Obama Apologist Harris-Perry Says Support Prez Because He’s a “Competent” Black Man

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Melissa Harris-Perry, the political scientist and columnist for The Nation, blames “white liberals” that hold Barack Obama to a “higher standard” for the president’s dwindling white support. Yet all the evidence indicates that Obama’s white support is evaporating most rapidly among ‘independents’ – the white ‘swing voters’ he caters to so slavishly – not reliably ‘liberal’ white Democrats. For some Black Obamites, preserving the icon in the White House is paramount, no matter what his crimes.

Obama Apologist Harris-Perry Says Support Prez Because He’s a “Competent” Black Man

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Clinton’s crew freed Wall Street predators from regulation, while Barack Obama rescued George Bush’s bank bailout and then put at least $14 trillion dollars into the accounts of finance capitalists around the world.”

Melissa Harris-Perry is one of the saddest examples of how the advent of a Black president has distorted the thinking of some of the most promising African American minds. She is a political scientist who has abandoned all the science of politics in order to build a higher Black Wall around Barack Obama, a war criminal with six simultaneous aggressions now running at full tilt, and the prime facilitator of the most massive transfer of wealth in human history. Writing from her roost at The Nation magazine, Prof. Harris-Perry flails about in search of a progressive position from which to defend the First Black President. There being none, she has to settle for saying that Obama is as competent as any white president – Damn it! – and it is white “liberals” that are bringing Obama down by “holding him to a to a higher standard” than his white predecessors – specifically, Bill Clinton.

Essentially, she contends that Clinton did do bad things to Black and poor Americans and to the cause of peace in the world. Obama’s record is, she maintains, “at the very least, comparable to that of President Clinton, who was enthusiastically re-elected.”

We could stop right there and agree with Prof. Harris-Perry that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are political peas in a pod, both center-right corporate Democrats at the service of the rich, who are eager to ravage welfare as we used to know it, or Social Security as we still have it. Both presidents specialize in opening the doors to the Republicans that they pretend to be opposing. And yes, Obama is every bit as competent at playing the corporate game as Bill Clinton ever was – much better, in fact. Clinton’s crew freed Wall Street predators from regulation, while Barack Obama rescued George Bush’s bank bailout and then put at least $14 trillion dollars into the accounts of finance capitalists around the world. You can’t top that for competence in the service of finance capital.

Both presidents specialize in opening the doors to the Republicans that they pretend to be opposing.”

Obama has increased the military budget with utmost competence, surpassing George Bush and putting Bill Clinton to shame in his service to the Pentagon. And, when it comes to mounting a frontal assault on the New Deal and the Great Society, nobody can touch Obama, who came into office with a promise on his lips to put all entitlements on the chopping block, and has succeeded in doing so. He is, without question, not just competent, but a most excellent destroyer of social safety nets.

Prof. Harris-Perry’s beef is that “liberals” do not recognize Obama’s competence. She says these liberals are to blame for Obama’s dramatic fall in white approval ratings. It is true that whites, who gave Obama more of their votes in 2008 than they did Democrat John Kerry in 2004, are threatening to abandon him in 2012. But all the evidence indicates that Obama’s white support is evaporating most rapidly among “independents” – the white “swing voters” he caters to so slavishly – not reliably “liberal” white Democrats. That’s why Obama and his crew dismiss liberals – including Harris-Perry’s left liberal colleagues at The Nation – as having no place else to go, and instead spend all their time wooing the political middle of white America. And that’s the same reason Black people get nothing but ostentatious contempt from the White House. The problem is not white liberal racism, but that too many white liberals and African Americans will stick with Obama no matter what he says or does, and will make themselves look ridiculous – and incompetent – in the process. Prof. Harris-Perry, for example.

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That woman is horrible!

Harris Perry through her attack on Cornell West seems to have launched her career as a left gate keeper through the stratosphere. She's a pawn, a supposed black leader whose condescending smile has disgusted me on every possible occasion. She takes none of her words seriously, her smile indicates that her positions are only debating roles that she is paid to play. There are no life and death issues at stake here, except the one between Fox and MSNBC.


stop calling Obama, or Clinton, "center-right"?  The center is WAY to the Left of both of them.  They are corporatist-right (as opposed to populist right), but above all, they are nowhere near the center.  


