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Green Party Black Caucus Endorses Roseanne Barr

Based largely on name recognition and a nod from former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party’s Black Caucus has thrown its support to celebrity Roseanne Barr for president. “The reality is, to break through the mainstream media, a person has to have that type of recognition,” said Black Caucus spokesman Thomas Muhammad. “The more attention she gets, the more attention the party gets, and that’s the reality of politics.” The heads-up from McKinney, the party’s 2008 presidential candidate, was key, said Muhammad. “It was very critical because, without that, some of our party members were going to look elsewhere.”

UNAC Says “No” to Intervention or Sanctions Against Syria and Iran

We need an anti-war movement that is really against all U.S. wars – that simple,” said Sara Flaunders, of the International Action Center, at the Stamford, Connecticut, conference of UNAC, the United National Anti-War Coalition. “How does any U.S. official lecture any other country on prisoners, on human rights, or on democracy? This country has the largest prison population in the world.”

Margaret Kimberley at UNAC: Choose Peace or Obama

You cannot be anti-war and pro-Obama,” said Margaret Kimberley, editor and senior columnist for Black Agenda Report. “The United States, France and the UK conspired to bring down a sovereign nation’s government, kill its leader, spread a race war and lynch law, and divide Libya into weak fiefdoms incapable of stopping their collaborators from turning over their resources to NATO and the G-8 countries,” said Kimberley. “These people will not be happy until the people of the world accept their rule without protest.”

Glen Ford at UNAC: U.S. Society is Organized Around Racial Oppression

One out of every eight prison inmates on the planet is an African American,” said Glen Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda report. “That statistic alone serves to illuminate” that the U.S. is “a society that is largely organized around race and racial oppression. That’s what the Black American Gulag means.”

Nellie Bailey at UNAC: Obama A “Servant of the 1%”

In 2007, “when the U.S. imperialists introduced Barack Obama to us,” many “comrades and activists” succumbed to “our blind spot” and decided, “this is our man – when, in fact, Obama is a servant of the 1%,” said Nellie Bailey, Black Agenda Report editor and director of the Harlem Tenants Council. But resistance to Obama continues among African Americans, “and will not roll over to his disdain and disrespect.”

Bruce Dixon at UNAC: The “Bipartisan” Prison State

The prison state is very much a bi-partisan thing,” said Bruce Dixon, Black Agenda Report managing editor. Corporations and their philanthropic arms, like the United Way, “present a lot of opportunities for hijacking and containing the anti-prison movement within the universe bound by the two political parties.” The movement “against mass incarceration has to be led, in large part, by the formerly incarcerated, themselves.”

April 19: Day of National Resistance Against Mass Incarceration

The Trayvon Martin killing is reminiscent of the 1857 Supreme Court Dred Scott decision, that Black have no rights that whites are bound to respect, said Carl Dix, of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network. Dix urged folks to “go from your anger around the injustice at the murder of Trayvon Martin, to anger around all of the abuse that the criminal injustice system is bringing down on Black and brown people.” For information, call 866.841.9139 x 2670.

Minneapolis Demo for Trayvon

As long as we can come together to show that we’re not going to stand for it, were going in the right direction,” said Sam Ndely, a student organizer of a protest that drew 5500 demonstrators to the University of Minnesota.

A “Second Phase” for Occupy?

The newly launched National Occupy Washington campaign of public education and direct action hopes to launch a “second phase” of the Occupy Wall Street movement, said organizer Kevin Zeese. “This is our view of the American Spring.” Preventive detention legislation is “a sign of the elite becoming afraid, and starting to put in place the powers they need to control the people. The only response we have is to get more active.”


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Van Jones on Democracy Now! ugh!

Van Jones gets the full hour on Democracy Now! This is outrageous! Nothing but gloss overs and spin from this man.  My head is going to explode if I don't get a dose of reality soon.

Democracy Now! needs to give a full hour to Glen Ford.

You said it

Totally agree.  I used to rely on DN.  Ever since Libya, I watch it very warily.  I've lost track of the number of times they've aired dubious reports. 

After reading the transcript, seems to me Jones talks a lot without saying anything.  By contrast, Ford reliably serves up all killer, no filler with unmatched eloquence.

The Real News Network (TRNN) featured Ford just the other day.

Ditto That!!

This is one of the few sites and best IMO that keeps truth upfront and center. Jumped from Ring Of Fire to Democracy Now to Current to Truthdig in search of a real community that won't cave to activism co-opting, Dem cheerleading, intellectual parlor games all featuring gutless wonders trying to siphon off justified rage for the benefit of the establishment. 

