Newt Gingrich: King Cracker

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

It is no longer unthinkable that Barack Obama could face Newt Gingrich in November. If that happens, the political lines will be unequivocally drawn around race – and only race. But Black people will have no defender. “The issue in a contest between Obama and Gingrich will be the same as between Gingrich and Juan Williams, a slimy Black right-winger who claims African Americans wallow in a culture of ‘victimhood.’” Sound familiar? Maybe that’s because “the coded language and euphemisms of white supremacy are deployed by both Republicans and Democrats, and forms the core of American political speech.”

For “cracker” references, read the story.

Newt Gingrich: King Cracker

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Gingrich is drawing a racial line in the sand, just as the segregated Atlanta Crackers baseball team did on their playing field.”

It now seems possible that the presidential election could wind up being a contest between the quintessential corporate Democrat, Barack Obama, and Newt Gingrich, King of the Crackers.

Now, before any radio station considers pulling this commentary from their airwaves as some kind of hate speech, let me inform the listeners that “cracker” was a label proudly worn by masses of white folks, and especially popular in Gingrich’s state of Georgia. From 1901 until 1965, the Atlanta Crackers was one of professional baseball’s most successful minor league teams. These Crackers played out of Atlanta’s Ponce de Leon field until the Braves moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee, in 1966.

Newt Gingrich knows all about Georgia Crackers. The Atlanta Crackers baseball team was still going strong when Gingrich went to high school in Columbus, Georgia, and they played their last game the year he graduated from Emory University, in Atlanta. It was very popular to be a “cracker” in Georgia in those days…and, apparently, it still is, throughout the South, including South Carolina, where Gingrich won the Republican presidential primary.

The former House speaker from Cobb County, Georgia, just outside Atlanta, won a standing ovation when he rejected reporter Juan Williams’ suggestion that Gingrich was purposely insulting Black people with his rhetoric on food stamps and his urging that African American children be put to work as janitors in public schools. That’s the kind of talk that makes unreconstructed Georgia crackers and their soul mates everywhere proud. Gingrich is drawing a racial line in the sand, just as the segregated Atlanta Crackers baseball team did on their playing field. And, it is serving him well in the Deep South Republican Party, which began its transition to the White Man’s Party with Barry Goldwater’s presidential run in 1964, followed by Richard Nixon’s “southern strategy” in 1968.

Gingrich’s verbal weapons are simply sharper than most, but President Obama deploys a milder version of anti-Black rhetoric.”

The problem that Gingrich presents is not so much that he pollutes the public conversation with raw rhetorical racism. The coded language and euphemisms of white supremacy are deployed by both Republicans and Democrats, and forms the core of American political speech. Mass Black incarceration, mass Black unemployment, and de facto housing segregation are the domain of both major parties. Gingrich’s verbal weapons are simply sharper than most, but President Obama deploys a milder version of anti-Black rhetoric, sometimes even on Fathers Day.

The real problem is that the issue in a contest between Obama and Gingrich will be the same as between Gingrich and Juan Williams, a slimy Black right-winger who claims African Americans wallow in a culture of “victimhood” and who blames teachers unions for what ails the public schools. Sounds very much like President Obama. Juan Williams is worth $3 million to FOX News. Barack Obama’s re-election is worth trillions to Wall Street, which will back the corporate Democrat, just as they did in 2008. Gingrich, by drawing a racial line in the sand, only helps Obama draw attention away from his own service to Wall Street. So, the King Cracker from Cobb County actually has done a great service to corporate America, whose candidate will reap the votes of most folks who don't think of themselves as crackers.

Except for those of us who know that building a movement is much more important than voting for evil.

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The wagosn are cirlced

I have a similar take, after reading the yahoo message boards recently it is clear that white racism is so alive and virulent that black peoplehave no choice but to cirlce the wagons and defend/vote for our maniac president. I won't be, but Gingrich is serving to reenrgize  Obamas broken coalition.One thing the media failed to recognize is that Newt said that theFederal government is 'at wasr" with south carolina. Thats civill war talk, and in my opinion was more responsible for his victory htan any other single response. Gingrich and swhite Americas hatred for Obama is so irrational even I'm tempted to support him, I mean they call him the weakest president in foreign policy since Carter? He's a cold blooded killer.


It's 2011, and after all of the centuries of  struggle, loss, and sacrifice, all that us Black folk have to show for it, at least in the political arena is a "choice" between another term for the trigger-happy mulatto overseer or one of his "massas." It's going to be a long, long election year for Blacks and for the other traditional targets of the two interchangeable parties, poor people and low income workers. I say either for some vote third party candidate, or stay home.