The Nation Magazine is yet another organ of the left wing of the intelligence community (just like Democracy Now!):


All media is captured by the shadow government. You better believe that if people like Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry can be frequent guest and host on MSNBC.I.A. (GE capital) they're more than likely being paid to block for Obama. This is all part of the race-card/white-guilt campaign strategy that Obama and his minions are slowly unveiling before the run up to the brutal 2012 elections. The predictions from the infamous Ulsterman reports are all coming true:

White House Insider: The Obama Plan – Part Two


White House Insider: The Obama Plan - Part Three


They're going to distract Black people with the issue of racism and race solidarity, Glen.

Say what we will about Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, but these two people are the most visible Black public figures who are throwing a little monkey wrench in the House Negro -in- chiefs designs. We can expect an army of black bloggers, journalist, public figures, and protesters being deployed to discredit and destroy Tavis Smiley and Cornel West (and we can also expect BAR to get hacked again if the web traffic here picks up in the coming months).

I have learned that Just like in the case of Mu'ummar Qadhafi, Obama has just dispatched his Black American mujahideen/muslim brotherhood to protest outside the offices of the Smiley & West radio program:


The House Negro -in- Chief punked Black people at that CBC gathering. While he's taking our freedoms, property, pay & benefits, all we have left is our dignity. The Shoe Shiner -in- Chief must not be allowed to get away with this. We MUST throw our full support behind Tavis Smiley, and implore CORNEL WEST to double down on his call for a primary challenge to this president, and RUN HIMSELF!










Well Said

"Obummer presides over a nation of broke-assed citizens being made more broke assed daily with unending wars and bankster welfare."


Tavis Smiley and Cornel West backed off on President Obama for far too long, apparently waiting for him to become something that he never was, or for him to do things that he does not believe in for people whom he doesn't really like or understand, and whom, as far as he is concerned, can be had for a song and a dance. If either of their campaigns ever gains traction, I hope that these two gentlemen have grown a great deal wiser, and that they have the courage of their convictions to stay the course.

Corporate Competence

If He looks like a corporatist, talks like a corporatist and acts like a corporatist then there is only one conclusion that you can come to (wait for it) He must be a corporatist (Say What!!!!).  I have been saying this for a long time (seems like forever) that the Obama Bots have got to get off the Obama chronic.  Politicians (Repugs and Demo-wits) have been getting white folks to vote against their own best interests for a long time.  Now it seems that they have convinced s lot of us (Black Folks) to do the same thing.  Now that there is a Black man in the White House we (Black Folks) are told to stop complaining, crying and whining to buck up and STFU and just vote for us (No they didn’t)!!!

New Flash to Black Folks, it is still called the White House!!!  Just because a Black Man is occupying it does not change anything (I thought you knew)!!!  The operative word here is Occupy (he doesn’t own it and we certainly don’t own, influence or even impress him).  Obama occupies the White House just like all of his predecessors.  They all were selected by the oligarchs plutocrats and moneyed interest IE ”The Money Party” that own and control the repug demo-wit and tea parties.  Obama was selected by the demo wits party and served up to us as the answer to GWB (just about anybody would have been a better choice than GWB).  And just what did we get after all the Whoo Rah of electing Mr. Obama to office???  Glad you asked that question.

We got an Economic Massacre of poor folks and the so called middle class (that never really existed in the first place).  We got Financial Terrorism by the Banksters and Wall Street to the tune of Trillions of Dollars of tax payers money (Yes I said T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N-S) and nobody has went to jail for this terrorism yet (Imagine that)!!!  We got WAR over here (Afghanistan) WAR over there (IRAQ) WAR WAR everywhere (Libya, Somalia, and Yemen the list goes on and on).  OMG how much competence does it take to do all that???

As Mr. Ford stated Mr. Obama is very competent when it comes to bailing out the Financial Terrorists IE the Banksters and Wall Street (Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money)!!!  He is very competent in continuing wars of aggression and starting some of his own.  When we have a problem with some of our client states or some rogue state gets out of line, our current POTUS sees them just like his predecessors saw them as nails and his response is (It’s Hammer Time)!!!  He is also very competent when it comes to offering up what’s left of our social safety net to be torched and scorched (What a guy)!!!  He seems to be really good at perpetuating the same mayhem madness and murder that AmeriKKKa has always served up to the rest of the world (Don’t need No Stinkin Change)!!!  I do not know what kind of psychotropic drugs meds or other substances you can be on that would make you think Obama is really good at anything else (I really don’t want to know ether).  His competency is not what I question, but what he has done to date reveals that he is competent at doing what???  I think that the answer is pretty clear for anyone who is really looking for it.

LOL help us All


S Murph