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Obama’s War Against Civilization

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    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The U.S. is in a frenzy of regime-changing aggression, aimed at destabilizing or destroying sovereign states. Obama’s signature is written in blood around the world, as he pursues “full spectrum, no-holds-barred, war-without-boundaries against all potential resistance to U.S. imperial rule, anywhere on the planet.”


    Obama’s War Against Civilization

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    National sovereignty has been replaced, in the Age of Obama, by an arbitrary “humanitarian” interventionist imperative that can only be exercised by the most powerful.”

    The world is learning what U.S. senatorial candidate Barack Obama meant on October 2, 2002, when he told a Chicago crowd that he did not oppose all wars. “What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war.” We now know that President Obama is committed to full spectrum, no-holds-barred, war-without-boundaries against all potential resistance to U.S. imperial rule, anywhere on the planet – a project he considers neither rash nor dumb. At stake is survival – not of the people and government of the United States, which face no existential threat from any quarter, but of an empire whose self-defined strategic interests encompass the entire globe. There is a terrifying logic to Washington’s frenzy: when the systemic structure is collapsing, it must be propped up everywhere.

    President Obama’s contribution to the disintegration of the global order is awesome; he is a great innovator. Whereas other U.S. leaders were content to simply violate international law with regularity, Obama has rewritten the statutes. The very concept of national sovereignty has been discarded in favor of a kind of universal parole status overseen by a pyramidal “international community” with the United States at the top. National self-determination, the bedrock of international law – is now treated as a franchise, to be issued or withdrawn at the whim of any coalition the U.S. is able to assemble. For Haiti, a simple troika of the U.S., Canada and France constituted a quorum empowered to erase 200 years of independence. For Libya, the recognized government’s capital crime was its threat to quell a jihadist revolt in one of its cities. The Syrian state has been condemned for resisting tens of thousands of foreign-financed killers who recognize no earthly law whatsoever. The U.S. backs a coup against the lawfully elected government of Ukraine by the direct descendants of Nazis. Simultaneously, Obama threatens the democratically elected government of Venezuela with dire consequences if it harms a hair on the head of rioters bankrolled and directed by Washington.

    This is not law, but its opposite.”

    It is almost moot to accuse the Obama administration of interfering with the internal affairs of other nations, since this president does not recognize the elementary rights of nation states. National sovereignty has been replaced, in the Age of Obama, by an arbitrary “humanitarian” interventionist imperative that can only be exercised by the most powerful. This is not law, but its opposite: “anti-law,” promulgated by a decaying, outlaw empire.

    If nations have no sovereign rights, then their inhabitants have no right to self-determination – which is the point of Obama’s imperial project. Washington’s bid to render all the world’s peoples subject to its “humanitarian” veto of their self-determinationist rights represents a devolution of civilization.

    In liquidating the fundamental tenets of international law, Obama normalizes the most diabolical crimes: crimes against peace. He has redefined war, for U.S. purposes, as limited to conflicts in which Americans are killed in action. Thus, he told Congress in 2011, the massive bombing of Libya did not constitute a war, or even “hostilities,” since no Americans were killed.

    No rules of sovereignty, no rules of war, no individual or national rights that a superpower is bound to respect. The United States, under Obama’s leadership, is building an infrastructure for fascism on a planetary scale.

    Now you know why the U.S. is spying on all the peoples of the Earth: it’s trying to put our species on lockdown. That’s Obama’s mode of war.

    BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at

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    Obscurantist nonsense

    Astrology is nonsense and anyone who takes it seriously is as much of an idiot as someone who believes in gods.

    Constellations are illusions based on perspective.  The stars in a constellation may be tens or hundreds of light years apart, but when viewed from earth seem to form images that were first perceived by primitive savages who knew nothing of science, mathematics, triangulation, or empirical reasoning.

    The nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is 4.24 light years away.  One light year equals about 5.88 trillion bloody miles, so Proxima Centauri is approximately 24.9 trillion miles from earth.  It has no effect on anything that happens here.  It’s light takes 4.24 bloody years to reach the earth.

    The only bodies in the solar system that affect the earth are the sun and moon; meteors, comets, and asteroids can affect it too, if they crash into it.

    Why the bloody hell would astrological forces only affect the fetus when it emerges from its mother’s body?  Wouldn’t they also affect it in utero?

    I’m always appalled that adults who can read believe in nonsense like astrology, homeopathy, or religion.  There’s no evidence for any of this obscurantist nonsense.  The burden-of-proof falls on those who make these ridiculous claims.  Astrology is almost as dumb as Christianity, the foundation of which is the Adam and Eve myth: any half decent assistant DA would have indicted Jehovah as an agent provocateur; any decent public defender would have won an acquittal for Eve.

    Perhaps despair is so deep at the seemingly inevitable demise of our species that people are grasping at anything they see for salvation--whether it’s the resurrected cadaver of a schizophrenic Jew, or the burning masses of energy in deep space.


    I'm Not Much into Astrology Either But...

    IMO You've missed this person's main point. That O-Bomber & the US Neo-CONS along w the EU [US + EU = NATO] are playing w fire RE this Ukraine coup they've backed. Putin's Russia will NEVER just let NATO take over [eastern] Ukraine, even if it means 'Going to the Mattresses'! IMO you've spent too much energy attacking this person's astrology, & not enough energy attacking O-Bomber's the US' Neo-CONS / neo-Liberals MAD War-Mongering Policies!!!

    OBomber & crew are also playing w fire in Syria, Venezuela, Iran, & Libya, etc, etc, etc... But w this move by OBomber & crew to back out-right Neo-NAZIs in Ukraine, one must ask- Does OBomber now have 'Dr Stranglove' as his chief military &/or foreign policy advisor???  

    Don't disagree

    In addition to the crimes you've enumerated, he's ressurecting nuclear power, endorsing fracking and the TransCanada pipeline, and pushing NAFTA on steroids--the TPP.

    Why do some people think there's a difference between the Democrats and The Republicans?

    we need a vision

    Go ahead and visualize a better world.  Until you do, elites will paint for you their version which has them in charge and you taking orders.  And unfortunately, it works.  As long as you keep in line, you can enjoy some of the plunder spoils of the elite vision/agenda they define for you. 

    Real freedom for us means rejecting this contract with evil and instead pursuing self-sufficiency, via localism.  As the authors states, other societies represent no threat to us.  So localism is a great vision for all people to put to agenda.  Visualize a world of local communities that reject imperialist, sociopath elites and embrace peace & cooperation.  Local communities worldwide that consider each other as sovereign equals.

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