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New York Stop-and-Frisk Trial Ends in Convictions

After a 5-day trial, 20 activists were convicted of disorderly conduct charges in a protest at a Harlem police precinct, last October. “This was a political showcase, in which not only stop-and-frisk was on trial, but our First Amendment rights,” said defendant Nellie Bailey, of Occupy Harlem. “Mass incarceration plus silence equals genocide,” said Carl Dix, co-organizer of Stop Stop-and-Frisk, along with activist Dr. Cornel West. “We are simply trying to minimize the suffering of these young people out there,” said Dr. West. Among those who spoke at a press conference outside the courthouse were: Rev. Stephen Phelps, Riverside Church, Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Harlem, John Hector, Jamal Mims, Randy Credico, Jose LaSalle, Elaine Brower, and Sade Adona.

Welfare Drug Testing is Part of War Against Poor

Mandatory drug testing for public assistance recipients “has everything to do with an ongoing war against the poor in this country,” said Sara Totonchi, executive director of the Southern Center for Human Rights, in Atlanta. The Center is preparing potential legal action to thwart Georgia from imposing the tests, which courts have ruled unconstitutional. “Georgia politicians know that the way to win elections is to throw around this red meat, rhetoric-filled legislation,” said Totonchi. “Two years ago, the target was immigrants.”

Corporate Media Lose Interest in “Income Inequality”

A study by FAIR – Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting – finds corporate media make far less use of terms such as “income inequality” and “corporate greed” than when the Occupy Wall Street movement first brought these issues to the forefront. After an initial peak in interest in corporate behavior, media coverage returned to previous norms. “Income inequality, in the way that traditional journalists and editors see news, is not news. It’s a sort of given, a baseline,” said John Knefel, who covered the story for FAIR’s publication, EXTRA!. “They have no incentive to talk about income inequality or corporate malfeasance because, for one thing, they’re corporations.”

OWS in Danger of Cooptation by Democrats

What is going on is a very sophisticated strategy to shunt a lot of this energy into the 2012 election,” said Arun Gupta, a co-founder of the Occupy Wall Street Journal who covers OWS for, for example, pushes the line that “Mitt Romney is Mr. 1% – like Obama isn’t part of the 1%?”

ICC Let’s Blair and Bush Go Free

My beef with the International Criminal Court is its one-sided nature,” said Dr. Gerald Horne, prolific author and professor of history and African American studies at the University of Houston. “They seem to have a proclivity for indicting Africans or a handful of Europeans who were once involved with socialist regimes” – Serbia. However, international lawbreakers like Tony Blair and George W. Bush seem to enjoy immunity. The ICC recently convicted former Liberian President Charles Taylor of crimes against humanity. Dr. Horne appeared on Regent Radio’s Sunday Morning Show, hosted by Norman Richmond, in Toronto, Canada.


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Related Topic RE Dim's Attempts to Co-Opt Progressives...

This is not directly related to Dims trying to co-opt OWS, but  generally how they work so-called 'progressive' sites to keep them oriented toward to the corp-contolled Dimocrat party. 

On May 7th Jeff Cohen posted an article @ Common Dreams ['Progressive Election Strategy and the Norman Solomon Campaign'] pushing Solomon's campaign for US Rep for Cali, calling it a part of strategy for a so-called 'progressive insurgency' to take control of the Democrat party. I posted a critique of the article that was immediately taken down TWICE, I reposted it again which stayed up [NO they took it down again for the 3rd time]. BUT apparently resulting in CD blocking my ability to post new comments @ CD. Below is what I posted: 


} 'IMO: If the Author & Solomon are serious about making a progressive insurgency- that's truly anti-war [pro-peace], anti US imperialism, anti police-state, anti MIISC, anti prison industrial complex, anti-poverty [NOT anti-poor people] -&- pro working class & pro environmental protection... - They'd get better results from the Green Party [or some other non corp-controlled party] rather than the corp-controlled Dims! The Democrat's have never been a real progressive party [NOTE: before FDR & even up to LBJ they were heavily infiltrated & influenced by Dixie-crats], but since Clinton they've been a corp / Wall St 'centrist' [= center-'right'] party [some say since Carter, others say since Truman]! At best the Dims were at times a 'liberal' centrist party [ala FDR, JFK & Carter].
Seemingly all Dims [IE: Clinton & Obama] have to do to be seen as 'liberal' [if not progressive] is to proclaim themselves pro-Darwinism, pro 'Gay' marriage & pro-abortion [ala Clinton {who helped popularize the term 'pro-choice'} & Obama {who just went on the record for endorsing 'gay' marriage] no matter how war mongering, anti-worker, anti-Hispanic Immigrant their actual policies are / were! [Clinton was seen favorably by 'main-stream' feminists- even after his 'bi-partisan' deal {sell-out} w Newt Grinch-witch on so-called welfare 'reform' vis-a-vis poor mothers of small-children! Likewise for Obama even though his corp RTTT so-called 'reform' is effectively an attack on teachers- whose ranks are up-to 80% women!]!

The only non war-time [IE: non war-mongering] Dim Pres was Carter- But even his National security adviser, Brzezinski, boasted how he covertly baited the USSR into an Afghan trap- resulting in the USSR's break-up [& the advent of the Taliban & Bin-Laden's Al-Qaeda].

