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My Wise Country Cousin On Baby Doc

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by Raymond Nat Turner

Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier should be sentenced to “meet up wit his daddy,” down deep in the hole with “de Debil.”


My Wise Country Cousin On Baby Doc

by Raymond Nat Turner


Now, don’ axe me ‘bout

Dat ol’ Baybee Doc boy;

Dats anotha name my

Mouf don’ hos’—‘less

It ‘pared to be wershed

Out wit soap, aftawuds…


De only thang I wanna

Know ‘bout dat ol’ boy

Is his DOD—Date Ob Def

In otha wurds, when he

Meet up wit his daddy an

Dey new boss: de Debil!!


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Raymond Nat Turner (c) 2013 All Rights Reserved


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