 200l. George Bush pulled the U.S. out of Durban I, claiming the deck was stacked against Israel, a state whose purpose is to maintain Jewish supremacy through an apartheid-like system in Palestine.

In the interim, Israel has escalated its savage aggressions against Arabs within its borders, in the occupied territories, and among its neighbors. Thus, the question of whether Zionism is a form of racism is as relevant today, as ever.

“The European and North American imperialists are busy re-writing the agenda for Durban II.”

Since 2001, the United States has been engaged in its own, self-proclaimed war against Arabs and Muslims everywhere on the planet, and has intensified anti-Arab and anti-Muslim discrimination, here at home. The racial order in the United States has, since 2001, developed even deeper layers of hatred and discrimination directly related to American imperial policy in the world – and, of course, its connections to Israel and Zionist racism. It’s past time for Durban II, but Obama doesn’t want to go – any more than George Bush did. And for the same reasons. Imperialism is incomprehensible without an understanding of its white supremacist underpinnings.

The European and North American imperialists are busy re-writing the agenda for Durban II, so that whether they attend or not, the event will result in no indictment of white supremacy as a fundamental evil at work in the world, today. Language related to reparations to Africans for the white worldwide savagery and people-stealing that created the Black Diaspora, is gone, written out – as if the cascade of holocausts against Africa and Africans never happened.

For centuries, North American and European power and privilege has been built on the degradation of people of color. Now a Black man has been elevated to a singular status. He uses it to reinforce the system of white supremacy, and to write other Black and brown and red and yellow people out of history. His name is Barack Obama. Why should anyone be proud.

For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to www.BlackAgendaReport.com.

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Black Community for Obama Gatekeepers Should be Embarrassed!

 Dear Mr. Glen Ford,
I will again repeat what I have written in other posts here at Black Agenda Report and the other thinkers who have commented about Obama. I also suggest you take a look at Noam Chomsky's critique of Obama in the March, 2009 issue of Z Magazine. It is hardly a flattering article about Obama's appraoch to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I shall also reiterate the following to you, Mr. Ford, as well as reminding you that Obama enjoys support from Left Gatekeepers as well as Gatekeepers in the Black Community whom usually are quite critical of U.S. policy! I guess extended euphoria have weird side effects. I hope BAR will also expose those in the Black Communitry who continue to act as Obama's ardent Gatekeepers and this extends beyond Oprah Winfrey!