Thus One might wonder if the author & Solomon are naive [I doubt it], overly-optimistic, or perhaps Dim-apologists...? Even if Solomon wins his Dim race for US Rep, IMO he'll likely get the Dennis Kucinich treatment. The Dims seemingly tolerated DK  as a thorn in Bush / Cheney's side [along w Paul Wellstone before his tragic plane crash- after Cheney told him he'd pay for going against the Bush / Cheney / NeoCONs RE: the Iraq War], - Then Obama arm-twisted him into voting against his own principles to cast a deciding vote for the Obama{Romney}Care corp 'Health {non}Insurers' bail-out masquerading as a healthcare bill..., - & Then ultimately kicked him to the curb this yr- after he sharply critiqued Obama’s role in FUK-US NATO's murderous assault on Libya last yr.' {


That posting apparently got me blocked from posting @ CD for the past 72hrs & counting [& they again took my comment down for the 3rd time], - But actually I was being diplomatic when I merely suggested that Solomon [& Cohen] is a so-called 'progressive' Dim apologist(s)- because I know for a fact that's exactly what he is [they are]. During the 2010 election Solomon insisted [I know he did an interview on The Real News on Sept 15, 2010 to this effect & I'm sure at the time he also wrote & posted similar pieces] that progressives just had to vote for the Dims & also vote for Obama in 2012, or those crazy Repugs would gain control! He dismissed the Green Party & other independent parties by pulling out that canard of scape-goating & blaming Nader for Gore not getting into the White-House in 2000- In fact in that Real News interview, Solomon blamed progressives for costing the DIMOCRATS [not the nation or the people] big-time by supporting Nader in 2000 [IMO: a totally bogus argument that I've critiqued several times here @ BAR & @ CD - Plus Gore didn't really loose- he won the vote count by 550,000+].

Thus we have Van Jones & Solomon [both out of Cali] claiming to spear-head a progressive insurgency which IMO- if progressives go for their hype & Ole Okee Doke- they'll be channeled right back into the corp-controlled Dimocrat party!


PLUS: How the hell does a so-called progressive 'insurgency' of the Democrat party consist of just one guy's candidacy?! Because the article failed to name anyone else but Solomon in this so-called 'insurgency'! IMO: An insurgency would consist of at least 25, 35, 50 or more folks w bonified progressive track-records. running as Dems across the US- or at least in California- at the city, county, state & federal level! With just one guy running on a so-called 'progressive' agenda in the corp-controlled Dim party, the odds are significantly less than 50-50 that he makes it. With 20 - 30 or more such candidates running- the odds are significantly better than 50-50 that at-least a few get elected.

The article then goes on to site as models for this so-called 'insurgency' the candicies of the late Paul Wellstone- who died 10yrs ago under curious circumstances, after Cheney threatened that he'd pay for going against the Bushite / NeoCON Iraq War Agenda!!! And Bernie Sanders- who technically ain't even a Dim- he's an independent socialist [IE: 3rd party candidate DUHH!]! Curiously the article failed to even mention Kucinich!

FYI Taylor was on CIA's Payroll- Bet the ICC Won't Pursue That

Charles Taylor, like Saddam Hussein & Manuel Noriega [lets also throw in Mobutu] whom the US hypocritically demonized, was once on the CIA payroll! According to this Seeing Black article [@  ]: }The ICC court has convicted former Liberan President Charles Taylor on 11 counts of war crimes during Sierra Leone’s civil war. He becomes the first African head of state to be found guilty in an international court. Earlier this year, U.S. officials confirmed long-held suspicions Taylor worked for the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies during his emergence as a warlord in the 1990s. {

YET- I seriously doubt the US / NATO controlled ICC Court is going to ever touch that!

When Taylor was a minister in ex-Liberian Pres, the Late Samuel K Doe's Gov't [who Taylor launched his civil war on - resulting in Doe being butchered], back in 1983 he looted his ministry & ran off w $million$! Subsequently Taylor was evidently caught by US authorities & being held in a MAXIMUM Security Lock-up for extradition back to Liberia, when incredibly he some-how 'managed' to 'escape' from maximum security & get out of the US [How in hell did he managed to pull off that Hoodini stunt- Oh that's right he was on the CIA's pay-roll!]! Immediately afterwards he put together his rebel army to over-throw Doe [FYI: It's been long rumoured that Liberia was{is} CIA HQ for the W.African region - & was effectively operated from the US Embassy in Liberia {the largest of all Embassies in Liberia]. The word is he along w others major Liberian players [including, surprisingly, one who is as well known as known as Taylor], schemed-up the whole plan for Liberia's Civil War In the US [FYI: The US Had {has} more influence in Liberia than any other African country. NOTHING Could {can} happen there unless the US knows of it, approves of it- if not actually help orchestrate it]!

The moral of Taylor's [& others] story- which these corrupt 'leaders' [especially in Africa] don't seem to learn is- NEVER Trust the US nor the ex-colonial EU countries, especially when they want you to sell your people & nation out- for a 'Fist Full of $$$ & a Few $$$ More'!!!