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No Fear: The Marsha Coleman Adebayo Story Green Lit for Pre-Production

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    by Iyanna Jones

    The gripping personal saga of the struggle that led to passage of the No FEAR Act will soon begin film production. No Fear: The Marsha Coleman-Adebayo Story, reveals the venality, racism and corporate greed that infests the Environmental Protection Agency, endangering the lives of millions in the United States and around the globe.


    No Fear: The Marsha Coleman Adebayo Story Green Lit for Pre-Production

    by Iyanna Jones

    Directed by Tylon Washington, the documentary film No Fear: The Marsha Coleman-Adebayo Story has secured the financing and strategic alliances necessary to begin principle photography and pre-production as well as complete post production. After a lengthy process which included securing pre-sale contracts and gap collateral, principle photography is scheduled to commence in January 2014 with a projected completion date of Fall 2014.

    About the Film

    No Fear is the story of whistle-blower and human rights activist Marsha Coleman Adebayo. In 1996 Coleman Adebayo discovered that a U.S. company was mining vanadium in South Africa and harming the environment, the health of the workers and nearby community residents. Her efforts to conduct an investigation were stifled and she was made a target of personal abuse. On August 18, 2000, a federal jury found the EPA guilty of violating the civil rights of Coleman-Adebayo on the basis of race, sex, color and a hostile work environment, under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Her first book, No Fear: A Whistleblower's Triumph over Corruption and Retaliation at the EPA, was published in September 2011 by Lawrence Hill Books. Actor, producer and director Danny Glover is working on a feature narrative film about Marsha’s life.

    An amalgam of pictures, video, documents, memorabilia, stock footage and interviews, No Fear’s target length is 72 minutes and when completed, will be entered into various film festivals, theater openings before mass production for DVD. Throughout the filming process, subsequent phases will be bought into play once the film is shot, edited and printed, which will include fundraising for festival tours, P&A and the costs of securing a distribution deal.

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