Again. the "leaders" in the Black Community should be embarassed and outraged at President Barack Hussein Obama's decision to skip Durban II. Unless African-American leaders come out and repudiate President Obama on this awful and vulgar decision, then I do not want to hear those bemoaning how wonderful Obama is any longer. Obama is a fraud and now its quite obvious.
If there is one nation which needs to attend this conference, Israel notwithstanding, it is the United States for its past and continued racism, along with its racist foreign and domestic policies. Then again, Obama praised former President Ronald Ronald Reagan so much, that it is no wonder he has decided to boycott this conference. Obama is doing far worse on this racism conference than the Bush administration ever did. But shall we expect no less from Mr. Obama? At Tavis Smiley's get-together in 2008, Obama was a no-show on the day the Jena 6 was discussed. Obama was a complete no-show to the entire State of Black America hosted by Tavis Smiley. Then again, Obama shows little courage or loyalty to those who have stood behind him all these years. Obama threw Rev Wright under the bus even though his pastor was spot on with 99.9% of what he said.
Rev Wright stood up for the Palestinians and that was enough to get him vilified. Rev Wright was then an outcast in the American media in the same way former President Carter was vilified after his book, "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid," had been released. Obama refused to allow Carter to speak at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Alan Dershowitz now goes around boasting that he was successful convincing Obama in stopping Carter from speaking at the DNC. It is obvious now that Obama has no moral convictions and lacks political courage. Obama ran and won on the anti-war, anti-Bush sentiment first engineered by Howard Dean in 2003-2004 and the outrage of people like Jack Murtha-also vilified by Obama's now Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.
Who is this Obama anyhow? Some reports suggest he is a former CIA operative who used that community organizer routine as a front for who he really is working for, which is the corporate elite. It has been reported in the past that Obama's first job as a lawyer was for a CIA-front business enterprise. If that is the case, then, the fact that Obama was a so-called community organizer was done in a sinister manner and thus explains the ease of throwing Rev Wright under the bus. Anybody with a CIA-less conscious could not toss someone aside that coldly unless under the pay and service of others like his corporate elite pals. 
Who groomed Obama for the presidency? Do you really think you know Obama as much as you think? Obama does a wonderful job reading that teleprompter. Obama has the coolness of a very skillful CIA man.
The CIA after all seeks the best and brightest. Bill Clinton was also CIA. Unlike the right-wing who claim Clinton was in Moscow as part of the "youth Communist movement," the former president was working for the CIA at that time as well. There are few presidents who rise to the top who do not have corporate or military or intelligence ties. Obama is no different. Obama is a puppet to his paymasters. Those paymasters reach around the globe, including to Israel itself. Zionism can be interpreted as being racist or racism.
American policy should not be seen as an extension of Israeli policy, but it increasingly is. Obama said he offered "change" from Bush, yet on Middle East and foreign policy is very much the same.
Obama is a fraud. Obama may not be as bad as Bush, but that is not saying much. In this case Obama just has the body odor of stanky underarms while Bush and his crime family smelled like skunks. The bottom line is that one smells worse than the other does not remove the smell altogether. Yet, the  Bushies showed up to the initial UN Racism Conference in 2001.
Hey, Attorney General Eric Holder--you listening brother? Get off your sanctimonous ass and show up, yourself, to this UN Conference on Racism next month in April, or, otherwise do not speak out about racism again, because talk is cheap. Mr. Holder you may have spoken the truth about racism but boycotting this conference makes you look quite idiotic and hypocritical for saying what you did and then having the arrogance to be a no-show to a conference the U.S. has no good reason with its racist history to ever skip!
Barack Obama: “America’s First Jewish President”
by James Petras / December 12th, 2008
Obama asks Shimon Peres: “What can I do for Israel?”– Haaretz, November 17, 2008
"According to a nationally prominent Zionist spokesperson, former Congressman, Federal Judge, White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton and early backer of Obama, Abner Mikvner, “Barack Obama is the first Jewish President”. Mikvner’s affirmation reflects both Obama’s one-sided and longstanding commitment to the State of Israel and loyalty to the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC) in the United States, as well as the long-term and successful effort of a network of financially and politically powerful Jewish Zionists to ‘embed’ Obama to their ‘Israel First’ political apparatus. What is striking about the latter is the demeaning and arrogant claims made by some leading Jewish Zionist about their ‘central roles’ in the making of Obama’s professional and political careers – in effect denying the President-Elect any credit for his own academic or professional success. (Historically this has been mirrored in the continuous claims of some American Jews to have fought and won the battle of Civil Rights in the 60’s on behalf of African Americans – essentially denying black Americans any independent political role in their own struggle.) Even their personal flattery about his ‘wisdom’, ‘brilliance’ and ‘intellectual acuity’ is always linked with his unconditional support of the State of Israel. One can envision how quickly his Zionist colleagues would replace their plaudits with crude insults regarding his intelligence if he suggested Israel end its starvation blockade of Gaza… Needless to say the Zionists know their man, as they confidently proclaim, he is a cautious and prudent politician, who measures power before he speaks, especially as he has filled the White House, economic councils and security apparatus with Zionist zealots."