Am not sure if it's by grand design, but it sure is effective

for Dems.  I think a Republican who is not at the extreme far right would be a danger for Obama's re-election.  You make good points.  In 2008, I thought Obama was going to save the Dem. party.  It is obvious that I hadn't been online before Nov-Dec.2007 and found BAR sometime in 2008.  I did hear Obama's speech at the DNConvention in 2004 and thought he was too conservative.  A friend in a small town in IL was furious with me.  Sadly, she died too young, and didn't get to see him become President. On the other hand, she'd have been horrified by the policies of his presidency.  I think Obama  is presiding over the end of the Democratic party. 

These Parties Don't Die

Beg to differ, Sanda.  These so-called parties are merely marketing syndicates.  Both are wholly owned by Big Money.  As such, they never die -- they only spin around the wheel of wax and wane.  Indeed, if either "party" is sick right now (in terms of its prime function of serving the Powers that Be), it is Brand R, which can only muster two pathetic candidates, the Mormon from Mammon, and the tired old King of the Crackers.

Spike, I shall think on it. Interesting comment. Can we go back

in history and how far?  Other U.S.poitical parties have died or been much changed.  But, I'll think on what you said.  If lots and lots (more) people don't vote, and the Dems keep losing, will they see the writing on the wall or just keep doing advertising as they sold "Hope" and 2008?  (Just thinking and don't expect a prediction.)  And thanks for spelling my name right.

History and Money

Sanda, no doubt other parties have come and gone, but not since the completion of the corporate revolution after WWII.  Before we had corporate capitalism, politics was indeed somewhat democratic, within the confines of the apartheid system.  But now it's just another marketing effort.

Meanwhile, not sure why you think the Dems are going to lose.  Sure, lots of us will stay home or vote for Cynthia McKinney, if she runs again.  But Obama has more money than Brand R, and Brand R really has no electable candidate right now.  Obama will buy this one, even with an anemic turnout.  The only way he conceivably loses, IMHO, is if he starts a war with Iran, which might spark a big expansion in the Occupy phenomenon.  That's why I'd wager he'll avoid that war until after November.

I'm not sure that Dems are going to lose the Presidency, Spike.

I'm not sure of anything.  I do think the Dems are going to continue the downward spiral, especially in legislature, between redistricting and not voting. Lowest turnout in decades, possibly ever, for the mayoral election of 2009. In the whole country, not necessarily NYC,  I do think there's a big chance lots (more) of people will stay home and not vote even for President.

Why do you date the corporate takeover from after WWII? Am curious.  Hadn't thought of that.   A lot of my history comes from Howard Zinn. 

Locally, in NYC, Bloomberg won because many Dems stayed home, many "buying" the lie that Bloomberg ads put out that he was going to win.  2010 saw Dems. lose a lot of seats in Congress.  In NY, the state senate in re Dems makes one nauseous: finally got a hard won majority, then totally screwed up via "sell-outs" to Republicans and those in state senate and assembly who are "bought" by real estate, (and some Republicans in state legislature get funding from Bloomberg) and didn't pass fixes for local control of rent regs, etc. and the new governor, son of Mario, is a Republican in Dem. clothing.  I'm a Dem to vote in NY primaries, but I've "had it" and leave some spaces blank.

Gingrich is a Joke

Zerobama already owns this "election."  He already has a quarter billion laid in, and, despite his terrible record of betrayal, doesn't have to worry about primaries, thanks to the craven bankruptcy of the Democratic Party.

Gingrich, though, won't beat Romney.  The masters of that Party won't allow it, because Gingrich has zero chance of being elected, while Romney has maybe 10 percent, perhaps more if Zerobama attacks Iran or something like that.

None of which is to say Gingrich isn't absolutely of the crackers, by the crackers, and for the crackers.

More On Grinch-witch playing the 'Racist-Card' to Win S Carolina

Because it was mentioned here @ BAR about Bro Kevin Alexander Gray's appearance on the Jan 20 DN! show commenting on King Cracker Grinch-witch's nakedly playing the Racist-card to win the S.Carolina primary, I broke down & watch this DN! interview [For the South Carolina Primary, GOP Candidates Employ Race-Baiting Tradition to Win Southern Vote { ]

To listen to Grinch-witch arrogantly doubling down on his obvious use of race-coded language to standing ovations @ the FOX-Noise GOP Pres Debates hosted by one of FOX's chief  negro talking heads- Juan Williams - LOL... This is the same guy who going into the Iowa caucus had the audacity to imply Ron Paul is a racist - BUT- this is the same Grinch-witch that led the charge to impeach Slick Willie {or maybe better still Sweet-Dick Willie} over his Monica-Capade, while at the same time he was cheating on his ex-wife  & getting his Swerve On w his then mistress [now current wife]- & even had the Balls to ask his ex-wife if they could have an 'open marriage' [IMO so he would NOT have to feel guilty about it] - So when the crap hit the fan w Grinch-witches ex-wife publically spilling the beans on just how big a Damn HYPOCRITE He IS- Ole Grinch-witch fell-back on the ole tried & tested OLE Dixie-Land Strategy- He Played the 'Racist-Card' to win S.Carolina!