To Democracy Now! Re: Van Jones

Please consider giving Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report some time to fill in some of the missing pieces and perspectives presented in the Van Jones interview.


I feel that praising Obama's post racial era speech after Obama’s dismissal and distancing of himself from the Reverend Wright was an evasion and not an accurate portrayal of the "first act" of Obama.


vj over at the nation too, they sure have fallen.

Rosanne Bar?!

This is really bad news.

Last election, it took the GP until August to endorse Cynthia McKinney.  It's April and they want a celebrity with no political or community activism experience?! Guess I'm voting independent.

I would love to read Glen Ford's version of Van Jone and the WhiteHouise.  Beverly calls it ´'ShamocracyNow' and she's right!

Rocky? Really?

Before you get too excited about Rocky you might want to read his tax policy. Get rid of the federal income tax and the IRS. Put a national sales tax into place. Keep it from being regressive by not charging sales tax on food and clothing. Minnesota doesn't charge sales tax on food and clothing, but the state sales tax certainly seems regressive to me.

Yea Rosanne's bid for Green Party Nominee Seems a bit Bizarre

Maybe there's more to her than meets the eye, but I wonder why at this late date the Greens haven't gone all in w Jill Stein? Or even try to draft say Dennis Kucinich [if he's up to the challenge & willing to kick the Dims to the curb], or Chris Hedges [if he wants to be bothered w US politics], or back Rocky Anderson? Unless Rosanne is a hidden 'diamond in the rough' just waiting for the chance to shine- if she does get the Green Party nomination I can't see how anyone will take them seriously! IMO: A more serious tactical move would have been for Blacks & progressives to cross-over & vote for Ron Paul in GOP primaries, than to back Rosanne Bizarre! [Unless she really surprises me- she'll be seen as the Green Party's version of Sarah Palin!]!  IMO- This sound like a gimmick or an act of desperation rather than a seriously thought out strategy!

On a slightly different Topic- I've admittedly been recently peeking in on DN! [aka Hypocrisy Now!] because they've basically done a good job covering the Trayvon & Mr Chaimberlain cases. But on April 4th [the 44th anniversary of MLK's assassination] DN! featured this guy w a book on Gay Edgar's FBI. IMO: He put out 3 pieces of mis-info for which Amy G. failed to challenge him on any of them. - 1} That Hoover went after MLK  based mainly on alleged communist connections rather than on racism. -2} That allegations of Hoover's likely 'gayness' are simply 'Nonsense'.  -3} That Hoover didn't have any relevent 'dirt' RE: JFK's sex-capades...

I basically cut him [& DN!] off after that.

To solsamba22

solsamba22, Roseanne isn't the GP nominee yet.  Jill Stein could walk out with the nomination after the Green Party convention in Baltimore this summer.


Either way, I'd be more likely to vote for either of the GP candidates than the Dem or GOP.  

Van Johnson went on about politicians needing Americans to take the streets and get busted before they can support progressive causes.  Utter nonsense.  

White Guy

You're right, that's one of the dangers of the internet - skimming something quickly and writing as if you read it!  If she's nominated there will be a few other choices, as there always are.  I often like the nominees from the Freedom Socialist Party, although I have to write them in.

If Van Jones gets arrested protesting, will they strip search him?

To Solsamba22

Regarding Roseanne:  Barr told Oprah as recently as 2011 that Obama was the "right President at the right time".  

Is that better than the wrong President at the right time or the right President at the wrong time?

Now I am bothered by my imagining that if Roseanne gets the Green Party nomination she will endorse Obama.  


I suppose I could write in Solsamba22 for President.

Vote for someone you rspect who deserves it

Thanks Onewhiteguy!

The way voting is set up in the US, I feel much better voting for someone I respect who deserves my vote.  I don't know enough about Jill Stein,  but I'm  registered Green.  Maybe she'll get the nomination.

I get so tired of people saying 'What's the alternative?' as if your vote really matters.  There are so many alternatives, and some of them have nothing to do with a ballot.

DNow really has sold out.  I wish an insider would write about it.  I can remember when I never wanted to miss a miinute of that show, and  I'd listen to it with headphones on so no one would interrupt.  Now if I even turn it on,  I usually turn it off in the middle of the first segment, unless it's one of the rare really good pieces,  like in the old days (back in 2004). 

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