"The Chicago Jewish News, a nationally prominent Israel-First propaganda organ, published a lengthy article on ‘Obama and the Jews’ by Pauline Dubkin (October 24, 2008), which quotes approvingly a ‘long-time Jewish observer of the political scene’, who declared that, “Jews made him (Obama). Wherever you look there is a Jewish presence.”...This is not merely the usual arrogant self-aggrandizing boasts of a Zionist power broker, with which we are constantly bombarded on so many political topics, this reflects an important part of what Obama has become, especially in advancing his latter day political ambitions. The Zionist self-promoters (ZSP), ever ready to take credit for any success (no matter how notorious and immoral) – Wall Street speculators, Ivy League professors, Pentagon militarists, cultural gurus and even the key patrons of art forms like jazz and constantly rewrite history (or biography in the case of Obama) to maximize their self-importance in all aspects of American life. The ZSP conveniently fail to mention in their articles that Obama’s white Gentile grandmother gave him the intellectual nurturing and encouragement and diligently petitioned for scholarships for him to attend elite private schools, which formed the basis for his intellectual skills to write, speak and reason as an educated man. The ZSP exclude from their ‘revisionist and Judaized’ biography of Obama, the central importance of Reverend Jeremiah Wright who transformed Obama from an elite Ivy university graduate into an effective social activist. Obama was able to participate and get involved in community organizing in Chicago’s African-American neighborhoods because of Wright’s endorsement and broad credibility. If it were not for Rev. Wright, Obama would never have had a social base or organizational experience to engage in Chicago politics. It is only after Obama had gained these skills and popular appeal that the Zionist politicos noticed him and went to work on his ego and ambitions, recruiting him to their pro-Israel agenda and financing his political career....The Zionist re-write of his biography has gone curiously unchallenged by Obama. To suit his new mentors, the Israel-First ideologues and financial backers, he has willfully discarded and insulted his former mentors, as well as any current policy advisers and political colleagues who doesn’t adhere to the Zionist line of unconditional support for Israel. Two cases come immediately to mind. When leading Zionist ideologues objected to the presence of Zbigniew Brzezinski and Robert Malley, among Obama’s foreign policy advisors, the Zionists in Obama’s inner circle immediately marginalized them with his approval. When the notorious torture-promoting Zionofascist Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz raised a howl about former US President Jimmy Carter (a principled critic of Israel’s apartheid policies) speaking at the Democratic Party Convention (following a century-long political tradition of honoring former presidents) the Zionist operatives blatantly humiliated the elderly Carter by denying him even a five-minute speech – with Obama’s approval. ‘Professor’ Dershowitz publicly crowed about his success and power over the Democratic nominee Obama in censoring the former President."
"Fully embedded in the Zionist Power Configuration of Chicago, Obama was advised by the Axelrods, Klutznicks and other key strategists to make the obligatory ritual pilgrimage to Israel and pay obeisance to its leaders in the course of his Senate campaign. During his trip to Israel, two years later in 2006, Obama was accompanied and guided by the executive vice-president of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago. Under Zionist guidance, Obama ‘connected’ with the Israeli state, totally ignoring the plight of the Palestinians who were being savagely repressed by the Israel Army and assaulted on a daily basis by Zion-Fascist settlers. Obama returned a thoroughly committed Zionist African-American politician....With the Israeli-ZPC certificate of approval, Obama’s financial base of support widened to include some of the wealthiest pro-Israel Jewish Americans in the Midwest including Lester Crown, whose son, James Crown headed Obama’s financial campaign in Illinois. According to Crown (pater), “From the time I met him, the times we talked about Israel and we talked about it several times, he has been an ardent backer of Israel’s defense position (sic), Israel’s security position.”...To those Zionfascists who demand that Israel annex all of Palestine and expel ‘the Arabs’ and were disturbed by Obama’s passing reference to a two-state solution, Crown assured them that Obama’s proposal was couched in such outrageously impossible demands for concessions from the Palestinians that it was a dead letter...."
Read the entire article @:
Date: 1672
Main Entry: em·bar·rass
Function: verb
Pronunciation: \im-ˈber-əs, -ˈba-rəs\
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— lead·er·less  \-ləs\ adjective 
I keep telling the people here and at BAR to look into Obama's CIA connections which Wayne Madsen has uncovered. When people realize that Obama, like McCain, Bush, and the Clinton's are all part of the ruling classes and global elite, then this type of outrage will end. I do not look at Obama's candidacy or presidency as a race issue at all. It is too bad that Obama's entire candidacy has been in many respects compared to the struggles of Rev Martin Luther King. When has Obama ever been compared to those in the Black Power Movement?