Some Grinch-witch low-lites [or low-lifes]: 'Blacks need to ask for jobs not food-stamps...' [Note this You-Tube video about trying to make ends meet as a WalMart {one of Grinch-witch's favorite BIZ models} employee {a Black Woman} explains how she & her colleagues have to apply for food-stamps to try to make it because even w 3 pay-raises Wal-Mart still is paying her LESS than $10/hr on a part-time schedule: ]

Here's Grinch-witch At It Again: ' New York City pays their janitors an absurd amount of money because of the union. You could take one janitor and hire 30-some kids to work in the school for the price of one janitor, and those 30 kids would be a lot less likely to drop out. They would actually have money in their pocket. They would learn to show up for work. They could do light janitorial duty. They could work in the cafeteria. They could work in the front office. They could work in the library. They’d be getting money, which is a good thing if you’re poor. Only the elites despise earning money. ' - First Of All- Grinch-witch IS an ELITE Millionaire poly-trickster - DUHH UHH!!! - He's not poor, working class, hell he ain't even middle-class!!! - 2nd: Grinch-witch again attacks unions [IE: workers' collective bargaining rights] - while advocating putting NYC's Public School janitors out of work - thus he also attacks the working class. - 3rd: Grinch-witch didn't bother to explain what he thinks is an absurd amount of janitorial pay & though I'm not that familiar w NYC - lets say it = $30/hr [maybe someone who knows NYC schools can give an exact figure]. THUS To fire 1 janitor @ $30/hr & split his salary 30 ways to pay 30 school kids part-time [say 20hrs/wk for ea] means you would pay each kid $2/hr!!! Now when I was in hi-school I actually worked a part-time janitoral job at my hi-school during the summer back in the 70s for NYC {National Youth Corps- I think budget chickewn-hawks cut that prog out Yrs ago} when minimum wage was about $2/hr! Now the legal minimum wage is $7.50/hr- thus Grinch-witch's solution for the so-called over-paid janitor  problem is to have poor Black & Brown kids do their work at nearly 1/4th of the legal minimum wage- IE: FOR SLAVE WAGES!!! Not to even speak of these kids might have other things to do after school IE: Home-Work, Home-Chores, after-school sports & rec activities, etc... Plus these kids would have to be supervised & who better to supervise them than the janitors Grinch-witch wants to fire [That's who supervised me & my fellow class-mate comrades when I worked as a NYC janitor for my hi-school during summer break] DUHH-UHH!!! 4th- I happen to know both by experience & observation that There's a lot more to janitorial duty than just sweeping & mopping & picking up trash. One title for a janitor in a major facility like a school bldg is Maintenance Engineer! - Because their duties often involves knowlege of heavy machinery, welding, electrical, plumbing air-conditioning & heating, brick masonary, climbing up scaffolding to the 2nd, 3rd & 4th floors to wash or repair windows / do tuck-pointing / or roof repair - IE: Stuff that NO school principal in their right mind would ever expect the average school kid to do!!! Yet Cracker King Grinch-witch GOT a standing ovation when he made this ridiculously absurd racially tinged & insulting diatribe! So much for the Myth of Post-Racial America in the Age of Obama!

But then Bro Alexander Gray explained how its all a game -&- how Grinch-witch was{is} recently thick as thieves w the 'Food-Stamp Pres' & his Sec of ED Arne Duncan & Rev Al on the Charterization [= profitization] of Public schools & standard testing regime of RTTT / NCLB [BAR called the trio of Duncan, Grinch-witch & Rev Al - the New 3 Stooges]- a policy that's putting many teachers who are Black, Brown & Women- out of work & ON FOOD STAMPS- DUHH-UHH!!!  Bro Gray then said that Blacks & progressives in S.Carolina should have made a tactical decision [since Obama is unchallenged in the Dim's primary anyway] - to cross-over & vote for Ron Paul- just to throw a real wild-card into the fray -&- change the narrative from the current ridiculous racially insulting screeds thats going on right now. [KEVIN ALEXANDER GRAY @ DN!: 'The libertarian vote in South Carolina isn’t very large. Ron Paul’s TV ads in South Carolina feature a Black man - and I know he’s made several buys on Black radio. If the progressive community—from my perspective, wants to make sure that the antiwar message, anti-imperial message remains on the table, all the way to the Republican convention, and being that there’s no Democratic primary, you know, I’ve been telling people, unless you’re going to be a delegate to the convention or you’re a party officer, then why not go into the Republicans’ house and influence at least that very narrow part of the dialogue, the antiwar, anti-imperial, anti-National Defense Authorization bill, anti-PATRIOT Act? Those issues are important, and Ron Paul keeps those issues on the table...']