I hope BAR does an expose on Obama's CIA connections from very early on in his "political career" as a "community organizer." Compared to other "sources" BAR has done a fine job exposing Obama. Mr. Dixon provides another fine article of many in trying to tell the truth of the DLC-Preosident Obama. The DLC economic policy is consistent with the thought pattern of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission as well as the Manhattan Institute, Hudson Institute, American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation and all backed by the money of the corporate and global elites.
Check this article out by David Icke entitled: 'Barack Obama--The Naked Emperor.' at:http://www.davidicke.com/content/view/18281
Here is an excerpt from Icke's article. Icke says that he-Icke:
"...studied the military/government mind-control programmes and techniques in great detail for many years during the late-1990s and across 2000, and the Obama 'phenomenon' is the most blatant mass-mind control operation you could wish to see....At its core the plan has been to make Obama the focus of everything you hope for, believe in and want to change. This is why it has been crucial for him not to specify and detail what is meant by his 'hope, 'change' and 'believe'....However, I can tell you what those words mean in the context of the Obama mind-game. They mean whatever you decide they mean or want them to mean. The idea is for you to project all that you stand for onto him and so he becomes the symbol of you and how you see the world. Specifics would destroy that 'I am whatever you want me to be' scenario and so you don't get any detail, just 'hope', 'change', and 'believe'."
Icke also says that:
"Double-glazing salesmen are trained to pick up in general conversation what their target likes and dislikes and to respond accordingly in the way the product is sold. The technique is simply to tell the potential buyer what you have gleaned they want to be told....Obama comes from the same stable, but on a massively bigger scale and with a whole network of advisors and controllers steeped in the art of manipulating minds, opinions and actions....Obama's written-for-him speeches are not from the heart, but from the autocue. The 'heart' bit comes from extensive training and his Bill Clintonesque ability to 'mean it when he says it', a state of delivery that goes beyond mere acting. Tony Blair was trained in the same way.....But if you take a step back and look at these people dispassionately you can clearly see the techniques they consciously employ. Blair is the most blatant fraud in the way he delivers a line, stops in mid-sentence for emphasis and looks down for fake emotional effect. Obama is a little more slick, but, from where I have been looking this past year, not much. And how have people not seen those cold eyes just above the painted smile?...You can watch his mind working, turning between autocue screens to his left and right, then straight down the camera for his key messages. From-the-heart orators don't do that; they are too immersed in what they are feeling and saying to give even a passing thought to where they are looking or how the line is delivered....I worked in television for more than a decade, often reading autocue while a director spoke in my ear telling me what cameras to look at. I have, since the early 1990s, spoken my truth on public stages across the world. I know, therefore, the difference between artificial autocue delivery and body language and talking from the heart without a script. Obama, I repeat, is coming from the autocue, not the heart."
On the method of Obama's "cool-Luke" speeches, Icke also brings out some very interesting analysis. Icke says that:
"Obama's speeches are a mass of mind-control techniques and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, or NLP, and they are carefully constructed to implant beliefs and perceptions into the mind of the viewer. Click here for a description of his psycho-babble, headed An Examination of Obama's Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches....As I keep emphasising, the whole Obama circus is an exercise in mass mind control and it has been so successful because so many people live their lives in a permanent state of trance."
Icke makes some valid points, There are much deeper questions to be answered. I hope BAR looks into these even deeper issues of Obama and how he is just another elite or empty suit working for his paymasters. I would not expect the Obama circus travellers to criticize him any time soon or look into the real Obama--the one controlled by his handlers or his training by the CIA. Unfortunately, many people who are usually on to this type of stuff have already been drinking the Obama Kool-Aid and are no longer able to critically analyze Obama. The mind control experts/global-ruling elite have been able to swoop  up even the regular dissenters. The dissenters of the established order are becoming fewer and fewer in scope and number. Don't expect the mass mind control experts in the media or your favorite liberal channel, MSNBC or even Sirius Left with Mark Thompson to tell you the truth about Mr. Obama when they have been easily co-opted by the elite rulers who are experts at manipulating the minds of the sheeple. Yes, most Obama supporters regardless of race are now the good sheeple, dupes, and lackey's the global elite need to carry out their plans directed against you, not for you. And, yes, it is your fault for being ignorant about Obama and who he is and where he came from. And I am talking about his connections and being groomed for power by the global elite here. Do you really think the Bush administration will ever be prosected for war crimes [I yawn and smile at liberal absurdity on this one as well] by Obama? Don't bet your mortgage on it, no matter how devalued it has become.






Mr. Ford's "Real or Phony" Outrage of Obama's Durban II Boycott?

Dear Mr. Glen Ford,
Now, now, you are not that shocked by Obama's position on this are you? Please already. Enough with that phony-ass outrage!, or is really real disgust? Did you or not support Mr. Obama for president? If you did not vote for him or did not support him in any way, then state so. Didn't you reluctantly support Obama for president?
Now, Eric Holder gives an impassioned plea against "racism" in America and black leaders across America stand tall and proud. Where are those same black leaders showing outrage over Obama's cowardice on skipping Durban II/ By the way, where is the bravado of AG Holder regarding this issue? How about the members of the Congressional Black Caucus? Where are they on this issue, Mr. Ford?
Yes, racism exists as a structural problem in the USA and elsewhere. That is a fact and I agree with you on that one. Is Obama now also a racist as in an anti-Arab racist? Are black leaders complicit in anti-Arab racism too, by their slience on this issue and giving Obama yet another free pass? Can black pepple be racists or bigots too, and can black people in America hate Arabs as well? I mean don't black politicians have an ethical oblgation to stand against anti-Muslim hatred in the USA too? I know Cynthia McKinney has done so, but, many of her flellow black colleagues in Congress did not stand with her.
Didn't Obama's disowning of Rev Wright sound any alarm bells to you? As a white man, it certainly sent alarm bells to me when someone is a close confidante quickly discards another human being for the sake of pimping votes. To this day, I have yet to find anything that Rev Wright say which cannot be either proven from those with rational minds or that those exact questions have been asked before by others. I am convinced that it was Wright's defense of the Palestinians which offended those going after Obama and that Obama thereafter had to show how loyal he was to the Zionist cause, but, he had to get rid of Rev. Wright to show any legitimacy towards the interests of the Israeli state. Thus, Obama became a double sellout--one on Rev Wright and second to the Jewish lobby in the USA.
Therefore, Mr. Ford ypu cannot be that Outraged, now, can you?  I mean honestly, you did not see the signs from Obama that loyalty and past friendship means nothing to him? Or if that is not the case, then Obama is being controlled by his paymasters and him playing the puppet-empty suit?
C'mon Mr. Ford, already. I can understand your sentiment here, but the announcement that Obama was skipping Durban II was out there three weeks ago. It took you about three weeks to just build up to this outrage now? You cannot be serious now! Why did it take you so long to show such outrage? I know, you had to think it through, just like Obama does, before commenting on it! With your platform,  Mr. Ford I would hope you speak out sooner on these issues, inlcuding Obama's awful Iran policy. And stop allowing Mark Thompson on Sirius Left 146 to degrade your analysis and commentary here on BAR. Thompson always reminds folks that you, Mr. Ford and Mr. Dixon often rub the Obama supporters the wrong way and that some people "find you offensive." 
As for me, I wish you were more offensive and not less so, inlcuding standing up to the sometimes arrogant Mark Thompson on Sirius Left 146 who still thinks Talk Radio is significant to how people look at the issues.
I hope you would respond to my two posts in here. I know you and others at BAR read these posts. You admiited it on Make it Plain that you do in fact peruse these posts and that you have very strong opinions of what is posted in your domain here. Mr. Ford, I also have stong views on issues just as you have. So, no, you are not unique in this regard. Take care and remember not to "Drink the Kool-Aid!"